魔女の宅急便I thought this book was better in ways than the Studio Gibli movie For one reason, she doesn t play mind games with boys in the book In fact, she says in the book that she doesn t understand the girls that DO play mind games, so it s interesting how they portrayed her in the movie I also like how the book has each chapter as a month that she s in the town It worked well There was a chapter in the book, which I read before I saw the movie, that I thought would be really good in the movie, but it isn t in the movie, which I was surprised about It s the chapter that takes place on New Year s Eve There are definite differences between the movie and the book other than what I ve mentioned, but you ll have to read for yourself haha Oh It ends up this is a series, and there are at least 3 after this one, but I can t find them That stinks Eiko Kadono, che proprio quest anno ha vinto il Premio Hans Christian Andersen, ha scritto un libro delizioso La piccola Kiki dolce, simpatica e nel suo anno di tirocinio impara a essere indipendente e responsabile Le sue avventure sono tutte molto particolari e divertenti e lasciano un senso di gioia e spensieratezza Un personaggio fantastico il gatto Gigi spiritoso, ironico, pigro ma anche curioso, per Kiki la spalla ideale Il libro ha le stesse atmosfere del film dello Studio Ghibli Stupendo A Lovely Story That Became A Classic In Japan And A Popular Animated Home Video Throughout North America Kiki Is A Resourceful, Spunky Girl Who Follows Her Maternal Tradition To Be A Witch She Possesses Only One Gift Of Witchcraft The Power To Fly Like All Young Witches, She Sets Out At Age To Find A Town Of Her Own With Her Ever Present Companion Jiji A Cynical And Faithful Black Cat Kiki Departs On Her Broomstick And Arrives At A Big Town Near The Ocean Though Nervous At First, She Soon Sets Up A Business Delivering PackagesKiki Meets All Kinds Of People And Has Many Adventures She Befriends The Thief Who Stole Her Broomstick And Saves The Town S Traditional New Year S Marathon With Some Courageous And Timely FlyingThroughout, Kiki S Confidence And Self Awareness Grows As She Learns To Value Her Unique Talents And With Kiki S Help, The Townspeople Realize That Everyone Has Some Magic That Gives Them Their Own Special Character And VitalityThis Is A Charming And Delightful Tale That Is Reminiscent Of Children S Favorites The Worst Witch By Jill Murphy And Astrid Lindgren S Adventures Of Pippi Longstocking Black And White Line Drawings Sprinkled Throughout Reveal The Humor And Warmth In Everything Kiki Does Sesuai tradisi penyihir, pada usia 13 tahun Kiki harus pindah ke kota lain meninggalkan ayah, ibu dan hanya ditemani kucing hitamnya Jiji Kiki dan Jiji mendarat di kota Koriko Atas kebaikan hati Osono san, mereka bisa tinggal di gudang pemilik toko roti itu.Mereka membuka Titipan Kilat Penyihir Kiki dan Jiji bisa mengantar barang apapun Lucu lucu loh barangnya, misal setagen alias penghangat perut Karena suatu kejadian, penghangat perutnya malah dijadikan penghangat botol anggur dan cerobong asap kapal Kiki pernah mengantar lukisan, puisi dan pulpen, mengibarkan cucian shg lekas kering, dll.Kisah Kiki dan Jiji sepertinya dijadikan anime Mungkin ada juga lanjutan bukunya Buku ini diterbitkan gpu tahun 2006 Tapi kondisi bukunya sampai saat ini msh super bagus Kertasnya pake kertas putih HVS jadinya awet dan meski hanya 232 hlm, agak berat. There re two kinds of speculative fiction the kind that imagines people who are essentially the same as people of today, thrust into very different circumstances, and the kind that imagines that the people themselves are as different as their circumstances It s always interesting to read a translation from a foreign country, because you often as with Kiki s Delivery Service can t tell which of the two it is Kiki is a teenaged girl who s never had any romantic interest At thirteen, she is expected to make her own way in the world, without any support from family Her relationship with her family is very formal, including that she calls her parents by their first names When she was a child, she decided to follow in her mom s tradition and became a witch with a flying broom and a talking cat Which of these is complete fantasy, and which were considered normal for the original Japanese audience If this was a book written for English speaking people, it would probably present Kiki as a child with whom the reader identifies, and it would be clear that she was a normal kid with extraordinary circumstances In other words, she d be either an orphan or with one or both parents absent, and at least some parts of the book would deal with her feelings of loneliness and resentment at being thrust out into the world by herself Having read a lot of children s fiction this past year, I have to