Landslide Love And Trust Don T Always Go Hand In Hand Michelle And Rachel Live Happily Together In The Foothills Of Colorado Rachel Has Never Had Any Reason To Doubt Michelle S Fidelity, But When She Hears A Broadcast About Signs Your Lover Might Be Cheating On You, She Begins To Question Michelle S Long Hours At The Office And The Mysterious Phone Calls She S Been ReceivingDoes Michelle Truly Love Her, Or Has She Found Love In The Arms Of Another Rachel Hopes That A Romantic Valentine S Day Trip To The Cozy Resort Town Of Aspen Will Answer Her Questions And Lay Her Fears To Rest Or Will She Return Home With A Heart Damaged By An Emotional Landslide

Diane Marina lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her wife of over 20 years By day, she works in the non profit publishing sector She is the author of several short stories, as well as a novella, How Still My Love, which was published in May of 2014 soon to be published on Audible In 2016, she published It s Only Love, a collection of short stories which span the globe The collection

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  • 21 May 2018
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    according to that emoji represents my feelings right now I was looking forward to this, it is one of my guilty pleasure trope assumed infidelity jealousy no O.T.T misunderstanding However this book was as harmless as puss in boots with his extremely cute eyes This book is unavailable on KU, but available on Scribd Only 49 pages, so it ll probably take you beautiful ladies like 1O minutes to read it and longer to cry due to over expectationI m still sobbing

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    Michelle and Rachel live in the foothills of Colorado until Rachel hears a discussion on the radio Is Your Spouse Cheating on You and she begins to wonder This story was just OK, for me.

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    This is a really great story The characters are believable, well developed, and quite relatable I didn t want to put this down I m looking forward to works from this author Excellent

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    Maybe a 3.25A sweet short story It was okay, but it did not fill me with excitement, nor any emotion at all I detest cheaters, a cheater plot line will inspire great anger, usually, and this didn t That says something.However, I could see where the story headed and if it had been a touch longer then it would have been easier for me to invest in the characters It s the price paid for a short story, I suppose.

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    This is a charming short story with a somewhat sneaky edge to it One of the partners hears about a list over the radio, one that enumerates behaviors of a cheating partner It raised some red flags for me Now I love shadowy, sometimes unbalancing undercurrents that could flow in all kinds of directions However, this suspicious little list seemed almost too deliciously direct and created a natural path for conclusion jumping just as I felt the chatty radio folk called Mikey and Margie wanted to cleverly encourage from their listeners I was so glad the author handled this list better than I suspected it would be handled Rachel is the partner who hears this list Within days, she is afraid her lover is exhibiting every one of the listed items Her sense of well being takes a major nosedive I truly hurt along with Rachel, although I didn t really put much faith in the value of the list What is important is Rachel believed in it Rachel is also extremely compassionate as shown in her work as a veterinarian for small animals, when she was called on to euthanize the pet of an elderly couple that clearly adored their cat Rachel is just a real sweetie and it was hard to watch her get all tied up in knots.Michelle is well established in a company that provides management services to other businesses She is supposedly working on a very large project that is demanding extra hours and sometimes needed her to be at the office on Saturday Oh my goodness Rachel knew that happened on occasion but after she became somewhat obsessed with THE LIST, everything looked suspicious and potentially dastardly Even though Michelle lovingly mentions multiple times how she is really looking forward to their four day vacation over the Valentine s Day weekend, Rachelle is still on tenterhooks Rachel unexpectedly catches Michelle in an untruth on two levels the day before the Valentine s vacation and now Rachel is crestfallen Hold on to your hats, folks, this vacation becomes truly magical and has a happier ending than even I could have imagined So share this weekend with this wonderfully adorable couple that has been together for five years NOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    Sapphicathon Established RelationshipThis can can downloaded for free here.Rachel and Michelle have been girlfriends for five years One day, Rachel hears on the radio a list of signs that your partner may be cheating on you and worries that this may explain Michelle s recent behaviour There isn t a huge amount of substance to this short story and I guessed the majority of the plot from the blurb, but it was nice to have an f f established relationship, a cliche storyline that we ve seen over and over with m f relationships and only one mention of homophobia.Representation WLW MC and LI sexuality unspecified.Ownvoices author info Diane Marina is a lesbian.Content warnings sex scenes, Rachel is a vet and describes having to euthanise a cat, discussion of cheating, one mention of homophobia.

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    Landslide is an enchanting love story between Michelle and Rachel I have to say that I was a little prejudice about these names since I really like them This in itself was an attention grabber for me What really got my attention was that right away the lovers engage in their dance of love I felt the author described it in such a way that I could feel the chemistry between them an it was romantic You could tell that they were in love with each other It is tasteful yet hot The characters were real and I could relate to them.Throughout the story Michelle holds a secret from Rachel The question is how is Rachel going to react when she finds out The author did an excellent job in keeping me in the dark about this.Although the story is short, I felt that the author painted a complete picture I really loved the story and recommend it to all romance lovers Five stars.

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    I can see this happening to so many people Landslide is a quick look into the lives of two well established women in a loving and committed relationship However, many times those loving and committed relationships start to slip in proper communication and often a partner is just taken for granted Diane Marina s short story shows what can happen when the two people in a relationship forget to always work on communication and instead fall into routines that can create doubt and confusion I enjoyed this as a perfect bed time read.

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    A very good short story You get to know the characters very easily.It is totally the kind of things that could happen when you get to feel a little insecure I won t spoil the story so just go get your copy and you ll see what i meant.

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    Free download from Ylva3.5 Stars rounded to 4 starsTwo women in love, one starts to suspect the other of having an affair Good story I enjoyed it.

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