Losing Control (Heaven Hill, #3)

Losing Control (Heaven Hill, #3) Strip Club WaitressAspiring TeacherFriend Of The Heaven Hill MC Bianca Hawks Met Jagger Stone In The Most Embarrassing Of Ways After Watching Him Play Music At Wet Wanda S For Months, She Fell Half Naked Into His Arms After A Drunken Bout With A Stripper Pole And The Back Of A Pick Up Truck Avoiding Him And His Killer Smile No Longer Works When She Needs Her Car Repaired And He Comes To Her Rescue His Request For Payment Comes In The Form Of Date Nights Spent With Just The Two Of Them Away From Both The Strip Club And The MCTough Guy With Model Good LooksTalented MusicianNewly Patched Member Of The Heaven Hill MC Jagger Stone Only Wanted Two Things To Be A Patched Member Of The Heaven Hill MC And To Get To Know Bianca Hawks One For Two Isn T Bad, But When Her Car Breaks Down And She S Left With No One Else To Help Her, He Plays The Situation To His Advantage Over Late Nights Driving Up And Down The Interstate And Nights In Spent At Her Apartment, Jagger Realizes That There Is So Much To Bianca Than He Ever KnewWhen Her Dream Of Becoming A School Teacher Is Threatened By Someone Who Wants Her All To Himself, The Two Of Them Are Thrown Into A Dangerous Game Of Cat And Mouse For The First Time, Heaven Hill Isn T Sure What They Are Up Against Or If They Can Keep Their Family Safe In Times Of Danger, Bianca And Jagger Know The Only Thing They Can Do Is Hold Onto Each Other While Trying Not To Admit They Are Losing Control

Laramie Briscoe is the USA Today Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of over 30 books.Since self publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie has appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E books Lists on iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes Noble Her books have been known to make readers laugh and cry They are guaranteed to be emotional, steamy reads.When she s not writing alph

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  • Losing Control (Heaven Hill, #3)
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  • 06 March 2019

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    3 stars Take what you want Take what you need Bianca is the one who haunts Jagger s mind, day or night, and no matter how hard he tries she won t give him the time of day Set on her goals to become a teacher, she s not willing to let anything stand in her way, even this sexy biker with his panty melting voice She can t help but be charmed with his flirtatious ways Bianca Hawks, will you be my girlfriend. As fate tends to intervene, Bianca and Jagger find themselves in a position that brings her closer to him at his weakest moment Setting aside their prides, they take each day as it comes and see where it takes them Scared to lose herself she still holds a piece of her back from Jagger, who is finding it hard not to lay claim to the woman who doesn t want to be claimed If being a strip club waitress wasn t enough to tarnish her reputation as a school teacher what if they find out that her man is part of the Heaven Hill MC There s nothing to be ashamed about here, between us, Bianca I m here because I like who you are and I respect who you re trying to be There s no need for either one of us to pretend to be something we aren t Not sure what I was expecting with Jagger and Bianca s story but so far this is the second one that didn t really do it for me I liked it but I wanted passion, alphaness, just I probably will continue but not sure if I m gonna rush in Reviewed on 01 01 2014 after the holiday craziness

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    Slick s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.25 StarsIt s hard not to enjoy the books in author Laramie Briscoe s Heaven Hill series and I m pleasantly surprised how differently each book is written While book one was fairly complex in setting up the series, book two had a serious feel to it, and this one was fun loving which describes the characters as well That s not to say there aren t some serious and dangerous moments, but this story was laid back and very entertaining.I ll admit Jagger Stone has intrigued me ever since he purposely let another man s woman ride on the back of his bike He had his reasons and he was trying to do the right thing, but knowing he shouldn t made me realize this is a guy who lives his life on his terms So, I was pretty shocked when I learned of his upbringing and what he had planned to do with his life before he joined Heaven Hill and flat out loved that he found a way to merge his past life with his current one during this book.I ll admit I m a little sad that he has no interest in pursuing a music career but I understand why it s important for him to do it his way.Bianca Hawks is one of those characters you can t help but admire She s pulled herself up from a crappy childhood and is pursuing a degree while working as a waitress at Wet Wanda s strip joint As her dreams start to become reality, she finds herself indebted to Jagger and trying to merge her personal life with her career choice.I really loved these two characters together and the time they took to get to know one another before jumping into a physical relationship That s not to say that sparks weren t flying all over the place because when these two are in the same room it s a wonder the fire sprinklers don t activate I give Jagger a lot of credit for realizing that Bianca needed to go slow but I also believe he was okay with that because he felt something special for her from the start.The author did an amazing job of showing how easily it is to get caught up in a club like this While Bianca had no intentions of being associated with Heaven Hill, through Jagger she became acquainted with some of the women and the club members helped her out on than one occasion She didn t plan this, and never expected it, but it was evident how much the friendships she formed and the support she felt meant to her I enjoyed seeing the characters from the previous books and catching up on their lives as well.With each book, I become enthralled up with the Heaven Hill Motorcycle Club and its members and women Losing Control is a superb addition to this series and I can t wait to see what happens next