say I find this book absolutely refreshing in that it has none of that While Kiki s interactions with her parents seem stilted and distant, they re both there, and she never rails against their treatment of her or busts out with rebellious attitudes It isn t even that she s accepting of her fate, but rather that what she is doing leaving home at the insistence of her family, going to live alone in the city is completely normal What a breath of fresh air Clearly I should be reading foreign children s books interspersed with all these domestic ones.First of all, the book s concept seems to be inspired by a Federal Express FedEx style business in Japan, which uses a black cat carrying a kitten in its mouth as its logo The black cat witch connection is obvious, and so the author probably thought That makes me think of a witch Wouldn t a witch be the perfect one to deliver packages Kiki and her anthropomorphic talking cat Jiji go to live in a coastal city by broom, flying being the only witch lore that Kiki has been able to master She then sets up as an express delivery service, and most of the book involves deliveries she s sent to make The coming of age ritual here is less a ritual than a milestone ready to be a witch OK, then please leave, and don t come back , in which she has to find a town, village or city without a resident witch, set up shop, and make a living for a full year Beyond this set up, the book is a series of vignettes detailing noteworthy events during that year There s very little sense of time passing, and so it s surprising whenever the seasons are mentioned Oh, they re talking about spring coming soon, so it must already be winter now The vignettes are cute and whimsical, such as when Kiki helps to deliver the new year by ensuring that the town clock rings midnight on New Year s Eve a gear is broken on the town clock, and the repairman is missing the replacement So the mayor sends Kiki to steal the gear from a neighboring town s clock She flies to this other city, thinks better of stealing the gear from their clock, but then returns to her city to manually wind the clock, flying on her broom rather than, say, ask the neighbors if they have a replacement she could use The constant is that, whatever issue or problem arises, every solution has to directly involve flying on the broom It would be interesting to know whether all the sequels to this book there are five books in the series involve Kiki rediscovering the lost witch lore There s a hint in that direction in this first book she grows wistful that she didn t learn her mother s herbal craft, which is the only other witch lore that hasn t been lost but my imagining that the rest of the books would naturally involve her growing in power and capabilities is clearly coming from my English speaking, United States perspective, in which fantasy characters develop primarily through enhancing their abilities.Finally, the film I m glad I saw the movie before reading the book, both because books always provide detail which allows me to distinguish them easily and appreciate them even with the impressions made by the filmmaker s vision, and also because I did the reverse with Howl s Moving Castle another children s book adapted into film by Hayao Miyazaki , and found the movie incredibly lacking as a result it s my least favorite of all the Studio Ghibli movies, by far I m reasonably sure I would ve had a similar reaction had I read Kiki s Delivery Service before watching it. Carino soprattutto per l idea di base e nei suoi messaggi, ma secondo me la traduzione toglie qualcosa alla narrazione, punteggiatura scelta compresa Inoltre mi sembrato molto per ragazzini , va bene letto a dodici tredici anni ma per un adulto probabilmente perde qualcosa in magia, un po come funziona con quei libri che leggi e adori da piccolo e poi da grande, con una rilettura, ti rendi conto che in effetti qualche difetto lo aveva Insomma una buona lettura, ma penso che non regga il paragone con il cartone animato, che semplicemente delizioso Nonostante sia abbastanza fedele al libro, almeno nel concetto, secondo me la trasposizione ha decisamente qualcosa in pi sotto molti aspetti hanno cambiato le parti meno riuscite con qualcosa di meglio, non so se con qualcosa di preso dal secondo romanzo o completamente inventato, ma le sostituzioni funzionano proprio bene, sono molto pi elaborate psicologicamente Kiki si deve gestire la vita molto pi faticosamente che nel libro, perci credo anche che sia pi istruttivo Fra l altro nel romanzo in cambio dei servigi Kiki ottiene oggettini spesso non dello stesso valore del suo operato, e perci non si capisce bene come si mantenga, invece qui ha tutto molto pi senso Purtroppo il secondo libro sembra introvabile, per se in futuro il seguito mi capiter sotto mano proseguir