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Lone Bean Bean Gibson Is So Excited About The First Day Of Third Grade, Not Even Her M E A N MEAN Older Sisters Rose And Gardenia Can Bring Her DownBut Bean S Year Gets Off To A Bad Start Her Best Friend Carla Has Made A New Best Friend, And Bean Has To Start Music Lessons Bean Picks The Violin The Cello Is Too Big , And Tries To Find New Friends, But Music Lessons Are A Lot Of Work, Goody Two Shoes Gabrielle Is Prissy, And Terrible Tanisha Is A Bully And Bean S Mom Is Always At Work Bean H A T E S HATES Third Grade LONE BEAN Is An Entertaining Read About Spunky Bean Gibson And How She Learns What It Means To Be A Good Friend And That It S Possible To Have Than One

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lone Bean book, this is one of the most wanted Chudney Ross author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • Lone Bean
  • Chudney Ross
  • English
  • 04 October 2019
  • 9780061660115

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    This was just an okay book Bean is a likable character, but there was nothing that really made the book stand out More complete review to come.Full review Over the years, I have read a great many books with my nine year old daughter Sometimes, the books were solid books well written, nice characters, good story, but they just lacked that special something that draws you into a story and makes it impossible to put down This is one of those books As a character, I liked Bean For the most part, she struck me as a pretty good interpretation of a third grader dealing with the struggles of a third grader The portrayal of her sibling rivalry with her two older sisters was well done, and I thought her worries and fears were handled in a sensitive manner Bean s worry about her upcoming recital is given a gravity appropriate to its importance for a child her age, and was written in a way I found easily identifiable While she is, in general, a good girl, Bean does make mistakes, and I liked that she was reflective enough and had a good enough sense of right and wrong that she was able to work out for herself why she shouldn t do some of the things she did The strongest part of the book is the lesson Bean learns about friendship She allows her hurt and resentment at her best friend to drive her to become friends with Tanisha, a troubled girl who is the school bully While Bean does feel compassion for Tanisha, she also comes to her own realization that Tanisha s behavior is not the way true friends should act While she sympathizes with Tanisha s misguided attempts to reignite their friendship, Bean acknowledges that her relationship with Tanisha is not good for her, and that it results in Bean behaving in a way she knows she shouldn t behave Given how difficult it can be for kids to understand how much they are influenced by their peers, I was impressed by this part of the novel and liked how Bean handled it in a way that was convincingly age appropriate I also liked that Tanisha felt like a fully developed character rather than a cartoon bully.I also liked Bean s growing friendship with Stanley There was a good message in it about getting to know a person before judging them that fits in with one of the big, overall themes of the book Bean s learning to understand that people all have their own hopes, desires, and hurts that drive them to behave as they do Bean learns how to empathize with others.Still, there were some things about this book that I found kind of jarring The adults felt inconsistent to me at times, and I thought the book occasionally delved into territory that would be a little over the head of its target audience.The book is perfectly likable, but it just lacked that certain something I find in really good children s literature I liked Bean, but she wasn t as engaging of a character as someone like Grace, from the Just Grace series Overall, this is a pretty solid first effort.

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    I received this book in a Goodreads FirstReads giveaway.My 10 year old daughter read it first She gives it a 4 out of 5 stars She feels the character is easy to relate to and the book was easy to follow and read Bean apparently reminds her Alot of herself.Now it s my turn to read.I have to agree with my daughter This is a really good book I see why she could relate to Bean Bean is a typical kid in what I call middle elementary school She feels outshined by her older siblings and left out when her best friend starts to venture out and make other friends The trouble of trying to find where she fits if something that all kids go through from time to time I can t wait until my younger daughter is old enough to read this as well It lets kids know that everybody goes through the same things.

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    This was cute It s not something that I would read to a whole class, but I did enjoy it.

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    Chudney Ross has a charming debut in Lone Bean that is faintly reminiscent of the Ramona Quimby books Lone Bean opens with main character, Chrysanthemum Bean as she prefers to be called, bursting with excitement over starting third grade, but Bean discovers the year won t quite be what she expects.Read the rest of my review here

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    I won this free book on first reads giveaway Thank you Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book Great story about friendships and the life of a third grader.My 3rd grade granddaughter read the book and loved it.

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    This was a cute little stroll down memory lane for me This reminded me of all the what seems now like trivial things of my junior teen days I needed to read this book to help me out of longstanding reading slump I m going to pass this along to my niece who ll be close to reading age for this book.

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    It was an easy read and found myself chuckling or giggling on parts of the story Overall, it was an okay read 2.5 stars.Leisure read and gave a honest opinion of the book.

