Lord of the Vampires

Lord of the Vampires Once Upon A Time The Blood Sorcerer Vanquished The Kingdom Of Elden To Save Their Children, The Queen Scattered Them To Safety And The King Filled Them With A Need For Vengeance Only A Magical Timepiece Connects The Four Royal Heirs And Time Is Running Out Nicolai The Vampire Is Renowned For His Virility, But In A Cruel Twist Of Fate The Dark Seducer Has Become A Sex Slave In The Kingdom Of Delfina Stripped Of His Precious Timepiece And His Memory All That Remains Is A Primal Need For Freedom, Revenge And The Only Woman Who Can Help HimWhen The Wanton Vampire Summons Jane Parker, She Is Helpless To Obey She S Drawn To His Dark Sexuality And Into His Magical Realm But For This Human, All Is Not A Fairy Tale For Saving Nicolai Could Mean Losing The Only Man She S Ever Craved

Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty books in paranormal and contemporary romances, as well as young adult novels Her series include White Rabbit Chronicles, Angels of the Dark, Otherworld Assassins, Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress and Intertwined.Her novels have appeared in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Seventeen Magazine, and have been transl

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 281 pages
  • Lord of the Vampires
  • Gena Showalter
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
  • 9780373618668

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    Warning This book contains sex wow Hot, crazy, vampire sex And lots of it. Lord of the Vampires is the first book in the new Royal House of Shadows series, and my first read of Gena Showalter s writing I ve heard her name mentioned time and time again as friends encouraged me to read her Lords of the Underworld series, but when I saw Lord of the Vampires listed on netgalley, I just couldn t pass it up The first thing that really stood out, and I enjoyed very much, was just how edgy and vicious Nicolai is Hell bent on a revenge he had to have but didn t quite understand, he s bloodthirsty and brutal in getting what he wants Calling Nicolai alpha is like calling a tornado a gentle breeze Caveman, Neanderthal, heathen seriously, he s the most over the top brute of any book I ve read in a long time And I Loved it Every time Nicolai growled, Mine or Want you I got all tingly inside The heroine s name is Jane.Speaking of Nicolai Have I mentioned how much I love him A hot, sexy vampire, cursed, memory stolen, he can summon me any day Okay, about the book I d say the first half of the book was a solid 5 star rating for me I was impressed with the world building, the unique storyline and interesting characters especially Nicolai Rawr Then somewhere into the second half we suddenly started getting a lot of repetition of thoughts internal rehashing of things that had already been hashed to death That would have been fine had I been reading only a chapter or two every few days and needing reminders of things I d previously read, but that wasn t the case, so I found myself skipping over things, and being annoyed at having to do so I wanted Nicolai time, not time spent listening to Jane whine about being attacked by witches and nearly raped by Ogres Whatever, Jane Grow a set and get over it Anyway, the second half of the book gets about 2.5 3 stars from me, so I m giving it an overall rating of 3.5 stars.Some of my favorite quotes from the story all come from Nicolai Mine, Nicolai snapped No touching Behind her, she heard Nicolai jerking against his chains Mine And her resistance gods, he d wanted to quash it Still did.Wanted her to know his bite, his kiss.His possession.Perhaps she was merely a challenge he had to triumph above He didn t care Quite simply, she was his That was not in question Mine, his cells continued to scream All mine. Mine, he said forcefully, perhaps sensing her doubts What do you mean by that Explain Want you No secret of that You want me, too God, those short, abrupt sentences were sexy as hell.As if his mind was locked on one thought pleasure and nothing could penetrate his determination to have it With her and only her.And last, but certainly not least, my very favorite Want You Be still my heart So romantic, so hot, sooo caveman I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series, Lord of Rage which will be written by Jill Monroe I received this ARC to read and review from netgalley.com.

