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Lovers Touch Lady Eleanor De Tressail Was Simply MortifiedBad Enough That Before His Death, Her Old Fashioned Grandfather Had Ensured That Their Impoverished Estate Wouldn T Have To Be Sold By Arranging Her Marriage But To Joss Wycliffe Of All People The Self Made Millionaire Who Despised Her Mistaking Nell S Shyness For Aristocratic Disdain, Joss Contemptuously Told Her That He Was Marrying Her Only For Her Social Status He Never Suspected That Icily Untouchable Nell Loved Him DesperatelyHer Wounded Pride Kept Her From Revealing Her True Feelings Particularly When Joss S Jealous Secretary Did Her Best To Widen The Rift Between Them

Caroline Courtney,

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  • Paperback
  • 221 pages
  • Lovers Touch
  • Penny Jordan
  • English
  • 15 February 2019
  • 9780263808339

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    Re Lover s Touch This one is very mixed on the likeability scale, but I give it big kudos However it must be said that PJ was definitely hanging out with Robyn Donald before she wrote this, so consider RD s backlist and PJ s talent for truly cruel H s before you dive in The H is an utter nematode parasite blobfish for all but the last three pages of the book, but it is the h that I truly like in this one She is a true introvert, she very much lives in her own head and yet she is stubborn than my cat Chester when he thinks his sister is getting a treat that he isn t In fact our h, Lady Eleanor de Tressail and how I love that name, is a true pig iron headed Saxon who can trace her stubbornness all the way back to before the Norman invasion of England That is a looong line of stubbornness and tho Lady E NEVER raised her voice and is another PJ h raised Medieval Style, this girl could go head to head with Gen MacArthur and win on writing letters to Congress So she is a subtly suitable match for the brash, worked his way up from the gutter H, who is boringly named Joss for Joseph, BTW Let s put it this way, our Lady E is perfectly nice and usually very helpful and accommodating and can out Stewart Martha in home decor skills, but if she doesn t want to do it, she isn t doing it and no one can gainsay otherwise, not even the H But oh, how he is going to try, and the battle is looooong and angsty There is not one but two potential OW, the h s spoilt stepsister and the H s who is a big time commodity broker and filthy rich, secretary The stepsister is mouthiness than fact, but the secretary is the OW HPLandia Witch Queen of London, and I have to say she is one of better PJ evil OW It was like PJ just watched a ton of Marlene Dietrich Sharon Stone films and rolled them all up into one Evil OW and came out a winner Then she added a stepsister that made Cinderella s look like Girl Guides, just to stir the pot The story starts with the h running a wedding business out of her ancient Norman manoral estate She got dumped by her father to live with her Grandfather and repressive aunt right after her mum died when she was born They were nice people but very, very Old Skool When her father eventually remarried to an Italian woman with a young daughter, the h did not really fit in tho the step sister seems to think that she has a right to the h s ancient home and probably the title of lady too What the step sister really wants is money, even tho she is a successful model, she is always hitting up the Estate s executor which is the H for an advance on her allowance The h doesn t like this, she knows that the H essentially gives the step sister money out of his own pocket, death duties from her father dying so close to her grandfather s death have really taken a toll on the family finances, not that there was a lot of money to begin with The h s grandfather was srsly into his Estate and his lineage, the h has had it beaten into her head that the Estate must come before all PJ adds lots of little historical tidbits that relay the family s long history The step sister wants the h to sell and give her part of the money, but the h made a deathbed promise to her Grandfather not to do it The Grandfather excluded the step sister cause she wasn t blood related and she was a mini tart to boot and he did NOT APPROVE Plus, in the area of Cheshire the h lives in, there is very little work available and the h and her Grandfather are big local employers If the h sells the Estate, half the population will be homeless, as they live in the Estates cottages and the other half will be out of work So when the H wanders by and lets Lady E know that he will be marrying her for the title his son will inherit and because her Grandfather, who was his friend, they met when the Grandfather keeled over while the H was out jogging, asked him to marry Lady E and save the Estate with his money, the h is hoping she can make a go of the wedding business and doesn t want to marry the H A small note here on accuracy Yes the h s son can in fact inherit the title Considering the antiquity of this title, which apparently goes back yonks, the title can be held by the h in abeyance until she produces a male progeny, who will inherit it if there are no other male relations to take it It really depends on when and where and how the title was granted, and I don t think it happens today, but it was possible under English law Then the H blackmails her by saying he will support her step sister s non existent claim to the Estate in court and force the Estate to be sold Lady E doesn t consult with the young solicitor who is in love with her, she is actually in love with the H and has been since she met him, but hides it cause he has a HUGE chip on his shoulder about the aristocracy and inherited wealth and birth status, she just mutely accepts the decree But really it was what she wanted anyways and plus the