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Killer Deadline San Francisco Daily Pulse Crime Reporter Mike Green Is A Man Killing Time Waiting To Join His Wife In Paradise While Fantasizing About Her Kid Sister Waiting For His Navy SEAL Son To Respect His Draft Dodger Dad Wishing He Had The Guts To Play Hardball With Murderers The System Doesn T Have The Balls To Strike Out But The Thought Of Slow Death Behind Bars Terrifies Mike Until His Doc Tells Him He Has Less Than A Year To LiveTasked With Hunting This Killer Vigilante Is SFPD Homicide Inspector Siena Mancini, A Single Mom With A Bullseye On Her Forehead And A Drinking Problem She Thought She D Beat A Problem That Dogs Her As The Bodies Pile Up And She Races The Clock To Save Her Only Child, Herself, And The Ex Who Dumped Her For A Younger, Hotter Model

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    We all have an appointment with death at some time and that s for sure Some people die naturally from old age, others from disease, force majeure such as floods, earthquakes from violent criminal acts, or when the heart ceases to function for various, reasons but then on the other end of the spectrum we have those individuals who know that they have a limited period of time left on this planet, be it a few weeks, months or a year, mostly due to physical conditions, especially cancers I often wonder if the pharma industry will ever find a cure for these illusive diseases Will it be financially worth their while but then I m cynical in that regard.How does one possibly cope emotionally upon being told by a doctor that your life will be finished in nine months Depression sets in with some people, other are phlegmatic about it, with a what to be will be attitude and there s that rather rare individual who wants to become a vigilante and as his her final deed for mankind to rid the world of all evil doers We ve got the latter case here and he s got a killer deadline what a fabulous title and that s Mike Green So why has Mike Green, a veteran crime reporter on the Daily Pulse in San Francisco chosen this stance Well, he s lost his beloved Erica, his soul mate, wife and best friend of thirty one years, two years before to cancer and still misses her so much He feels his life is pointless and is thrilled to know that he s going to die There are several dream sequences about the pair of them that are rather poignant Mike floated back to the magical times he and Erica shared sailing up and down the California coast in Tahiti Dream , their 30 foot Lancer, dreaming of one day buying a bigger boat and sailing to Tahiti A dream that turns to ashes, just like Erica, but one that Mike vowed to bring to life, for both of them He cannot free her from his mind and even has her urn in his bedroom Macabre, I feel These ashes get lost somewhat unfortunately later and, to my shame, I laughed So when his doctor tells him that his cancer is terminal, Mike refuses to take any treatment as he knows that he ll be dead in nine months He rejoices as he believes that he will meet Erica again in paradise Does he truly believe that or is he deluding himself After all, so far there s no evidence apart from faith which is different that can be supported scientifically in that respect.I love the humour in this book too, especially that involving Mike s chocolate Labrador Wallace, who is a real friend to him Mike collapsed on the chair across from Wallace I got some heavy news from the specialist this morning , he said Turns out I have terminal prostate cancer She says I have nine months to live A year tops Wallace gazed at Mike with soulful eyes Then proceeded to lick his balls Now only a dog, a Labrador in fact, would do that wouldn t he If they re not licking plates, their body, another dog bitch the floor or the like, they are always looking for something to lick.Anyway in anticipation of this future event of being reunited with Erica, Mike decides to while away the time by systematically murdering the true villains that he knows His only worry is that he will be caught before his time is up and he has one major fear incarceration He d rather take a lethal injection than spend the rest of his life locked up with lowlifes who raped, tortured and murdered because they wet the bed as kids He felt deep shame that he had helped elevate some of these sociopaths to cult status Savages like The Berkley Butcher and The Mission Monster So he has to ensure sure that he won t be caught and what a better way to throw people off his scent than to implicate the local District Attorney, Dick Archer, via Mike s role play of the Concerned Citizen The murders are quite bizarre but well thought out Even a priest, Father Pat, comes into the equation and there s a monk involved in his rather unfortunate downfall Rather gothic I thought But this priest, who was hidden by the Church because of his foul deeds, is a member of society that Mike knows has committed serious felonies be it mentally or physically that are so evil, they deserve to be exterminated From committing the first murder when he felt like a new man Hallelujah to the last, his personality imperceptibly alters as a serial killer and he becomes careless and also violent with each murder Will he get away with it, that s the question I m hanging on the edge of my seat at that stage, especially when Mike leaves foolish clues around Did I like Mike Yes I did, not so much towards the end though as he became quite arrogant and started making mistakes He now liked killing people but nevertheless soft parts of his nature surfaced every now and then.Nevertheless, Mike soon has closet drinker Inspector Siena Mancini on his trail because the wretched idiot leaves clues and when her own daughter Alex gets involved, she is frantic and roars over to Los Angeles The part dealing with her ex husband, Nick Rossi was rather spectacular I completely got the wrong end of the stick here.This is a sparkling thriller, racy and extremely well written The ending could have gone several ways and I was wrong of course in what I thought it would be This book is all about love, loyalty, justice and a wish for death after the loss of a loved one I can understand that There s sensitivity especially about the dreams of his wife Erica, fun with Wallace, the chocolate Labrador and Mike s sister in law Sam provides the human, family elements when even so, untoward events happen The music of Hendrix singing Dylan is thrown in as an extra spice.When I finished the book I sat on the terrace and looked down the valley to the Pic d Anie of my beloved Pyrenees It was a sunny day now what did I want A glass of Volvic mineral water, perhaps a glass of red Burgundy with a piece of bread and goat s cheese from our local farmer or an Earl Grey tea I felt spiritual and so I chose the latter and thought about this marvellous author This is a book of catch me if you can and would make such a wonderful film I m always thrilled with a bit of action and with the right producer, director, actors actresses, location and the music, well that dream may possibly be achieved I hope so.

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    Trotter s Best Yet Take a wild ride with Steve Trotter in this action packed crime caper set in California, in that City by the Bay You ll find no disappointments here While Trotter delivers the goods, he ll be tickling your funny bone the entire way His likable characters will have you glued to your Kindle far into the night.This one s Trotter s best yet.KILLER DEADLINE

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    Told he has stage four prostate cancer, crime beat writer Mike Green decides to take out the trash Systematically killing those who have escaped justice, he quickly becomes the Vigilante Killer in San Francisco.For the most part it s a fast moving novel, with spots of dark humor And then there s the twist in the story.

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    i enjoyed this book as i do most of Trotter s books i did figure out the ending, however, and a couple other parts, that weren t disguised as much as the author hoped they d be.

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