Lincs Retribution (Brothers of Devils Comfort MC, #2)

Lincs Retribution (Brothers of Devils Comfort MC, #2) Description Linc S Retribution Brothers Of Devils Comfort MC Book For Three Years Cassie Linc Davies Have Lived In Married Bliss For Two Of Them They Have Being Trying Unsuccessfully Who Would Believe That A Visit To A Doctor S Surgery Could Bring So Much Havoc To Two Peoples Lives Unpleasant News Sends One S Woman S Husband Into Another Woman S Bed Can Cassie And Linc Save What They Believe Is A Perfect Marriage What Do You Do When Someone You Love Betrays You Find Out In Cassie Linc S Story Devil Comfort MC Are Bad Ass Bikers With Their Own Sense Of Justice You Do Not Mess With Them Or With The Old Ladies, Who Hold Their Hearts This Book Is About A Life, Shrouded In Violence, Death, Sex, Swearing Drugs, Guns, Fun And Love This Book Contains Explicit Sex And Profanity And Is Intended For Mature Audience Of Only There Are Acts Of Sexual Content That Some Readers May Find Offensive Self Pleasure, Anal Play Male And Female , Male And Female Sex, Phone Sex, There Is Also A Little Bit Loving Strong Language, Drugs, Guns Violence, Death, Arrogant Dominant Alpha Men If This Offends You Please Do Not Purchase

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lincs Retribution (Brothers of Devils Comfort MC, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Brair Lake author readers around the world.

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  • Lincs Retribution (Brothers of Devils Comfort MC, #2)
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  • 13 October 2019

10 thoughts on “Lincs Retribution (Brothers of Devils Comfort MC, #2)

  1. says:

    Awful awful book Really no story line, sex sex sex that was what this book was about Seriously like every chapter had them doing it at least twice if not it just go to the point where I was just skipping of the chapters did I also mention the damn book ended in a cliff hanger..

  2. says:

    This is one of those series that seems in my opinion to get better with each book There are still edit issues but no where near what the first book had Some of the phrasing seems a little off, but I am beginning to wonder if the author is British note to self look that up In this book we have Linc and Cassie, two characters that love each other BUT after some news that Linc has a had time accepting he does the unthinkable and Cassie finds him.This book is about learning from your mistakes and learning to forgive I really liked this couple and was glad that Cassie didn t make things easy for Linc And again the ending sets up the next book and it sounds good

  3. says:

    I can sorta understand the one time cheating and he did grovel for a while and the book made me believe he really learned his lesson and he won t be that dumb next time.I just hated the writing mistakes spelling, grammar, composition It was irritating to read so many mistakes.The book was still interesting enough to finish and also make me curious about the next one.

  4. says:

    DCMC HOT COUPLE having really good time I m still not caring about bad grammar kkkkk.cause Linc Cassie woow taught me best another things.kkkk something much pleasurable kkkk..

    In their honor this is my Marilyn Cassie Monroe and my Mr VPresident Linc

    Time to enjoy Tabby Ravyen The Man Whore Little Bird

  5. says:

    I just can t get past all of the horrible spelling and grammatical errors throughout this book It s unbelievable Anatomy is not the same thing as Antimony but the author doesn t seem to agree Being is not the way you spell been Then there are the question marks at the end of statements, four commas in one sentence, or no commas at all Did the author pass high school English class It made it impossible to even try to enjoy the story which was weak to begin with because of the hideous errors all over almost every damn page.

  6. says:

    GoodH does something unforgettable The rest of the book is her making him pay Even at the end still paying, and quite frankly I kinda hated the h for the way she kept purposely hurting him by the end There was just something missing I liked the basic story line I think if the author had them resolve their problems with something other than continuous sex sex scenes were great, but it doesn t solve problems.

  7. says:

    Good Story Love Linc and Cassie This for sure is not a standalone.Otherwise there is no point to this story, there is no conclusion to the trials they are facing Hopefully willanswered in the next book

  8. says:

    1.5 starsSo many grammar mistakes it s basically unreadable The premise was good, but delivery was a bust The hero is a zero and the heroine spends half the book lusting after another man Everything is kind of glossed over and there s no real resolution.

  9. says:

    I made to 38% through the book before I just couldn t cope with the lack of editing Using Patients instead of Patience is annoying as is using the phrase stomping at the mouth I believe she meant foaming at the mouth as a way to express the anger of the character.Linc ends up standing on a make shift peer rather than a make shift pier Argh Use of seen instead of seeing.The premise of the story is good the idea that a man would do something monumentally stupid when he finds out he has a low sperm count it completely beliveable However I am finding it hard going due entirely to the lack of good editing.Sorry this has turned into a bit of an editing rant but the lack of editing has somewhat spoilt my enjoyment of what could have been a good read.I am left wondering if English is Brair Lake s first language or not.Would have had stars if the author had just hired a decent editor proof reader

  10. says:

    Tip for authors Read your work before you hit publishThe premise of this book was good However the story was not executed as well as it could have been.For 5 and being the author s second book I would expect the correct words to be used and the formatting to be better Through a lot of the book the author used the word being instead of the correct word for the context of the story hint for the author the word you should have used was been.Also the author used a full stop when they should have used a comma.Read your work as it is written, fix and than hit publish.Returned for a refund as not worth the price.

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