Medallion Status: True Stories from Secret Rooms

Medallion Status: True Stories from Secret Rooms An Affecting And Hilarious Meditation On Fame And Prestige As Seen Through The Lens Of An Airline Loyalty ProgramThe AV Club A Hilarious And Honest New Book In Which John Hodgman, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Vacationland,leaves Vacation Behind And Gets Back To Work As A Still Somewhat Famous Person And Then Loses His JobAfter Spending Most Of His Twenties Pursuing A Career As A Literary Agent, John Hodgman Decided To Try His Own Hand At Writing Following An Appearance To Promote One Of His Books On The Daily Show, He Was Invited To Return As A Contributor This Led To An Unexpected And, Frankly, Implausible Career In Front Of The Camera That Has Lasted To This Very Day, Or At Least Until In These Pages, Hodgman Explores The Strangeness Of His Career, Speaking Plainly Of Fame, Especially At The Weird, Marginal Level He Enjoyed It Through These Stories You Will Learn Many Things That Only John Hodgman Knows, Such As How To Prepare For A Nude Scene With An Oboe, Or What It Feels Like To Go To A Hollywood Party And Realize That You Are Not Nearly As Famous As The Property Brothers, Or, For That Matter, Those Two Famous Corgis From Instagram And There Are Stories About How, When Your Television Gig Is Canceled, You Can Console Yourself With The Fact That All Of That Travel That Made Your Young Son So Sad At Least Left You With A Prize Platinum Medallion Status With Your AirlineBoth Unflinchingly Funny And Deeply Heartfelt, Medallion Status Is A Thoughtful Examination Of Status, Fame, And Identity And About The Way We All Deal With Those Moments When We Realize We Aren T Platinum Status Any And Will Have To Get Comfortable In That Middle Seat Again

THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE and was asked to appear on The Daily Show with

❮EPUB❯ ✵ Medallion Status: True Stories from Secret Rooms Author John Hodgman –
  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Medallion Status: True Stories from Secret Rooms
  • John Hodgman
  • English
  • 26 March 2019
  • 9780525561101

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    If you re a fan of John Hodgman s humor, this is the book for you John was a longtime correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the PC in those famous Mac vs PC ads from around 10 years ago He s a very wry writer His voice definitely comes through in his writing as well This book details his adventures after his first book Vacationland was published It describes his somewhat fall from fame as his popularity as an actor waned It s a very funny book I found myself snickering throughout as I read this over my lunch hour at work All I can say, is that I ll be first in line for the next one Received a review copy from Viking and Edelweiss All thoughts are my own and in no way influenced by the aforementioned.

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    I want to give this 4.5 because Vacationland JH s previous book is a 6 and only five stars are available But reviews are important and this deserves than four But if you haven t read Vacationland his last book and think of Hodgman as that guy on TV who wrote the fake facts and history books, run don t walk to read or listen to Vacationland and you ll start thinking of him as an incisive, insightful, moving, and yes funny essayist alongside names like Rakoff and Sedaris and Saunders You can do this before Medallion Status is even available in stores 9 10 19 UPDATE 9 30 19 I host a podcast John H was the first guest, three years ago, give or take He will be the 73rd guest, this coming week, circa 10 6 or so, about a week before the book is to officially drop We talk about Medallion Statuses Statae of all sorts, and much much You can find the show wherever you get your pods or at 15minutesjamieberger dot com Join us, won t you 10 13 that conversation with JKH is up at

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    It would probably be a fun review of John Hodgman s well observed and entertaining as all hell, Medallion Status True Stories from Secret Rooms to list out only the many ways the author, here, a sort of Dominick Dunne of Hunted Unease, uses to describe himself as he presumes others see him A random person from television that we don t recognize, by the parents of a hospitalized child This weird bearded withered old man, a dark glimpse into the future of humanity, by teenaged prom attendees Even a member of just another rich family who have convinced themselves that wealth makes them virtuous and thus deserving of special treatment, by those his Disney VIP tour guide just cut him in front of in a line at Disneyland But if all those things were true, would we delight in reading his adventures Or is this another hedge against the impostor syndrome the author speaks to later even as he recounts his delight at the mini perks of Medallion Status level of an unnamed, yet easily Google able airline The book promises a look behind the curtain of celebrity and celebrity adjacent life in cities, hotels, sets, and tony functions around the country, but time and again, rather than sink effortlessly into the world of glitzy artifice, the author seems to have one foot out the door in each instance, already logging the experience to be retold later Experiences, the book suggests are on the wane It s good to know when you re no longer on the list, Hodgman tells us, referring to a guest list at the Chateau Marmont, in a refrain that rings throughout the book That time in your life is over, he says elsewhere, in response to being offered pot by a fellow named Captain Weed What s so compelling about the narrative is trying to figure out whether he is trying to convince us or himself of his acceptance of this creeping obsolescence.All to say, the book is as laugh out loud funny the phrase jazzbo carny music for lonely boys instantly the best description for Tom Waits music this Waits fan has ever heard as it can be utterly, nakedly, emotionally brutal I had to put the book down for a minute or two after the Petey chapter You should read it, if only to know why should you ever be in Palm Beach looking for cheap, barely worn suits in the exclusive brand Custer was wearing when he died at Little Bighorn, they re available to you in rack after rack.Or, well, to get to the final chapter which I read twice and will probably read again as it s a whole book in and of itself.

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    I think this may be Hodgman s best work to date Funny, sad, wise, clever, and ultimately deeply moving It is a collection of pieces that make up a greater whole, a tale of minor fame and what happens after.

