Lincoln: A Photobiography (Houghton Mifflin social studies)

Lincoln: A Photobiography (Houghton Mifflin social studies) Abraham Lincoln Stood Out In A Crowd As Much For His Wit And Rollicking Humor As For His Height This Newbery Medal Winning Biography Of Our Civil War President Is Warm, Appealing, And Illustrated With Dozens Of Carefully Chosen Photographs And PrintsRussell Freedman Begins With A Lively Account Of Abraham Lincoln S Boyhood, His Career As A Country Lawyer, And His Courtship And Marriage To Mary Todd Then The Author Focuses On The Presidential Years To , Skillfullly Explaining The Many Complex Issues Lincoln Grappled With As He Led A Deeply Divided Nation Through The Civil War The Book S Final Chapter Is A Moving Account Of That Tragic Evening In Ford S Theatre On April , Concludes With A Sampling Of Lincoln Writings And A Detailed List Of Lincoln Historical SitesThis Title Has Been Selected As A Common Core Text Exemplar Grades , Read Aloud Informational Text

Russell A Freedman was an American biographer and the author of nearly 50 books for young people He may be known best for winning the 1988 Newbery Medal with his work Lincoln A Photobiography.He grew up in San Francisco and attended the University of California, Berkeley, and then worked as a reporter and editor for the Associated Press and as a publicity writer His nonfiction books ranged in

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  • Lincoln: A Photobiography (Houghton Mifflin social studies)
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    If you ask an American if they have a favorite U.S President and they answer Abraham Lincoln, then you have probably learned two quick things about that person they hold social justice as a higher ideal above all others, and they believe that THEY love President Lincoln than anyone else has before them.Lovers of Abraham Lincoln are possessive and defiant They KNOW that their relationship with him is deeper, stronger and intimate than yours The day he died, he became our communal property he has, ever since, belonged to all of us who love him.The writer of this Newberry winning biography, Russell Freedman, is no exception, and neither am I Mr Freedman reminds us that Lincoln was a man of humble beginnings he knew poverty through most of his early life But he also lets his readers know many other tidbits that they may or may not have known.Some examples Did you know that Lincoln had buried his mother by the age of 9 and his only sibling by the age of 18 Did you know that he was crazy in love with his wife Did you know that he had a vibrant energy about him, a combination of a warm, playful sense of humor and a deep, intense ability to empathize with human suffering Did you know he was famous for his story telling and a friend observed that He relied on his yarns to whistle down sadness Did you know that he buried 2 out of 4 of his sons Did you know that, when he was assassinated, he was wearing a pair of gold rimmed eyeglasses he had mended with a string I swore I wasn t going to cry again at the end of another book about Lincoln, so instead I spread it out by crying in jags throughout the book.I cried at the image of Lincoln, sitting alone before a debate with the great orator, Stephen Douglas Stephen Douglas, who seemed the natural and predetermined winner of the upcoming competition Douglas had his success, his entourage, his brandy and cigars, and Lincoln, tall and gangly, seemed plain in his rumpled suit, carrying his notes and speeches in an old carpetbag, sitting on the platform with his bony knees jutting into the air I cried that Frederick Douglass, the most influential black leader at the time, who originally criticized Lincoln for not doing enough, ultimately changed his mind and said of him, He was the first great man that I talked with in the United States freely, who in no single instance reminded me of the difference between himself and myself, of the difference of color Lincoln wasn t just the Great Emancipator, he was a man who was tasked with a nightmare to break apart a nation to make it whole again And here we are again in a position of breaking bad It was lovely to be reminded that great people, great leaders have walked all over this earth, at different times Turns out, you can later identify them by their early deaths The old bastards live forever.

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    This book helped me so much with my course on the Civil War This book made everything so clear and it was so easy to read Before I was confused on what the Civil War was actually over But this book has it explained so clearly that I know precisely what to write about in my assignment due in a few weeks.Besides from the Civil War, I got to know a great deal than I did before about Lincoln The way the author wrote about him made me really appreciate and care for Lincoln a lot than I did and I m British and I felt heartbroken when view spoiler he got assassinated hide spoiler

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    This book was absolutely fantastic It s for middle grade readers and the tone and vocabulary is perfect it s not dumbed down but kids still get it As an adult I was fascinated I loved getting such a conscise summary of his life but I felt like I know him so much So many personal comments and stories were interwoven among his public accomplishments and outings What a true American hero It did start tugging at my heartstrings to read about the Civil War and see the effects it had on him as this book had 5 portraits taken within the first 6 months of the war the man aged two decades There were funny parts and I was so sad when his two little boys died Even worse was his assassination I cried And I m not a crier Now I really have to make a DC trip even than I wanted to before I would recommend this book for everyone p.s Just bought this off of Marketplace for 4 freeship This is one I m glad to own