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    I have finally figured out why I have been on the fence about this series I like the books I ve enjoyed reading them But, something just wasn t sitting right with me It s the MC part if it Guys in a MC aren t share your feelings kind of guys I ve been running with MCs since I was a teenager They don t sit down with therapist Like Tyler in book 2 and Jagger in this one They don t care if they are gruff or rude They just say it like it is and move on You either accept it or you don t But you ll be the one to adjust not them I don t really consider any of the main male characters in this series alpha Not even close I don t even put them in the bad boy category The bad boy elements seem like they are just in there to be able to run with the MC theme And seem out of character for the guys than a true part of who they are I like the story over all I will pick up the next one But because I just can t see it as a real MC I have to leave it at 3 stars meaning it s an average read.

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    I loved this book Why 1 Super possessive Alpha Check2 Motorcycle Bad boy Check3 Great, hot, smart and sweet heroine Check4 Some danger for our heroine check5 That super possessive alpha turn hero check6 Scenes that melt your panties to your hoo hoo double checkLoved it This series just keeps getting better I m not gonna lie, I didn t dig the first one in this series too much However, all the ones after have made up for it and then some.Totally recommend

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    I liked this book but it had some plot hole problems that I had a hard time ignoring The heroine was kind of TSTL and the bikers did some things that made me question their badass biker status I liked the first two books in the series so I ll continue on with reading the next one and hope for the best.

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    Once again Laramie has sucked me into the world of this Heaven Hill MC The first book, Meant to Be, was intense and fast paced The second, Out of Darkness, was a emotional ride while still keeping it sexy This book shows that Laramie is definitely connected to these characters and I can really tell that she wrote them one right after the other This book has a slower pace to the character relationships Where Denise just jumped in with Liam and Tyler had to drag Meredith out of the darkness, this one was able to show the slow building of a relationship Jagger and Bianca had to establish each other s trust and they had to work at it while still living their lives Don t worry, there is still plenty of MC goodness, shootings, villains, and alpha male stubborness I was a little iffy about the stripper aspect of the book, I m not going to lie It really worked though I really felt for Bianca and I loved that she wouldn t let Jagger just take over her life and take care of things That s not how real people function Jagger was every bit as alpha as the rest of the males in the club and it was kind of hilarious seeing him get advice about women from every one around him He was obviously out of his element There are plenty of appearances from the previous characters, whose stories are still being progressed and woven in I love that about a series Now I m eagerly waiting for the next book in the series which I m assuming is Layne with all his secrets also.

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    You know Adam Levine s song Moves like Jagger let me tell you what PERFECT THEME SONG FOR THIS BOOK Boy oh boy did Jagger have moves, he s considerate, I did what needed to be done to it You drive this car back and forth to work late at night It needs to be safe He does what needs to be done to show the world that Bianca is his girl, Jagger looked uncomfortable as he got up from his side of the table and went to sit next to Bianaca I ll take whatever beer you have on draft, and what will you have he asked, putting his arm around her again He gets all sorts of bada and possessive, I took care of that guy tonight I wanted to chop his di off because it was hard for you, but I decided to let him remain a man I won t be that nice when the next one comes around I can t control my jealousy when it comes to you, and I think it s pretty effin clear I don t like you workin in that place, but I understand that you have to do what you have to do I am so ready for the next book in the series

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    I enjoyed Bianca and Jagger s story I really think this series keeps getting better and better.Looking forward to Layne s story.I kinda also hope we get Rooster s story soon too.

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    Another fantastic book by Laramie Briscoe She is now a must read author for me Recommend if you looking for a sweet and easy romance.

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    Thanks Laramie Briscoe for an ARC of Losing Control, the third book in the Heaven Hills Series.When Jagger Stone, a newly patched member of Heaven Hills MC meets Bianca Hawks a waitress at Wet Wandas strip joint, they form a relationship that warms the heart The guys from Heaven Hills MC are all caring with troubles in their past These are not your typical hard, dangerous bikies, yes they can be violent when they are looking out for their own but they don t go looking for trouble Jagger has a soft romantic side to him and it shows even so when he serenades Bianca at Wet Wandas The events that happen after this serenade put Bianca in danger and her dream of being a School Teacher in jeopardy This story also includes lots of interactions with the characters of the previous books which I really love as it keeps them all fresh in your mind These books just keep getting better and I love that we get a teaser for the upcoming book, Layne and Jessica s story Recommend to all who love gorgeous biker boys with heart and soul who love and care for their women and aren t afraid to show it.

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