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Martin the WarriorThis was an excellent book to read over the Thanksgiving weekend There is plenty of feasting, song, and gratitude shown The first two are elements in all of the Redwall series For those unfamiliar with Brian Jacques, he writes an of an animal based world that brings memories of Narnia or Watership Down Martin the Warrior is the sixth book written but I believe the second one if you are to read them chronologically This one, like all of his books, is what a children s story should be The good guys are truly good guys, the bad guys are bad and it is easy to tell the difference My only complaint is that it is sometimes difficult to decipher the accent he writes in the dialogs For those who have kids that enjoy children s series like Narnia, Harry Potter, or Percy Jackson then I would strongly recommend Redwall. This was the book that got me into fantasy, and fill in love with reading My teacher in grade school loved the story, and all my friends read the series So I gave it a try on audio, and felt in love with audio and this series This is my favorite book of the Redwall series I just love the character of Martin the Warrior This origin story really shows how he came from nothing into the one of the greatest leaders and warrior in the land The ending of the book is the cause and origins of Redwall Without it, Redwall would have never existed So this is the foundation book in the series.P.S I have read this booktimes than I can count. Finally, The Long Awaited Tale Of Martin, The Warrior Mouse Of RedwallAs A Child, Martin Was Brought To The Stronghold Of Badrang The Tyrant, Forced Into Enslavement Behind Its Massive Walls But He Was Strong He Was Brave And Mere Escape Was Not His Plan As Long As His Father S Sword Rested In Badrang S Ruthless Fist I hadn t thought of rereading these seriously until I realised that reading a childhood book was on the list for a reading challenge, and then my sister returned all my copies to make room on her shelves for her own books Then I thought, well, why not I remember that I found the books getting a bit repetitive as the series went on and on, and on but Martin the Warrior was the first I read, and it s obvious why it hooked me as a kid It s a little bit deterministic rats are evil, mice are good, shrews are quarrelsome, etc but I know that s tackled a little in later books with characters like Veil I m not sure it s ever really dealt with, though.One of the awesome things is the way it talks about food all kinds of food that animals would actually eat, yet cooked in human ways It s a weird combination, or sounds it, until you read the book and then it just sounds tasty I m sure I d like Grumm or Polleekin s cooking Martin the Warrior ends on a sour, sad note I think ultimately the sympathies lie with the peace of Noonvale, even while there s understanding of the need for revenge that drives Felldoh and, to a lesser extent, Martin It doesn t bring any good to the characters, even though they ve removed a threat from the world.Definitely a good nostalgia read, despite the sadness, and perhaps a bitnuanced than I remembered.Originally posted here. It s a long hard road ahead for you, little warrior Enjoy a happy day while you can Boldred, Martin the Warrior , P 267 Don t think about what you could have done, concentrate on what you plan to do it isuseful Boldred, P 335 The ability of Brian Jacques to create an entirely new world that is bursting at the seams with deep, suspensefully plotted adventures, characters overflowing with originality and life, and epic, imaginative quests that could appeal to even the most hard nosed literary cynic has almost no equal For nearly four hundred pages in Martin the Warrior we the readers follow on an action packed, tightly written adventure novel, leading onward through surprising twists and turns that left me, personally, breathless and with a pounding heart The world of Redwall is as perfect as the creation of a literary world can get, and when one thinks that the author could not possibly jam in anyexciting adventure, one will look at the page and see that he is less than halfway through reading the book The feeling and perspective of Martin the Warrior will resound loudly with the reader long after the final page has been completed It is a unique literary experience that simply should not be missed, and I heartily recommend it for anyone who would ask me A magnificent achievement Throughout his life the memory of that happy day stayed locked secretly in his heart Martin the Warrior, P 296 This was extremely well written and entertaining I enjoyed it vastly. A classic, definitely one of the best Redwall stories out there Even if you ve never read a Redwall book, this one gets you started on one of the oldest and most important of the stories, centering on the great warrior mouse, Martin It may not be the first in the series, though these books do have a wonderful way of functioning perfectly fine no matter which one you start with I ve found Adventure, love, courage, tears, humor, the Brain Jacques experience.The story itself, without spoiling too much, focuses on Martin son of Luke the Warrior, and his struggle against the tyrant Badrang and sea captain, Clogg Together with the fierce Rose of Noonvale among other companions, Martin must go on a daring adventure to take back his father s sword, and the freedom of Badrang s slaves.Like all of the other Redwall books, the entire cast is made up of animals who can speak and cook and fight from fortresses and ships It is another fine addition to the many adventures of Redwall, even if the story takes place before the actual Redwall abbey was even built Like it s fellow books in the series, this book is filled with adventure and laughs and even some love Still, I would certainly credit this book with having some of the sadder moments than others did Sure, every Redwall book tends to have a somber moment here and there, and death is not uncommon in these books, though this book does have what I would consider one of thefamous tragedies within the adventure However, I would quickly assure any potential reader that the majority of the book is, in fact, full of high adventure and laughs and love, and leaves you with a warm satisfaction, even amidst heartache Highly recommend to fantasy readers. These books are Chicken Soup For The Anthropomorphic Animal Loving Soul and I could not get enough of them Still comfortable nostalgia reads This made better use of the Redwall formula than most, partly because the semi sympathetic treatment of a couple of the vermin characters gave that side a bitnuance, partly because there s a real melancholy running through Martin s story Knowing his legacy ups the poignancy factor of seeing him here, at the beginning of his journey view spoiler All right, technically this book about talking rodents still managed to turn up for the Women Mousemaidens In Refrigerators trope and now that I m all growed up I know I should feel some kind of way about thatbut tbh I feel like my overriding concern here is Man, I can t believe Brian Jacques made me ship two micehide spoiler I think I will just find a blankie, and a corner to cry my heart out in. Martin the Warrior is probably one of the best Redwall books While the writing is decidedly clunky at best, you never notice once you get into the book Martin the Warrior has everything it has the drama, the sadness, the love and hate of The Lord of the Rings It also has the revenge and hate of Felldoh, and off course the sadness of the death s of some central characters I felt the difference between Martin and Felldoh strongly Felldoh was imprisoned all his life, and was forever changed by it He nourished a great hate, which he could only satisfy with revenge Martin, on the other hand, fought for the freedom of those living within the area of Marshank I was first introduced to the animated series, and impressed by the line they added, which, surprisingly, was not in the book We fight for freedom, not revenge We fight in the name of Felldoh A line they left out of the cartoon, was Brome, speaking of Felldoh In the cartoon, he still says That was an oath of vengeance, not a goodbye, and Felldoh used to be my hero, but I don t know him any, but the left out the powerful part of the conversation that followedFelldoh is a warrior This Martin your always talking about is a Warrior like him And Brome responded by sayingIf Martin is a warrior like Felldoh, then Seasons help my sister Rose if she is still with him Then later, Brome is to sayGive me a javelin, I want to be a warrior like Felldohand yet lets one of the enemy go free A powerful and emotional book.

Brian Jacques pronounced jakes was born in Liverpool, England on June 15th, 1939 Along with forty percent of the population of Liverpool, his ancestral roots are in Ireland, County Cork to be exact.Brian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks, where he attended St John s School, an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten, his very first day at St Joh

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