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    I ve always want to read Abraham Lincoln biography and at last, I did it Before this, all I know that he was one of the U.S president and that s it As I grew older, I get to know that he was the one that abolished slavery, saw a movie about his assassination the Spielberg s and watched one documentary a few years back

    This book tells the story about Lincoln from the day he was born to the day he died I d want to say that it deserved the Newbery award that it got as this is very accessible to children since the writing is very simple and it does not goes into detail about the assassination and all the other adult stuff Plus, the author also provided a list of books for further reading about Abraham Lincoln and I m sure do want to read

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    Is there anything better than a children s book that doesn t dumb down for children This is such a book Although relatively simple in its writing style, it left nothing of importance out in terms of oh, a child couldn t possibly understand As an adult who studied history as any other student throughout school, I never really paid attention to Lincoln in any way other than knowing that he is on the penny and the five dollar bill and abolished slavery Freedman s account opened up whole new worlds of understanding that brilliantly blazed the simple but amazing life of a man who loved books and what they taught him and vowed to do good in the world until he couldn t any This was a wonderful blend of history and storytelling that cleverly unveiled a human being and the fear and pain and struggle that he must have encountered that failed to be recorded in any history book I have read I can t WAIT to share this with my kids for their upcoming history week in summer school More than that, I felt the underlying message that if a simple farm boy who was born into poverty in a crude backwoods could go on to influence the world, why not anyone else

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    Now this is what I think of what I think good biography Unlike Daniel Boone the dreadfully racist and worshipful 1940 Newbery Medal winner , Freedman treats Lincoln as a real person and a true hero He writes very well for his intended young audience, although all ages will learn a thing or two about Lincoln did you know he hated to be called Abe and be fascinated by this completely different view of him The huge collection of pictures promote wider appeal and enhance the experience greatly They range from newspaper articles, black and white photos, illustrations, and several others I love the Lincoln Sampler in the end, which features a collection of both well and lesser known quotes An extremely recommended biography, and one of solid deservedness for the Newbery, even though it may be nonfiction.

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    Well written, informative, and fascinating I loved seeing pictures of Lincoln s life It gave me a whole new perspective on Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War This book won the Newbery Award so I know it was written for teens, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as an adult who is not a big history buff I can handle 130 pages riddled with photographs This is my kind of history.

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    Really great, wonderful photographs I hadn t seen before I ve read books about this period of history, but, always with so much detail that I found it all pretty muddled by the time I got through This is written for children, so it sticks to the big stuff I had never realized that the Emancipation Proclamation would have allowed any states that rejoined the union to keep their slaves I think a lot of people think that this was when all the slaves were freed, when, really it just freed the slaves of the states who had left the union It even only did that if they refused to come back The 13th amendment was what really ended slavery I keep hearing people say that the civil war wasn t about slavery when the entire reason for the war was that the north was trying to prevent the spread of slavery into the western territory and the south was fighting to spread slavery Before that, the plan was to let slavery slowly die, but, the south wanted to expand it The entire thing was entirely about slavery I ve also heard that Lincoln didn t care about slavery, well, he was talking about it and opposed to it way before his presidency and it s all clearly documented So, that s a lie too My brother considers himself a civil war expert, but, he also leans Republican and believes all the current conspiracy theories He has told me the war wasn t about slavery so many times I started to actually believe it This book is very well cited and clear It has a wonderful overall tone, I definitely recommend it While it is written for kids, it has enough information to be perfect for an adult who doesn t want a 500 page book filled with every detail This felt like just the right amount of information.

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    I have definitely learn a whole bunch of facts about Abraham Lincoln that totally blew my mind For example, did you know that his sister died when he was just eighteen years old You know how devastating that could have been for Abraham but somehow that tall man stuck with it and stayed stong At the point of me reading this photo biography, I had been learning about the Civil War and Abe Lincoln s presidency which was one of the reasons I picked this book up to learn about the character I had previously been learning about This book secured a lot of the facts that I had misconceived about, while learning about Abraham Lincoln His life is just truly extraordinary and you will be amazed too if you read this mindbogglingly book It is shocking to read about the life of a human that was born in the 19th century not just Abraham There life is so much different then we may have comprehended Well, I hope that you enjoy this book as much as I did and that you will read it too.

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    The words flow smoothly making this easy to read, and the many images illustrations and documents as well as photographs , anchor the descriptions Freedman did an admirable job of distilling the Civil War down to a couple of chapters Older readers will appreciate historical names of politicians and Generals , while younger readers will probably skim right over them.The liberal use of relevant quotes adds to the reading experience For example, on the loss of his race for Senate in 1858, Lincoln is quoted as having said I feel like the boy who stumped his toe, I m too big to cry and too badly hurt to laugh.

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