The Lost Boy

The Lost BoyThe Lost Boy, Dave PelzerThe Lost Boy 1997 is the second installment of a trilogy of books which depict the life of David Pelzer, who as a young boy was physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically abused by his obsessive mother The book continues after the ending of the previous book, A Child Called It with David Pelzer, 9 years old, running away from his home in Daly City, California He ends up in a bar, getting caught by a staff named Mark for stealing a quarter Mark calls the police while tricking David to stay by baiting him with a pizza The police brings David to the police station while sharing a pizza Mark gave David before he left David s father arrives to bring David home to his abusive mother, telling the police that David is just upset for not being allowed to ride his bicycle David s teachers eventually contact the authorities, causing David to be put together with a social services worker named Ms Gold Before the trial of whether or not to permanently remove him from his mother s custody, David becomes confused about whether he may have deserved the treatment his mother gave him Ms Gold, on the other hand, assures him it had nothing to do with him, and that his mother is sick David eventually tells the truth of his mother, and becomes a permanent ward of the court, escaping from the abuse of his mother 2004 1382 251 9647033818 1383 1394 251 9786007642351 20 1383 198 9649128069 1384 1388 239 9789643624590 By far these books have been one of my favorite series of books I have ever read I definitely am not a big fan of autobiographies but these books are amazing This book is about how David made it through his teen years He went through foster care, which took him to court, away from his mom and his family, and took him through a whole different life He saw a chance so he ran His mom, dad, and his siblings were not out of the picture David missed his little brother Keven, his dad for the most part , and occasionally his mom If you are wondering why you will have to read this book David didn t get to see his dad for over two years, and that was the person that David cared about the most David had gotten in trouble a lot He got set up for things to get him in trouble, he didn t understand why he was being punished for things he didn t do He was known as the bad kid in town when one incident came around Again you will have to read the book to figure out the incident Before I spoil the whole book for you, you should pick up this series and read it The Lost Boy, written by bestselling author David Pelzer, is about David s own struggle in foster care In this book, David has a conflict internally and externally The internal conflict is how he feels sad and worthless after all those early years of abuse The external conflict is between David and his mother When David was about seven to nine, he excessively abused by his mother Therefore, with the frequent visits she pays him at his different foster homes, she acts as though he is still worthless and no better than white trash.On a scale of one to ten ten being very good I would give this book a nine out of ten This is because it was very sad, but written very well The first book in this series, A Child Called It , David is about seven years old when his mother starts to beat him very much She would starve him for days, clean the bathrooms with toxic fumes in the air, and she even stabbed him in the stomach once I personally think that the first book was sadder than the second I would definitely recommend these books to everyone However, they are very sad and upsetting I think everyone of all ages would enjoy these books very much. . The Lost Boy Is The Harrowing But Ultimately Uplifting True Story Of A Boy S Journey Through The Foster Care System In Search Of A Family To Love This Is Dave Pelzer S Long Awaited Sequel To A Child Called It The Lost Boy Is Pelzer S Story A Moving Sequel And Inspirational Read For All The Lost Boy is the sequel to A Child Called It, and it continues where the first memoir left off This, the second installment, takes the reader through the author s years in foster care after being taken away from his sadistic mother It is refreshing to hear positive commentary on the foster care system, since most of what is reported is horrible Dave s strength, perseverence, and unshakeable spirit are extremely inspiring, and it is heartbreaking to learn of his experiences This is a moving and miraculous story of survival, but it is not quite as poignant as the first in the series. I had to read this one after The Child Called It It was also compelling and opened my eyes to the foster care system. The Lost Boy is a sequel to A Child Called It which basically depicts the life of David the author at ages 12 18 years old.The first book tells you about this little literally kid who was strong and determined enough to stay alive amidst all the abuse his mother had put him through This second part of the trilogy, however, tells you about a boy who s trying to become a man in order to fit in to the society that s all new to him.After being rescued from his mother s abusive claws, Dave was jumping from one foster house to another Little did he know that the likes of him The F kids as what they were branded were being looked down by the society Community saw them as rotten tomatoes, even freak of natures Like being a foster kid was their fault and choice.Physical abuse seemedeasier to conquer and hurdle than the battle that boiled inside this little man His questions about his past had led him to slightly crooked paths More than anything, he wanted to feel like a normal teenager He wanted to be treated like a human being These wants eventually became needs He needed acceptance He needed to fit in He needed to feel human He needed respect He befriended kids who had given him the merest of attention Acceptance and recognition came in the form of stealing and lying.Deep inside, he knew he was doing something wrong but his early mind shrugged it off He was elated No matter how temporary the feeling was.Foster parents, just like them, were also being frowned upon But it was from and with these people that David later on realized his worth and found his identity People who gave him the kind of love his biological parents weren t able to give This book made me cry my eyes out My eyes were so swollen I didn t dare to go out of the room so that nobody would ask what was wrong It made me cry not because I felt sorry for the boy that David was or used to I cried because I admired his courage and strength to make a difference In some ways, he was the same little kid that stutters every time people talk to him But he felt the need to become a man or make a man out of himself And above all these, I especially admired his gift of love He loved the mother who stabbed him and burned his arm on the stove He loved the brothers who hated him for revealing their secret And he loved the father that never stood and fight for him He loved themthan he loved himself.And for that, He can t be the Lost Boy Good Read A truly amazing story of Dave Pelzer, the little boy who was viciously abused by his mother Again, I can t come close to understanding the viciousness of this woman and how she could treat her own son this way It is truly amazing that Dave survived and became successful as he did Dave is so right about Foster Care and the System I met a woman at work who became a Foster Parent and I truly looked at her in a different light It takes an extraordinary person to commit themselves to something like that I really admired her This book brought tears to my eyes Truly inspirational. This is a book that explains the kids way of thinking, tells us how hard it is for anyone to fit in especially if everyone else thinks that you are different I think the moral of the story is to understand, care and love childrenDavid is a perfect example of a child craving for attention Any child if not given the proper attention and guidance, even the most angelic and the nicest child in the world, can do things that may hurt others, destroy some property or worst destroy his own future unintentionally The story makes you cry without you knowing it That s how good the book is in playing with your emotion It opens the mind of the reader to the realities of the emotional battle of a foster child, the difficulties of foster parents, the hard work and dedication of social workers, the role of a teacher in every child s life, and most especially the no one can define your future except yourself also your past can make you stronger only if you use it wisely Great book

A Child Called It At the age of 12, Dave was removed from an abusive home and placed in a series of foster homes In 1979, he joined the Air Force and later became an author of memoirs and self improvement books A CHILD CALLED IT IS COMING TO THE BIG SCREEN August 2017 We are very excited to announce that writer producer David Goldblum of Conscious Contact Productions has acquired the film rights to Dave Pelzer s, 1 New York Times bestselling book, A Child Called IT which was on the New York Times Best Sellers List for a record breaking six years Tamlin Hall, whose film Holden On has won multiple awards around the country is attached to direct Dave Pelzer is adapting the screenplay alongside Goldblum and Hall The movie is in pre production, with production set to begin in Spring 2018 A List talent are already circling the project Be sure and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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