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    upon a time, a vampire prince named Nicolai was an arrogant seducer of anything with breasts He lived happily, frolicking with his brothers and sister, learning to fight, to control his temper, to use his powers, and learn to healuntil one day, an evil sorcerer attacks His parents, the king and queen, are slaughtered, and with their dying breaths, each casts a spell His mother sends all 4 of her children to safety, while the king instills a need for vengeance against the Blood Sorcerer Unfortunately the queen s spell sent her children to different places in their world Nicolai finds himself naked in the sex slave market of Delfina, a kingdom without time or age He escapes and is captured by the princess of the witches, Odette She and her sister Laila have his memory erased and Odette forces him to become her sex slave Meanwhile, in a place far, far away, a cabin in the human realm, we find our heroine, Jane Jane is recovering from a horrific car accident A drunk driver hit her car and killed her family, paralyzing Jane, crushing her from waist down After a long torturous year, she is up, walking, jogging every day to keep her muscles from stiffening, and she is dreaming of a chained vampire Oh yes, she knows the hero s a vampire because she used to work in a research facility that interrogated the others She s a scientist who has been trying to send things over to Nicolai s realm and she s succeeded with inanimate objects But one day she finds a book on her doorstep Opening it up and reading it, she can not only picture Nicolai, the vampire who wrote the lines, but she can see him as if she knows him Does she Next thing she knows, Jane is transported into the Princess Odette s life Everyone who sees her, sees Odette Everyone, that is, except Nicolai He convinces her to free him, and she is whipped by her mother, the queen, but our hero, in a fit of rage tears through everyone to get to his woman And that is really just the first 60 pages or so But never fear Once they escape, danger is constantly dogging their heels Jane is captured by ahem very lusty ogres Even in her fat, ugly, Princess Odette disguise, they want her anyway She does a good job of fighting one off, but grab her, and unfortunately Nicolai fought them until he was incapacitated with some of his memories rushing back Each time he gains of his memories, it s painful and he loses time Finding Jane is a priority, but his memories force him to re live them, and each is a debilitating memory But as his memory returns, so do his powers, and luckily he s able to find Jane each time The two of them find amazing amounts of danger But I enjoyed watching Nicolai learn that he couldn t just use Jane to escape he began to care for her, and respect her The sex came pretty early on, and as we all know Showalter, that woman can write some steamy naughtiness But I liked it The world building wasn t hard to follow, but the memory stealing was I had a hard time remembering whose memories were stolen and by whom And the ending was a bit abrupt But other than that, it was a fun ride I liked seeing the trademark Gena Showalter sense of humor and I really enjoyed the way Nicolai got possessive over Jane, but he didn t understand why For those of you who are rolling your eyes at the love at first sight bit, stop right there it wasn t There s a sneaky little twist in there that lets us know they ve met before They were friends, but something happens that takes that away I liked it, I was confused a few times, but I am really looking forward to the next installment which is actually written by Jill Monroe And Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh have the 2 after that This looks to be an intense series ETA I ve been told this is a variation of Alice in Wonderland, and that actually helped clarify some of the confusion for me eARC courtesy of netgalley.com

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    Sadly, I was pretty disappointed with this book If it was written by another author that I didn t have higher expectations for, I would have liked it fairly well But for Gena Showalter, and what I know she can write, this one didn t quite measure up I think it s the Harlequin Nocturne curse I ve found that these books don t have enough content to make this PNR fan happy Ms Showalter seemed to have some issues with the word count restrictions I think she did the best she could, but I felt that the storytelling wasn t as cohesive, and some aspects were less concrete that I would like I think as a 400 page book, this could have been an awesome story For a 281 page book, it s rather half done I wanted world building and stronger characterization The world seemed a bit like a Saturday morning cartoon as far as the fairy land stricken by dark magic I was left wanting on that front The bad guys were kind of cardboard I love a wicked witch villainess, and this could have rocked in that sense As is, the players were too sketchy for my tastes As far as the romance sexy bits, that was very well done as it was, although time spent on Nicolai and Jane getting to know each other wouldn t have come amiss On the positive side, I really liked Jane as a heroine Nicolai didn t impress me, but I wasn t necessarily disappointed He was just okay He was the standard rakish hero who happens to be a vampire He didn t strike me as particularly tortured, but yes, he was sexy I didn t mind the monosyllabic neanderthal speech as much as some of my fellow readers It fit Nicolai s character to me, so it didn t stick out He s an elemental, primal kind of guy, and I would expect that of him for the woman he fell in love felt a strong bond with As far as the sex slave to beat all sex slaves angle, I think The Pleasure Slave has a somewhat similar scenario in some respects, but done much better, because there was time for the story to ripen and bloom fully.As much as it pains me, I can t give this one than 3.25 5.0 stars Ms Showalter, you still rock for me, and I am still a loyal fan I blame this on the short format than on a lack of writing skills on your part My fingers are crossed that I enjoy the following books in the series a little I m not giving up on Harlequin Nocturnes yet, darn it

