Lord Loss

Lord Loss See F I V E Bloody stars My dad would have kicked Darren Shan for writing this book.But I won t XDTrust me It s gory and gross I would never recommend this book to my lil bro And I ve hidden the ebook deep inside the PC so that dad doesn t accidentally find it or worse read it view spoiler Dad hates violence, I can t watch horror movies, play utterly gory games or read stuff on that when he is around hide spoiler In writing this review, I shall have to be very careful not to spoil this book In a word, this was fantastic I truly enjoyed reading it I had no idea what to expect and that s part of the fun, so I won t enlighten you about what this book is about.Go into reading this book as an adventure The beginning is shocking, to say the least But don t give up Keep reading Accompany Grubbs on his journey Watch the mundane slide into the nightmare dimensions that we hope not to encounter in this life Have fun doing it You certainly will.Darren Shan is one heck of a writer There is a beauty in how he takes such a grim subject and makes it interesting, and in some moments, laugh out loud funny I m in awe I have not read very many books that are written in the present tense, so it was a little different at first But I must say that doing so really kept me in the moment and part of the action You really are right there with Grubbs when his life implodes, for lack of a better word In my opinion, Mr Shan has taken a little bit of that Lovecraft and Barker vibe and made it fun, accessible and palatable for this reader Yet there is no doubt that he has established his own voice that will keep me coming back for of his books.The storyline is such that you wonder how things will connect together Be patient All will be revealed And I was very impressed with the result I think I should take up chess Just in case it comes in handy I will say no Read this book, if you re brave enough I would advise against reading at night and while you re alone I read it during the day and I was by myself, and I did okay no nightmares trouble sleeping And I don t think I d let a child under a mature for his her age 12 and that s being generous read this book It contains some, not too many, gruesome scenes and violence, and dark subject matter. I loved Darren Shan s Cirque Du Freak series I mean, seriously, almost literally drooled over waiting for each edition of those books so set myself the goal of reading his other series as well This sounded the interesting, so this is the one I ve started with Definitely dark, definitely morbid, it s a young adult for older teens, despite how it s marketed Just as enjoyable for adults, at least this one The main character encounters a tragic, violent loss as he finds his family destroyed and faces the villains who did it brutal stuff When he mentally heals enough to cope, he finds himself sheltered by his long lost uncle, a man who knows than he s telling, but who is willing to tell it as soon as Grubbs wants to listen.I can tell there are complicated intricacies waiting in further sequels This one kept it a little simple for effect and establishing structure There were twists and surprises as they are slowly unveiled, but nothing too stunning I finally figured out where the chess came into play interesting stuff I dug the idea of the family curse, the magic use, and the ties with the demon master Lord Loss.Grubbs is a worthy main young adult protagonist He s not obnoxious, he s realistic, and I especially thought Shan wrote his madness well Almost a poetic bend to tell that part of the story The uncle is easy to fall in love with and I hope he sticks around The new best friend, Bill E, is adorably likeable As far as villains go, Lord Loss is evil through and through, creepy, and even I wanted him to leave.There s violence and gore from someone dead being used as a finger puppet, to beheadings, and even a bizarre story about the original owner of the house getting rid of a baby he didn t want by feeding it to his pet piranhas It s not continuous, but it s brutal in the scenes which are meant to be horrifying Of course these scenes hold up strong in their tensions You never know what the author will pull out of his hat, after all.I rated three rather than five as the story didn t addict or fully captivate me yet It has the potential to and I ll definitely keep reading.The ending is kind of a calm before the storm a relieved sigh that things are surprisingly okay This never stays, as I ve found especially considering there are at least ten of these books to go. . 3.5 StarsOkay so I read this series about 5 years ago now and don t remember a lot of it really well I sat down to write up a few lines about it after seeing that a friend was reading it but as I did I kept remembering cool plot points characters that I felt obligated to mention Anyway I remember reading this series when I was about 13 14 and really liking it all of the disembowelling helped D Note This is marketed as Young Adult but it isn t At least it s not what you d normally expect from the genre You should really not let your kids read this if they re under, say, 12 and probably older still I ve legits never read a book series with detailed descriptions of scenes of horrific violence and gore This review will cover the whole series however I ll try to keep any important plot points from later books in spoiler tags.The first book introduces Grubbs Grady, a pretty typical teenager After his sister tells his parents that he was smoking he plays a prank on her A really messed up prank I meanreallymessed up Don t try this shit at home Anyway afterwards Grubbs is punished by his parents by being banned from going on a trip with them But his parents and his sister are acting strange His sister comes into his room to tell him that she forgives him for the prank and give him a gift Grubbs, having quarrelled with his sister all his life doesn t know what to make of this display of affection I still remember this part due to Grubb s reflections on it later on While Shan s over use of gore and violence can be immature and tactless he is also occasionally capable of writing moments of true poignancy Anyway shortly afterwards his parents and sister send him to his grandmother s while they go on their trip However when Grubb returns home early he finds their car still parked outside When he goes inside what he sees changes his life forever This first book had elements of mystery and suspense as the hero begins to suspect his uncle suffers from an