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Kabumpo in Oz During Prince Pompadore Of Pumperdink S Eighteenth Birthday Celebration, His Birthday Cake Explodes, Revealing A Magic Scroll, A Magic Mirror, And A Doorknob The Scroll Warns The Prince That If The He Doesn T Wed A Proper Princess Within Seven Days, His Entire Kingdom Will Disappear The Prince, Along With The Kingdom S Wise Elephant Kabumpo, Set Off On An Adventure To The Emerald City So Pompa Can Marry Princess Ozma, The Only Proper Princess The Elegant Elephant Can Think Of As Worthy Of His Prince

An avid reader of Baum s books and a lifelong children s writer, Thompson was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and began her writing career in 1914 when she took a job with the Philadelphia Public Ledger she wrote a weekly children s column for the newspaper She had already published her first children s book, The Perhappsy Chaps, and her second, The Princess of Cozytown, was pending publicati

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  • Kabumpo in Oz
  • Ruth Plumly Thompson
  • English
  • 16 June 2017
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    When the Scarecrow returns to the corn field where Dorothy first found him, he discovers that his old bean pole is magical Sent tumbling far below the surface of Oz down to the Silver Islands, the Scarecrow discovers that he is supposedly the re created Emperor Chang Wang Woe of this distant kingdom But is the Scarecrow ready to give up his life in Oz I swear I ve read this story with a different title.

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    I didn t enjoy this as much as the other Oz books It started slow and I wasn t fond of the initial main characters or the core plot.

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    This is the book that halted my sharing the Oz series with my children While this book was by far superior to The Royal Book of Oz , it was not as able to keep my kids attention captivated enough I finally decided to just finish it myself, so that I could be returned to the bookshelf Thompson certainly is coming into her own as Oz s Royal Historian, but to me her style is nowhere near as charming and fun as Baum s Don t get me wrong, she has great ideas of how to craft a fairy tale, but the problem is that the world L Frank Baum built was not the typical fairy tale world Baum had fun and whimsy with many of his creations, but Thompson seems to rely on how she can explore exploit the puns or word play Baum certainly did the same, but it never felt as crammed full or over the top I did really enjoy Prince Pompa, Peg Amy, and Wag, but I have never been a big fan of Kabumpo I will say though, that time has made me dislike him less than I recall Having Ruggedo back was fun and I do think that Thompson used him well The big reveal of the true villain was a bit underwhelming and everything was concluded with a textbook deus ex machina The plots were good and I really wish that time was spent on that versus finding and relatively pointless groups of Oz inhabitants that were usually there and gone within one chapter or less.All and all, not the best Oz book, but Thompson s sopho outing still had a lot of positives and a fair amount of fairy tale charm.

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    Kabumpo of Oz is a big improvement over The Royal Book of Oz, Thompson s first There are a few mistakes the constant misspellings of Gillikin as Gilliken and Nome as gnome , for instance , but Thompson does a nice job using Ruggedo the Nome King as the villain and introducing several other excellent characters Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant, Peg Amy the wooden doll, and Wag the rabbit, whose constant spoonerisms are very amusing.

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    Okay, Thompson redeemed herself with this book No racism or weird, unfinished plot lines this is a solid entry into the Oz canon It does not feel as if it were written by Baum, which is the only downfall of the novel Thompson has created several memorable characters and areas of Oz that we ve never seen before and although some are relatively stupid and too short they re perfectly suited for inclusion into the most magical place on earth Illumi Nation with it s candlewick people was cute but we only got one chapter there The Runaway Country was great sour, cantankerous, unhappy and leaving to become an island I liked him Ruggedo, the NOME King is back Thompson changed it to gnome and that s a huge no no for mebut whatever , and once again, is properly dismissed I don t know why they can t just transform him into an object and let him disappear but all great stories need a great villain, so.Of the characters that we will most likely see again Peg Amy, the wooden doll was kind of annoying to me Her constant clues basically gives away the ending not to mention that a GIANT spoiler is right there in the cover art Kabumpo was positively flawless I cannot wait to see him again there are too many reasons to love him and you ll have to read the story to see what I mean but, I m pretty sure, Kabumpo qualifies as the first gay character in Oz He s over the top, he s effeminate, he s hilarious and he really loves pearls Prince Pompadore of Pumperdink wasn t that amazing but his dynamic is what propels the plot along, so I excused him for boring the sh t out of me for 200 pages Wag the giant bunny I don t know I saw very little point to him but I have a feeling Thompson is doing her best to invent new friends for us to return to in future volumes A lot happens in this book but I m not going to type it all out It s a good, solid, believable entry into the canon and that s what I was looking for when I decided to try out Thompson s Oz NailedItNow onto book 17 The Cowardly Lion of Oz this better be good

