Lysbeth: A Tale Of The Dutch

Lysbeth: A Tale Of The DutchAnother atypical Haggard, Lysbeth, A Tale of the Dutch, is set in Sixteenth Century Holland and is the story of a family caught up in a religious war during a Spanish occupation Lysbeth, in love with Dirk who has not declared himself since she is wealthy and he is not, is coveted by Count Juan de Montalvo, a Spaniard The Count is interested in her money than in Lysbeth herself After Montalvo gathers information to prove Dirk a heretic and have him put to death, Lysbeth agrees to marry him to save her lover. Teenage And Adult Readers Will Be Inspired By This Historical Novel About A Dutch Woman Who Is Caught Up In The Terrors Of The Spanish Inquisition During The S This Lively And Heart Rending Story By H Rider Haggard Will Remind Each Reader Of The Value Of Religious Liberty I had a hard time at first getting into this book, but my sister encouraged me to keep on And I m so glad I did It was absolutely wonderful I expected the story to be extremely dramatic and powerful, and H Rider Haggard did not disappoint I was pleasantly surprised by his sound biblical commentary throughout When unlawful in the biblical sense things happened things that very likely would have occurred during this tumultuous time , he does not leave the reader alone to wade through the moral dilemmas, but guides us with God s truth I appreciated the realistic heroes and heroines Right away I was confronted with the sins and failures of the saints Throughout the story, they are disciplined by The Lord, chastened often severely and sanctified This is an important message for anyone who has not learned, or forgets, as I do, that The Lord has called us to conflict and a cross The one problem I had was the failure of Haggard to comment on the murderous mob at the end, when Ramiro the Villain is killed Of course, at this point, we are all very happy to see him go Yet, still, it was an unrighteous method of execution, at the approval of Red Martin, everyone s favorite character A swift trial and public execution would have been easy for the author and far believable of these principled Christians The author goes on to justify the act as the judgement of the people , insinuating the mob s will is law This was shocking, as he condemns the angry mob earlier in the story in the scene when the evil priest is murdered We all of us have inconsistencies, and in this scene we run head first into his I was glad to see Adrian come to repentance in the end, proving Martin s prediction The Sire sets the strain to be false, lest anyone think that grace, or reigning sin, runs in the blood Overall, an excellent read and one you are not likely to forget. If you dig in a graveyard, you will find bones This proverb is at the heart of this story of Holland s war for freedom from Spain This is a very moving tale of deceit, greed and human suffering Count Juan de Montalvo a man you just love to hate forces Lysbeth into marriage in order to save her true love Dirk This is just the beginning of a long and harrowing tale of woe and conflict I think this novel appeals to me as I live no than 30 miles from Leiden, the city where most of the story took place Henry Haggard has built up a cast of unforgettable characters and placed them in a time and place of great turmoil, resulting in a winning combination I started this review with an axiom and would like to end it likewise as two presently come to mind The first is an acorn never falls far from the tree, and secondly what goes around comes around This is really a great book and an even better story I recommend it to all. Despite his morbid fascination with severed fingers in both The Pearl Maiden Lysbeth , H Rider Haggard writes splendid historical fiction I suppose being a guy and writing long and sometimes sentimental novels he has to interject some sort of masculine ick factor, but it wouldn t be any loss if he had left it outThis is an excellent story about a tragic but important time in church history. This is one of the most incredible historical fiction books I have ever read I loved it What can I say, other than, I would recommend this book to absolutly anyone who loves historical fiction, beautiful romance, and stunning adventure. The story line was decent but it was slow enough I had a hard time bogging through it. This book just got better and better I loved the history and adventure and romance and violence and betrayal Classic good versus evil and heroic deeds Great free read. , c Trounin Historical novel with love story about a Dutch woman who is caught up in the terrors of the Spanish Inquisition during the 1500s.This book takes place in the Netherlands and is about Lysbeth van Hout and love triangle involving her, her true love and the the story s arch villian who threatens her into a loveless marriage and is carried into the next generation involving her 2 children, Foy and Adrian Starts around the year 1544 ending in 1574.Typical of Haggard s style, the true loves face numerous trials and tribulations while the story goes on and on and on.

Sir Henry Rider Haggard, KBE was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and the creator of the Lost World literary genre His stories, situated at the lighter end of the scale of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential He was also involved in agricultural reform and improvement in the British Empire His breakout novel was King So

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