Land of the Free

Land of the Free On The Road For The Better Part Of A Decade, Woodrow Landfair Pawned Everything He Owned In , Departing On A Secondhand Motorcycle To Live, Research, And Write What Would Become LAND OF THE FREE Harbinger, June A Modern American Odyssey, LAND OF THE FREE Is The Autobiographical Recollection Of An Affable And Often Embellishing Opportunist, Who Abandons His Home And Identity In Search Of A Better Life Leaving On A Used Motorcycle, LAND OF THE FREE S Unnamed Protagonist Sleeps Outside And Sometimes In Homeless Shelters Talking His Way Into Strangers Homes, He Stays On Their Sofas, Fibbing His Way Into Odd Jobs Across The Country Regaling Anyone Within Earshot With His Own Larger Than Life Mythology, The Road Worn Laborer Turned Professional Showman Works His Way Up From A Carnival Work Crew To The Center Stage Spotlight And Finally To A National Television Debut Then, Trapped Within The Exaggerated Public Persona He Invented, He Attempts To Flee The Life He Built, Only To Become A Suspected Con Man And The Subject Of A Coast To Coast Fugitive Chase Along With A Young Runaway And A Disillusioned War Veteran, LAND OF THE FREE S Elusive Hero Attempts To Discern His Identity From Years Of Fabrications, At First Recalling, Then Re Engaging In, A Forty Eight State Search For The Truth That Might Set Him Free

Woodrow Landfair is the author of LAND OF THE FREE Harbinger Book Group, 2014 and the author performer of the one man show 48 STATES OF ADVENTURE 2007 , later recorded live and released on iTunes and as 48 LIVE SB Productions, 2009.Landfair gained notoriety in 2006 chronicling an indefinite forty eight state motorcycle trek for which he pawned most his possessions Landfair paid his w

❰Epub❯ ➞ Land of the Free  Author Woodrow Landfair –
  • Hardcover
  • 204 pages
  • Land of the Free
  • Woodrow Landfair
  • English
  • 07 August 2017
  • 9781940500355

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    I m definitely an adventure junkie, and this book really satisfied that craving It s a journey through the heartland of America, and definitely an interesting read I doubt you ll be able to put it down I wasn t able to

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    Interesting Man, Entertaining Book I am coping my review from My review no longer links to the book and I cannot find it on It was in kindle Reading on the Internet about this Author Exciting guy He s famous Do a search Book stories keep my interest, very entertaining I like books that easily activate my imagination My mind enters, become part of the story I am a night time or sitting in the sunlight lawnchair reader and have been seeking some adventure stories as opposed to the educational stuff I have been trapped studying for 7 years.Woodrow has traveled far, everywhere on his motorcycle, a old broken down one to meet real people, true life experiences, their personalities, lifestyle at all levels This is the Ultimate Author He gets out there, into the dirt, the rough stuff along with the fun, great times to find his characters He s sleeping outside, homeless often, realizes the danger, he s vulnerable to the bad people in this world, with no help from police if he is attacked Then he moves the story to a boy himself sneaking into a boxcar, hopping a train Makes friends with others in the boxcar, first they are nice, give him food, then they turn on the him because he took bread and gave it to another homeless guy, Spanish Then Woodrow tangles with the mafia.Woodrow must learn how to lie, invent a past, convince people he is an expert in whatever job he is being interviewed for or place he is trying to enter Often he passes through their radar, sometimes he gets caught.Sneaking into a back yard with a stranger that wants to swim in the Mississippi river and is upset because it is fenced off Should be free for the public, its history Native Americans often state this dislike for fences Woodrow almost freezes to death riding his motorcycle in a snowstorm, trying to get to the south, sleeping in the snow banks Makes friends in New Orleans hurricane victims.Woodrow takes on the personality of people he meets Suddenly the story is talking as if it s one of the characters thinking in his mind about how he perceives Woodrow Then its back to Woodrow thinking, speaking Very interesting way of writing Book shows how our country, people really are the good and the bad stuff Insights Truth that is ignored by certain people.Special interest is when the character wears reading glasses for a disguise and develops many eye problems.Finished book few days ago It s a very good book, enjoyed allowing it to change my mood, thought patterns each night after a day of unpleasant hard work The Author has a different, special way of writing Have passed book along to my uncle He s a biker, Big Time He s reading it aloud in the bar

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    This book kicked me down my own road back to when I was 16 and then again after high school Had a duffel bag and a pair of boots Just like Huck Finn or Sal Paradise, or Highways And A Hero s own everyman protagonist In a lot of ways, to read this was to remember childhood dreams, re set in modern times and all too real within the context of the tale s narration.Supposedly, this is a somewhat true tale Or there is some thread of truth behind a similar experience of the author How much of something like this can possibly be true Seemingly all of it I can t begin to figure it out Surprisingly, I appreciate the ambiguity In an age of James Frey s Million Little Pieces and a myriad other overly embellished pieces of non fiction, it s nice to read a writer willing to admit he s not telling the truth, no matter how much I find myself believing him Either way, I left this book believing deeply in the bold and exciting American Dream it represents.

