Legend of the Touched (The Dragons Saga, #3)

Legend of the Touched (The Dragons Saga, #3) Although this book had a slow start, I soon had a wonderful time reading it Nicely written as well Such a fun story of trust, betrayal, love and working together for the greater good I really liked that this story was the continuation of the other two novels, so we can see both sides of the story and how the two different types of dragon societies interact with each other I thought it was a really interesting read and I had trouble knowing which side I should be rooting for I could see the author s growth as a writer in this novel I could tell she had really fallen in love with her characters and knew where she wanted them to go This book is longer than the previous two, but it is a very quick read I did feel like everything was resolved too quickly and I would have liked a littleconsidering the investment I d made as a reader into this series Overall though, I think this series is great for young adult fantasy fans Everything was tied up in this novel very nicely and I thought it was a fun and enjoyable read Can I also just say again how beautiful I think these covers are Read this review here Paperbacks and Frosting Darien And Tai Oceina Have Not Been Married For Long, But Already They Have One Of The Most Complicated Relationships And It Hasn T Even Been A Year Yet He Is The Leader Of A Nation And A Dragon She Is Carrying Their First Child Who Is Supposed To Be The Answer As Darien Dives Further Into The Politics Of His People, A Wedge Is Driven Deeper Between Him And His WifeTwin Brothers Jason And Matthias Inero Were Always Inseparable For The First Time In Their Lives They Are Apart From Each Other Matt Continues To Do The Will Of Their Father, The Corrupted Dragon Lord Of The Inero, While Jason Has Fled With His Bride To An Island Where He Can Forget About Everything Or Try To Being Possessed By A Demon Makes That Hard To Achieve, And As The Creature Fights To Control His Body, Jason Discovers A Lot Of Shocking Truths About His Lineage And DestinyThe Two Worlds Of Fire And Water Collide As Both Dragon Tribes Prepare For War With The Other Matthias Is Determined To Crush Darien S People Only An Ancient Spell Will Give Darien Enough Power To Fight Back And Have Any Hope At Winning The Spell Is Complicated However And Requires All Four Dragon Tribes To Work Together In Harmony Something That Is A Lot Easier Said Than Done I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review This is book 3 of The Dragon Saga Series Darien and Tai are finally crazy in love and they are now expecting their first son Ethan As time progresses Tai feels unprepared to be a mom This only adds to his stress, as he leads the Ociena people and braces them for war Jason and Matthias are beginning to drift apart as Matthias continues to do their father s bidding Jason and Gwen escape to an island to forget about the impending war that haunts him He finds out the truth about his family history which will certainly shock you Added to that, since the ritual, he now has an unwelcomed guest in his head He has yet to tell Gwen, but she already senses that something is wrong Matthias wife, Kat is pregnant with the first girl baby in dragon history.The war is about to begin, will Matthias have enough power to overtake the Ociena people Will Jason aid his brother or betray him This was an amazing book and great page turner It finally ties in everything from book one and two I think the most surprising character in this book would have been Alex, by the end of the novel he s pretty come into his own and his fate is sealed Out of all of the characters, Jason is my favorite No matter what seemed to happen to him, he was determined to do the right thing I was drawn in by the characters immediately, there were moments my heart ached for Navi and Tai If you love clean sci fi fantasy novels, you should read awesome series For all of you who thought it impossible for a series to be remarkable in to consecutive volumes Legend of the Touched, is clear evidence to the contrary.Picking up right where Legend of the Inero Dragon left off Young Inero princes Matthias and Jason have fallen into place in their father s plot to war with the Oceina Dragons.Jason and Gwen are getting closer while brother Matthias and his lady love are finding that love and marriage are not all wine and roses.This is a wonderful third book Its author does a wonderful job in continuing the story, while not allowing the plot to lag, the characters to become stale, or the action to fizzle.If anything these elements are taken to new and amazing heights in this third read. Full Review at What s Beyond Forks At this point, I can t comment too much without letting a spoiler or two loose There is definitely a good vs evil battle going on here, and those on the bad side don t necessarily even know they are on the side of evil I made predictions while reading the first two books as to what I thought would