Lost in France (Firebird Trilogy, #1)

Lost in France (Firebird Trilogy, #1) Lost In France Is An Erotic Contemporary Romance Novel Set In Paris, The City Of Love And Romance WarningLost The One Thing I Ve Wanted Above Everything Else Was Taken From Me In One Night My Dreams Were Shattered Forever Because Of One Irreversible Mistake There Was Nothing I Could Do About It I D Lost EverythingSo I Did What I Always Do I Ran To Another Continent To France To Start OverGod Knows, I Needed A New Beginning A New Job, A New Life To Find What I Truly Wanted Needed Craved A Man Of My Own My French Man Found Me He Was Perfect Or Was He Alain Du Bois Had A Secret One That Could Destroy Us Before We Even Had A Chance To Find LoveAnd Why Was My New Boss, Maxwell Grant, The Arrogant And Demanding CEO Of Grant Global, Fixated On Me Would I Find Myself In France Would I Get What I Desperately Wanted Or Was I Jumping From One Hotter Than Hell Fire Into Another Where to begin with this book. I want to start by saying WOW I started this book having NO idea what I was getting into and honestly I don t think It would have matteredTHIS BOOK WAS AWESOME Becca on her way to start her new job and life is on her way to Paris when she meets this handsome man in the seat next to her.This romance begins the exact moment she falls into his lap as their plane experiences some turbulence, and all I can say is that they are HOT Moving my body up and down his thick shaft, to the rhythm of the crashing waves, I gave myself over to the pleasure tingling throughout my body Alain s grip on my ass tightened, his hands burning into my flesh as he accelerated the rhythm , my ass slamming into his balls with every downward thrust BeccaAlain comes from noble blood and has many obligations to his family but has fallen in love with Beccahe wants to marry her, will he make the right decision and chose love over family.will she accept his proposal inways than one Read the book, it is well worth it Ever since I was a young boy, My mother said I was a hopeless romantic Like her She told me it was ok to listen to my heart in matters of love, to follow my instincts She is the one who taught me the value of real love that it was worth waiting for AlainThis book has it allReally HOT sex, love, scandal, heartache, and very hard decisions.I am seriously suffering from a book hangover after reading this book.Thank you Author Jani Kay for such great story that I could fall in love with I received an ARC copy for an honest review Please check out my full 5 star review here,https www.facebook.com trinastantilI was asked by Jani to read review this book for her, and it is absolutely awesome, so awesome in fact that I am going to hunt out Jani s other book open your eye s and read that too.If you like a book, with the T s crossed and the I s dotted this book is not for you, it is definitely an R18, it contains all the things we women look for in a book, explicit nature, delicious guys, fancy things, glamorous lifestyles, expensive cars.It is pure unadulterated passion, in the form, of an anonymous lover who stalks you till you give in, you think he is one person, but really when you find out who he is, it s like Oh My GodHe is so possessive, he is so utterly desirable, he makes me go weak at the knees, and he will not tolerate any attention shown to me by another male, in any way shape or form.But it does make me question the fact of, do we really know people that we are intimate with as well as we thought we did, would it pay to not be so on the spot trustworthy.I cannot really tell you muchabout this book, or I will spoil the storyline for its release but know this, you must and I mean MUST read Lost In France , add it to your TBR list NOW5 Stars from me. Lost in France was an angsty thrill ride Rebecca leaves her long time lover Julian behind in Australia when she accepted a new job position in France by CEO Maxwell Grant Her intentions were to start a new life Little did Rebecca know that soon after her departure from Australia she would be a heartthrob Frenchman named Alain The last thing on Rebecca s or Alain s mind was that fate would bring the two of them together It was instant attraction Rebecca was enthralled with Alain and his piercing blue eyes Alain was immediately attracted to the sad red head seated next to him on the plane Alain felt like he needed to protect Rebecca and mend her broken heart as he pitied the fool who let her go Alain displayed dominance and possessiveness over Rebecca immediately which was not the norm for him He was use to using women to his advantage and quickly disposing of them Alain was not looking for a commitment However he could not fight his attraction toward Rebecca Rebecca could not believe how she felt so drawn to Alain so soon after her departure from Julian She began to question the integrity of her past relationship in order to justify her new attraction to Alain Alain immediately swept Rebecca off her feet with his charm by wining and dining her all throughout France Upon arriving to her hotel she immediately began receiving gifts from her new boss Maxwell Grant She thought nothing of it Then, unexpectedly Maxwell Grant requested a meeting with her to go over her new contract with Grant Industries As soon as Rebecca met Maxwell she felt hatred She did not like her new boss It was an instant rivalry She was struggling with the perceptions that Maxwell was transmitting Was he attracted to her He couldn t bethis arrogant man was married to one of the most beautiful model s in the world Surely he would not risk his relationship to pursue her Alain continued to sweep Rebecca off her feet He couldn t stand being away from her and the feeling was mutual However from the minute she met Maxwell a new feeling ignited inside her She didn t know what to make of it It seemed that Maxwell was jealous of her actions one minute, but strictly professional the next Maxwell was a very attractive man as well, but Rebecca couldn t get over the fact that she loved to hate him However she always had the thought in her head of what if Where were these feelings coming from What the hell was his intentions Rebecca was feeling torn between love and lust In a way it was a bit of a unannounced love triangle Rebecca was not ready for all these new emotions especially since her intentions were to start a new life focusing on herself Then, when she thought things couldn t become any confusing the unexpected happensShe was taken back by this turn of events It made her once again question her feelings She thought she was in love with the Frenchman Then she learned that Alain s life was muchcomplicated than she expected Their love was put to the test All the while Rebecca is