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    Look, if you re going to write about a heroine who s supposed to be a scientist, please make sure that her thought process is rational, at the very least No amount of term dropping would convince me that she s smart if she acts like a bloody dimwit most of the time Seriously What self respecting scientist would believe in vampires in the first place She knew that vampires, shape shifters and other creatures of the night existed, even though her coworkers on the quantum physics side of the equation had not been privy to the truth.And oh, let s not forget this part, a sterling example of how fucking rational our Jane here is If Nicolai s story was true, he was as trapped by those chains as surely as she had once been trapped by her body s infirmities.So let s get this straight Jane keeps on dreaming about having sex with a vampire named Nicolai Then, she finds a suspicious book and reads it She starts having visions of Nicolai while reading the book Ergo, Nicolai must be real Holy shit, that s some awesome deduction, Einstein Amazing You re a fucking genius As if it wasn t bad enough that we have her as a heroine, look at what we have for our hero The real Odette was dead He d made sure of it He had drained her, stabbed her, then shoved her over the cliffs outside this palace Excessively violent, perhaps, but an enemy was an enemy, and his temper had been roused.Isn t he just dreamy Hahaha.Haha.Ha.

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    e ARC provided by netgalley.comEdited rating 3,5 stars The first book of Royal House of Shadows series The story about the crown prince of Elden, Nicolai, who turned to sex slave and need this woman, Jane Parker, to save him.Nicolai, once a crown prince of Elden, the magical Kingdom Knowing as Dark Seducer, he seduced many women as he want, never bother to search his queen But when Blood Sorcerer took over his kingdom, the king and the queen was killed but before their last breath, they send their child out of kingdom To vengeance, say the king, and to the safety, said the queen who love her children.Next time when he awake, Nicolai discovered he had become a sex slave Stripped from his memory and his magic, helpless to resist his captor, the princess of Deflina, the ageless kingdom, to use his body as they please Soon, he use his magic that left a little, to summon a mortal woman, to save him After the accident, Jane Parker s life change drastically But little she know, when she found a strange book in front of her house, that book will change her life forever Jane then summoned to Deflina As Odette, their princess,who assumed dead Jane then realized she appeared as Odette, while the real Odette already dead, and her appearance is one of Nicolai s work In order to save his kingdom, first Jane must rescue Nicolai from Deflina, then retrieve his memory and his magic The journey so hard, difficult, many obstacles in front of them, while Nicolai and Jane attrach to each other Together they must face their enemy and try to make their relationship work.I m a proud Gena Showalter fans I read almost all of her books maybe just her YA books that I don t read it yet and when I know Gena Showalter write for Harlequin Nocturne, together with another 3 author, I m so excited and excited when NetGalley have this title Glad they approve my request.I want to give this 3 stars, despite this book written by my author goddess, Gena Showalter, seems like it s not write by her, but its change after a few chapter, I can recognize her writing style, so that s why I give one star The story good, the plot good, some twist, some action, steamy, but not fans of the character, even I like Jane Parker , the heroine, a bit nearly the end of story Nicolai, not so much One I hear he said mine , I ll kick his ass I don t mind an alpha hero, but too alpha, is not good Some things that bothered me. where s the humor I expect to see Gena humor sense here, but just found a few This book too serious for me, but I still enjoy this There so many things the author want to tell us It s a little bit overwhelming, and some part make me confusedIf you are Gena Showalter hardcore fans, you don t want to miss this.Do I want to buy the paperback edition even I already read the ARC version Well, yes Looking forward to read another Nikolai s sibling, Dayn, Breena and Micah in the next installment of this series Next is Breena s story in Lord of The Rage by Jill Monroe

