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Montana Creeds: LoganDescendants Of The Legendary McKettrick Family, The Creeds Are Renowned In Stillwater Springs, Montana For Raising HellAfter Years Of Wandering, Logan Creed, A Cowboy With A Dusty Law Degree, Has Returned Home To Put Down Roots, To Restore His Family S Neglected Ranchto Have Kids Of His Own Proudly Bearing The Creed NameDivorced Mom Briana Grant Has Heard The Stories About Her Gorgeous Neighbor So Logan S Kindness With Her Young Boys Is A Welcome Surprise, Especially When Her Ex Reappears And When An Unknown Enemy Vandalizes Her Home, Logan Shows Briana And The Folks Of Big Sky Country Just What He S Made Of, on Facebook and from Nancy Berland Public Relations, nancy, 405 206 4748.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 374 pages
  • Montana Creeds: Logan
  • Linda Lael Miller
  • English
  • 07 May 2017
  • 9780373773534

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    I wavered between three and four stars for this book.On the one hand, Miller has written a wonderful book of fully fleshed out characters The children are neither too wise nor too cute Alec, 8 and Josh, 10 are as exasperating and wonderful as boys that age are in real life Their mother Briana is holding it together as a single mom after getting dumped at Wal Mart by her husband She s not played out as a heroic WonderMom, but as your average woman doing what she must, occasionally doing things wrong, to keep on trucking She felt real to me, reminding me of my own mom in many ways.Their neighbor Logan Creed has come back to his family s Montana ranch after two failed marriages, a stint in Iraq in the Army and a law career that netted him 30 million dollars Somehow, he s still in his early to mid thirties The math doesn t work for me, but whatever God forbid we have working class heroes He s estranged from his brothers, Dylan and Tyler, after a drunken brawl the day their boozebag father died twelve years ago In another bout of fuzzy math, she says the father died when Logan was a college junior, so age 20 21, right Now if Tyler is 8 years younger than Logan, as she describes, what were they doing drinking whiskey and brawling with a 12 13 year old boy in a bar But I digress He s come back to make a fresh start of it, reconcile with his brothers, get married again and have kids The hero, heroine and the cast of supporting characters felt real to me I felt Logan s confusion, bitterness, sadness and regret without ever once pitying him Miller does a great job showing the awkwardness between the brothers when they talk to each other There s no magical, tear filled bromantic reconciliation moment Briana frets about her ex husband s return and how it will affect the boys She s wary of Vance, her ex, while willing to work with him for the kids sakes Her ex starts the book a self indulgent boor, and ends it a mere flawed human trying to fix his mistakes The assorted villains are pitiable than evil I could ve done without the American Indian grandmother with prophetic dreams, but you can t have it all.The book failed me near the end A suspense subplot involving Briana s house getting vandalized was both unnecessary and unresolved The HEA was not only unbelievable but unwanted Miller has a divorcee with two impressionable boys marry a twice divorced man after knowing each other less than two weeks I don t think that s romantic, I think that s reckless, especially because Miller never spent any of Logan s POV time assessing what went wrong in those marriages, who those women were or what sort of man he was then We re just supposed to believe he s in it for the long haul this time because He s The Hero.Despite these somewhat major flaws, the characters were compelling and Miller s voice was evocative, so I couldn t put the book down I eventually settled on a four because I am invested enough in the brothers to want to continue the series, and that must count for something.

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    I held off on starting this series until I had all three books and could read them together which wasn t a long wait since they were released in consecutive months But I m glad I got to finally start because I enjoyed the first book a lot The Montana Creeds series is a spin off of Miller s popular McKettricks series The Creeds are distant cousins of the McKettricks, but unlike the McKettricks, who are a very close family, the Creeds are in shambles When Jake Creed died years ago, his three sons got into a fight and have hardly spoken to each other since.Now the oldest son, Logan, has decided to return home He wants to turn the neglected family farm into a working ranch once again Secretly, he also hopes to close the distance between him and his two brothers He hadn t counted on the distraction of beautiful Briana Grant and her two young sons, who were living in and taking care of his brother Dylan s house Briana had enough on her plate just trying to take care of her two children after her husband abandoned her two years earlier The last thing she needed was a sexy cowboy sauntering into her life Trouble is, she likes Logan and he s good to her sons Of course, things get complicated when her now ex husband reappears and then someone breaks into her house twice When Logan steps in and offers help, well, she just can t say no.This was a very readable book for me The characters were good, the storyline interesting, the pacing kept things moving and the story never got bogged down I just zipped right through it, and when I finished I wanted to move right on to the next book in the trilogy.I liked the whole dynamic of this series three brothers who d had a huge falling out and now they were, intentionally or not, going to have to resolve things between them It s a different feel than the McKettrick books where everyone is close And I enjoyed the two main characters in this book Logan is a good guy who can admits his past mistakes Briana is a strong woman to have managed to succeed after the way her ex abandoned her There s definitely some chemistry between the two from the first time the met.At the same time, I thought the romance was a little understated It was there, but it got a little buried beneath everything else going on in the story single mom trying to raise her kids, ex hubby returning to make things complicated, estranged brothers, a stalker, etc Those elements seemed to be a little priority than the romance I still felt the romance, but it could have gotten a little attention.That was really the only area that I thought could have been tweaked a bit Overall, the story was very engaging There are some loose ends at the end of this book regarding the situation with the brothers, but that just makes me all the anxious to move on to the second book, Montana Creeds Dylan.