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    Think of this as a collection of anecdotes Hodgman has a dry sense of humor which serves him well in some situations his adventures such as they are in Hollywood and less so in others I read this as a short story collection rather than as a memoir a collection with a unifying theme of wanting better flyer status Thanks to Edelweiss for the ARC I suspect this is rewarding as an audiobook with Hodgman s distinct voice narrating.

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    Part travel log, part memoir, John Hodgman s Medallion Status True Stories from Secret Rooms is sure to be a hit with fans of his previous work, Vacationland True Stories from Painful Beaches This work focuses primarily on his acting career, with particular attention paid to the people, places, and odd situations he found himself in as a result Pros Hodgman s affable, if self effacing style returns in, Medallion Status While I wouldn t call any of the jokes, gut busters, this work does provide a steady stream of laughs His writing and presentation style reminded me a touch of Andy Rooney in the way that he reflected on his life, fame, and career trajectory I can t say any essay hit me as hard emotionally as some of the essays from Vacationland, but it was still enjoyable to spend a few hours with John Hodgman No individual chapter is longer than 45 minutes, and each of the chapters are reasonably self contained This means that it is easy to digest the book in smaller bites if you so wish Cons I don t consider it a con, but fans of the current presidential administration will likely not be a fan of a few of the later chapters I could see how some may tire of John s self effacing attitude and the honesty with which he appears to present his neuroses For me, I found they made him relatable as an author, and my reaction to said neuroses never rose to the level of frustration that I felt with Marc Maron s Attempting Normal Nitpick While I understand and respect Hodgman s withholding of the location of his home in Maine and the name s of the town s residents, this same withholding makes less sense to me with regards to the airline referenced in the title of, Medallion Status Hodgman himself points out it is just an internet search away and reveals the name at the tail end of the book spoiler alert it s Delta Conclusion This book is much focused on Hodgman s career and fame than Vactationland I appreciate that it can balance the serious, the absurd, and the funny parts of celebrity and its waning I applaud Hodgman for his approach to comedy, which includes both a conscience and an awareness of the privilege associated with being a straight, white, wealthy man Finally, I am excited to see what Hodgman will come out with next.See reviews at

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    I m a huge fan of John Hodgman s podcast, and I was extremely eager to read this book I love books of humor and books about travel, particularly dull, work related travel since it s so much relatable and so much less enviable than the travel people tend to write about.I was surprised to see how closely Hodgman s voice on the page mirrored his voice on the podcast and disappointed that it didn t quite work for me While there were plenty of laughs, a lot of the humor felt quite awkward Watching improv comedy can be fun, but reading the transcript of an improv sketch Less so This was most pronounced in Hodgman s use of fake dialogue, which was pretty jarring in parts and consistently undercut genuinely humorous situations These asides work well in audio comedy, where they re aided by Hodgman s inflection and a giggling, kindly co host, but including them here felt like a disservice to the reader The world is funny enough as it is why resort to injecting your reimagining of it Overall, this book was a lot of fun to read and I really appreciated the moments of sincerity and vulnerability, which are plentiful I already know which essays I ll think back to, and they re the ones that have nothing to do with points and everything to do with people My favorites are the one about pets, the one about jobs, and and the one about the election I m now really looking forward to reading Vacationland, since my impression is that it s an even personal and humanistic work.

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    John Hodgman, who used to create very funny fake facts in his books, now takes very funny and very real stories from his real life and turns them into beautiful lessons that allow for the expression and experience of a full range of human emotions The stories in this book, which my first sentence has thus far done a terribly shitty job of describing, center on human matters, familial and professional, that seem surface and or jokingly narcissistic on the surface, but in fact link through the secret architecture of Hodgman s literary genius to connect at the end in a powerful and very introspective payoff You will, in these pages, enjoy the White Privilege comedy of John Hodgman, but you will also learn about his thoughts on parenting, his feelings on the 2016 election, the death of his 18 year old cat, and the nude scene contract rider he had to sign I am not doing this book any justice in this review than I did for Vacationland Hodgman s last, and very excellent, book , but I recommend you read this book, especially if you are a man in your mid to late 40 s or god help you, 50, like me It is funny and wise and cutting and kind That is all.

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    I ve been a fan of Mr Hodgman since he was a regular Resident Expert on the Daily Show I always felt he was one of my people nerdy, weirdo GenXers, and so I ve followed his career since.It was a bit melancholic to read this book, to see that slow ebb of fame that rolled out like a tide in his life It s expressed directly, and through his recounting of the rise and fall of his airline miles status.I m sure he will be OK, even though he doesn t appear on my television any He is such a good writer, I wish he would take a crack at fiction, some of the Lovecraftian touches he drips into his nonfiction make me think he d write a great horror book, and I d like to see that.So yeah, there are a lot of chuckle worthy moments in this book, a bit of sadness, a lot of embarrassment I felt a bit of Fremdscham in some parts, like I was seeing too much of the semi famous person Still, this is a great book and I was delighted I m kind of happy to discover I m not the only one who grew stress bone spurs post election.

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    If you ve read John Hodgman s work before, or if you ve seen him at live events, or if you listen to his podcast with Jess Thorn Judge John Hodgman where he rules on just about everything, you already know you ll enjoy this latest book of stories.If you ve only experienced Hodgman from his guest starring roles on various TV shows, or his appearances on The Daily Show, or even his long ago Apple commercials, you should definitely read this These are the stories behind those stories, the circumstances of how he got the job, how he lost the job, and what happened in between.But ultimately it s a book about chasing fame and airline points and what happens when both start to fade It is funny, and touching, and insightful, and bizarre.And carrying it publicly might get you a seat upgrade This will probably not happen.

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