Little Cloud and Lady Wind

Little Cloud and Lady Wind Little Cloud Likes Her Own Place In The Sky, Away From The Other Clouds There, The Sky Is All Hers She Is Free To Make Her Own Way And Go Where She Wishes Can Lady Wind Show Little Cloud The Power Of Being With Others Will Little Cloud Agree There Is Strength In Unity And Change Her Ways A Fresh Take On A Classic Story, Little Cloud And Lady Wind Will Teach Kids How To Work Together To Achieve Their Goals

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[Download] ➺ Little Cloud and Lady Wind  By Toni Morrison –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Little Cloud and Lady Wind
  • Toni Morrison
  • English
  • 14 May 2019
  • 9781416985235

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    A little uneven, but ultimately sweet tale of a cloud who wants to be a part of things, but not as a frightening storm She finds her way with some guidance.

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    This book is about a bunch of clouds that live in the sky They all stay together so they can terrify the Earth making rain storms and thunder One cloud did not want to be part of the other clouds and terrify the Earth She decided to find her own quite space to float in the sky She became very lonely but loved the Earth thought it was very beautiful She wanted to be able to touch the Earth so that she could lie down on the valley flowers or the silver topped waves One day she felt something pushing her while she was sleeping She eventually woke up after feeling several pushes She found out that the person that was pushing her was lady winds Lady Wind saw her dream and told the little cloud that she could help Lady winds picked up the little cloud and they began to fly across the sky They began to go through the dark clouds which really scared little cloud Lady Wind told her not to be scared, and as they flew they where chased by thunderclouds Little Cloud he d on very tight and tried to hide under lady winds dress She eventually fell asleep in Lady Wind s arms Eventually little cloud woke up and saw little pearls falling from her clothes Lady Wind explained to her that it was called dew The Lady wind continued to explain to her what a rainbow was and Little Cloud realized that they were in a valley She also noticed that there were many other clouds around her that looked exactly the same Lady Wind also explained to her what mist was and the Little Cloud realized that she was what caused all three of those things Is Little Cloud in paradise or is this just a crazy dream of what she wishes will happen.This book teaches children many things For example they learn what Mist, Dew, and a rainbow are and a little of where they come from This also teaches kids that they do not have follow peer pressure If they want to do or act a different way than everyone else then they can If children learn to persevere then they can overcome anything and maybe even eventually find others just like them It also teaches children that it is okay to get help from others You can not always do things by yourself and every once n a while you will need help from someone else For example she excepts help from Lady Wind because she believes that she can help her This can also give kids a bad message because they may not know who they can trust or not It also makes them likely to trust the wrong person and end up in a place they do not belong.The illustrations are very nice and look very realistic The clouds have faces and it look kinds of funny because there faces all come out the bottom of the cloud This makes it look like they all have afros Lady Wind also look very long and whitish blue like wind is always drawn in the books I also like how the make it look like Lady Winds is taking her from lightness to darkness as they fly They make it seem like the Lady Wind is the light guiding her through the darkness Overall this is a very entertaining book and teaches a few lessons that can be used in the future.

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    The story alone would probably be only two stars from me, but the illustrations bumped it up to three I loved the texture and rather dreamy feel of the paintings Not actually a folktale or legend, but has that feel, so I still shelved it there.For being a Toni Morrison book, it was rather bland, I guess The summaries and blurbs didn t capture the story or the message for me And definitely didn t get that this was inspired by Aesop s Bundle of Sticks I never saw the whole is mightier than any single part side to the story at all I saw Little Cloud get taken on a wild ride by Lady Wind, which showed her that clouds could do than mass together as thunderstorms So she can be part of something greater by going on a rollercoaster and falling asleep terrified That s really what she did with Lady Wind, yet it showed her that she can do than she had been doing previously Weird way to send the message that you can still do a lot even when you don t follow the group.

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    Beautiful language And imagery So imaginative.

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    Picture M8812L 2010

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    I am me and all the things I dreamed of Not bad A bit long

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    Lovely illustrations and very positive story about how to get what you want out of life.

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    The biggest cloud of all has asked all the clouds to stick together so they can be strong and terrify the earth with storm and thunder But one cloud, Little Cloud, has no desire to terrify anyone, so she drifts on her own not wanting to blend into a group and lose her freedom Little Cloud dreams instead of being something much beautiful, something colorful like the purple mountains with scarves of snow, the valleys full of bright flowers and tall green grass, and the silver waves rippling over oceans of ever changing colors She wants to lie down, swim, skip, and play.At night, while she sleeps, Little Cloud is visited by Lady Wind, who has seen her dream and wants to grant her wishes Little Cloud is afraid, but Lady Wind comforts her, bringing her safely through a thunderstorm, to their destination, an unknown location where Little Cloud is now dripping with dew, and can see a rainbow surrounded by little clouds, and mist Little Cloud learns that she can still be a cloud and do her own thing.This book is really interesting to look at the colors and textures of each form of weather invoke feelings of coolness, moisture, gentle rain, and warm sun, as well as the anger, intensity, and violence of thunderstorms I especially love the way the illustrator depicts the floating and flying of the wind and the cloud.My complaint, though, is that the message of the story itself is too heavy handed From the start, we re told that Little Cloud wants to keep her freedom, and that being part of a group won t allow her to do that The arc of the story follows a sort of metaphor for life the message seems to be that if we break free from whatever is holding us down, and fight through the difficulties with the help of those who care for us, we will find a way to be ourselves and also make our dreams come true Unfortunately, this theme is put forth without an ounce of subtlety, and the concepts are much too abstract and heavy for most picture book readers There is both too much overt metaphor and not enough outright explanation at the same time, and the moral gets lost in the complex and convoluted storytelling.For better books on the joy of being yourself, try Incredible Me by Kathi Appelt, Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester, anything by Todd Parr, and Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett.

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    Toni Morrison is one of the true classic authors of our time, and I was not at all disappointed in her ability to translate that writing proficiency to the picture book level The language of Little Cloud and Lady Wind is lovely and majestic, seeping through the story to deliver it like a rain cloud, sending the thoughts of the narrative down to us like sweet rain Little Cloud is not happy with her lot in life high above the earth, always peering down at its people but never able to stand upon its firm ground herself Lady Wind comes and leads Little Cloud on a tour of the globe one night, showing her that the clouds are than just what one sees in the sky they are made manifest in the fog and the mists and in so many other ways Little Cloud realizes that she is not trapped high in the stratosphere, but that she truly is an integral part of the wonderful world that unfolds beneath the clouds The writing of Toni Morrison in this book is unsurpassed for its beauty and originality Little Cloud and Lady Wind unfurls with all the visceral, intense focus of a Native American legend, and has important ideas to teach all of us I would give it my earnest recommendation, and maybe two and a half stars.

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    A few reviews have been somewhat critical of this book s ties to Aesop s Bundle of Sticks fable and of whether kids would get it I think it works on two levels The Morrisons may have been inspired by the fable and there is material to discuss about where Little Cloud fits in and whether she is stronger as part of a group It is also is a simple, charming story about Little Cloud s dreams that is very accessible to children I read the book without knowing it was based on the fable and just really enjoyed it.The illustrations are lovely I loved the color palette used The blue of sky seems is in every image coloring even the green earth and trees I never thought about wind having a color, but Lady Wind s hair is it

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