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Les Tales I enjoyed all three stories in the collection Even though there are only three stories in this collection I the stories covered a lot of ground Number One Fan by SkyyI was digging this story hard because who writes romance stories that takes place at a cosplay con I just want to say thanks to Skyy for making this world of people visible and loveable As a fan girl of lots to different things I found myself cheering for Temple and her crew I appreciate that this story is not just Temple story We get a little about Nia and Cree too They go to DragonCon to fan out but they all getthan they bargain for view spoiler I think that it s interesting that Temple thinks that she readinto things with Ursula than Ursula put forth I think that s a lie Ursula s words said one thing but her actions said another She wanted the worship that Temple was giving without any sort of committment to Temple other than good sex That didn t work for me I think that if Ursula just wanted sex, she is a celebrity and could have gotten it from any woman So that leaves why Temple unless she just wanted to mess with her head And while I am glad that Temple makes changes in her life and chooses to look for a relationship with someone who values her, I think that choice is devalued when a year later she chooses to hook up with Ursula again Yes Temple is ready for fun sexy times with no strings, so I can t begrudge her that but at the same time Ursula s not going to change and will sexy times be enough hide spoiler One of My Absolute Faves I loved, loved, loved this book All three authors did such an amazing job in keeping me so absorbed in these short erotica stories that I lost myself in their worlds over the course of a few days I found myself trying to read slower and take forced breaks, just to prolong the pages that I knew would end soon My absolute favorite was Fiona Zedde s short Honey and Absinthe Let s just say I related to the characters in my own way Fiona kept me hoping that the destiny of lovers Chloe Kai would work out for the best, and by the last pages I wasn t disappointed I have to say that overall I liked the book, even though I didn t like one of the stories The rating I m giving this collection isn t an average of the ratings I gave each story I gave one story one star, another three stars, and the third four stars If I divided the total by three, I would have close to three stars but not quite Anyway, here are my thoughts on the three stories Number One Fan by SkyyRating 1 starI felt that too much of the story revolved around Temple s two friends Cree and Nia Also, I didn t like Temple that much She seemed stuck up and a bit lacking in self respect She wantsthan sex, but that s what she ends up settling for with Ursula Overall, I didn t find this story to be as much of an erotic tale as I was expecting or at least not in the one way I was expecting It doesn t feel like it belongs in this type of collection Crossing Layne by Nikki RashanRating 3 starsThe erotic scenes in this story were good and I would give this story a higher rating if it had ended with Taryn setting up Nina to get fired and lose Amber What came after that was just filler The confrontation between Jenna and her parents didn t add anything interesting to the story I just didn t care about Jenna being reunited with her father However, Taryn finding the letter Layne wrote to her was a nice touch Honey and Absinthe by Fiona ZeddeRating 4 starsI really liked this story It has great erotic scenes and a happy ending The only problem I have is that Chloe and Kai stayed away from each other all those months for the sake of repairing their relationships with Noelle and out of desperation for her approval I would have told Noelle to like it or lump it and continued my relationship with the person I loved Yeah, she s Chloe s mom and Kai s best friend, but she already has the love of her life let them have theirs. This was my first experience with lesbian urban fiction and I would really just like to give a huge THANK YOU to the three authors who are representing and giving the women loving women books to read and get their juices flowing I mean isn t that one of the purposes of urban fiction It is so wonderful to read urban fiction that I feel like I can imagine myself experiences, having the feelings, and finding fulfillment in Finally I see myself reflected in books, sans the drugs, violence, and constant degradation of women by men.The story I most enjoyed was the DragonCon one, because I have been living in Atlanta and I know just how crazy labor day weekend is in the A I have driven down in the GSU area and you can for sure see costumes everywhere, people partying for ludaday weekend, and pride its just madness I could really feel the spirit and vibrance like the author had experienced the fun of labor day weekend herself And on top of that the story really was just captivating Its the story that all of us with of dream celeb crush hope and wish for, and one lucky girl got it.This composite of short stories was a lot of fun to read I am trying to get my girlfriend to readand watch TV less, and this was a great introductory Now she s hooked and searching for her next read. it was a great book loved all the stories Beautifully written by three amazing authors Les Tales, takes you on a journey filled with ups, downs and constant plateaus in between Good Read Three Urban Books Authors Join Forces To Entertain Readers With Erotic Tales Of Forbidden Lesbian LoveTemple Is The Epitome Of A True Fangirl Since Childhood, She Has Idolized Her Favorite Actress, Ursula Moore She Is Stoked To Find Out That Ursula Will Be A Guest At The Atlanta Convention She S Attending With Fellow Fangirl Friends Cree And Nia When Temple S Girlfriend Attempts To Ruin Her Weekend, The Only Thing That Can Turn It Around Is Meeting Ursula To Her Surprise, Savory Options Than Getting An Autograph Are Presented Temple Has To Decide If She Is Going To Stay A Devoted Fan Or Cross The Line And Find Out What It S Like To Sleep With Her Favorite Celebrity Taryn S And Nina S Lives Unite In An Intense And Fiery Connection Through Their One Common Link Layne, The Woman They Both Loved Taryn, A Reserved Wife, Is Unaware Of Her Own Astounding Beauty And Lurking Alter Ego Nina Is Layne S Tempting Mistress With Their Damaged Hearts, They Challenge The Unacceptable And Cross Boundaries Into A Disturbing Affair That Pushes The Limits Of Erotic Gratification And Exploration Their Stormy Battles Are Fought Not Only Against One Another, But Also Within Secrets Are Exposed, Hidden Agendas Are Revealed, And The Line To The Forbidden Is ErasedChloe Has Always Had A Crush On Kai, Her Mother S Best Friend She Hoped That When She Went Away To College, Her Desire Would Go Away, But When She Returns Home After Losing Her Straight Out Of College Job, She Finds That Her Attraction To Kai Is Stronger Than Ever When She Runs Into Kai At A Local Fair, The Sparks Fly Between The Two Women In A Way That Cannot Be Ignored Chloe Becomes Determined To Seduce Kai, Vowing To Have The Older Woman, No Matter The Cost The First and and third story were the best those were ones i wanted to continue AwesomeGreat collaboration, the depth of each story awesome The authors took you into another world with each story Left your mind wantingFABULOUS

Skyy is a 30 year old writer from Memphis, TN Her first novel, Choices, was released in 2007, and quickly gained popularity both within the gay and lesbian community and the urban fiction community The highly anticipated sequel, Consequences, was released in 2009 with high praise, and rocketed to the top 10 best seller lists on .com as well as at independent bookstores across the country.

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  • Paperback
  • 410 pages
  • Les Tales
  • Skyy
  • English
  • 10 September 2019
  • 9781601624130

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