happen, and I m happy to say they weren t all right I loved that The resolution happened a little quickly, but with that being said, this book thoroughly wrapped up this part of the story line I m glad the series isn t over though I m enthralled by this world I look forward toDragon Saga adventures Legend of the Touched by J.F Jenkins was kindly provided to me by the publisher for review The opinions are my own. The first third of this book moves slowly Numerous references are made to events that happened in earlier books, but no summary of what happened previously is given, which may frustrate readers new to the series Full review in 3.5 stars Would ve given it 4 but towards the end, I felt like the climax kind of just came and went and I would ve liked to have a little bitexplained regarding how Matt and Jason could just reconnect after everything happens. Legend of the Touched is the third exciting installment of J.F Jenkins Legend series I fell in love with these characters in the first two books, and fell harder in this one.LotT was fantastic Everything that has happened in the first two books was neatly tied up in this one The book is lengthy, but is a quick and enjoyable read I could not put it down The story was well written and paced just right, as always This book made clear how much I adore this series The story is so unique and the writing is just fantastic There are so many different elements used in this story, which is what makes it so great Dragons, war, arranged marriages, politics, and love among other things It s different than anything else YA out there I hope to one day write a story that is half this good Thankfully, this is not the end of the series It would have broke my heart if I would have had to say goodbye to these characters Can t wait for number 4 I first have to say, as I always do, that this is one of my all time favorite series I can never gush about this series and this author enough That being said, let me get onto my review..War is upon the dragons in this installment Sides are chosen, questioned, and betrayed The Inero Dragons have teamed up with the Terran Dragons against the Oceina Dragons The Inero Lord has claimed that the Oceina dragons have unrightfully claimed their land and that they are basically a mistake In teaming with the Terrans, the Inero Lord has a few plans up his sleeves that rely on his touched sons, Matthias and Jason, the touched brothers unaware of the real role of the Touched Ones Newlyweds, Jason and Gwen, are away from the Inero city, hoping to find what their marriage is missing to make it official they have only one year before their marriage is dissolved , butto get to know each other and allow their love to grow While Jason is still connected to his twin brother Matt, through their minds, he is glad to be away from the Castle and the war that is brewing up Meanwhile, Matt is stuck in the middle of conflict without knowing it, and is finding that married life with his life time love is not all that he thought it was going to be, even with a child on the way Meanwhile, with the Oceina Dragons, Darien finds he jealousy while his wife, Tai, continues to attend school Darien also finds himself in his father s role as the new Oceina Lord, with all the responsibilities and decisions that comes with such a position This series honestly just keeps getting better and better While our main characters are technically dragons, Jenkins has done a fantastic job in making them human Honestly, until they change into their dragon form I forget that they are dragons While I loved the first installment because it focused on Tai and Darien, and then I fell in love with the second installment because I found a new favorite couple in Gwen and Jason In this installment, you get them all and many new faces I love how it is told from many perspectives this really adds to the depth of the story and the complexities of each relationship While the plot line sounds complex, and sometimes it is, Jenkins has once again created a story full of heart and soul Her passion for her craft seeps through her characters and stories This is best seen, at least in my opinion, in Jason and Gwen Unlike his dragon brothers, Jason does not consummate his marriage to Gwen, and unlike his dragon brothers, he does not treat Gwen like property I loved seeing their relationship grow they fall in love with each other on the basis of understanding and friendship, while at the same time their faults are highlighted I was gushing over these two completely To be honest with you, I found Matthias to be naive, a child, and almost downright annoying But I think this was done on purpose I literally kept yelling at him, asking him why he was soo blind to his father s purposes and goals The Dragon Saga is a rare gem in Young Adult I say it every time and I know I will say this evenyou will never have this much fun reading about dragons Get off your but and read this series

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