Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 1

Maximum Ride: The Manga, Vol. 1I ve never been a huge fan of the Maximum Ride series personally for a number of reasons, mainly the far fetched plot and the cheesy dialogue, but there s something interesting to be said for a group of teenagers with the ability to fly like birds Very similar to Stephen King s Firestarter with the experiment run amok and the evil shady government research lab, this massive story has a variety of characters with their own individual personalities, and with little info regarding their own identity, they consider themselves a family of sorts a bit dysfunctional, but a family just the same.This manga adaptation adds something new to the story with beautiful illustrations that really bring out the scenery and action of the novel basis If there s one thing that can be said for this, it s a work of art and paints these avian kids almost like superheroes as they try to avoid being discovered and captured again, taken back to the school where they re basically used as guinea pigs or in their case since they re part bird, guinea fowl Sorry For readers who dislike the thought of reading the large Angel Experiment book which the graphic novel is based upon, this might be a simpler place to start. Fourteen Year Old Maximum Ride, Better Known As Max, Knows What It S Like To Soar Above The World She And All The Members Of The Flock Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman And Angel Are Just Like Ordinary Kids Only They Have Wings And Can Fly It May Seem Like A Dream Come True To Some, But Their Lives Can Morph Into A Living Nightmare At Any Time Like When Angel, The Youngest Member Of The Flock, Is Kidnapped And Taken Back To The School Where She And The Others Were Experimented On By A Crew Of Wack Jobs Her Friends Brave A Journey To Blazing Hot Death Valley, CA, To Save Angel, But Soon Enough, They Find Themselves In Yet Another Nightmare This One Involving Fighting Off The Half Human, Half Wolf Erasers In New York City Whether In The Treetops Of Central Park Or In The Bowels Of The Manhattan Subway System, Max And Her Adopted Family Take The Ride Of Their Lives Along The Way Max Discovers From Her Old Friend And Father Figure Jeb Now Her Betrayed And Greatest Enemy That Her Purpose Is Save The World But Can She I have to review this both in relation to the original, and by its own Tough Anyway, the story is still amazing and captivating, so points there It s an American original manga that they hired a Korean to write It is definitely MANGA and not GRAPHIC NOVEL, especially considering it was serialized first in Yen Magazine However, it does read left to right I feel like a little bit of the internal feelings thinking is lost in this version over the original, which is interesting because many Japanese manga have quite a bit of internal thought The emphasis on this version of Maximum Ride is definitely fast paced action sequences, which it does well The character designs are all very good, and distinctly Japanese manga y I especially like Max and Iggy, who look older than I imagined and both got super sexy Fang looks off to me, and Nudge looks like a ganguro girl, but whateverDefinitely a good adaptation in its own right, it loses some of the charm but keeps all the appeal of the original.3 Quality, 5 Popularity Rating 1 star The only reasons I bought this book was, for one, it was 1 at Goodwill and in perfect condition , and two, because it had a gorgeous cover Yes, I have read James Patterson s book and yes, I very much disliked it Correction, I hated it It was stupid and pointless The character s choices were senseless The whole book was terrible and cheap As for the graphic novel, sure the illustrations were beautiful but it still had the same idiotic characters Except for what s his name The blind guy Yeah, he was chill But then again this story, both the book and graphic novel, are indeed meant for children Children whom adore puns, other kids with wings and superpowers, and cookies Let me repeat that, THIS BOOK IS A CHILD S BOOK Not a Young Adult book, so don t let the cover fool you. This is and adoption of a Japanese successful manga and It s like reading a comic style manga The story seems intact and I liked characters Not decided which one is my favorite though. Ok, let me first say something I picked up this book knowing nothing about it, and because I was desperate to read something new And I absolutely loved it This is the manga version of the original book for Young Adults mainly by James Patterson, and it s very skillfully transformed into the new format Excellent art, brilliant dialogue and characters so real you feel they might just jump off the page Before I go into a bitdetail, if you re thinking of buying this book then DO IT Buy it NOW You won t be able to put it down, the plot keeps your on the edge of your seat the whole way through I read it all in one sitting WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD The main character, Max, is a great lead She s super cool, and really appeals to a teenage reader The story starts off with her dreaming about people chasing her, and in her dream she has wings This part if you have the same version as me is done in colour, which is a great start to the book After she wakes up, we re introduced to the rest of the gang Gazzy, Angel, Fang, Nudge and Iggy, who all have various and wonderful talents The main twist in the plot stop reading now if you haven t read it yet is the arrival of the Erasers, terrifying wolf like creatures who are led by Jeb s son Ari Their arrival is drawn over a double page spread, which draws the reader directly into the suspense After kidnapping Angel, they fly off and take her to the School, a place where Jeb freed the others from years ago I m not going to go into muchdetail about this plot, because it s fairly self explainitory, Max and the others plan to rescure Angel and run into mysteries about the Erasers, Ari, their parents and Jeb himself along the way The book ends with a cliffhanger I m not saying what it is which made me yell Wait, say WHATI m going to end my review with a simple list of why you should get this book 1 Brilliant characters 2 Stunning art 3 An involving and fast paced, action packed plotline Enjoy Wow That s all I can say about this book.I had put it on hod at the library and went over to pick it up along with the second book, since I couldn t get my hands on the chapter book yet, and man am I happy that I picked it up.This series has everything a refreshing cast of characters that are funny and adventurous and all those other things that other characters lack, and for once, they are realistic, not cliche like Bella and Edward and the whole crappy cast from Twilight is The art is great to look at and I truly feel like I m reading a manga book, not a cheap excuse for a manga like a few books I have read were like The theme of this series actually reminds me of my own book I m writing because there are some similiar details, especially cause my main character also has wings But enough about that.I can now tell why this series is so popular Looking forward to enjoy the rest of it i did not get what was going on okay, this is interesting. This is an interesting adaption I ve read the whole maximum ride series of novels, this is my first time reading one of the graphic novels The regular novels I think are better, there sdetail to the characters and plot, and they takethan one hour to read There were some errors in the panels, I know that lots of graphic novels have errors but, none that I have really noticed enough to bother my reading experience This book had a couple of errors that bothered me, the main one being on one of the last pages where Angel s face was drawn over the bars of her cage I won t be continuing the graphic novel adaption of this series, I saw the first volume at the library and decided to check it out.

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