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Killing Matt Cooper Amazing E Book, Killing Matt Cooper By John Cassian This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Killing Matt Cooper , Essay By John Cassian Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

John Cassian is an author of horror thrillers centered around a serial killer who goes by many names He has also contributed a short story to a horror anthology series called Prey Cassian is not nearly as disturbing in real life as his characters or so he would like you to believe.

[Epub] ❧ Killing Matt Cooper  By John  Cassian –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 61 pages
  • Killing Matt Cooper
  • John Cassian
  • English
  • 20 January 2017

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    4 HELP..I Have the Hots for a Serial Killer Stars

    Those of you that know me are probably thinking WTF did Shannie read

    While this story was out of my comfort zone, I really did find it brilliantly written Samuel Knight is a FEMA crisis worker by day and your friendly serial killer at night He has numerous alias identities, including Samuel Knight, which help to insure nobody can identify him as the Greek Death..yes that s what the press has named him Knight doesn t like it either.

    Although Knight is a serial killer he also has a dominant, charming, romantic side to him that I just couldn t resist falling for.

    I know..I can t believe it either That s just how I feel Knight has his deep rooted reasons for the way he is He used to want to be someone better that of course was until his first kill Now Knight needs to get that rush back by trying to recreate that night.

    Of course like every man we read about, Knight s world shifts when he meets Special Agent Kathleen Underwood Knight has feelings for Ms Underwood and she s made his creepy, stalker wall of fame in his house.

    With the meeting of Agent Underwood, this short story really takes off Knight gets off The sexy times in this book were erotically satisfying.

    I m not going to give you any of the details of this little gem you re just going to have to read for yourself I will be reading the next book in this series because I HAVE to know what happens I hope everyone will give this short story a chance pick it up to read MWAH

    A gifted copy was received in exchange for a honest review from the author Thanks John, you rock Thanks ladies for the crazy fun I had in this buddy read with you all JaHy, Bev, Ashlee, Sophia, Silvana, Valerie, Vera, Princess Nhya

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    4 I love me a serial killer StarsSamuel Knight is a serial killer, and why I love these personalities, in books, is beyond me.No really I am fine and I will keep selling that story Okay, all joking aside I really enjoy these reads because we get to see the mindset of these serial killers Some of Samuel s lines in this book had me laughing out loud for example I watched Ashley tell her professional wrestler boyfriend she loved him before going home to her husband and two children Even though I wanted to tell Ashley, simply, that professional wrestling is fake and, by extension that her boyfriend was not real , I knew that would not convince her It may just be me and my twin here, but seeing how he thinks is so entertaining It is completely calm and rational thoughts, but they do not logically make sense Let s get back on track Samuel is a serial killer by night and FEMA employee by day These government workers obviously have too much time on their handsSamuel is constantly searching for his love, and they always seem to disappoint them, thus resulting in their death rape.When he first sees Kathleen, FBI unit chief hunting him down, he is immediately drawn to her From here you will have to read the story This is a short read, and has a sequel that is already out I am going to jump into book 2 and see where things go I wouldn t call this a cliffhanger ending of a see where things go.

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    Mr Knight is cray cray You hear me What a sick puppy he is.Reading this brief novel has left me scared, confused, not wanting to touch the subject of Crazy What made this even disturbing for me, was his voice Everything about his outer packaging, just screams I m a nice, decent, hard working, compassionate guy But his thoughts are the most vile, dark sinister thoughts ever What makes this the most frightening is that he could be anybody He could be my neighbor across the street He could be the author of this book LOL You just don t know.And there in lies the fear that drives this story The train wreck that you just can t look away from No matter how hard you may want to We as human beings always have to have the answers We always must know the why of something We must make sense of all the cray cray chaos surrounding us unfortunately, also inhabiting some around us Here is the definition of true fear There is no rhyme or reason No sense that can be made or come from the face of pure evil.And that s what this story was Mr Knight was simply pure evil But having said that, I can understand who he was before he truly snapped I get understand the why of the Trigger but I will never understand why the trigger exists in the first place This is what I mean when I say you can never make sense of such things So don t drive yourself insane trying This was a very dark, frightening, just flat out disturbing read And I would still recommend it.

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    4 CUDDLY SERIAL KILLER STARS Dexter Morgan has some competition and one of his fake persona s is named Samuel my Knight In shining armor Okay, it s just Samuel Knight, I added that other shit because his character just got me out of my book funk Full review to come later. I need to read Killing Sam Knight ASAP which is currently free btw

