Language thick big book full of details that aren t needed. Language The Social Mirror Focuses On The Ways Language Is Used And How This Use Affects The Individual As Well As Society Thoroughly Revised, The Fourth Edition Presents A Modern Study Of Sociolinguistics Through Updated Case Studies And Current Research Findings Elaine Chaika Gives A Detailed Explanation Of The Complexity Of Language And Its Uses She Also Explores Some Of The Most Controversial Issues Surrounding Social Language Including Dialects, Bilingualism, And Gender Though it isn t necessarily an old book, sometimes it reads like it was written decades earlierit s a little antiquated and the researcher s word choices arequestionable She conflates native Japanese speakers with the Asians, as compared to American subjects when describing cultural differences in behavior She does reference some research, but the bulk of her references are to either her own first or second hand experience, her assumptions, or the class assignments of her college students There s an excess of mundane detail, a dearth of higher order analysis, a fair number of awkward or poorly worded phrases, and little real world relevance Basically, it s verbose and boring Additionally, it doesn t seem that anyone bothered to spellcheck when she used words from other languages, and she obviously didn t consult anyone about how to transcribe or pronounce words in other languages For a sociologist, it seemed like she skipped over a lot of important effort. this is not a book on teaching methods, but it should be read by everyone who has to teach or deal with people of different cultures. For a textbook, this one was not a bad read It was fascinating to learn where some of the sayings and ways of speaking came from Since I used it extensively in a class, it would have been nice to have an index for helping locate specific portions to reread or cite in essay writing. Great reference book This may be a great book for fans of linguistics in all its calculated forms, but for the layperson, this is just too clinical a text It s slow going, difficult to understand, and downright boring in other spots This is one of those texts I really wouldn t wish on anyone else without due interest in the field. This book actually has 515 pages.I ve been reading this for schoolwork, taking notes and going rather slowly because of it However, it is a very interesting book, one that could be easily read in a couple of sittings. The Language Lady Dogs and Wolves.

❴PDF❵ ✩ Language  Author Elaine Ostrach Chaika –
  • Paperback
  • 553 pages
  • Language
  • Elaine Ostrach Chaika
  • English
  • 06 November 2018
  • 9781424004324

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