King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Amazing Books, King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table By Joshua E Hanft This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table , Essay By Joshua E Hanft Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table book, this is one of the most wanted Joshua E. Hanft author readers around the world.

➻ [Reading] ➽ King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table  By Joshua E. Hanft ➰ –
  • Library Binding
  • 240 pages
  • King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table
  • Joshua E. Hanft
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9780866119825

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    These books are a nice way to introduce your children and possibly, yourself to the classics In this particular version of the Arthurian legend, it takes you through the discovery of King Arthur in the first three or four chapters what the Disney class movie, Sword in the Stone retells through the formation and demise of the Round Table Good work my 8, 6, and 4 year old children were into it This is extra I would advise reading these books with your children on a couch or somewhere you can all sit together, not while they are going to bed There is one illustration per two pages, and my kids love them So, if I read to them while they are in their beds, they all want to hold the book individually and look at every single picture Needless to say, this book took forever I learned they can look at the pictures all they want if we are sitting together on a couch and no one needs to hold the book

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    I thought that this book was pretty good I admired King Arthur and his knights, and I enjoyed all of the jousting and fighting I also really liked the fact that the knights valued women, God, and justice so much Overall, this was an easy and exciting read that didn t have any down time However, there were so many characters and the chapters were so separated into individual adventures that I thought this book lacked some cohesiveness The stories and characters were great, but I wish the writing had been done a little bit differently.

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    It was good

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    I m reading this with my 7 year old I love that she likes good books

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    I was very ignorant when it came to these legends of King Arthur and Merlin and I was curious to know I ve had this book for years but never read it I started to grow interest in the mythology of Camelot when it was first introduced on the television show, Once Upon a Time The book starts off as Arthur as an infant Merlin visits Arthur s father telling him about how his father will die very soon and that he must give his infant son to him since he is destined to have great power and needs to be raised properly Merlin gives the son to a man named Sir Ector Sir Ector promises to never tell anyone including Arthur himself about his great power The power is Excalibur of course the sword that only one noble person is able to pull I like stories about fate and destiny but this one was very disappointing and not fun at all to read.I understand that this book is short and is basically a summary of a legend that was written and told thousands of years ago but still Characters are very bland I understand that since this book is only 240 pages there isn t enough room for character personality and development but even Arthur the main character was bland and had no personality to him In the Once Upon a Time version of Camelot King Arthur was very much a memorable and not bland as a character Once Arthur pulls the sword out of the stone his father Sir Ector tells him everything About how that he is not his real father ,Merlin and his destiny Arthur is still just a teenager at this time and is still too young to truly understand everything that has happened and all the power that the sword holds.In the next chapter many years have past since Arthur first pulled excalibur and is now the King I was watching a movie over the weekend and in the movie they did something similar They did those massive leaps in time which I very much liked I didn t mind that much in this book as well but I wished they would have done something with this leap in time Now that Arthur has finally become king he will have to deal with many foes The first foe he fights as the king is the Black Knight The Black Knight did do some pretty harsh damage to Arthur and almost killed him Merlin came to Arthur s rescue and had him healed.He wasn t that important to the plot and was just there for the sake of being there.This next part of the book is the romantic part I ve never been a fan of romance at all except for in Indian films Arthur pretends to be a gardener boy to see his love Guinevere Guinevere finds out about it and loves him After the marriage the round table is established Merlin warns Arthur that when the 50th spot is taken of the round table is taken the kingdom will fall and it does Now that I ve pretty much addressed the story of the book I would like to give a bit of my opinion on what I actually thought of the book This book tried to cram way too much plot in for only two hundred pages So much plot that would have been interesting in the story was just crammed in there and felt poorly written They could have taken out a lot of stuff that wasn t really all that important and focused on important things such as the battle between Arthur and Sir Lancelot Sir Lancelot was the reason why King Arthur s reign fell but was only introduced in the second to last chapter That was too late in my opinion As I said earlier I really wanted to look in these ancient legends of King Arthur and Merlin and see how different people portray them Once Upon a Time has there own special twist on this legend as I m sure many other people have through books, movies and television shows If you are like me and these kind of stories interest you don t bother reading this book Find another book or do some other research on this legend This book had potential to be good and be short at the same time if maybe they skipped some parts of the story This is a legend after all and legends are told differently In conclusion to this I would probably give this book two out of five stars The pros of the book being nice and easy to read,and gorgeous pictures The cons being very bland characters, flat protagonist, and too much crammed in the story.

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    In this book king Arthur and he knights of the round table by Howard Pyle The main characters of this book are king Arthur, Merlin, lady Guinevere and sir Lancelot In Britin King Arthur and the people of his kingdom go through a lot together and king Arthur always finds a way to save them In Britain Arthur father wants Arthur to be king some day but in tell then Merlin takes Arthur to another family in tell he is of age and can prove that he can be king When Arthur pulls Excalibur from the stone he is pronounced the new king and a while after he became king Merlin made the round table and got only the most noble of knights to sit at the table his closest knight was sir Lancelot but sir Lancelot loses his trust and is no longer part of the round table One of the life lesson i have learned out of this book is as humans we tend to try to really stupid thing for the people we care about.When sir Lancelot took something that was very fallible to the king and himself Another is when king Arthur meets lady Genevieve and dose some not so smart challenge to a knight who also wants the lady s hand in marriage Also when Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and his step dad starts crying and starts saying random things I really liked this book because of all the adventure and i would say there was a little bit of mystery because you never know what quest they mitt go on next when in on of the chapters the white knight returnees you never know if he is going to come back or if he will come back and win This book is full of twists and turns I LOVE TWISTS AND TURNS My favorite part is is the end when sir Lancelot kind of goes a little rebel when he takes that something very dear to the king Best book ever.

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    Personal ResponseI liked this book a lot It was very interesting, and kept me interested throughout the whole book It was also easy to read which was nice.Plot SummaryThe book starts out with a boy named Arthur, pulling a sword out of a giant boulder According to legend whoever did this was the rightful king of England He becomes the king of England and becomes a great leader He creates the round table of knights, gets his new sword, Excalibur, and fights against treason to the throne The book follows him through these adventures and many .RecommendationI would recommend this book to people who aren t the best readers I would also recommend this book to people who are interested with medieval times I think they would like this book because it is about kings, castles, and knights.CharacterizationIn the begging of the book Arthur is just a young, 18 year old boy, who was just an esquire to a knight Throughout the book he becomes a king and learns how to fight like a true man He turns into a great leader by the end of the book, who will do anything for his kingdom.

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    Until I read this, I thought of the movie First Knight being the story, but I realised some points in the story were different than the movie In the movie, I didn t recall Vivien, Nymue being the name of The Lady of the Lake and so many Round Table Knights fighting each other.

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    Great story UK history really interesting

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    Very nice and simple told the story of legend while making it modern.

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