Kiss of the Vampire (Warriors of the Rift, #1)

Kiss of the Vampire (Warriors of the Rift, #1) I really enjoyed this book It had a very interesting take on paranormal beings and how they came to be in our world.This book is easy to follow, easy to get hooked on and easy peasy all around.Tobias is wonderful, he s loyal, loving and fierce I respected Nix and her battle to keep her demon in check The love these two had for each other just jumped off the pages.Both made sacrifices, both are strong and determined and I just loved them.This is an easy, tense fun read with just enough of drama, action and passion.If you haven t read it, do yourself a favor and get on the band wagon, you ll be so glad you did.Highly Recommend Just when I thought I had the paranormal universe figured out, Cynthia Garner comes out with one hell of a scenario to explain why we have vampires, demons and shapeshifters Would you have ever thought those supernatural beings were actually aliens who skipped through a temporal rift to our world and then stole human bodies to carry on No Me either, but you know whatthe explanation works Nix de la Fuente, human liaison to the Council of Preternaturals, assists the police in solving crimes that involve human and supernaturals Having been rejected by everyone that she s ever loved, she sets out to prove to that she isthan just a human demon hybrid It s a daily battle for her to control her demon, but she takes steps to make sure her humanity prevails She relies on her friendship with her partner, Dante and tai chi to keep her grounded and centered But when vampires start dying in a gruesome manner, Nix comes face to face with the one person in her past that will test her resolve to maintain her humanity as well as the hardened shell she s put around heart.Tobias Caine has returned to Scottsdale after leaving five years before The only reason he returned was at the request of a friend, but when she s found murdered the council puts him in charge of the investigation That puts him in direct contact with his ex, Nix Tobias left because he was worried about his affect on Nix because her demon side was coming outandThough he loved her, he thought leaving her would be for the best Now, just being near her makes him understand that maybe he never quite gave her or them the chance they needed He has to figure out a way to turn off his emotions towards Nix and find out who is behind the gruesome killings.Luckily for us, the love and lust Tobias and Nix have for each other is much bigger than the reasons they split Tobias is a vampire you will be placing on your vampire boyfriend list From the moment he walked in to the story, he commanded your attention He s good at hiding his emotions, except with the one person he loves and that is what makes him so damn attractive.Nix is a tough cookie She d figured out a way to love herself and control her demon wouldn t we all love to be able to control our demon Even when faced with having to deal with Tobias, she figured out a way to be somewhat professional while she breaking inside It take a strong person to be able to do that, especially when you re still in love with that person.I loved the storyline with the Rift and I can t wait to see where the next story takes us Since I m pretty sure we haven t seen the last of Natchook, I m sure we ll seeabout the radio transmitter he was attempting to use to create another Rift Pretty sure what he s up to is no good, but he seems to be spectacular at that.An awesome start to the series and leaves me waiting with bated breath for the next one. Warriors Of The RiftOnce A Generation, The Rift Between The Paranormal World And The Human World Opens, Allowing Supernatural Entities To Cross Vampire, Demon, Or Shapeshifter, They Can Save The World Or Send It Spiraling Into ChaosHalf Demon, Half Human, Nix De La Fuente Is Accepted By Neither And Mistrusted By Both Determined To Prove She S Human Than Not, She Devotes Herself To Solving Crimes Between The World S Mortals And Its Most Unsavory Undead But Her Latest Case Brings Her Face To Face With The One Vampire She Could Never Resist Called In To Investigate A String Of Violent Murders, Special Agent Tobias Caine Isn T Interested In Rekindling His Relationship With Nix Yet One Look And The Vampire Knows His Need For Her Is As Strong As Ever Once, Their All Consuming Passion Nearly Cost Nix Her Fragile Hold On Her Humanity Now, As Their Hunger For One Another Intensifies, Exposing Them To An Unimaginable Danger, It Could Cost Them Both Their Lives My Review For simply the entertainment value of this read, this book rated very high for me I loved both Nix and Tobias characters and I loved their romantic story line The history of their ill fated love affair was gorgeous I loved the fact that they are both still in love with each other regardless of the fact that they broke up 5 years ago I liked the story of the conflict with Nix being half demon half human and that being around Tobias put her demon half at odd with her human half to the point where it threatened Nix s sanity I like the relationship both of them between these characters and Dante Even though he is human, I loved what he added to the story and that he wasn t automatically a hindrance with their investigation because he isn t as strong as the preternatural beings.When it came to the story, I liked pretty much everything about this book What I didn t like though was the basis for the entire world upon which the book was built I understand that the vampire paranormal market is saturated and everyone is trying to find a creative new way to present their vampire stories But I just didn t really enjoy the way that the basis for this supernatural world was created In this world, the preternatural beings are aliens, most of them criminal aliens, who have been banned here as punishment When they come across the rift, they occupy a body and make it their own So not only are most of them Tobias excludedhe came to earth chasing a criminal as a law enforcer criminals, but they are also body