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Love is... Librarian S Note Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BGZE Mature Content Warning Recommended For Ages Due To Language And Sexual Content Sometimes, No Matter How Hard You Try To Deny Love, The Universe Has Other Plans Rafael Alvez Has Pretty Much Given Up On Love Sick Of Making Bad Choices And Choosing The Wrong Beds To Warm, He Decides A Life Of Celibacy Is The Only Way Forward Rafe Refuses To Trust His Deep Set Belief, That His Prince Is Out There Somewhere, Made Just For Him Matthew English Doesn T Have Time For A Fairytale He Has A Business To Run One Night Stands And Online Flirting Are As Far As He S Prepared To Go Everyone Has Needs, And Quick No Strings Flings Are All That Matthew Has Time Foz That Is, Until Fate Steps In When Their Siblings Get Engaged, And Matthew Meets Rafe For The First Time, Everything Changes Across A Crowded Room, A Connection Is Formed, A Spark That S Undeniable, And The Fairy Tale Begins Everyone Deserves A Happy Ever After This Is A Spin Off Of From The Mr Write Trilogy cplauthor

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  • Love is...
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  • 04 January 2018

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    After all, everyone deserves a happy ever after Let me start off by telling you that this was my first experience reading m m romance WOW I was blown away Cassandra did a marvelous job portraying a truly BEAUTIFUL love story I absolutely adored Rafe and Mathew Love is is a spin off from the Mr Write Trilogy Rafe and Mathew were my favorite secondary characters and I was SO HAPPY when I heard they were getting their own book Timeline wise, this book takes place around the same time as the Mr Write Trilogy So yes, we see Jackson and Rosie and the rest of the gang I do suggest that you read the Trilogy BEFORE this book since it contains a few spoilers regarding Rosie and Jackson s story However, Love is can be read as a stand alone I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found my prince My heart melted and broke for Mathew and Rafe multiple times while reading this book From the moment they met, they felt an undeniable attraction and amazing connection As the got to know each other, their feelings quickly got genuinely stronger Their relationship was SO SO SO beautiful At first, I was a bit scared as to how I d react to a m m romance, but I m glad I chose THIS book as my first experience My heart smiled for Rafe and Mathew as they overcame their hardships and built a life together I love you, Rafe, you re the best thing that s ever happened to me They are the epitome of the word soulmates Rafe and Mathew were two exceptional characters Things weren t always easy for them but I swear, together they could go against the world and in the end, come out stronger They were THAT amazing The things they said to each other made me swoon BIG TIME They were each other s prince charming I mean WOW How beautiful is that There were also some pretty funny scenes ALL the characters had an incredible chemistry that seemed to REAL and super natural.Cassandra did a PERFECT job portraying the concept of absolute, true love I could not be happier about how this book turned out I HIGHLY recommend you buy this book you have shown me what love really is You have shown me that there is no greater feeling than waking up next to that one person that means to you than anything or anyone else in the world You have shown me how big the human heart can really be and I can t wait to spend the rest of my life by your side ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    This reads almost like a journal or a diary Just an imparting of information rather than an actual story It has its sweet moments but the stilted writing made it difficult for me to really get into the story I liked that there was no mucking around, both Rafe and Matthew freely admitted their attraction to each other and I really liked the premise of 30 days but other than that it was just boring It seemed to go on and on without much actually happening I gave up just over half way through I was just so bored with it and didn t care what happened The formatting of this book is really distracting, absolutely everything is underlined and it s really annoying As an aside, the percentage count didn t seem to be moving very fast so I flicked through and the book actually finished at 50% and then starts again only this time the whole thing is crossed out Seriously weird formatting.

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    The one thing I like about this romance is that the leads play no games and are straightforward in acknowledging their attraction for each other right from the start.As for the restThere is a specific tone the best romances achieve and in my imagination it is similar to a high quality sparkling wine.Here the leads are not exactly likeable I was very put off by the fact that one of them, a martial artist, hits his ex who, despite being an a ole, is not one and the author spends much of her time judging people and situations instead of making them alive for her readers.The end result tastes like oversweetened, flat soda.I dropped it without finishing it.

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    4 19 Maybe I m in a better place but I enjoyed this so much the second time around I think it was the diary style of writing Lewis used I couldn t connect with in the first reading 2 16 I m going to use a word I don t remember using this word before to describe a book but this was so boring Nice, sweet and boring.

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    Audiobook reviewI m of two minds about this book, On the one hand, I absolutely loved the narration, Joshua Ward was absolutely brilliant, and I hope he ll narrate books to come It wasn t perfect, byt that accent made up for that As for the storywell that wasn t as good far from it The writing was messy and hard to follow There were strange time jumps out of nowhere switching tenses and it had this strange diary vibe to it that kept you at a distance from the story and the characters I m also not a fan of drama for drama s sake, where it doesn t add anything to the story than manipulation of the reader of a filler, and this book had both I do think that with editing, fleshing out that the story would be better and easier to follow, and preferably of a story So in the end, I loved the narration, but could have done without the story.

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    What a fabulous story this is It s a spin off from the Mr White Series Although I see it s recommended you read the other books first I haven t and I can honestly say while reading this I didn t feel I was missing anything by not reading them The sexual tension through the first part of this was amazing I ve not read many M M books so I thoroughly enjoyed it This story had lots of lovely factors that I enjoy in a book Love, family relationships the sex I found this to be a lovely easy reading romantic story with a brilliant ending The last few pages is not what I expected It was better than I expected The author did a brilliant job on this story I ll definetly be looking into reading of her work Received from author in return for an honest review.

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    Are you tired of the typical love story Are you ready for a fresh one Then this book is for youTRUE LOVE KNOWS NO BARRIERS The characters in this story are truly loveable, realistic and down right funny Cassandra knows how to build relationships amongst the characters that you will fall in love with I personally have 2 brothers who I this story really warmed my heart Take a chance on a different type of love storyyou won t regret it

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    This was good Not a lot of sex scenes but that s okay it was kind of nice to read just a plain ol romance novella I think I probably should have read the original series first cause now I know a lot of what happens but oh well I would definitely recommend this to my friends especially the ones who are just starting out with the M M genre.

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    Okay, here s the deal I love Rafe and Matthew They are great characters However, this story would ve needed a lot, an I mean A LOT of editing The writing is sloppy, the plot is lacking depth and the weird time jumps and POV jumps are just no This could ve been a five star read with the right editing It s quite sad really.And the on top of it all, the narrator stressed me out.

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    Audiobook Review This is one of those books that when I read it, I thought was sweet story But when performed by a brilliant narrator, goes to another level I guess this is a spin off of a m f series, but it can definitely be listen to as a stand alone I have not read the series and didn t feel I missed anything This is a true mm romance that doesn t end when they get together, but encompasses a significant part of their lives As I said, I enjoyed the story and thought it was a really sweet love story But Joshua Ward really elevated this to amazing His performance was nothing less than brilliant This is my first time listening to him, but I would buy anything he narrates He truly brought this story to life.

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