Keeping Bad Company (Liberty Lane, #5)

Keeping Bad Company (Liberty Lane, #5) Private Investigator Liberty Lane Faces The Most Challenging Case Of Her Career In This Absorbing MysteryLondon , Private Investigator Liberty Faces A Conundrum When Her Younger Brother Tom, An East India Company Employee, Is Unexpectedly Summoned To London To Give Evidence At An Official Enquiry Into The Murder Of A Wealthy Merchant S Assistant, Found With His Throat Cut En Route To Bombay A Connection Between The Dead Man And Escalating Rows With China Over The Lucrative Opium Trade Has Caused The Government Concern Can Liberty Solve A Murder That Took Place Six Months Previously Almost Five Thousand Miles Away

Gillian Linscott.Caro Peacock grew up in a farmhouse that, for most of her childhood, contained half a dozen brothers, sisters and cousins, twice as many cats and dogs, no central heating and one bathroom that stopped working every time the spring that supplied it water silted up This possible bred the habit of curling up in a quiet place with a book, and later, a passion for travel that led to a rather disrupted education Somewhere along the line, she acquired a great interest in Victorian history which she considers a much misunderstood period and particularly the part played in it by independently minded women Caro rides horses, climbs, trampolines and spends some time every year studying wild flowers in the Alps.Caro Peacock is a pseudonym for

[Read] ➲ Keeping Bad Company (Liberty Lane, #5)  By Caro Peacock –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Keeping Bad Company (Liberty Lane, #5)
  • Caro Peacock
  • English
  • 28 April 2018
  • 9781780290201

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    I read this out of sequence, which is irritating, but it doesn t interfere too much with the enjoyment of the book Liberty has improved her living situation and added a character, and I missed that story I have to go back now, and find and read it Liberty s brother arrives back in London from India to testify in front of a parliamentary committee His mentor from his time in India turns up an apparent suicide, and Liberty must figure out what has occurred, all the while fending off a younger brother who finds her behavior and manner of earning a living unseemly As usual, a thoroughly entertaining story

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    5 in the Liberty Lane mystery series A little slow to begin with, but had a fun twist Enjoyed meeting Liberty s brother and hope to see him in future stories London, 1840 Private investigator Liberty faces a conundrum when her younger brother Tom, an East India Company employee, is unexpectedly summoned to London to give evidence at an official enquiry into the murder of a wealthy merchant s assistant, found with his throat cut en route to Bombay A connection between the dead man and escalating rows with China over the lucrative opium trade has caused the government concern Can Liberty solve a murder that took place six months previously almost five thousand miles away

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    It s not appropriate for a lady to be a private investigator in 19th century England, but that s what Liberty Lane does Even Mr Disraeli is one of her clients So it s no good for her brother Tom to return from India and make other plans for her, especially when he s in a tangle himself and could use her help The East Indian Company, for whom he works, is under fire, and the worst of it is, Tom realizes that the critics may be right When his friend and mentor commits suicide, Tom is crushed, but Liberty is suspicious.

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    Interesting story with Liberty s brother in town visiting from India Another quick engaging read with some of my favorite characters I didn t like the growing distance between Liberty and Tabby, and so I hope that gets resolved quickly I like their interaction together since I think they work so well with Amos.

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    Fun story, fun read, totally fun book I love the time period of 1830 s England and Liberty Lane s attempt to keep herself on the right side of propriety and earn a living Easy read, deep, faceted characters.

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    London 1840 Liberty Lane is at her best in this enjoyable read I enjoyed the tie in to India and the East India Company.

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    This was my fourth Book in the Liberty Lane Series and it did not disappoint All of them have been wonderfully written with rich descriptions of old London.

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    Keeping Bad Company by Caro PeacockPublished by Severn House, February 2012 ISBN 978 1 78029 020 1It is London 1840 and Liberty Lane Private Ivestigator is sipping champagne at a diplomatic gathering But Liberty is not there in a purely social sense, but to carry out an assignment on behalf of Mr Disraeli All is going according to plan until the appearance of her brother Tom Fraternity Lane Tom works for the East India Company and has returned to England unexpectedly, as he has been called to give evidence in the enquiry into the murder of a wealthy merchant s assistant, whose throat was cut on route to Bombay carrying a consignment of jewels Whilst Tom disapproves of Liberty s career as a Private Investigator and seeks either to take her back to India or marry her off to a socially acceptable man both actually, his discomfort in his position between the East India Company and his friend Mr Griffiths, has him confiding in her When another murder takes place, against his better judgement Tom finds himself embroiled in Liberty s determination to seek the truth of the situation There is much political intrigue and dubious dealings and in the course of her investigations Liberty finds herself crossing swords with an old and most unpleasant enemy I liked Liberty enormously, also her prickly independent friend and assistant Tabby The methods employed by a lady of her social standing to extract information I found fascinating Like all good mysteries no one is quite what they seem, and there is an unexpected twist at the end This is the fifth in the series featuring Liberty Lane, and I will now make a point of reading the earlier books Highly recommended Lizzie HayesEarlier books in the series are A Foreign Affair, A Dangerous Affair, A Family Affair and When the Devil Drives.

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    When Liberty s brother returns from India, he brings with him a mystery that Liberty must investigate.I read all of the others in the series close together and this one months later, and perhaps it was because of the gap that I didn t like it as well, but I kept feeling like I had missed something all of Libby s references to cases that weren t written up, etc The mystery here was all right, but swathed in Orientalism not anachronistically, but not necessarily, either I did like meeting Libby s brother, and I was disappointed view spoiler when he went back to India at the end hide spoiler

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    Resumed 7 18 12 Had to suspend because it was due back to the library I really like these books I wasn t entirely satisfied with the closure on this one no clue of the soldier s motivation, given his disposition for YEARS of the stolen items And I miss the gentleman traveler.Still, really good books I look forward to .

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