Linda A Cave Woman Appears On A Fire Escape In Brooklyn In , A Time When Nothing Seen On The Street Or In The News Is Surprising Any It S A Time Of Sit Ins And Love Ins, Of Mini Skirts, Tie Dyes And Afros The Vietnam War As Mary Polleti, Housewife, Watches A Storm Rolling In Over Flatbush, She Sees The Woman Huddled Outside Her Kitchen Window And Reaches Out To Her This Is The Beginning Of An Unlikely, Tender Friendship Between Two Women And The Opportunity That Opens Up To Mary That She Could Never Have Imagined Possible With Linda As Catalyst, The Story Carries On To An Unexpected Resolution Sometimes Comic, Sometimes Tragic, It S A Story About Women, And For Women

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Linda book, this is one of the most wanted Molly Rainier author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Linda
  • Molly Rainier
  • English
  • 08 March 2017
  • 9781502390509

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    I accepted the author s invitation to read and review this book based on the first few pages The premise appealed to me A primitive woman is found cringing miserably in the rain and cold of a New York fire escape, scantily dressed in leather tatters Where does she come from How did she happen to be clinging to life on the outside of this non descript Brooklyn building Mary Maria Polleti, a kindly housewife whose son has just got married and left home, takes in the poor wretch, gives her some dry clothes and feeds her Her husband is unsettled by this new arrival, and does not welcome the disruption to his orderly routine, but Mary is determined to continue to host the helpless woman and remains deaf to his suggestion that there are shelters suited to the woman s needs.Mary and husband Tony are of Italian descent and the story unfolds within the stereotypical Little Italy neighbourhood the couple inhabit There is the obligatory catholic priest who hovers like a black bird of prey, seemingly offering comfort and assistance, but in reality butting in and attempting to impose his influence, even when he is clearly told that it is not wanted There are the nosy neighbours, all fairly well described but heavily cliched There is also the disturbing, lingering influence of Maria s dead mother, who made her children s lives uncomfortable by taking in strays and homeless people and treating them better than her own family She was generally considered to be kind and well intentioned but also certifiably crazy.As I make it a point of never including spoilers, I will stop here Suffice to say that Mary drives the story by escalating her peculiar behaviour towards the stray, whom she names Linda I must confess that by the 50% point, I was ready to stop reading and put the book aside for a couple of days I have only ever abandoned a book twice, so I plodded on.The story is anchored in everyday realism but there is an element of fantasy with the introduction of a character from an unknown, primitive tribe The intriguing premise is never fully exploited as Linda drifts in and out of the narrative without ever revealing enough personality to justify her presence in the title Her intelligence is also rather quirky and questionable My problem with the book is that there are far too many players to make it compelling Too many threads inexpertly cast out, so that as each chapter jumps from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and from one character to the other, instead of being drawn into the intrigue, I got rather bored With my attention scattered, I did not care about anybody in particular Every single character in the story is flawed Fine, I can buy that, but they all behave not just badly but irrationally The sense of oppression and imprisonment into a hopeless future that the writer tried so hard to convey does not work because of the warped feminist slant There are many options that the main characters never explore, options which would be much likely in real life Instead, the strange behaviour is used as an excuse to create spurious scenarios When I, as a reader, ask myself, Why would he she do THAT , that signals the end of my enjoyment of a story But my main criticism is that the characterization is weak I did not like Mary and did not understand her She has no depth or presence, and her behaviour is callous, manipulative and inconsistent with her stated feelings and beliefs For all his predictable, unimaginative personality traits, I think my favourite character was Tony, and that s saying it all, really.I am sorry to be so negative because there is no doubt that Molly Rainier can write, and write very well She conveys a very strong sense of place in her descriptions of Los Angeles and the New York locales where the events take place, the pool room, the park, apartments and offices, the street life that is such a large part of the neighbourhood She s just trying too hard and does not have the skill to juggle so many storylines I m having trouble rating this book because, frankly, my main reason to read, these days, is evasion I look to be transported into a pleasant, or failing that, a interesting world I didn t find either here There is so much wallowing on the subject of death, and the terror of living with a weak heart, for example, as to make for very uneasy reading.I started reading again in fairness to the author, as I cannot properly review half a book, and because she writes well Unfortunately, she took the story along even fanciful and unrealistic lines, while failing to engage my interest or emotions I remained a sceptical and uninvolved spectator, never once feeling any sympathy for the plight of the characters In particular, I found her depiction of the workings of the male mind rather na ve and ill informed.One positive is that some violent and disturbing themes were handled with enough restraint to make the book suitable for a fairly wide audience The content remains unpleasant but no attempt is made to capitalize on the sensational aspects An author with this much writing ability should manage to come up with a engaging story I stress that this review reflects my own opinion and reading preferences I hope to have given enough information for potential readers to make up their own minds as to whether this book would appeal to them.

