Maggie Bean Stays Afloat

Maggie Bean Stays AfloatHere S What S New With Maggie Bean At The End Of Her Tumultuous Year, Maggie Bean Is A Very Happy, Healthy Girl After Months Of Pound Patrollers Attendance, Diet, And Tough Swim Workouts, The Scale Now Reads But Maggie Isn T Resting On Her Laurels She S Got A Busy Summer Ahead Not Only Is Maggie Spearheading A Pound Patrollers Kids Program But She Gets A Junior Camp Counselor Job At Camp Sound View Camp Sound View Is A Whole New World For Maggie She Works With Kids From Other Schools Who Don T Know Her, Or What She Looked Like A Year Ago Everyone S Friendly, Boys Treat Her Like A Real Girl, And Maggie Is Mesmerized The Experience Is Something She Knows Never Would Ve Been Possible The Summer Before Wounded By Peter S Recent Rejection And Flattered By The Unexpected Attention, Maggie Immerses Herself In Everything Camp Sound View Has To Offer Her Confidence Grows, And Before Long She S Cracking Jokes And Initiating Conversation Without Worrying Much About What People Think It S All Fun And Games Until Maggie Becomes So Involved, People Aimee, Arnie And Her Family Feel Neglected Will Maggie Sacrifice Old Friends For New Ones Will She Change What S On The Inside As People Respond To Her Changed Outside Can She Blend Her Two Worlds Together And Will All This Tension Send Her Seeking Solace In Old Habits

Tricia Rayburn lives on eastern Long island with her fianc and crazy shih tzu She tries to eat vegetables instead of candy but, in her weaker moments, loves Reese s Pieces The Melting of Maggie Bean is her first novel.

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  • 24 January 2017
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    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comMaggie hasn t eaten chocolate in 92 days She s in great shape thanks to her newfound love of swimming Plus, her days at Pound Patrollers are coming to an end, or so she thinks She and Arnie are asked to help create a Pound Patroller program for kids In addition, Maggie also becomes a summer camp swim instructor Soon, she s hanging out with other swim instructors and becoming one of the in crowd Will she blow off her old friends to become a popular girl The second novel starring Maggie Bean shows her inner struggle as she tries to find her comfort zone in her new body Her frustrations and dilemmas make you want to laugh and cry along with her.

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    Maggie hates her life, she wishes she was popular, her dad is allways switching new jobs, they dont live in the best place and her past is befor she once weighed 180 but now with the help of a weight loss gruop and her best friends by her side she got to 120 and was a healthy 7th grder But when she has to be a swim instructor at her lil sisters camp she meants new and popluar friends shes so destracted by her new friends that she forgets her old and real friends does she ditch her old friends and hang with the new WELL READ THIS BOOK AND FIND OUT oh well this is the second book so read the first

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    Maggie Bean Stays Afloat, by Tricia Rayburn, is about a young teen with all her troubles At the beginning of the summer she wants nothing to do with anyone after the boy she likes rejects her She had planned to sit on the couch all summer, but her mom found her a job The job was to go and work at a summer camp She also gets the opportunity to help younger kids lose weight with her good friend, Arnie At summer camp she meets her new friends Polly, Ben, and Jason She ends up spending all her time outside of camp and being and working with Arnie, she was with them She even ditched many Patrol This meetings to be with them She loses her true friends, Arnie and Aimee, because she never hangs out with them and starts acting stuck up to them She ends up loosing her new friends also cause they find out who she used to be, overweight and chubby In the end she ends up happier than she was at the beginning of the summer with her friends, Arnie and Aimee, and also helping younger kids lose weight.I did not like this book very much I didn t like this book very much cause it kind of made me sad with all the bad choices she made One of the bad choices she made was to hang out and go to parties with Polly, Ben, and Jason I also didn t like how it was calling people fat Towards the end the author gave up on giving details The last two chapters were very hard to follow They were at camp and Maggie and her camp friends were talking right after she was mad at them, which I didn t get I also didn t really get how they didn t say anything about getting a new house then the last chapter was about her housewarming party If I were to rewrite it I would give detail about her camp friends after the big scene and give detail on them buying the house I would not recommend this book for other young teens or kids If you re looking for a sad story about a teenage this is the book If you are looking for a funny story this is not it.