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    me a encantado quiza unas pocas paginas hubieran estado mejor pero aun asi lo recomiendo mucho

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    I really enjoyed the beginning but it went downhill for me when I realized that Vance was in the picture for good It s hard to envision Logan being apart of their family when the children were still very much in love with Vance I know in real life it s common to have successful blended families but I didn t know that this book was going to go the route it did I didn t get that impression from reading the synopsis I thought this book would be about Logan stepping in permanently as the new love interest and being the father that the kids needed since Vance would be a deadbeat dad For most of the book, Vance was portrayed in a negative light so to have him become a good guy towards the end of the book, did not fly with me I felt like Briana was a bit all over the place One minute she s super paranoid and overly protective and the next minute she s so chill and passive She home schooled her kids for years and would call them multiple times a day She was always trying to be responsible all the time which is great, but when she had unproductive sex with Logan her decision , where was her responsible nature then She wasn t even that worried about the prospect of being pregnant but she was shitting bricks when Logan asked her to move in with him because she s old fashioned umm ok buddy Then, when Heather hits Alec with her car, Briana still allowed the kids to stay with them again shortly after I get that it was an accident but the accident occurred due to Heather s negligence If I was Briana, I would have been LIVID Yes, I know Vance has rights too but still, I thought there would have been of an issue concerning trust and safety but it was kind of brushed aside ok I have a few points to make so I ll just list them 1 I loved all the dogs, they were so cute 2 I didn t care for Brett s pov, so I skimmed most of his parts since he was so boring Why not include his pov when he broke into her house and touched her lingerie 3 I don t like sentences that are split or interrupted by the character s actions Random e.g The dogs, John steps back and puts on his sunglasses are behind the shed Wtf That s some Horatio shit from csi and I hate that guy It stops the flow of the dialogue and unfortunately the book was filled with these types of sentences.4 The story had too many descriptions Too many mundane things were described, especially during the first half of the book, like when Briana was making her casserole for dinner, why do I need to read about how she cooked her meat and then used the soup sauce etc Just say she made a casserole, the end.5 The kids in my opinion, sounded too mature for their ages Maybe because they were home schooled, they sounded intelligent I don t know, but I always get peeved when I read books with children who speak as if they are teenagers 6 The romance was too forced and it happened too quickly They literally had sex and then got married a few days later lol.7 I hated the fact that a bunch of people already knew Logan s history It s like everyone knew he was a lawyer and stuff It was annoying how people gave him a hard time for not looking like he had money I wish we got to know about Logan not his family drama I was interested to know about his time in the military.8 So was it officially concluded that Heather was the one who trashed Briana s house I wish we got to read her confessing and explaining WHY she felt it was necessary to destroy Briana s things I know they said that she was mentally unstable or whatever, but that isn t enough of a reason for me Did she feel threatened Was Vance secretly in love with Briana still etc.

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    I really loved this book I havn t read any of her McKittrick clan books, but this starts out the Montana Creed series, which are the McKittrick s cousins The first three books Logan, Dylan, and Tyler follow a set of 3 brothers They all share the same father, and each had a different mother They don t get along, having fought on the night they buried their father This is Logan s story, and it s a good one He comes home to the now deplapidated family ranch to restore, put down the ghosts of his past, returning home He not only falls in love, but finds peace with his ghosts, and starts repairing his relationship with his brothers We ll learn about that part, as we get to each brother s own book story Very good, I highly recommend it.

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    The beginnings of a new series from Miller The Creeds are connected to the McKettrick and Stone Creek Series I enjoyed reading this one The Creeds are the exact opposite of the McKettricks and it shows in the dialog between the brothers I can barely wait until the second one is out so I can read it.

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    4 StarsChallenges RRRC June 2018 Monthly Challenge 2 Olympian Gods and Goddesses DEMETER

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    Cute book I want to read the other 2 brothers books next This was my first book by Linda Lael Miller, but definitely not the last.

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    Another decent read by Linda Lael Miller There were a few uses of deity, which in my opinion were completely unnecessary I enjoyed getting to know the characters and felt they were well developed.I thought that Briana was a strong female and did the best she could with the hand she had been dealt Josh and Alec were great kids even if they got on my nerves a little with the back and forth bickering But that s what kids dolol Logan was amazing I love how the author gives the characters real personalities I mean there is depth to them, and the thought process they have and share really is something normal and refreshing to read about in a book such as this.Logan, Briana, Josh, Alec, Jim, Vance, Heather, Tim, Jake, Dylan, TylerRating R profanity and sexual contentLanguage use of deity and some f bombsRecommend Yes

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    Montana Creeds Logan by Linda Lael Miller is the first book in her Montana Creeds contemporary western romance series.Logan Creed has come home to Montana to restore the family ranch What he doesn t expect to find is Briana Grant and her two sons living on his brother, Dylan s, part of the property Logan might be estranged from Dylan and his other brother, Tyler, but he finds himself becoming attached to Briana and her boys But things get complicated when Briana s ex husband comes back to town and someone breaks into her home Good thing Logan is determined to protect Briana and her boys and bring his brothers back to the family ranch no matter what Miller s books are like comfort reads to me I know what s going to happen every step of the way, but it s still fun getting there This one is no different Logan and Briana are both likable characters struggling with real issues Briana has to watch every penny, and Logan has a lot of hurt and guilt relating to his alcoholic father and his strained relationships with his brothers Add in some kids, pets, and a great western setting, and you ve got a standard Miller romance.However, this book didn t work for me quite as well as some of Miller s other ones have, mainly because, well, there s just not that much romance in this one Most of the page time is devoted to Logan and his family issues, and although he s attracted to Briana, nothing much happens between them until about 200 pages in Then, everything kicks into high gear, including the romance and Briana s problems with her ex husband After such a slow start, the last third of the book felt a little rushed to me.Overall, though, if you like westerns, you should check out Miller s many books.

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