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    Lord of the Vampires was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Harlequin.3 stars but only because of the originality of the story They called him Nicolai, and he is one of the four royal heirs to the kingdom of Elden After his father the King and his mother the Queen cast spells in a poor attempt to protect their children, the spells go awry and Nicolai winds up having his powers bound, his memory wiped clean, and being the prisoner of Odette, princess of the witches in Delfina, a kingdom without time or age.Jane is a scientist in the modern world who is recovering from serious injuries from a recent car accident where a drunk driver killed her mother, father, and sister Jane was the only survivor She has recently experienced dreams of a man chained up and being held against his will His name is Nicolai and he is a vampire Jane receives a book in the mail that was written by Nicolai There is no explanation for why she knows this, she just does because she feels that she knows Nicolai and not just from what she dreams about Jane falls asleep reading Nicolai s writing and wakes up in another time and place in Delfina, as princess Odette Jane of course having no clue how this has happened is glad to find that Nicolai is in fact real She manages to free him and they escape Delfina together and that s when their troubles begin.This book is the definition of paranormal romance which is probably why I ended up not being the hugest fan of this book I originally thought this leaned towards urban fantasy but I guessed wrong I had a hard time with this book I felt myself scrunching my forehead for the majority of the book trying to figure out what was going on The memory issue and how they would come to Nicolai in spurts was confusing and a bit hard to follow at first.The overall story was quite original and I actually found it quite interesting But if I had to read tented loincloth one time I swear I was going to scream Overall, I m sure this was a great novel for paranormal romance lovers, unfortunately it just wasn t my cup of tea.

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    1 Stars

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    This was my first read by Gena Showalter and I am happy to say that I was very pleased with this story Lately, I ve had a difficult time find good paranormal romance novels that I could really get involved with I enjoy my PNR with solid world building, believable characters, and hot and heavy on the romance Lord of the Vampire s was full of both.After the king and queen of Elden are tragically slain, their four children are cast out being protected by a spell cast by their witch mother Along with the protection spell, the four children are filled with a need for extreme vengeance against those who tore their family apart The first book in this series is about eldest son and Vampire, Nicolai Nicolai has quite the reputation with the ladies, and it s no surprise to see multiple women in his bed at one time But when Nicolai wakes up from the spell that was cast, not only does he discover he is now a sex slave to the evil princesses Odette and Laila, he also has no recollection of how he was brought to this place, nor of the life he led before He knows that only one person can save him, and he calls out to her desperate to have her rescue him Jane lives in present day USA and works for the government in a group that investigates paranormal beings and the ways of their lives She is also the sole survivor of a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of everyone else in her family Jane has no real passion in life and merely exists Nothing exciting or interesting happens to her When she comes home one day and finds a box on her doorstep with a mysterious book inside it, all the excitement she s been missing suddenly comes to life After reading the book, Jane realizes the man that s haunted her dreams is calling out to her As she finally falls asleep, she imagines she s there with Nicolai, there within the same castle as he, and when she wakes up, lo and behold, she is.The attraction between Nicolai and Jane is immediate and I N T E N S E Together, they come up with a plan to help Nicolai escape They flee the castle together and encounter creatures of all types, dark magic, and dangerous situations They also discover a hunger for one another that is every bit as necessary as breathing.The world building in this novel was fantastic The author did a great job of creating a believable world that I found to be interesting and realistic Elden and Delfina are filled with paranormal creature and magic around every corner and it was very enjoyable to read.The sex between Jane and Nicolai was steaming, sizzling hot and I was sweating throughout the novel and completely addicted to their chemistry Couldn t get enough of it Hands down, favorite part of this book Nicolai Oooooh, I just love the way his name rolls off my tongue I loved his bad boy alpha self and his possessiveness over Jane I couldn t get enough of his short and to the point sentences Want you Now Um..YES PLEASE Good grief I was swooning over this man.This book is full of paranormal elements, action, and hot steamy sex I highly recommend it to any lover of PNR Looking forward to the rest in the series Four Solid Stars This book was provided to me via NetGalley