struggle to figure out this love hate relationship going on with Maxwell Could love overcome impossible barriers Is love worth giving up your destiny These are situations that Rebecca must overcome An unexpected turn of events lead to an edge of your seat ending What will happen next Only the second book will tell Until then be sure to read Lost in France to know the full story of Rebecca s unfortunate luck with love. What can I say about Jani s writing that will convince you that you have to read her books Well let me start with Jani has this ability that draws you in, takes your breath away and leaves you standing there mouth gaping saying WTF just happened She wraps you in her books, makes you feel that you are the one living the lives of her characters If I had to use one word for her I would say Emotions You feel them all through her books.Rebecca is fleeing She is fleeing everything she has ever known She lost her self once, but is determined to find her self again Things will never be the same The guy she thought she loved shared her and his heart Rebecca meets Alain and he instantly sweeps her off of her feet He is sweet and loving and everything you thought he would be it s all a lie This is the thing with reading a book that Jani writes She has this power to lead you one way while wishing you were going just the opposite.Lets meet Max the new boss who is all asshole and all make your girly bits wet I loved him and when I say loved I mean he was everything I needed him to be Reading about him and Rebecca and the pull that was between them was rewarding They both fought every ounce of want, but yet it still was there.Jani I need MAX now and not later He was everything I hoped he would be and I knew Alain would fall behind I somehow hated him from the get go. Wow what a hot story this was Not one but two hot men this author allowed me to drool over Rebecca moves half way around the world to heal from her break up Nearly straightaway We are introduced to the sexy, hot Frenchman called Alan What happens with these two within minutes of meeting had my jaw dropping Just when I d calmed down from that in enters Rebecca s boss Maxwell Yes another hot and sexy man Thoroughly enjoyed the storyline yes there are lots of sex scenes in this book This book ended in a no way moment for me I hope I don t have to wait too long for book 2.Received in return for an honest review. The storyline sucked me in but I found myself rolling my eyes quite a few times Rebecca seems to be only focused on finding love even though she has a PhD Men just keep throwing themselves at hershe must be pretty irresistible since every rich man she meets falls totally in love with her instantly I liked Alain even though he made a stupid decision at the end Contrary to other reviewers, I hated Max He was way too aggressive and gave off a pervy boss vibe I can t believe I m saying this but there s almost too much sex in this book. Jani Kay wastes no time in getting to the good parts as the sexy sizzle between Rebecca and Alain starts when they meet on the plane from Australia to France As Rebecca leaves Julian and her native land behind for a terrific job as Director of Marketing in Paris, she is ready for adventure and a new beginning She reacts so strongly and quickly to Alain on the plane that I wonder a bit if he is her rebound guy, at first Then Alain sticks around and acts as her own personal Parisian tour guide I want one like him They are becoming inseparable, until her new boss, sexy, alpha male, American Maxwell Grant decides that he is attracted to Rebecca, too I really enjoyed when Rebecca stood up to Maxwell and rebuffed him She was feisty and confident as she held her own during her presentation She is determined not to get caught in the web of another married man I could understand her wariness and her need to be independent I liked that no matter her attraction to Alain or any other guy, she remained focused on her career goals she has a PhD I enjoyed that Alain s POV was included It was interesting to know what he was thinking and his desire to marry for love, despite the threat of being cut off by his father if he doesn t marry a Frenchwoman of aristocratic blood Maxwell s POV was not included, so I don t know what his thoughts about his marriage nor what his desire for Rebecca is, just a fling or somethingRebecca is caught between her attraction to both Alain and Maxwell Her relationship with Julian started off unclear in the story, but lateris revealed Maybe in the second book Julian will play a bigger role The pros for Alain single, wealthy, sexy, not alpha, wants to be exclusive with her cons needs to marry according to his father s wishes The pros for Maxwell sexy, alpha male, self made wealth, strong sexual attraction MAJOR cons married, her boss for the 8 month contract, and initially was an arrogant, pushy jerk This is the first book of the trilogy, and Jani is off to a great start There are plenty of erotic romance and hot, sexy, steamy scenes The descriptions of the different sites in Paris definitely whet my appetite to visit there Unfortunately for Rebecca, she gets offers that she needs to refuse She wants to have a man to call her own and who puts her first It seems like Alain will fill her need, until the surprise twist that leads to a cliffhanger for them I m looking forward to where the next novel in the series will go I wantRebecca, Alain, and Maxwell Note I received an ARC advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review. I got to read this great book early.thanks to Jani Kay for allowing me to do that for you We have some hot men in this book.AlainMaxwellthen Julian a man Rebecca is trying to get away from,she s known him since high school.so she moves to France to work for Maxwell,the hot CEO of Grant Industries in the mean time she meets a hot Frenchman named Alain He s head over heals with Rebecca and treats her like a queen, I absolutely LUV him Rebecca finds herself in a crazy situation with Max, her boss.the plot thickens , I cannot say much without giving the story away..took me on a damn rollercoaster ride, I luved it HOT,HOT,HOT..totally shocked meJani this was a great book and I cannot wait to see what happens in book two..because all the men in this book.yum

Jani KayJani is a voracious reader and would spend her last dollar on a book always fascinated that for the mere price of a book, she can escape her world for a while and see through someone else s eyes.Besides reading, her favorite thing is traveling she has traveled the world, learning about the ways people live and has come to the realization that no matter where we live, we all ultimatel

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