Lessons in Love (Cambridge Fellows, #1)

Lessons in Love (Cambridge Fellows, #1) It S The Turn Of The Century, Queen Victoria S Reign Is Over, It S Time For A New Beginning In Cambridge, Jonty Stewart Takes Up A Teaching Post, Acting As A Catalyst For Change Within The Archaic Institution But He Also Has A Catalytic Effect On Orlando Coppersmith Orlando Is A Brilliant, Introverted Mathematician With Very Little Experience Of Life Outside The College Walls He Strikes Up An Alliance With The Outgoing Jonty, And Soon Finds Himself Having Feelings He S Never Experienced Before Before Long Their Friendship Blossoms Into Than Either Man Had Hoped And They Enter Into A Clandestine Relationship Yet Their Romance Is Complicated When A Series Of Murders Is Discovered Within St Brides And All Of The Victims Have One Thing In Common A Penchant For Men A Fact That Only Puts Orlando And Jonty In Greater Danger, When They Are Enlisted To Act As The Eyes And Ears For The Police

Because Charlie Cochrane couldn t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice like managing a rugby team she writes Her mystery novels include the Edwardian era Cambridge Fellows series, series, and the contemporary Best Corpse for the Job Multi published, she has titles with Carina, Samhain, Riptide and Bold Strokes, among others A member of the Romantic Novelists Association, Mystery People a

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  • Lessons in Love (Cambridge Fellows, #1)
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  • 05 January 2018

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    Utterly charming pre Great War romance set at Cambridge University Not hard to believe in Orlando s innocence having grown up in a cloistered environment and Jonty s optimistic realism having experience the world radically different They are sweet and what was once chaste grows into something The mystery is engaging and quite relevant to their burgeoning illicit romance Gave me a craving for mugs of tea and Hot Cross buns, which I can t find anywhere aargh Definitely continuing this series Favorite quote It costs too much to love, Orlando, and there comes a limit to how much I m prepared to spend.

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    3.5 I liked the characters, I adore the era as a backdrop, I like the college theme and the gentle mystery murder plot And yet this feels only like 3.5 I will be able to compare, because I bought the first three books of the series.So why not a wholehearted 5 So many people absolutely loved this historical and I was prepared to do so as well.Well, truth be told, I did not really believe in the sexual peculiarities of these characters Be it that 14 is too old for a boy to not even have started masturbating, be it that some of the prickishness came over as distinctly girly rather than femme gay, be it that some affectations made me think of a Miss Marple instead of a set of young Cambridge fellows, the end result is that I couldn t believe in the facts as laid out And this made me feel distanced I was repeatedly scratching my head, or giggling and stating just like a girl And no, I m not talking about anything like the much touted chicks with dicks either At times both male characters felt like women, as if taken entirely out of context Not as if a hetero romance trope was used, no, as if quite simply the other gender was being described It wasn t even obnoxious, it was simply strange.That said, I devoured the book, it was a quick read, the mystery was somewhat foreseeable, but there were a few quite chilling scenes too It s not as if it hadn t had it s quite good sides as well And it left me with the wish to read So I will get to see how these two will evolve.

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    Charlie Cochrane s Lessons in Love is a lovely Edwardian mixture of romance and murder mystery Set in 1906 at Cambridge University, two fellows a term we Americans are unfamiliar with, but refers to a former student of the University who is now on staff, generally in a teaching position meet and slowly fall in love Jonathan Jonty is a high spirited, jocular English teacher who sets his sights on warming up the reticent, brooding mathematician, Orlando No sooner does Jonty break the ice, than a murder occurs at the college As the murdered boy is one of Orlando s students, he and Jonty get involved and aid the police in the investigation.Most of the story s charm lies in the romance, which is allowed to take its sweet time to come to fruition Both men are acutely aware of the dangers and in Orlando s case he needs the lessons in love that Jonty tenderly provides to assuage his guilt over what he doesn t understand.Cochrane does a good job weaving the romance and mystery together in a way that felt comfortable and the nail biting conclusion to the mystery had me hooked clear through to the climax The writing style is so beautifully simple and straightforward that it is effortless to read I should also mention that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sex in the book is romanticized and not explicit Linden Bay, shame on you for lying about the heat rating I heartily recommend this breezy historical romance and look forward to spending time with the adorable Cambridge Fellows in the next installment Lessons in Desire.