snatchers And they wonder at the not so friendly reception that humankind has given them since they discovered the truth about these beings With those facts, I just have a hard time wanting to like all these preternatural characters, regardless of who they are in the story line.BUT, if I ignore all those facts that I just stated above, and pretend ignorance about the details of how the preternatural beings came to be on earth, this book is really good Do you see my conundrum Overall, I did really enjoy this book There is great chemistry between Nix, Tobias, and Dante as their friend As investigators, they make a great team with some really entertaining and funny scenes which is especially surprising with the gruesome murders that they are investigating The suspense line was great and the resolution to the romantic conflict was a complete surprise I do plan to read Dante s book, Secret of the Wolf, simply because I did enjoy Dante s character so much.It should be noted that Dante is human, Nix was born on earth, and Tobias came to earth as a law enforcement agent and not as a criminal His only crime is the body snatching part of the transition into earth, so the issues that I have with this preternatural world hardly apply to the main characters in this book I assume that won t stay the case though as we move further into the series It will be interesting to see if my offense over it stays especially if all the books read as good as this one did. Imagine a world where vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and demons not only exist, but have fought for their rights to become citizens and cautiously accepted members of society Also imagine that they aren t mystical creatures, but instead from other worlds, only accessing Earth through a rift that opens once every generation They enter, they take over humans to live within our forms and their agendas Well, it depends on the creature.This is the theory behind Cynthia Garner s Warriors of the Rift series, which begins with the clever Kiss of the Vampire Heroine Nix de la Fuente is part human and part demon Her mother was a succubus who loved and then destroyed her father Nix was left to be raised by a human grandmother who despised her This left her conflicted and terrified that the demon part of her will one day take over completely, driving her mad The way she s coped is to become a cop of sorts, investigating crimes that link the paranormal and human worlds When a series of creatures, including a friend of Nix s, are murdered, perhaps with demon involvement, her world is turned upside down Enter Tobias Caine, a sort of rift cop sent through years ago to find a brutal assassin He also happens to be an ex lover of Nix s They are forced to work together as they look into the string of murders and of course sparks are bound to fly But will they uncover the sinister truth behind the murders Or will it all be too late The book is well written, unique and oh so sexy I can t wait to read the next in her series and highly recommend it 3 1 2 stars Kiss of the Vampire by Cynthia Garner is the first of her series about the preternaturals pejoratively known as Extra dimensionals EDs who have come to Earth from another dimension through a rift which usually opens every 73 years Beings such as vampires, fairies, werewolves, shapeshifters and demons take possession of human bodies and confer their various powers upon the shell whose owner is dispossessed Nix de la Fuente has the distinction of being a demon human hybrid whose mother is a specialized demon known as a succubus She works as a liaison with the regional Council of Preternaturals and investigates various crimes by working with Detective Dante MacMillan, one of the few humans who knows that she isn t completely human An investigation into the horrific murder of a vampire who she knew personally brings her into contact with the vampire who broke her heart five years prior Tobias Caine is a vampire who has been tracking the assassin who killed his people s leader for many years His decision to break off the relationship with Nix five years ago was one of the hardest things he has done in his long life and he is not sure whether he will have the strength to resist her when they are forced into close proximity while investigating the series of crimes on behalf of the council There are many factors impeding the investigation but undermining by their own support system is not anticipated and may cause the final irreversible end to their relationship if they don t learn to trust each other.This was an interesting new twist on the origin of paranormal beings, the difficulties they could face when dealing with humans and the distrust and discrimination that being different engenders The apparent strength and other benefits that come with paranormal powers can also cause handicaps and Nix has an interesting solution for controlling excess emotion with the use of tai chi The sizzling carnal relationship between Nix and Tobias is contrasted with the rare bonds that Nix has formed with the human Dante and her friend Rufus and all is set against an intriguing murder investigation A good start to an imaginative series that will continue with the tale of another colleague, Council Liaison Tori Joseph, in Scent of the Wolf.Comment Book Description Once a generation, the rift between the paranormal world and the human world opens, allowing supernatural entities to cross Called in to investigate a string of violent murders, special agent Tobias Caine isn t interested in rekindling his relationship with half demon, half human Nix de la Fuente Yet one look and the vampire knows his need for her is as strong as ever My Thoughts I really enjoyed this story a great deal I like Ms Garner s original spin on the origin of preternaturals In this world, Extra Dimensional ED beings took possession of humans and combined their essence with the humans That combination determined whether the ED would be a vampire, shapeshifter, demon, fairy, etc That aspect of the story was very unique.I liked