Madness (Keeper, #2)

Madness (Keeper, #2) Still Affected By Betrayal And Deceit, Alexander Marcase Feels His Life Has Lost All Connection To Truth Unable To Come To Terms With His Own Past, He S Determined To Discover The Reality Behind Evan S What They Learn Along The Way Reshapes Their Understanding Of Keepers And Sha Erah, As Well As Their Appreciation For Each Other But Nothing They Ve Experienced This Far Can Prepare Them For What They Re About To Find

Kristine was educated in Veterinary medicine, then spent 10 years in that field until one day, with her arm up a cow s ass, it dawned on her in the way that astonishing things dawn, with bright flashes of light, a sweeping theme and credits for a Key Grip and Gaffer that people really did get paid to do other things.Now she writes, cuts rocks for pleasure, and spends maybe just a little too mu

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Madness (Keeper, #2)  ❤ Kristine Williams –
  • Paperback
  • 396 pages
  • Madness (Keeper, #2)
  • Kristine Williams
  • English
  • 27 December 2019

10 thoughts on “Madness (Keeper, #2)

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    Loved it I adore these characters More hurt comfort than book 1 and the bromance and fabulous story telling continue Go read it

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    I really love these two characters Another enjoyable bromantic adventure

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    While perhaps not quite as enthralling as the first book in the series, this is still a solid and enjoyable story, and certainly gives enough incentive to continue on.Alex and Evan have now been partners Keeper to Sha erah, and co pilots of the explorer ship Ascalon for nine months or so, and Alex is finding himself restless to once again head out exploring When Zane, the ship s doctor offers them the task to see if they could find the source of all Sha erahs, both decide to accept the offer Given the great secrecy surrounding Sha erahs, and that only supremely wealthy people ever have the resources to even purchase one, neither truly expected to get very far in solving the mystery.The basic premise of this story is intriguing, but I found that the pacing of this story a little bogged down at times This is due in part to quite a few trips down memory lane, and in part due to the repeated exploration of each character s insecurities I did end up skimming a little here and there, but overall still found that I am hooked enough to look forward to the next book.

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    Bit too much repetition of character thought processes in this one it filled a lot of book space but still a good theme for a friendship story Alex Marcase, who is an experienced space explorer and captain, dithered too much with decision making a drawback of lingering too long on repetitive thought processes when writing male POV and perhaps patting Evan was a poor choice of action description, leading some readers see earlier reviews on Smashwords to think the story was getting bromancy But then, if you can get past this novel to story three, you get the feeling Alex was being a big baby just to wake Evan the heck up I still could have done with less repetition of thought processes I read this one for the plot arc so I could continue on with the story Again, the premise behind the friendship is excellent Small spoiler for those worried about it this series is not a bromance as of book four Keep reading.

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    Not as stellar as the first one I was somewhat annoyed by how much of the book s plot was contingent on whining about the events that happened in the first book Blah.But Once you get past that there s an interesting story here, so I will be continuing on to read the third book in the series.

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    Yeah the story so far is amazing Evan and Alex work great together as partners, best friends and It s really enjoyable to fallow their adventure around the space The story is interesting and it flows easily I know I get lost in their story and really enjoy it Highly recommended book

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    Loved it Great follow up to The Keeper

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    It s a little repetitive in spots, but I still really like it.

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