Melt Zone: Action-Adventure Thriller

Melt Zone: Action-Adventure Thriller ASIN BCKDPUG Moved To The Most Recent Edition HereRAPID ANTARCTIC ICE MELT A HUNT ACROSS EUROPE A DECADES OLD NAZI MYTH Following On From Tipping Point And Impact Point, Robert Spire Is Thrust Into His Latest Fast Paced, Antarctic Themed, Action Packed Adventure ThrillerIn , The German New Swabia Expedition Left Hamburg For Antarctica Aboard The MS Schwabenland The Secret Expedition Arrived At The Princess Martha Coast, In An Area Which Had Been Claimed By Norway As Dronning Maud Land, And Began Charting The Region Nazi German Marker Darts Were Dropped Along The Coast To Mark Out The New Territory Years Later, Satellite Photographs Of Eastern Antarctica Reveal Something Startling Has Started To OccurRAPID ANTARCTIC ICE MELTJust Before Europe S Envisat Satellite Malfunctions, It Photographs A Mysterious Melt Zone During A Fly Over Of Eastern Antarctica Following Analysis Of The Photographs, The UKs GLENCOM Global Environmental Command Unit, Sends Three Of Its Climatologists To Investigate, But As They Analyse The Site, A Vast Crevasse Opens In The Ice, Swallowing Them Up They Survive The Fall, But Make A Startling And Lethal DiscoveryA HUNT ACROSS EUROPEGLENCOM Agent And Environmental Lawyer, Robert Spire, Has His Austrian Skiing Holiday Interrupted Following The Discovery, And Is Tasked To Investigate A Cologne Based Company That Appears To Be Linked To The Events Unfolding In Antarctica Things Soon Take A Sinister Turn, As Clues Lead Him To The Discovery Of AYear Old Nazi Document For Spire, The Knowledge He Now Possesses Can Only Lead To One Thing Certain Death, As He Is Pursued Relentlessly Across Eastern EuropeA DECADES OLD NAZI MYTHWith Spire Missing, And A Second Search And Rescue Operation To The Melt Zone Going Disastrously Wrong, GLENCOM Organise A Third Expedition To The Region, This Time With The Assistance Of Russian Cryoscientist And Glaciologist Professor Irina Lopintova If Spire Makes It Back To England Alive, He Will Face His Most Daunting Challenge Yet, An Expedition To The Melt Zone To Discover What Lies Buried Beneath The Ice More of an mediocre action tale Little depth as far as the description serenading readers about a mysterious structure found buried in Antarctica and the premise of a historical Nazi Document andabout everything else Kudos to the person who wrote a dynamic description The telling versus showing was agonizing as some parts were felt and seen and others were just words Melt Zone was either the second or third of David Loving s book I ve listened to I still enjoy his voice but think he still struggles with the pacing This was decent, but not one of the books I strongly loved nor disdained On that same note, it s not one I d recommend either. This was my third novel from the author, and I was extremely excited to start reading it I was roughly 20% into the novel, and I was already bombarded by the following variety Nazi secret, Antarctic research and exploration, bionic arms and limbs, pre historic virus, frozen dinosaur, underground base, guns, poisoned darts, bombs, super human capability assassins, Russian interest, environmental damage, evil business planphew The list is just beginning to start Every posible element of thrill that one may have gathered from various sub genres of thrillers, have been put together into this cocktail, and the end result is this novel In that sense, this is one mish mashed tale of everything, making the reader pause to try grasping the narrative flow Incidentally, the previous two novels were similar in this basic approach borrow various elements from different sub genres sc fi, espionage, adventure, etc and twine them around a central theme in this case a possible myth about Nazis having built a secret base in Antartica As with his earlier writings, the narrative is lucid, and while it may not be very ordinary, is not literary either The basic plot is that a huge area in Antartica starts to melt, raising concerns of environmental damage A team of scientists exploring the incident stumble upon an underground man made structure, which turns out to be diabolic, designed to kill anyone trying to access it unauthorisedly The disappearance of these scientists, and then that of the rescue team subsequently, brings Robert Spire into the picture, who soon gets drawn into an inter continental game of cat and mouse, with female assassins having bionic limbs chasing him with an intent to kill It ultimately becomes Spire s responsibility to try and save the people around him, as well as a global catastrophe Despite sounding critical on some of the issues highlighted above, the novel manages to entertain, overall I did lose the flow at times, but ended up being decently entertained with all the break neck action and adventure Only, my humble suggestion to the author is try and bring lesser number of individual items of thrill in his next novel, and rather develop the plot and narration with fewer butnuanced elements I read his novels attracted to them primarily as eco thrillers, so avoidable elements like bionics, for example, or the unnecessary bit on two escaped jailed convicts create diversions Three stars for this one But, will I await the next Robert Spire Oh yes This is my first Robert Spire book He is a combination of James Bond, Dirk Pitt McGyver, Painter Crowe, Monk Kokkalis, and Gray Pierce This book covers a lot of territory literally, from England to Antarctic It also covers a lot of technology from space saucers to Six Millon Dollar Man bionics inflation has hit the bionic dept and cost is much higher now to a new species of dinosaur A fast moving book, but we spent too much time in a Hungarian sewer I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys novels by Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, or James Rollins. I really like the Robert Spire series Hopefully there arein the pipeline Spire who is part lawyer, part agent for Glencom is a James Bond type character with an ecological twist.Melt Zone is the third in the series from Si Rosser and is as equally enjoyable as both Tipping Point and Impact Point.

Author of the Robert Spire action thriller series CliFi thriller TIPPING POINT, Cataclysmic SciFi action thriller, IMPACT POINT, mystery thriller MELT ZONE and CATACLYSM of the ANCIENTS.Also sci fi horror thrillers VAPORISED I and IIEspionage thriller RED MISTSci Fi thriller SALIENT

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  • Melt Zone: Action-Adventure Thriller
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  • 05 October 2017

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