Nix and Tobias The constant tension and attraction between them made the story very interesting Nix s partner, MacMillian, added a humorous component to the story with his constant taunts of both characters Nix s absentee mother and her boyfriend Luc short for Lucifer Demonicas were unexpected characters Their insertion into the story wasn t necessary for this story However, I can see them playing a role in other books in the series so Ms Garner was likely just setting that stage.4 shiny stars and I look forward to seeing what s next in the series Reviewed for NetGalley I really liked this book, it s my kind of thing A great murder mystery with a strong paranormal theme, a nice dose of romance and a larger series plot that had me hooked from the beginning It had all the elements of a good paranormal urban fantasy should have, murder, suspense, prejudice, twists and turns with great characters, plenty of romance with a side helping of sexy timewhatcould a girl want The way the preternaturals came to be on earth is quite interesting something new and I look forward toinformation and seeing how that progresses in the future I liked the easy flow and pacing of the book making it a really easy read as we follow our main characters through their inner turmoil over the feelings they are having and the investigation of the murders It kept me guessing nearly up to the end, I had convinced myself it was going to go one direction and it went another which rarely happens for me, I like it when that happens This is a really good start to what I m guessing is a new series seen as there is a teaser chapter for book 2 at the end of the book and I m pleased because it was effortless to read, well written and it always had my attention, can t wait to see what s going to happen next This is another sequel that will be put straight onto my to be read list.4 s Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickI picked up this book because it looked like it had a new and fresh spin on the paranormal world The mythology behind everything seemed so different and unique While this book is indeed different from others in this genre and I did love the spin the author took, I found the romance aspect of it kind of lacking.Nix and Tobias used to date and were pretty serious when all of a sudden Tobias broke up with Nix without any rhyme or reason Nix has never been able to get over Tobias and the way he hurt her Since he left, Nix has found ways to control her demon and has submersed herself in her work as an investigator for the council.Tobias has never been able to stop thinking about Nix and the love he has for her By leaving he was actually trying to protect Nix While they were together it seemed as if she was unable to take control of her demon half and once the demon takes over there is no going back to being a regular human The person literally goes crazy and becomes completely evil When Tobias is called in by the council to help investigate a string of gruesome vampire murders he comes face to face with Nix, the one person he was trying to avoid.At first watching these two interact with each other was exciting There was a lot of tension and chemistry mixed in with a lot of hurt Both are still so in love with the other but in the case of Nix, she is still so deeply wounded by Tobias leaving unexpectedly that she is just full of anger.When we get about half way into the story both characters seem to make a drastic change All of a sudden they are both back together and everything is completely fine Umm, hello How did this happen They never really even discuss what happened in the past and somehow everything is forgiven and swept under the rug Also, both are supposed to be these tough characters but they both became so cheesy with each other Everything became so cutesy and it embodied everything that I hate in romances The hero constantly calls the heroine honey and the heroine becomes this drone of a woman who doesn t think for herself.I also hate the the romance seemed to take a backseat to everything else that is going on in the book Don t get me wrong I like action and suspense in my books, but I just hate when the romance takes a backseat to it I like there to be an equal balance It just seemed like chapter after chapter would pass and nothing is happening Then all of a sudden Bam they are couple I feel as if I m missing something.I m not sure if I ll be picking up the next book in this series While I did like this world and I do like the characters that are going to be in the next book, I m not sure if I can deal with another story like this one I read books for the romance and if the next one is anything like this one was I know I ll be very disappointed ARC provided by NetGalley This was an amazing intro into Cynthia Garner s world of Prets.This reminds me a little of Alexandra Ivy, butMany preters have come through a rift that occurs in the atmosphere when a certain comet passes by the earth Shifters, demons, vampires pixies along with several other types take over bodies of humans when they enter Many were criminals Tobias Caine came in after a criminal from his world, who had just assassinated another vampireNix de la Fuenta is half demon half human She is working a murder scene with her partner when her ex love, Tobias Caine comes in Together all 3 must solve the crime of the vampire slayings.This was a book of mostly world building, so I am not going to give all the info in this review I loved the constant action and Nix always fighting her demon I csnnot wait for the next book This is definitely the next up and coming series to read

Cynthia Garner discovered her love for making up stories at the age of twelve when her teacher told her to write a story that started It was a dark and stormy night But she didn t think about making it a profession until 2005, when she began entering and winning writing contests Under her alternate ego Sherrill Quinn she has three Kensington Brava paranormal romance books and a novella as part

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