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    it was a great book.

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    The book Maggie Bean Stays Afloat , is about a young but over weight girl When Maggie joins a club for weight lose, she meets her best friend Arnie Mags and Arnie have been friends ever since, but that all changes when Mags gets a new job as a junior swim instructor at her little sisters summer day camp There, she meets a whole new set of friends that she leaves her old ones for Her used to be best friend Amii, is haging out with her friends in the summer camp and their little group is called the Figure Eights Maggie, says she s going to have a no boy summer after PEtter Applewood turned Maggie down because of another girl at their school Ben, tge boy Maggie meets in summer day camp is also a swim instructor, and he falls for Maggie and takes her away from her old friends Until one day, her new friends find out about her past and how she was so over weight and they stop takling to her for a few days, and Maggie was misserable But eventually, Maggie just goes back to her real friends, and finds out that Arnie likes her They get together and start their new relationship at a bbq Maggies parents set up I would reccomend this book to people that are having relationship problems, and for people that just want a good laugh This book taught me that new people may come and go, but real friends always are by each others side no matter what.

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    Summary Maggie was a simple girl She diddn task for much Her mom made her go to camp to be a concular She had ended up making new friends and to top it all of she had started a new program called pound patrolers or weight loss camp Although Electra scared every kid In about a week Arnie and Maggie took over They got them to step on the scale without crying She went everywhere with her new friends She started diching her old ones Soon her new friends found out she used to be overweight and they diched her Her friends forgaver her and her family bought a new house Main Charcters Maggie She is really shy and insecure about herself When a better offer came along she took it Arnie He is supper fun and is great with kids When Maggie diches him he didn t find a new friend He waited Aimee She has been best friends with Maggie for forever When Maggie diches her she has the camp girls to hang out with Setting In Calafornia On the beach Conflict Maggie diches her old friens for new ones Resolution Her new friends dich her and she apoligies to her old friends Her old friends forgive her Recommadtion I recommond this book to anyone because it is funny It teaches a life lession that everyone should learn.

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    As Maggie Bean continues to struggle with weight, Pound Patrollers comes to a close Her and Arnie are asked to start Patrol This, a weight loss program for kids Neither really want to do it, but Arnie makes it fun, and the kids can t wait until next week Along with that, Maggie s summer starts with working as a junior swim instructor at a local camp It s full of high school kids, but one Ben invites her on a date and they go out for about a month until they find out about her troubled past Along with that, Aimee and Arnie are hardly seen, and when she decides to return to their lives, they re not very forgiving at first And along with all this, her family struggles to quit being a renter and become home owners But eventually, everyone forgives Maggie, she s back on top, and she finds home.

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    Maggie is happy and healthy and on her last Pound Patrollers meeting, she and Arnie were invited to help with a new company, Patrol This Pound Patrollers for kids and design the website Maggie is also a junior counselor for swimming at Camp Sound View She becomes friends with Ben, Jason, and Polly She doesn t get to talk to Aimee that often so they get into a fight and Aimee won t speak to her Since she is so busy whith her new friends, she and Arnie and Aimee are growning apart But, when her new friends do something rude, She realizes how important her real friends are I would recommend this book to a girl who likes a good read I recommend that you read the first one first.

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    Rayburn does an excellent job of letting us know who Maggie Bean really is We can identify with her, while at the same time recognize her mistakes like not finding out what was going on with her best friend who is an awesome friend, btw Or like getting caught up in hanging out with liking an older boy when the one right in front of you that s been there through thick literally and thin, might just be the one you should be hanging out with Rayburn shows us how to admit and own your mistakes and the power of forgiveness Can t wait to read the 3rd one

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    This second in the Maggie Bean series is just as engaging and rewarding as the first Positive body image is celebrated as Maggie becomes a mentor in a weight loss program for younger kids, and has to not only keep making healthy choices for herself, but figure out fun and creative ways to gets kids to buy into the program as well Maggie declined to swim with the Water Wings click for full review

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