Kissing Christmas Goodbye

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[EPUB] ✶ Kissing Christmas Goodbye By M.C. Beaton –
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Kissing Christmas Goodbye
  • M.C. Beaton
  • English
  • 21 July 2019
  • 9780312349110

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    Poor Agatha never seems to get it right The men in her life let her down, or rather they don t meet her high expectations Her schemes for publicity usually go wrong and someone else takes the limelight In this latest story Agatha takes on a new assistant detective Toni Gil Toni comes from a very troubled family and Agatha despite her gruff exterior does have a heart, she takes Toni under her wing and does her best to help her get settled away from her awful mother and brother Toni is good at the job, she is only seventeen slim and pretty, this makes Agatha feel old Agatha has a painful hip feels overweight and frumpy next to Toni.When Mrs Tamworthy engages Agatha to find out who wants to kill her, it leads to many hidden, dark secrets for the Tamworthy family The detective agency starts digging around literally and they come up with several suspects and lots of trouble.Agatha is a romantic at heart and longs for a traditional English country Christmas with all her friends It must all be perfect and she wants to impress them all, no expenses spared Her biggest hope is that her ex James Lacey will be back in the village in time for the celebration An enjoyable read although not particularly seasonal until the last chapter.

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    Lately, nothing book related worked for me My friends might ve noticed the absence of recent reviews Most books I read were mediocre and not worthy of reviews, or re reads not of the sterling quality either Sadly, this one was no exception It s a new author for me though, so I stuck with the novel to the end This author is well known The blurb mentions her accomplishments and calls her the new Queen of Crime , and the number of mysteries she has written, all published by a big house, one of the top guns, is well over 20 Maybe that s the reason for the low quality of this book the number is too high Anyway, there is nothing queenly about it.The plot is sad and boring, a flat peasant of mystery plots The language is primitive, as if written for the ESL students, and the descriptions dull and utilitarian The mystery itself is not absorbing or even remotely original, and the motivations of most of the suspects unclear The heroine detective a frumpy and grumpy 50 ish woman could ve been much interesting There is a hint of depth there, a kernel of a much interesting personality, but it was never developed in this book And the other characters are not even cartoonish They are just one color drawings on paper The writer, despite her royal moniker, seems amateurish, or maybe just tired of writing good stories Nothing in this book inspired my interest, but one serious editorial blunder sparked indignation On page 23, one of the characters, Annabelle, is thirty seven On page 54, the same Annabelle is described as being in her late forties Maybe this book didn t have an editor The only reason I finished it was because it has Christmas in its title I wanted a Christmas book for my Bingo read, so I asked a librarian, and she recommended it to me One redeeming quality of this book it adds to my Bingo It doesn t even have Christmas spirit, just one tedious Christmas dinner Not recommended to anyone.

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    Agatha Raisin has always wanted to have a traditional Christmas with a proper Christmas tree, turkey and plum pudding and especially snow on Christmas day Her previous efforts haven t turned out quite how she wanted them to So she is planning well ahead and employing caterers so that nothing can go wrong with the meal But before Christmas she has to solve a mystery Rich Mrs Tamworthy has written to her and said one of her relatives wants her dead before Christmas Can Agatha find the culprit and prevent the murderer as well as holding the perfect Christmas party I enjoyed this well written and well plotted mystery with its believable characters and amusing dialogue and incidents I loved the description of the marvellous Christmas party All the series characters are here Sir Charles Fraith, James Lacey, Mrs Bloxby and all the ladies from the Carsely Ladies Society This is the eighteenth book in the series.

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    I love Agatha Raisinshe is so un PC I love all the re occurring characters like Charles and Bill and Mrs Bloxey who are in each book and have been developed over 15 books to where you know exactly what to expect The addition of Toni as a main character was great She is a smart girl who is getting a chance to make something of herself Also, it gives Agatha a chance to show her maternal side, while at the same time giving her another mirror for her insecurities and fear of aging.This book really has nothing to do with Christmas at all so feel free to read it anytime of year.My father got me into MC Beaton books, and while he favors the Hammish MacBeth series over the Agatha Raisin books I feel the exact opposite The main reason is because the mysteries themselves are much developed, well orchestrated and not as easy to figure out Highly recommend to people who like mystery series, sassy woman and books that take place in quaint British village and all the characters that come with it.

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    My first Agatha Raisin mystery Raisin is one crusty character She eats frozen dinners all of the time Smokes like a chimney She s also compassionate, bright, and brave The supporting characters are all eccentric and fun Mixed in with mystery are growing old pains and the pains of the young not quite old enough Agatha hopes to have the best Christmas dinner party ever, and in a way she does, but so many unexpected things happen Also, I really enjoyed meeting the other detectives that work for Agatha Her agency is not a one woman show I ll read on from here with 19 when I am in the mood for another Agatha Raisin mystery.

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    Not the worst Christmas present I ever got, but close Considering it s hailed as sharp, witty, hugely intelligent and unfailingly entertaining I expected a whole lot I also expected it to be Christmas themed given the title, but the plot takes place in October Only the last chapter features a Christmas dinner which I thought was a bit of a let down.I thought the book was extremely boring I can t even remember the plot I think there was than one murder, but I could be wrong , and a lot of serious topics such as domestic abuse or sexual harassment were treated way too lightly for my taste view spoiler One of the main characters gets harassed at work, quits and joins the main character s detective agency, gets abused at home by a drunk brother and ignored by her alcoholic mother, and goes to live with the main character If this has absolutely no impact on her character, why introduce it if it s not important hide spoiler

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    I absolutely adore Agatha..In this book Agatha has decided she is going to serve the perfect Christmas dinner, perhaps she has forgotten her attempt to do this before Or the fact that she does not cook Of course before this happens Agatha ends up in the middle of a murder Agatha has also taken a new young detective under her wing, somewhat becoming the surrogate mother to Tony always nice to see Agatha has a big heart underneath her gruff exterior I enjoyed this book, I like the addition of Tony, and the Christmas dinner made me laugh, especially the snowmachine..

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    Although my only acquaintance with Agatha Raisin, before reading this book, was the excellent television adaptations, I had looked forward to checking out the books And, given the title of this one, I thought this would be a perfect holiday season read unfortunately, although Agatha Raisin thinks about the perfect Christmas celebration and goes about planning it, we only get about 20 pages of the actual holiday festivities towards the end of the book.Before we get there, though, there is a nasty situation involving the murder of a family matriarch who, of course, has no shortage of enemies both inside and outside of the family circle Actually, it s not that nasty this cozy is a light and breezy read, even when death happensand quite a bit of it happens.Although I enjoyed the touches of humor, I was disappointed by the writing it was simple at best and occasionally wandered into English major horror territory Will I read another Agatha Raisin Possibly, although I will start at the beginning of the series Will I read another soon No I think I would prefer to enjoy the charm of the television series until I ve forgotten how disappointed I was in this introduction to a series that I thought I would enjoy .

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    I thought I had read all of the Agatha raisin mysteries, but I must have skipped over this one when it came out It was enjoyable, and it is proof that the series has slipped in the past decade Bring back the plots that made sense and the Agatha that didn t drive me up the wall with her dithering

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    An enjoyable, entertaining read with interesting characters, twists and turns.

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