Lo más dulce (Pretty nº 3)

Lo más dulce (Pretty nº 3) Sig Locke Es Polic A En Una Familia De Polic As, Cree En El Bien Y El Mal, Y Para L Todo Es Blanco O Negro En Algunas Cuestiones El Gris Ni Siquiera Existe Pero Eso Era Antes De Conocer A Tommi Tommi, La Chica De Largas Piernas Y Brillantes Ojos Verdes Por La Siente Una Arrolladora Atracci N Desde El Momento En Que La Ve A La Que Sigue Encontrando Irresistible Incluso Despu S De Descubrir Que Es La Novia De Un Traficante De Drogas Sin Embargo, Sig No Sabe Que Tommi Tiene Un Secreto Tommi Lawrence No Ha Tenido Una Vida F Cil, Y Se Le Complica Todav A Un Poco M S El D A Que Conoce A Sig Descubri Desde Hace Mucho Tiempo Que No Puede Confiar En Nadie Y Aunque Su Instinto Le Dice Que Sig No Es Una Excepci N, Su Coraz N Apuesta Por L Hasta Que Descubre Su Verdadera Identidad Podr Salir Victorioso Un Amor Que Surge En Medio De La Mentira O La Verdad Acabar Destruy Ndolo

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M Leighton, is a native of Ohio She relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she can be near the water all summer and miss the snow all winter Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, Michelle finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions literary fiction Having written over a dozen novels

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 270 pages
  • Lo más dulce (Pretty nº 3)
  • Michelle Leighton
  • English
  • 11 September 2018

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    Sin duda el que m s me ha gustado de los 3 Sab a que Sig promet a ser un buen prota y no ha decepcionado, Hemi sorry pero has quedado en segundo puesto Me gustado mucho la trama y los protagonistas.Mi rese a en

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    A la historia de Sig le he encontrado m s sustancia que a las de Hemi y Reese, as que ha sido un buen cierre de trilog a, porque siendo sincera no esperaba mucho de esta ltima novela Pero M Leighton sigue sin convencerme del todo.

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    Sarebbe stato molto pi bello se fosse stata credibile la parte poliziesca e giudiziaria la storia d a infatti mi piaciuta molto pi di quelle dei libri precedenti, ma il contorno cos approssimativo ha rovinato un po tutto per me

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    A beautiful girl is stranded on the side of the road and a handsome stranger stops to help her While this sounds like the perfect meet cute to set up a promising romance, protagonist, Sig Locke is not your typical hero, and his ill advised love interest, Tommi Lawrence, is not your typical damsel in distress An undercover cop and a girlfriend of a confirmed criminal are an unlikely pair on paper, but their connection is instant and powerful, which leads to them taking potentially deadly risks and exposing themselves to danger After reading the blurb for All Things Pretty, I knew Sig and Tommi wouldn t be catching the express train to Happily Ever After, but the journey these two took me on was riddled with secrets, longing, stolen moments of happiness and an implicit threat that casts a pall over the narrative that never lets up, even in the book s final moments.While the author has never been one to shy away from situations that are somewhat risqu , All Things Pretty gives new meaning to the term Sig and Tommi s individual situations often make it necessary for them to abandon their morals to benefit the bigger picture Rather than repelling me, their flaws are what drew me to their characters Tommi remains a bit of a mystery throughout the story, slipping in and out of the veneer she dons to make it through each day As a reader, Tommi intrigued me and frustrated me, evoking both emotions for the same reason her secrets remained a mystery, not just from Sig, but from the reader as well My curiosity was piqued from the second her character was introduced and only grew as I continued to remain clueless.When it came to creating a hero capable of disrupting Tommi s meticulously structured life, Sig Locke is the perfect distraction Sig is like a surge of energy, enlivening Tommi with his frequent quips, his devil may care outlook, and above all, his primal need for her Unlike Tommi, Sig is an open book, confident to the point of being cocky, with a natural flirtatiousness that can t be resisted I admired Tommi s restraint when faced with the full brunt of Sig s charm because I was inwardly shouting at her to further explore their electric chemistry after their very first meeting Sig and Tommi s longing for each other and their shared frustration over the situation in which they have put themselves is palpable and the author only makes it torturous by prolonging the stolen moments they can act on their desire As I was reading All Things Pretty, I felt an immovable weight on my chest, created by a combination of tension and anxiety, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the many secrets kept by these characters would be revealed The prior knowledge that the book would end in a cliffhanger was both a blessing and a curse because, while I knew that there would be questions left unanswered and problems left unresolved, I wasn t sure at what point the narrative would conclude Luckily the wait to read the conclusion isn t long because the cliffhanger left me with an impatient need to find out what happens next complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Me hubiera gustado una historia un poco mas profunda y con mas desarrollo Pero es entretenida.