con la saga anche solo per la curiosit di soddisfare questi dubbi Altre cose che ho notato che Jiji nel film molto simpatico, mentre Kiki dolcissima Tombo qui un personaggio importante, anche se non principale, mentre nel libro fa solo due comparsate e non sembra nemmeno suo amico Anche la colonna sonora mi piaciuta molto. Tertarik pertama kali saat mengintip rak bukunya Prince.Sudah dalam daftar buku yang ingin dipinjam, namun saat melihat tumpukan buku ini dibawah tulisan Harga Khusus langsung memutuskan untuk membeli.Namun apalah arti satu buku dibandingkan sekian buku yang masih ingin dipinjam dari Sang Prince Manoharun Buku ini bercerita mengenai Kiki, anak perempuan yang memilki ibu seorang penyihir dan ayah manusia biasa Pada usia 10 tahun, Kiki memutuskan untuk mengikuti jejak ibunya menjadi penyihir, semuanya didasari akan pilihannya sendiri bukan secra otomatis.Saat berusia 13 tahun, sesuai tradisi, ia harus pindah ke kota lain selama setahun untuk hidup mandiri Kemampuannya sebagai seorang penyihir diuji di kota baru yang dipilihnya sendiri.Kiki mungkin bisa dikatakan menerapkan strategi marketing ala Blue Ocean Disaat banyak penyihir muda sibuk mencari cari sesuatu yang bisa digunakan untuk memprtahankan hidup selama setahun, umumnya berakhir di ramuan dan meramal, Kiki mengeluarkan sebuah trobosan baru dengan membuat Jasa Titipan Kilat Penyihir Caranya mempromosikan diri serta melayani pelanggan membuat ia kian dikenal Apalagi Kiki tidak membutuhkan bayaran, hanya meminta timbal balik untuk semua jasa yang diberikan Tergolong murah kanKreatifitas Kiki juga diuji Bagaimana caranya ia mampu pengantarkan barang dengan cepat namun aman Misalnya saat ia diminta untuk mengantarkan botol botol anggur, yang kalau terjadi goncangan maka rasanya akan berkurang Walau pada akhirnya bukan ia yang mengantarkan, namun idenya membuat botol botol anggur bisa diantar dengan aman.Namun biar bagaimana juga Kiki adalah seorang anak perempuan berusia 13 tahun Ada kalanya ia melamun, mengeluarkan sifat jahilnya, bahkan ia mulai menyukai anak laki laki yang sebaya This book was hard to track down but I m glad I finally got it It s a delightfully cute story just like the movie Too bad it s not easily available in English. When I was living in Japan I decided to read a kid s book to help me practice reading at a level I could possibly undertake Since I had seen and enjoyed the film, I decided on this one Better, I thought, than reading a translation of Harry Potter or something like that I thought, since I knew the story, I could better make guesses and use context clues as they used to say in school when confronted with unfamiliar vocabulary.Little did I know that, like Miyazaki s godawful adaptation of Howl s Moving Castle, the film only really follows the book for the first fifteen minutes or so, before going off on an entirely different course Kadono s book is episodic, with essentially no overarching plot Each chapter after the first two is its own little story, where Kiki delivers something and has a little adventure along the way My favorite was when she is asked to deliver a love letter and can t contain her curiosity about it There is a soothing rythym to her low key misadventures it reads like a slice of life that happens to contain a little bit of magic than a fantasy novel or even a coming of age story.Because of the sorry state of my Japanese, it took me a long time and much pain to read this book I had to read with two dictionaries open and took copious notes I m afraid my memory of it is somewhat hazy and there were certainly passages I never grasped Nevertheless I found it absolutely charming, and on re watching the film afterwards I felt stirrings of the same scandalized betrayal I had watching Howl s Moving Castle The Kiki in the movie, mopey and timid, didn t seem much like the Kiki in the book In Kadono s original, she never loses her powers, and of course there is no zeppelin disaster derring do I find those things, especially the fact that Jiji never talks again, annoyingly opposed to the spirit of the book It s not as bad as the Howl movie, but it s still a big change for the worse.Luckily, I have finally gotten the second book, and I m looking forward to reading it hopefully it will be easier now , and enjoying the adorable heroine, her hilarious cat, and their quietly funny adventures.

Eiko Kadono is a Japanese author of children s literature, picture books, non fiction and essays in Sh wa and Heisei period Japan Kadono was born in Tokyo, and attended the Nihon Fukushi University in Aichi prefecture, followed by a degree in English literature from Waseda University After graduation in 1960 at the age of 25, she emigrated to Brazil, where she spent two years She wrote

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