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    I wasn t sure what I would experience when I picked up this book Being the curious person that I am, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the adventure locked within these pages From start to finish, my mind was trapped by the story and the slew of characters presented They were all memorable in their own way and I loved following the main character around on his travels It even makes me want to do something similar heck, I d even get a motorcycle smiles Beyond just a great story and adventure, the book was also very well written and easy to understand There was nothing in the writing itself that pulled me out of the story It was wonderful.

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    This autobiographical novel by Woodrow Landfair captures a spirit that seethes beneath modern America A young man desperate for a new adventure sells all he has and hits the road on an old motorcycle As the storyline weaves magnificently across nearly every state in the country, the narrator s shifty identity creates the illusion of an heroic American everyman Trapped within the very life he invents for himself, the story s unnamed protagonist attempts to outrun his problems and the law.

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    Written differently than other novels I ve read, but I spent 4 hours on a bus reading this not wanting to put it down for a break.Landfair s writing allows the readers imagination to be in the setting and picture it in detail without writing too much A fun exhilarating trip with the books main character

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    Experiencing America atop a motorcycle is one of those things that I guess I would say is on my bucket list I have had a dream for a long time of packing a few things and heading out with my family on an extended motorcycle trip across America to see new things, meet new people, and to experience the raw freedom that makes this nation great.My expectation for this book was basically a portrayal of this kind of adventure as experienced by someone else It ended up being a little bit different than I expected, but in large part that s exactly what this story is all about Told in the first person, it s a first hand account of the author s experiences doing just that, only he didn t travel via motorcycle the whole time and many of the elements of the story are actually other people s stories that he learned about throughout his travels.I understand the implication that the author is telling others stories as if they were his own as a symbolic gesture of having lived their lives and experienced their experiences throughout his journey, but it sort of makes the story a bit chaotic in my opinion That being said, I believe this chaos adds to the raw and unadulterated realism portrayed in the book.In the end I feel like I have to give this book five stars, not because of the author s command of language or any stark originality in the work, but because of the simple elegance exhibited in the author s ability to communicate and portray his own experiences and those experiences of others that he made his own That s what this book is all about We, the people of the United States, in order to form a perfect union The purpose of the United States of America is a union of the people for the common goal of freedom I didn t read this book in July intentionally, but the timing was perfect.

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    I picked this up at a whim when I saw it on a shelf at the library Something about the cover just caught my attention, and I hoped to surprise myself with something interesting and outside my normal interests Unfortunately, it did not wow me.The very beginning of it all was good enough as set up, though the failure to show, don t tell was a bit overt Shortly after that, it descended into a structureless ramble that lasted through a significant percentage of the book It was entertaining than the begats in Genesis, and an easier read than the soul crushing numbers of the dead in The Gulag Archipelago but it was less informative than those begats and less gripping than those numbers I slogged through it in bits and pieces while finishing other reads much quickly.It finally started picking up some real storytelling I don t remember when, exactly maybe two thirds of the way into the book At that point, I hoped it would build toward an intense, or at least engaging, climax, as well as a satisfying conclusion Instead, what I got was a satisfying climax and a conclusion that felt a bit forced, but at least it held my interest enough to read much of the ending in one sitting before it dropped that interest on the floor.Overall, I don t feel like it was a criminal waste of time, and I did like some of what the author obviously intended to convey, even if I did not feel like he did the best job conveying it.

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    You are only as big as the dream you dare to live unknownMany of us wake up every day with the same routine going to work 9 5, drive around to complete some errands, eat dinner, watch tv, and go to sleep all to wake up and do the same thing again tomorrow How many of us long to leave the monotonous cycle that we are stuck in How many of us dare to go and live life according to no one s rules Not many people have the heart to just walk away and find themselves So, for the 95% of us that are afraid to do this, Woodrow Lanfiar has written this thought provoking book, to let you get a taste what life would be like to walk away from it all I was able to free my own self, by living vicariously through Lanfiar, as we journeyed from one place to the next Each obstacle that he faced and everything that he felt, I could feel straight through him Thank you for taking me on this wonderful ride around my country and away from my daily routine I highly recommend this book.

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    As one who wants to travel but cannot due to circumstances I was given, I very often like to read books about people who traveled a lot After reading this book, I later realized that this is not from someone who traveled but was from someone who journeyed a lot This is not about how beautiful the scenes are but it is about how life can be so lying and cruel I love the author s quote on a chapter which goes something like, Truth be told, I don t know anything, specially about myself This for me summarizes the whole mentality of the author when he made this journey He was at that point in his life when one doesn t know why, how or where he is led by his life I believe that throughout the book, he was just drifting by and I have not read anyone who influenced his life majorly This is a reflection of our modern life, not just in the west, but throughout the world Life is a journey, and if you have nobody then you re just drifting.

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