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    I m all about me some M Leighton books I have never been disappointed.

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    Me ha gustado bastante, aunque es el que menos me ha gustado de la trilog a Engancha como todos los anteriores y se lee r pido, pero he sentido que todo avanzaba muy r pido Pero a n as me he quedado satisfecha con la trilog a y ha sido muy entretenida.

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    M Leighton can do no wrong Sig is a sex on a stick, protective alpha male This is definitely not your typical damsel in distress love story I can t wait for part 2

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    When I started reading the forward, I admit, I panicked a little Just a little But after finishing it, everything was good, and I calmed down Here s a basic rundown for you Due to contracts with her publisher, when the author publishes an independent release, it is restricted to no than 65,000 words She didn t want to be rushed and didn t want to sacrifice details so she broke the book into two parts Part two will be releases in 2 weeks THANK GOD and will be available free of charge in whatever format you request just sign up for her newsletter and you will get the file on 10 14 14 Honestly, I thought that this was pretty brilliant and awesome on the author s part As much as I m not a huge fan of cliffhangers, I wanted the full experience of Sig and Tommi, so this was all good for me But now that I ve finished the first part, I am willing to do just about anything for the rest of their story It hurts to wait, but it will be SO worth it for the rest of their story ESPECIALLY if it hurts With each book that Michelle writes, I always think it s the best, that s no secret And All Things Pretty part 1 is no different There s a reason this is one of my top go to, drop everything to read authors As I haven t read part 2 yet, and I don t want to spoil anything from part 1, I am just going to give you some of my favorite quotes from All Things Pretty while I sit and try to think of ways to get my hands on part 2 faster So, here you go My favorite lines I m big, yeah, but there s not a single BOY part on me just knowing that I feel like she needs me, like she needs saving And not just tonight Every Night I remind myself that nobody knows me Not really They might think they do, that they can judge me, but they can t They have no idea what my life is like, what s involved and why I do the things that I do Just a note WowThis is something I try to remind myself of with everyone that I come across Don t be so quick to judge So I m worth it Even if it hurts Especially if it hurts I LOVE that part See now, you keep saying sh t like that and the gloves are comin off And so are the panties You act like it ll be easy as pie for you to keep your hands off me I m thinking it s gonna be pure hell for both of us I mean, have you met me I m pretty damn irresistible Note One of my favorite lines from the whole book Sums Sig s adorable attitude up completely And my other favorite line that quickly explains the kind of woman Sig sees in Tommi, but that she s trying to hide I don t want a lady I want a woman One who knows her own mind One who wears what she s comfortable in, one who says what she s thinking All in all, just in case you might have missed it, October 14th can t come soon enough

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    So hard to rate a book that is not done So I am gonna just say that this rating is for the start up but I can tell already as a whole it is gonna way exceed that I love M Leightonhonest to goodnesslove her I do not think I have read one book by her that I didnt enjoy That being said, I admit that I was nervous, crazy nervous about Sig Locke getting a book I felt the pressure for herI knew this was limited do to publishing contraintsI knew it was part of a whole Guess what IT DID NOT MATTER In just this first part, I got a fast paced WTF is going on read and I got hooked I fell for the cocky, confident, and fun hearted Sig This man in blue is a good guy with a dirty mind and strong come on I meanHello Sexy SigGood thing I also fell for just Tommi tooCool girl with a sexy next door feel and great smile who transforms into a kept woman depending on the time of day Too bad her mysterious mission keeps her in the company of a drug kingliving a life very different from what she wants But WHY Both are hiding truths Both are looking at a bigger picture Both are inherently good characters The BOOM is about to happen as their secrets are about to collide I can feel the betrayal and the anger that is about to go downI just do not know HOW it is gonna play out I foresee a lot of bad moods lol One thing is for sureSig and Tommi are in deep to the game, but that that they are in deep with each other No insta loveNOPE, just pure raw attraction and intimacy that M Leighton does so good She keeps it down and dirtyand oh so good I would expect nothing less from SIG NOTE For you fans who love SIG and his talepart 2 will be delivered to your reader coming 10 14 FREE from M Leightonfollow the links on author s page

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