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    This is what should have been Thompson s debut It s a solid narrative that feels like an Oz story, if in a different writing style than Baum While you might see the twist involving her from a mile away I did like the character of Peg Amy, a living doll that seems to have vague memories of a past life The Prince is an amusing character who all sorts of bad things happen to the best scene involving him has to be when he asks Princess Ozma to marry him and gets a blunt, stinging rejection Like ouch, had to feel for the poor guy At least he finds love by the end of it I had a lot of fun reading this book though, and it encouraged me to keep going with Thompson s books Probably my second favorite of hers behind Handy Mandy in Oz.

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    I must say this is the strangest book of Oz yet I know the series was out for almost 20 years at this time but this is also the most adult book in the series This book deals with marriage, kidnapping, toucher, war, drugs, and breaking laws It was strange reading this one They are still very progressive books and Ruth did keep up with Frank s world I did enjoy it There are still moments in this book that it would not be published in today s world, due to the old terminologies Still a fun book to read and keeps up with the craziness of Oz with a adult feel.

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    Light years better than the Royal Book of Oz, Thompson has started to get the feel for Baum s incredible world The new characters are diverse and interesting, and the overall story was good It still does not have the elegant pace of the original Oz books, but it gives me a lot of hope for the rest of her works.

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    Love the Oz books.

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    3.5 stars A huge improvement over The Royal Book of Oz, Kabumpo in Oz brings us a cast of lovable new characters and marks the return of the greatest villain of the Oz universe Prince Pompa of Pumperdink has to find a princess to marry in order to keep his little corner of Oz from disappearing, so he sets out to the Emerald City to propose to Princess Ozma with his friend Kabumpo the Elegant Elephant Meanwhile, things are not well in the Emerald City Crafty old Ruggedo, former Gnome King, has regained his memory and is plotting revenge He stumbles onto a box of powerful Mixed Magic and ends up turning into a giant, carrying the whole city along with Ozma and her friends off on top of his head as he runs toward the Deadly Desert Pompa, Kabumbo, Peg Amy the wooden doll, and Wag the giant rabbit join forces to rescue Ozma and defeat Ruggedo Along the way, they become fast friends and discover some surprising things about themselves.There was a lot to like about this book The characters are interesting We get a good mix of new friends and old favorites I have always been fascinated by Ruggedo, so it was good to see Thompson engaging with the core of the Oz universe by bringing him into play The episodic adventures through various kingdoms are entertaining The magic was whimsical in classical Oz fashion And there isn t any inadvertent racism as there was in The Royal Book of Oz, which was a relief.An avid Oz fan can still see the ways that Thompson s style is different from L Frank Baum s style, of course but that s all right Thompson is a different person, after all But given that I am a huge fan of Baum, I will note some of the differences here I felt that Thompson could have taken time with the mini adventures Sometimes, as with the Sea of Soup or the Illumi Nation, it just seemed a little too quick and not developed enough Baum really took the time to make every little kingdom of Oz whimsical and special in its own way And Thompson does that with Pumperdink, for example, but she isn t always consistent Similarly, I would have liked to see a bit of a role for Ozma, Glinda, and even Ruggedo Considering that Ruggedo is the major antagonist of the book, it s weird that we don t get to hear of his thoughts and feelings I also felt that Thompson is generally a bit cruel than Baum was I found it a little shocking that the Ozites had J Glegg drink his own magic tea and explode and that they weren t bothered by this Ozma is famously and sometimes foolishly gentle For this same reason, I find it hard to believe that Ozma would really give up on Ruggedo entirely I mean, that is clearly the wise thing to do, but I feel like Baum s Ozma would continue to try to reform Ruggedo.But overall, this was an immense improvement over The Royal Book of Oz.

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