H went out and tracked down one of the h s family s heritage engagement rings, there is a big romantic story attached about a Kingsman who married a former Countess who threw in with Bonnie Prince Charlie and the h is rather touched by that, as well as liking the huge sapphire So we get a round of shopping with designers and a makeover for the h Then the fun starts, the OW secretary shows up and she is a dictatorial, patronizing Witch who demands to run the h s wedding and redecorate her house cause the H is paying the bills Word to the wise here, DO NOT ATTEMPT to Patronize a person whose family has been practicing the Art Of Patronage since before there was a London Tower, YOU WILL LOSE and pretty badly too Lady E isn t having any of that and does her best Grand Lady of Manor style, she was imitating her school headmistress, and totally wipes the floor with the floozy who doesn t know that you don t serve summer menus in the autumn game season Besides, the h is selling the old, ugly Victorian dinner service to a wealthy collector and she can pay for her own clothes and wedding and still keep the S vres for her progeny.Then Lady E really sets the cat upon the pigeons when she dictates that no one will be redecorating her home but her, and she dictates that just like a Regency Grande Dame refusing admission to Almacks The OW floozy secretary is sent away with her tail between her legs and the H is totally shocked that the h is defying his edicts The h doesn t care, if he wants to run with the Aristocracy, he better learn to act like one at least in public anyway I laughed myself silly over this, it was soooo English Old Skool high society, I expected the very proper butler to suggest a gentleman s gentleman the Estate still has one to help the H learn his manners Essentially the gist of what goes on is that once the H makes his move, and we do get H pov but are unsure of his motives, every time he, the step sister or the floozy OW try to belittle or put the h down, she politely and sooo genteely crushes them under her foot like dirty tissues This doesn t stop them trying, but the h is than a match for all of them put together, even tho she is totally scared and worried inside The big kicker comes when the H has a fit of jealousy when the h wants to delay or stop the wedding and the H decides that lurve clubbing is in effect He has a very dubious consent seduction that the h winds up liking and here is where the usual PJ neuroticism kicks in The H and h have a great time in bed, but the H is all distant and sardonic and the h is worried she betrayed how much she loves him She reverts to the Lady of the Manor act and the H acts like a piker from the boonies with his language and he runs off like a big old scaredy cat when the h wants to talk things out The wedding goes off, the h deliberately gets the most aristocratic people she knows to come and the Lord Lieutenant Governor to give her away, He is her godmother s current a She even invites the H s distant family trying to mend his rift with them, but the H doesn t want to know The h figures the H ought to get his expectations met with the guest list and she finds a really great dress, which irks the OW to no end Then the honeymoon is cut short by a business crisis and the OW tries to belittle the h some The step sister gets run off when the h refuses to give her any money and the H is gone all the time The h is redecorating the house and trying to hold herself together when the OW floozy shows up with her resignation and some threats It seems the H has lost a lot of money and is now bankrupt The OW is leaving but she lets the h know that the H has filed for divorce and the h will soon be dumped like yesterday s trash.The h is worried even , she reads the Financial Times to see if she can figure out what happened, but the H isn t mentioned So she puts on her best Lady of the Manor outfit and goes to see her bank manger She offers her Estate as a surety to back the H s business The bank manager is very surprised to see her, but he assures her that her Estate is solely hers, tho if she wants to back the H s business with it, the value will cover any ventures he might choose The h is relieved she has saved the H and goes home Then the H shows up two hours later and starts kissing her madly, he isn t bankrupt, it was just a tricky deal he had to sort out The OW tried it on with him and got totally rejected, so she lied to the h about everything The H is overwhelmed that the h would put her whole life s work up for grabs to help him, no one has ever done that before and he has been in love with her ever since he met her, but she was so shy and he was so stupid, he just wants to puppy worship at her feet forever Since he is now richer than Virgin Industries, he is going to retire to the life of a Country Squire and lurve up the h and their future progeny The h loves him back so we get the first daughter s christening and an h and H lurving up epilogue for the big sparklie HEA This one is not for everyone, it is very Aristo Englishy, but I really liked how the h used her iron will and good manners to hold her own against some really awful people Plus the H grovel at the end was good Robyn Donald couldn t have done it better Then again, the way he acted, he NEEDED a big declaration finish by the end Fortunately the draggy part and angsting bit was relatively quick and the OW got her hiney kicked by the h very genteely but very well kicked Sadly the h took the OW a bit too personally, but that is the way PJ rolls and so I went with it cause I had a great time with the rest of it If you like the English Aristocrat Rareified, you will have a lot of fun with this one Readers inclined to the less refined hot house atmosphere will be driven nuts by this one, so keep that in mind if you take this one for an HPlandia outing.