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    4 Pure Love s Kiss Stars I am not sure what is happening to me but right now I am just loving these crazy serial killing men I love their thought process I especially love when they have a sweet side that tries to take over their darkness but always comes up short If you really want to suck me in, add a kick ass woman that has the same darkness hidden inside but remains in total control until she finds a man that can unleash her beast Killing Matt Cooper is a Dexter meet Criminal Minds and I LOVE IT Sam is a killer His mission in life is to end the evil that some woman live with as cheaters They don t deserve to live Sam is also a functional normal person working for FEMA He works close with the FBI as well As he begins working another case, one very close to home for Sam This case is SAM His killing spree has some attention now He knows it is only a matter of time before he is caught As Sam is tossed into the middle of his own case, he sees his LOVE.Kathleen, the lead FBI agent working to catch this catch Sam Kath leen Just the shape of her name on my tongue felt so grand So true So loving And the fact that she was hunting me, that made the whole thing even delicious. Sam and Kathleen s relationship is hot and steamy They connect instantly but this is NOT insta lovethis is insta heat It takes a while to find out who Matt Cooper is but damn, that is a really good twist and really helps you to figure out what makes Sam s brain tick and where all his darkness began.I have a sneaky suspicion that Kathleen is up to something than we are let on in this book I am excited to see what is next for these two in book 2 Killing Sam Knight

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    This review is also posted on my blog normally enjoy stories that are told through the viewpoint of someone you can feel for you know, a good guy or girl Being that I knew this story would be told through the eyes of someone truly evil, then I got past that and found myself both intrigued and utterly disgusted at the same time I do like a good disturbing thriller after all And this book certainly delivered on that Fearlessly written, the author holds absolutely nothing back This is not an exaggeration The main character is a serial killer, and you are taken into his sick and twisted mind The repetitiveness of his thoughts is indicative of how I believe someone like him would think I had no empathy for this character at all I found myself hoping this was fiction and not an autobiography in disguise That is how good of a job the author does with bringing you inside this psycho s demented world The story is graphic, and many of the scenes are deeply horrifying and troubling And what is even terrifying is that there are people out there who do commit atrocious crimes such as this So even though this is fiction, it is probably realistic than most of us would like to believe It often read like a diary, where the killer tells a lot of his story, and the dialogue is limited It was a short, quick read, and I do sincerely hope for a sequel The story did not feel finished as there is definitely to be told here I recommend this for anyone who thinks they can take it for what it is a messed up and gritty story.

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    This was an intense psychological thriller told through the very disturbed mind of a serial killer.Killing Matt Cooper was intense and fast paced Intended for mature audiences, there were plenty of dark and twisted scenes that shocked even me.Very well written with some likeable and oh so unlikeable characters, this novel is not for the faint at heart If you darego for it.

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    This book is fucked up to say the least You are in the mind of a serial killer and going through each situation with his victims pure love s kiss This book is dark Even after finishing this book I can t get it out of my head It was that good Dark and twisted good There s moments when I wanted him to get caught but by the end of the book I wanted to keep going on his journey with him How fucked up is that I m not sure but, I really enjoyed this short story.

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    Sympathy for the DevilThis is a psychological crime novel, whydunnit as much as anything else, but with some exciting plot twists and, while pleasingly tightly written, with sufficient detail to hold the attention of readers of high quality fiction as well as of page turning thrillers.My general criteria for a five star rating are either that the book is superbly written with few irritants or very well written with lots to say This book lies mainly in the former category as a brilliantly written book, although there are enough ideas to nudge the review towards the latter category in addition.The author avoids the usual deterministic view of the damaged criminal, in favour of a existential villain Like Raskolnikov, he of Crime and Punishment fame, our villain is similar in his revolving like a moth around the investigator s flame, without his air of superiority being held as philosophically as Dostoyevsky s antihero.Like the Russian killer, a mixture of the noble and the manipulative is part of the killer s constitution, with the possibility of redemption in the wings It is left to the reader in the end to decide on the likelihood of this, and the opportunities available to a man who has condemned himself to the confusion of love with lust, power with submission to the forces of perverted sex.This is essentially crime fiction, so the reader of literary fiction must be warned that there is a lot of violent sex I am reminded of Orwell s answer to the conundrum of Salvador Dali s art as works of genius or disgusting both, sayeth Orwell For what it s worth, this reviewer is generally a reader of literary fiction rather than the crime genre, but this story beats Thomas Harris with ease The killer is neither ordinary barring his crimes, nor is he super controlled Again, Raskolnikov comes to mind than one of these cardboard villains.A page turner of some considerable quality.

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    3.5 in the mind of a serial killer stars Utterly insane You ll get the inner perspective of a I hope imaginary serial killer He kills girls Who are just like his Love, his first love.We get to know his alias, Sam Knight, here is my Sam So, in his free time he follows and kills girls who are cheaters or whoring behind their boyfriends back And, in daytime, he is a FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency crisis manager who goes around the country, and whenever there is a crisis situation fire, flood, tornado , he organises help and leads life of the people hit by the crisis back to normal.A killer wolf disguised in a sheep clothing A sick bastard with a twisted mind He did have some charming, even funny lines, but, that s it His killings are a desperate and sick way of reliving his first love and his first victim He even meets an FBI agent who might as well be his match.If you love a crime story full of sick scenes, reasoning of a killer, you will like this.I found it different, cuz that s not what I usually read There were some stuff that bothered me, and that is how did he pick his killings, that s not nearly enough explained And, the fact that his physical appearance is not described, so I can t imagine him Also, could have been a bit longer.

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