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    Awesome and Realistic Story of Human Kindness and Independence This is a very moving, heartwarming, and often humorous story all women should read It s a story of Mary Polleti back in 1967 in Brooklyn, New York Society has changed to include unusual people such as hippies, druggies, and the homeless Mary has been married for over 20 years, her only son, John, has just gotten married Mary s homemaker life revolves meeting the needs of her husband, a blue color worker who expects dinner placed in front of him every night at the same time Mary has no other life, often she thinks of her mother who also lived a very similar submissive life One stormy night, she opens the window of her second floor apartment to let her cat inside from the fire escape landing Not only is the cat there, but also a dark women, looking like a prehistoric woman from another time period, or an woman from the jungle She s huddled against the railing, cold, shivering, her clothes ragged Mary reaches for her hand and draws her through the window The woman does not speak, but regardless, Mary draws her into her life and guides this woman with love She teaches her manners, neatness, household chores, and it s as if Mary has just adopted a two year child Her husband had been very resentful when Mary stood her ground to take care of this woman But overtime, Tony comes to accept her Two women, there to meet his expectations Mary gives her the name of Linda and they enjoy walking together to the park But then something changes in Mary, and the story takes a 180 degree turn which will surprise and stun you Molly Rainier has created a work of art something to open the eyes of all women This is a very revealing story, sometimes humorous, and often heart wrenching Well written, easy to read, and very thought provoking A story of women, for women.

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    From time to time she repeated her mother s words Don t look for happiness here This is just what you have to do You re born this way, this is what you have to do You gotta take care of all of this You re the only one who will I was gifted this book by the author for an honest review.Linda and Mary by Molly Rainier is the story of two women plus one Mary Polleti discovers a Cro Magnon woman on her fire escape one morning and brings her in This is the turbulent 1960 s and people are beginning to question their roles in life Mary s life is the same thing day after day, until Linda, the name she gives the woman on the fire escape Suddenly, Mary has a new purpose in life, to train Linda to be just like her To cook and clean for her husband Tony and to have a companion in the daughter she never had Her son John and his wife Sheila also figure into the story Sheila is pregnant and it s not an easy time for her and John They are fighting all the time and she wonders if this baby is a good thing at this time I could tell Molly Rainier lived through the 60 s because she writes with understanding of the period where everyone questioned everything Is this all there is Can a woman expect equality with men What choices do women have Do we have to choose home or work or can we do both Not all of these questions are answered in this book but they exist in the underlying story The men in the story have it just as bad as their women They had their lives all settled and suddenly everything is topsy turvy This isn t the woman they married Could they adjust to this new woman I enjoyed this book very much and although it is advertised as a feminist book, it s the gentlest feminist book I have ever read The characters are true to life and the problems they encounter are universal This is a wonderful read.

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    I was really torn with what rating to give this book Let me start off by saying that the author s writing style and prose is cleat and crisp, and I think she has a lot of potential I found the writing itself easy by this I mean clear, not dumbed down to read I would definitely be willing to read by this author.The reason I rated this book as such was that the story didn t make sense to me The pitch was intriguing to me, and I thought it would focus on Mary helping Linda to adapt to the modern day life There was nothing of that There is no explanation as to how Linda was pulled out of prehistoric times and ended up on Mary s fire escape, and there is pretty much nothing of Linda s reactions to modern living She just passively accepts anything Mary does.There were just too many storylines, none of them truly explored I wish the author could have focused on ONE story thread and went with it Mary s past childhood would have made a compelling novel into itself, from what snippets of it I saw in this book.Or the author could have focused on Linda learning to adapt to her new life Really, after Mary takes her in, nothing is said made of of Linda s difference from others The novel could have been about Linda learning from her new life, and Mary and others learning from Linda, but nothing of that sort happens here, Linda is simply taught to cook and clean and that s about it.The ending made no sense to me, and I was rather disappointed in it I was left feeling rather unfulfilled Again, the author has good prose writing style, but the story itself just wasn t solid.

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    On the morning of the twenty fifth of September, 1967, Mary Polleti opened the window of the apartment on Caton Avenue to let the cat in and discovered, huddled against the railing of the fire escape, the Cro Magenon women 1 I would like to thank Molly Rainier for proving me with an advance copy of this book This book was very well written and the characters were very relatable This book was very relatable to women I personally had a hard time getting into the plot, which made for a long read This book was a medium read, as it took me about two days to read I would recommend it to women, 18

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    The book was well written However, it was not a book that I really enjoyed I know there are those out there who will enjoy it I had trouble following the storyline I understood that this was a look at how women were viewed in the 60s I felt that in a way it was a little degrading of men Mary seemed to be quite a bit like her mother I felt the book was a little depressing and negative That may be why I didn t care for it Would I recommend it Yes, I know there is an audience out there This was just not the book for me I do believe the author is a great future in front of her She writes well.I received a copy to facilitate my review The opinions expressed here are my own.

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