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    This was fun Boogenhagen has a very thorough review so I won t go into all of the plot details I liked the story for the same reason she did the heroine is great She is cross between Miss Manners and Honey Badger Sure she might be trembling with love for the hero and feeling angst about her plain appearance but she is not going to let the world or the hero know Yes, she needs his money to fulfill her deathbed promise to her grandfather, but she is not going be a doormat to the hero, his skanky secretary or her stepsister Sure she was self sacrificing for her grandfather and the estate and it s servants but that is self sacrifice, a noble character trait from her noble family Doormats are for the service entrance not for public display And Honey Badger gets things done She finds the money for her trousseau and the wedding and the interior design changes so that she can find some equal footing with the hero She sets her plans in motion and follows up all without breaking a sweat or letting anyone know how terrified she is of the hero discovering the flame she s held for him for three years.Hero sees what he wants to see that Miss Manners is looking down on his humble background not the Honey Badger that admires that kind of drive and feels a similar passion The hero tries to communicate his feelings with sex which never works in pre 2000 HPs They are physically compatible, but they each take the what the other says the wrong way, leaving matters confused and fraught And that s the conflict a series of misunderstandings where only the reader can enjoy the dramatic irony of the smitten H h not being able to untangle themselves.I really liked how their communication trust problem was solved The heroine proved she was willing to self sacrifice for the hero She thought the hero was going bankrupt and she was going to put up the estate as collateral Miss Manners and Honey Badger were on his side and this touched the lonely foster child within He has a great grovel and declaration which she so totally deserved Post 2000 s HPs it s the easy shortcut that is used too often, imo.

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    Misery loves company Or misery wants to make others equally miserable Readers included Typical PJ shaming and name calling of the h by a completely unlikable H with serious issues and complexes.

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    Lovers Touch is the story of Nell and Joss.A sort of historical take in a very contemporary romance, this book has Lady Eleanor de Tressail, known as Nell, a shy and introverted heroine, who has been left incharge of her massive estate since her grandfather passed away unexpectedly She is struggling to keep it afloat, earning meagerly by renting it out as a wedding venue, and also fighting an ungrateful stepsister for her non existent rights Things only get worse, when Joss Wycliffe, her solicitor and grandfather s friend demands marriage to her, based on her grandfather s last wish His reasons born out of gentry as a commoner, this marriage would give him the social standing he deserves as well as aristocratic heirs, while she will get the financial help she so desperately needs Nell is reluctant She is a plain shadow compared to her vivacious sister, and has loved Joss for ages while he mistakes her timidity for contempt and has always scorned her But Joss refuses to take regards of her virginal fears, and hurtles her towards the wedding preparations There they have tiffs over an OM who likes Nell, the rings, and soon Nell decides to get a makeover, to see if it changes anything it does not.Throughout most of the book, we see Joss pushing Nell away, rebuking and verbally chiding her, the OW and her sister trying to drive a wedge between them which Nell does fight against and the H still misinterprets her every move.Utterly distraught, when she makes one last attempt to back out, he ruthlessly seduces her, potentially puts a bun in the oven, and ultimately Nell marries Joss They continue their tumultuous relationship, until a selfless act by her breaks the barrier, the H has a good grovel, and all ends in a HEA.An overall interesting read which made me smile, cry and a bit uncomfortable but in the end I was rooting for the h, who did get her HEA The epilogue is sweet SWE Safe view spoiler safe after the couple marry, but before its unclear if the H has been with OW after meeting the h or not hide spoiler

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    Typical Jordan romance, in which the hero treats the heroine like dirt from the beginning to five pages from the end Unusually though, it s not because he thinks she s a golddigging ho, but because he thinks she titled member of the upper crust despises him slum kid who clawed his way to the top Her utterly self absorbed obliviousness to his feelings she s too busy being all miserable and martyred to notice almost justify the meanness A good read if you re in the mood for that sort of thing.

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    I usually adore PJ but this one was bad Zero interaction between H h, zero plot, zero chemistry.

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    A rather sweet story of an arranged marriage between Nell aka Lady Eleanor who wants to save the family home and millionaire Joss Wycliffe who wants a title.Of course there are misunderstandings and an evil other woman , but the ending was good.

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    Same old story told just so sothe h spends way too much time feeling sorry for herself, made me want to slap her around And there is only lip service played to the idea that the H has any kind of feelings for her until the end The evil cousin and secretary are just too stereotypical to even make an impression Decent read but not one of PJ best.

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    Read a while ago, I think 4.5 stars I really liked this one despite the unrelentingly cruel hero usually Penny Jordan s heroes have a few moments of softness or showing that they care, this one, not so much But she gets me with these obsessed from forever, smitten heroes.

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    Pure late eighties smoop I enjoyed this than I should have.

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