Lady on the Coin

Lady on the Coin Having read about Frances Stuart in many other books about Charles II, Catherine of Braganza, and Henrietta Maria, it was interesting reading a whole book in which she is the main character A very sympathetic portrayal but I m not sure how realistic, as all other books I ve read about her seem to indicate she WAS badly scarred by her smallpox attack, and her marriage was not as idyllic as represented here. Good read It is a little boring at certain times It is predictable.I would recommend it It was a pretty good book. A bit dry at times, and no real surprises here, but still a good read This would be a good starting point for readers interested in learningabout Frances Stuart, but those familiar with the basic facts about her life won t find much new territory covered. An enjoyable read, although it is very much a book of its time characters tell each other historical happenings etc, nowadays it spopular to show what s going on This is a very clean romance Too clean for me This was an interesting story about a woman I knew absolutely nothing about Frances Stuart, the lead character, was the model for Britannia, the woman featured on British coins beginning in the 17th century She was strong, smart and incredibly resourceful The story was first published in 1963 and is a short, quick read The author obviously conducted meticulous research, but doesn t bog down the story with long descriptions and historical facts History and fiction are blended well her making for an enjoyable read I m really glad that I requested this book from NetGalley as it expanded my knowledge of this time period and pushed me to discoverabout this interesting and largely forgotten about woman. Frances Stuart, known as La Belle Stuart in her lifetime and as the model for Britannia appearing on British coins from the seventeenth century onward, is an appealing protagonist in this historical novel first published in 1963 While her struggle to resist the king s advances might seem slightly quaint to today s readers, her refusal to submit is nevertheless a great plot engine, as it adds tension to the rags to riches story of Frances life Although the writing isn t really worth four stars, I was so charmed by the passion and zest with which the author invites us to care about this largely forgotten woman s life as if it s the most significant figure of world history that I decided to be generous A fun, light read I was given a NetGalley copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. An extraordinary story of a young lady who was not afraid to reject the king She was asked to become the king s mistress Frances is part of the Queen s royal court Women of this era we re nothingthan bargaining chips is the hope of gaining wealth, position and political gain.Frances is a strong person She stands for what she believes in I love string women She is a great example of strengths This book has plenty of historic value Very descriptive words on how things and places look The characterization is phenomenal I would definitely recommend this read I enjoyed Lady on the Coin 5 Stars I received this as an ARC from I ve never read anything about Frances Stuart so this was a learning experience as well as a pleasure She was a silly but strong woman who was pursued by a king but kept her pride and stayed strong to herself The writing was well done and easy to read This is a good historical fiction that follows history and makes the reader want to see what comes next La Belle Stuart sounds like a fascinating woman in a troubling time Very enjoyable. Dutch translaton of Lady on the Coin Nice book, translation not too old fashioned for modern days But reading it right after With all my Heart made it seem a bit redundant at times The title also seems a bit off, as Frances role as Brittania is so small in the book Nonetheless it s a good read I would recommend this book, but not right before or after With all my Heart A Secret Love Affair Like No Other As A Child Living In Exile In France, Frances Stuart Was Accustomed To Threadbare Dresses And Going Hungry Yet Everything Changed When Her Cousin Charles Arrives To Visit And Frances World Is Turned Upside Down The Restoration Of The Monarchy Quickly Raises Charles II Far Higher Than Anything Frances Ever Dreamed Of Several Years Later, Frances Arrives In Court To Attend To Charles Wife, Queen Catherine, As A Lady In Waiting And Once Again, Her Path Collides With The Man Who Is Now King At Sixteen, She Is Already Renowned For Her Beauty And Vivaciousness And Charles Cannot Help But Take Notice Of Frances The King Rapidly Becomes Obsessed With Her, And It Is Not Long Before Whispers Begin To Circulate That Frances Has Supplanted The Famous Barbara Castlemaine As Mistress To The Monarch So Strong Is Her Power That Gossip Suggests Were The Queen To Die, Frances Would Almost Certainly Take Her Place Aware Of The King S Interest, And Knowing That To Offend Charles Would Be To Put Her Out Of Favour At Court, Frances Plays A Dangerous Game Of Flirtation Keeping Her Man Close Whilst Also Maintaining A Safe Distance But It S Not Long Before Charles Begins To Grow Impatient And Frances Soon Finds Herself Rapidly Running Out Of Ways To Keep Him At Bay The Arrival Of The Young Duke Of Lennox And Richmond At Court Unexpectedly Presents Frances With A Way Of Escaping The Corner Into Which She Has Backed Herself To Do So Threatens Her Position As The King S Favourite And Risks Incurring His Rage, But Surely Such A Risk Is Worth It For The Man She Loves Born In , Margaret Campbell Barnes Was Educated In Paris And London And Married InThe Majority Of Her Books Were Written Between The S And S, During Which Time She Established Herself As One Of The Most Popular Historical Novelists In Great Britain And America She Is The Author Of Isabel The Fair And With All My Heart

Margaret Campbell Barnes was born in 1891 and died in 1962 She was the youngest of ten children born in the Sussex country side By all accounts she lived a happy childhood and was eventually educated at small private schools in Paris and London.The majority of her books were written between the 1940 s and 1960 s.She married Peter Barnes in 1917, a furniture salesman, and the couple had two sons,

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