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    Bean her real name is Chrysanthemum, but she refuses to use it is a lovely story about an 8 year old girl who has a really rough first day at school She is now in 3rd grade and she is looking forward to seeing her best friend, Carla, whom she has not seen all summer Sadly, she discovers that her best friend is now the best friend of someone else and is ignoring her, there is a bully in class, Tanisha, who is tormenting her, and the teacher seems oblivious to her plight, she has to sit with stinky Stanley as a last resort, and she has no one to sit with at lunch any or play with at recess She is sad and very lonely The reader will watch Bean as she learns how to cope with and solve her problems, makes new friends and renews old friendships, learns to respect the rights of others, and learns the value of understanding right from wrong As she begins to understand that some kids seem different because they are sad or lonely or have health issues or a different home life than she has with her parents and sisters, she becomes kinder and understanding and less angry She understands that being mean is not the best way to behave and kindness is a better way to reach someone and make them your friend No one wants to be with someone mean She learns that sometimes acting out because you are unhappy and lonely can be fun, but it can also be dangerous and there are consequences Eventually, Bean learns that sometimes things don t turn out the way you hoped they would, but with patience and kindness, problems do get resolved and you will feel better However, you will have to make an effort also, to help yourself and work your problems out You will have to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them and you will have to work harder to achieve what you want rather than sulk or misbehave.This is a good book to discuss at home or in a classroom setting because the author has done a good job of presenting the issues and conflicts that face young children today as they go about their normal daily lives at home and at school She clearly defines those, using specific examples of bullying, peer pressure, sibling rivalry, friendship issues, loneliness, teacher and parental discipline, disobedience and consequences On the bright side, she also shows the benefits of good behavior, loyalty, forgiveness, true affection and concern for others, working together, and the experience of real happiness when we do the right thing and achieve our goals I didn t like the way the Bean s parents were developed in the story They were too permissive and Bean seemed to lack a sense of limits on her behavior Her two older siblings,Gardenia and Rose, the oldest of whom was in middle school, were largely responsible for her well being, and they were really not mature enough to handle the task Bean s dad was a music professor and her mom was a nurse Gabrielle s mom was over protective and Tanisha s mom was largely absent I thought that the teacher was not as engaged with her class and their well being as she should have been and was not aware of what went on with her students, to the point of negligence Perhaps they were all made into caricatures of real life individuals, in order to better express the problems experienced in childhood.The author speaks in a voice that sounds true to children and the book is probably best suited for 8 13 year olds.I believe children will readily identify with Bean Chrysanthemum and her sisters, Rose and Gardenia, and all the events they encounter day to day My 13 year old grandchild read it and loved it.

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    This book would be ideal for 2nd to 4th grade readers An eight year old normal girl anticipates everything good imaginable about the upcoming school year She was especially excited to reconnect with her best friend they were inseparable last year but have had no summer contact The book was enjoyable, some humor though serious than say, the Ellen Tebbits series Some of the problems were rather inhibiting for such a child to solve She had to face a bully, losing her best friend, not having a best friend, befriending another mischievous girl She generally was a nice, well mannered Goody Two Shoes type child Instead of following her own conscience, she was constantly following the inappropriate antics of a disruptive, uncontrollable new girl in class This ended up getting Lone Bean in trouble at school not only with the very kids she d hoped to impress but with the teacher, custodian,and principal which involved a bad report to her parents and grounding The students had to handle a bully which was presented usefully improving her image with the other students She visited the trouble maker s very disadvantaged, poor apartment discovering that this new friend had no dad She never met the mother either since she had to work hours her child was at home, so the friend literally had to take are of herself The main character used her common sense not returning to that apartment for play again rather she invited the girl to her own home instead Quite a range of feelings were expressed in the story including disappointment,anger, loss,sadness and others.Sisterly love was present, tattling vs.not tattling, blaming others, importance of family and acceptance of differences of others, were all shown throughout the book All the traits were presented in a positive light with a possibility of using some of their remedies in real life A young girl would most likely enjoy this read.

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    Bean seemed older than eight and a half she writes emails and goes to 7 Eleven with her friends for Slurpees Brand names are all over the place I realize that children are typically picky eaters, but Bean s hatred of carrots and anything green or remotely healthy seems gratuitously emphasized She is an absolute chatterbox of a narrator and can be tiring to keep up with The pranks she gets into with Tanisha are rather appalling Tanisha, Stanley, and Gabrielle are stereotypical school friends the rough bully who is neglected at home and wants to be friends the smelly social reject who turns out to be amazingly talented and the poor little rich girl whose fashionable, fastidious, overprotective mother doesn t let her do anything, not play on the cafeteria or eat Jell O Ramona Quimby is a much reflective and endearing eight year old than Chrysanthemum Gibson Yet there is a strain of the importance of family Bean s sisters are not quite as m e a n mean as she complains and the lesson about forgiveness is well taught I picked up this book because Bean takes violin lessons and her father is a college music professor The cover is cute, too, although it led me to expect interior illustrations, like the Ramona books have The recital at the end of the book, however, feels tacked on, as if the book needed an American Girl movie ending I m not sure that learning to play the violin enriched Bean s experience, apart from giving her an occasion to wear a fancy dress 2.5 stars rounded up.

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