ancient curse, a curse that may have led to tragedy for his family When he and his cousin best friend Bill E Spleen I still remember that name D investigate they stumble onto a truth they never could have expected This book with it s eerie, suspense filled plot and a brilliantly worked plot twist was reminiscent of the best of R.L Stein.As the story goes on the scope is expanded greatly While at times the first book was focused on horror the series gradually moves towards epic fantasy, however Shan maintains his famously brutal style throughout view spoiler The death of Grubb s friend Loch around book 3 and Bill E s involvement was a haunting, horrifying piece of writing and Bill E s death several books later as a result was a brilliant example of a story tying together while also being a deeply moving moment hide spoiler I m all for reading about DEATH MATCH CHESS, but even that cannot save this book for me It seems poised to snag whatever parts of the YA demographic that have not been sucked into the Twilight vortex Not interested in reading an epic romance about a sparkly vampire Try this book about demons eating parents instead now with copious amounts of blood I liked how the hero, Grubbs Grady, gets a hard wake up call to the realities of his world when his immediate family is slaughtered by demons, and I thought the reveal of that scene and the aftermath with Grubbs stuck in a cycle of psychiatric observation was extremely well done But shortly after Grubbs sole surviving adult family member arranges for Grubbs release from observation, the narrative completely stalls and my interest took a sharp nosedive First, wouldn t you logically expect a young teenager having directly witnessed demons eating his family and having spent weeks in an asylum desperately pretending this hasn t happened for fear that he ll prove himself to actually be crazy, but then discovering that his uncle is the one adult in his world who believes in the demons too and who then spirits him out of the asylum to safety to maybe ask this uncle about these demons Maybe even ask why this horrible thing has happened to him You wanna know how long it takes Grubbs to do this One Hundred Pages. I was getting to the point while reading this that I seriously wondered if I d accidentally skipped over the paragraph that explained this.It s as if the author was deliberately trying to slow the pace of this book, and I can t think of a single reason why he would want to do so The beginning grips you instantly and the ending is really good, but the middle Ugh the story stops dead Did Shan think teens couldn t handle reading a novel at breakneck speed and needed some sort of slow place where they could catch their breath That teens would be unable to relate to a story entirely about a badass demon fighting protagonist with a burning urge to stay alive and that it would be a better idea to tone it down for a few chapters so that teens could read instead about a protagonist doing exciting things like watch movies with a friend in his living room Or had he just had a passing whim to switch the story s genre entirely from horror to light mystery but then changed his mind and switched it back to horror again at the end It makes no sense If you want to write a horror story, make it horror.Then Grubbs himself suffers from this sequence of random competence switchovers He starts at as a sadistically nasty little brother rigging a shower to pour rotten, liquefied rat guts on your naked sister assuredly counts as sadistic behavior but he quickly goes through that horrible opening event and starts behaving very believably within the confines of the story, but once he gets to his uncle s house he starts acting like a careless moron and jettisons any of the experience bonus points he would have gained earlier But then, by the very end of the book, Grubbs has another great growth of maturity and becomes responsible and interesting again I want to throttle the author Pick a characterization already, Shan I would have loved this story if it had been rewritten with a even hand The plot had a great premise, and Shan shows loads of creatively As the story currently stands, the characters behavior is too frustrating for me to enjoy.ETA I lent this book to my younger brother, who s very in to this sort of gorefest plotline He friggin loved the book, read it in the space of a week or two books normally take him months to read , and approached me with a direct inquiry to see if I had any other titles in this series This never happens So Shan must be doing something right. This is a young adult book It is straight foward, and an easy read The concept curse of the werewolf I know I know who cares about werewolves Not that exciting unless you are talking about the card game rage Then you get to tear people in half, awsome This book has something better than werewolves EXTREME CHESS What It is true Hard core chess games The person in the book that has the curse of the werewolf has two choices They can except their fate and become a werewolf, or play a demon in chess for the cure The chess game goes like this 3 chess boards against the demon himself while your teammate battles two minor demons in a death match the victor from the death match attacks the person playing chess A bloody game of chess sweet Just for the chess battles this book is decent and should be at least looked at I need to play chess like this Lord Loss The Demonata 1 , Darren ShanLord Loss is the first novel in the Demonata series written by best selling teenage horror author Darren Shan It was originally published in the UK on 6 June 2005 Soon after, it appeared in Japan and America, where Shan s previous series, The Saga of Darren Shan, had sold millions The novel is set in Ireland and is told in present tense first person through Grubbs Grady, a child whose family are all chess players 2006 1384 334 1 1385 9644176618 1387 1388 1389 1390 1391 9789645365460 1396 334 21 1395 302 9789641712641 21 3 Grubbs Grady Has Stiff Red Hair And Is A Little Big For His Age, Which Means He Can Get Into R Rated Movies He Hates History And Loves Bacon, Rats, And Playing Tricks On His Squeamish Older Sister When He Opts Out Of A Family Weekend Trip, He Never Guesses That He Is About To Take A Terrifying Journey Into Darkness Hungry Demons And Howling Werewolves Haunt His Waking Nightmares And Threaten His Life

Darren Dash And in the past he has released books for adults under the names

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