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    bir kitapt Olaylar o kadar abuk ba lay p geli ti ki noldu unu anlamad m bile Tamam kitap ince ama olaylar n bu kadar abuk ger ekle mesine gerek yoktu Ayr ca Allah a k na u Romance Paranormal Romance yazarlar az c k kendilerini geli tirsinler ya Oturduklar yerden sadece seks sahnesi yazmakla olmaz bu i ler Tamam arada harbiden iyi konu yazanlar k yor ama o u zaman araya de i ik bir konu eklemeye al t klar nda bat r yorlar Bu kitapta oldu u gibi.Karakterlere sinir oldum hele kad n karaktere Neymi efendim kendisi bilim insan ym , ok zekiymi okula ok erken gitmi falan ama bilim ona istedi ini vermiyormu art k, yetmiyormu ona o da b rakm bilimle ilgilenmeyi Bak bak bak bilim yetmiyormu um han m efendiye Ayr ca kitaplarda g rm vampirleri ger ek oldu una kanaat getirmi Kendi ap nda ava k p vampirler yakalam , onlar incelemi Bizde o kadar vampir okuyoruz, u yorumu bitireyim de bir iki tane vampir arayay m kendime Ayr ca k k han m nlanmay ba ard Eskiden k k cisimleri nlam , sonra kendini nlad Vay be teknoloji ne kadar geli mi.Neyse bu i te zaman nda kaza ge irmi ailesi lm , zaten bilimden de s k ld ndan eve hapsetmi kendini Sonra bir g n bir kitap geliyor buna O da o kitab okuyor heyecanla derken kendini ba ka bir diyarda buluyor Sonra erkek karakterimizle kar la yor Hemen havada bir cinsel gerilim efendime s yleyeyim bir ekim oluyor Her ikisi de aman Allah m hemen sevi meliyiz moduna ge iyorlar Tabi o ilk g r te birbirlerinin hayatlar n n a klar oldu unu anlad klar k sm s ylememe gerek bile yok B yle bu kad n n davran lar g r n te ok sert g z k yor Eli ma al tiplerden Ama a z n bir a yor vallahi gerizekal Hani animelerde mutlaka utanga bir karakter olur Kimseyle y z k zarmadan, kekelemeden konu amaz Heh bu da yle bir ey oluyor Sonra bir ara tekrar eli ma al Sa mal n daniskas yani u kitab alaca m diye ne u ra t m stelik Salakl ma yanay m i te Bitti de kurtuldum en az ndan.

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    I love the concept of the Royal House of Shadows It s a bit fairytale, a bit paranormal, and some time traveling Nicolai is a vampire He was bought as a slave years ago and has been kept prisoner, and used as a sex slave He now finds a way to bring a human female to him to rescue him He is in a land where there is not time And to escape, this human comes in the form of one of his captors Only he can see her true self He is a bit of a caveman, sometimes he can t put complete sentences together, but I find it endearing and cute Although it could get annoying to some He was sexy and georgeous and alpha and definetely my favorite element in this book Jane is a completely different story She annoyed me She is one of those people who carries on conversations with herself in her mind Her mind is best described as a cute little puppy No attention span She has gone through some difficult things in her life you would think she could be a little mature The world building was fun and entertaining, and I can t wait to read the other books in the series, which will be about Nicolai s siblings Favorite Quote Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I might be a vampire so I don t give a shit

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