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    I m not even going to try and figure out a star rating for this one It started out around a 4, ended up close to a 1 and flailed around the whole way between like the whacky waving inflatable tube man.I didn t set out to read this book I was paging through titles on the kindle, opening stuff at near random and reading a line or two, and next thing I knew I was a ways into this.Analyzed on the ingredients this is very much up my alley The characters, the crime focus, the setting, the era But it s so inconsistent I ve read much worse in terms of pacing, but there were countless times I wish they d just get on with it Having sufficient involvement in a police investigation when your MCs are not police is difficult, so I can cut a bit of slack there.What s frustrating is the inconsistency Good writing and horrible stilted melodrama in close proximity Some of it comes close to parody I can get behind melodrama, but if you re going to go that route, you have to go whole hog Melodrama is not something that works in moderation I d say the writing was mixed throughout, but the proportion of bad to good tilted further and further to the bad side as the book went on I had to force myself to skim all the excessive caricature that goes on incomprehensibly for pages after the murders are resolved It read like the worst sort of fanfic by that point.Characterization is also inconsistent, Jonty and Orlando come off as the worst sort of cliched trope characters occasionally, but they re not even the same tropes from page to page Orlando is like some yaoi uke sometimes, and I like the sexually naive scientist mathematician trope, but it was straining credulity and getting on my nerves here And Jonty being all, oh if only Orlando comes to save me, when the show down comes was just all kinds of WTF.And OMG, he giggled , adult humans don t giggle Babies and toddlers giggle So who finds giggling sexy You do the math There are copious references to Jonty who s supposed to be the worldly and muscular one giggling That would have been a DNF in a longer book.I d say this book was a hot mess, but without the hot More like what s left after a hot mess cools to room temperature.Now hot is a loaded term when discussing any variety of romance, and the spicy sexy erotica hot isn t what I mean, though that s not here either I don t actually like sex scenes in novels, they don t interest me Fade to black is just fine So I m not put out at the lack of erotic content But the author does something here I ve never seen before There are an amazing number of gay sex scenes here in a book that works harder to avoid mentioning penis than a priest in a police station Instead of erotic descriptions, or fade to black, the author manages to cloak the actual mechanics of who did what to who behind a veil of people thinking about their feelings about sex, which is surprisingly annoying.So why can t I just give it a one or a two and move on There is good mixed in with the bad here, and my particular favored mix of m m elements seems rare enough that I may give Cochrane another shot This series has over a dozen installments, surely it improved Maybe she at least stops using giggle I don t know, one can only hope.

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    01 18 13 Revised rating after a couple of years of reading m m from 4 to 3.This is a cute and sweet story of a seduction with a crime to solve.Orlando lives in a world by himself, he s only concerned about his teaching and he knows almost nothing of the world, as he was brought up in a family where passion was repressed Then he meets Jonty, who is his opposite, and they become friends Jonty longs for Orlando and slowly he overcomes Orlando s defenses and awakens the same longing in Orlando.It s hard to put this book down because the way Jonty and Orlando come together, not only physically but also emotionally, is far compelling than the crime solving itself Their encounters are sweet and delicate and I really liked the way Jonty, who is experienced than Orlando, respected his friend s boundaries and deepened their intimacy only when Orlando was ready and willing to.Another thing I loved is the way Orlando is changed by his friendship with Jonty, even his teaching improves and he starts to develop some social skills I liked his jealousy of Jonty It s a bit difficult to understand how a person as repressed as Orlando can accept his romantic feelings toward a man so easily, but I bet Jonty is irresistible he s a rugby player, yes.The mistery is not as strong, in my opinion, as the romance, but it was enjoyable The setting is fantastic.I ll definitely read the other books in the series, I can t let Orlando and Jonty go.

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    3.5 stars

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    3.5 starsWhat struck me most in the story, besides the wonderful writing, is the exploration of the great divide between innocence and experience I think this works so very well in a setting, too end of Victorian era , where though, hard for us to believe in this day and age it might have been easy, for some, to live to almost the age of thirty without knowing or missing carnal pleasure Especially if you d lived a sheltered, rather repressed life Add to that, an innocence about your sexual orientation and the ways of society in general no internet, no television or radio to keep you informed.Orlando Coppersmith love and Jonty Stewart, two private school instructors, are the innocent and the experienced, here Unfortunately, some of Jonty s experience comes from abuse at an early age But this doesn t dampen his sunny, sweet, positive disposition and outlook on life And when Jonty meets the introverted and shy Orlando well, let s just say lots of good things rub off of one to the other I really like this couple, how they slowly break through innocence to joy And how the culture of the rather insulated British boarding school they teach at allows this blossoming.But, of course, with the good comes the bad, and Murder rears its nasty head in the bucolic setting The mystery, itself, is rather tepid its strength lies in, once again, exploring that divide between innocence lost and the effects of it.I ll certainly be returning to see how the very sedate but meltingly in love Orlando and Jonty are getting on in their next adventure of discovery.

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    I tried to read this a couple of years ago but dnf at idk maybe 20% Back then I thought the author was trying to convey the feeling that in yon olden times people were refined and less prone to fall victim to their baser instincts which is not the case do a Google picture search for Victorian pornography It s rather eye opening Which means don t do it at work These days simply being better informed I can see that she is actually portaying two characters which probably fall into different categories under the ace umbrella I really don t feel qualified to exactly say what these exact labels are but I m pretty sure that is what is happening and it s fine.Still, having understood that I dialed down my expectations on the Romance front but it is a cozy mystery, and a rather simplistic one at that I just don t buy the good detectives asking two Camebridge dons to play amateur sleuth I don t And conveniently finding things that fall out of people s pockets and are crucial to the solving of the mystery nyaeh, well, no But anyway even while I was not really wowed, I finished it and kind of enjoyed it.

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    Jonty and Orlando would get the most frightful shock if they tried to walk around the Cambridge of today Yes, all the streets are still there, but everywhere is choked with traffic and students on bikes Nice little historical whodunit and no, I didn t have a clue from Charlie Cochrane, and my book rec came from Deacon Reid of Fish Stick Fridays fame, and if it s good enough for him, it s certainly good enough for me.

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    Sweet period story without being too sweet, or cloying The mystery was well developed, and the chracters were relatable I look forward to reading of these.

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