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Merely Magic Magic Is Her BirthrightThe Daughter Of One Of The Strongest Magical Lineages, Ninian Malcom Siddons Is A Powerful Witch Determined To Only Use Her Magic For Good, She Lives A Simple, Solitary Life As A Healer In Her Village, Where She Meets Drogo A Man Of Science Doesn T Believe In Anything He Can T See Lord Drogo Ives Believes Only Logic And Science Can Explain The Wonders Of The Universe And Doesn T Believe The Local Folklore About Malcolm Witches And Ives Men, Until He Meets Ninian Despite The Odds Against Them And Their Many Differences, The Bond Between Drogo And Ninian Grows Stronger Each Moment They Are Together Until The Chaos And Danger Surrounding Them Forces Each To Decide Their Love Or Their Lives

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Merely Magic
  • Patricia Rice
  • English
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9780451200495

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    This book is a bizarre mishmash of elements tortured hero, cutie pie magic and abstracted heroine, thinking positive thoughts that actually affects the outcome of a trial, rapy tangential villains, mysterious did he or didn t he kill his wife plot involving only secondary characters the victim being a character who never actually appears , 18th century proto environmentalism, and a protagonist couple that competes at which of them can think the other is stupid with the most frequency I d say the hero wins, hands down Merely Magic was one of the most artificial and inconsistent romances I ve ever read For one thing, the hero is constantly harping on how logical he is and how illogical she is If my name were Inigo Montoya, I would only be able to say to him, You keep using that word I do not think this word means what you think it means For example when his brother says to him trying to convince the hero to mistrust his entirely kind and loyal wife , When was the last time an Ives could trust his wife the hero reflects, There the question stood in all its stark cold logic, asked by the latest victim of an entire string of failed Ives marriages dating back generations Um, no, actually I m pretty sure that the question is an example of a logical fallacy, and emotional manipulation, but nevertheless, despite his constant equation of his emotional reactions with logic, the hero in this book is constantly held up as some kind of intellectual giant Another kind of inconsistency is in the narrative itself Aside from the overwritten sentences with bizarre syntax Handsome enough already to have proved his Ives ability to procreate, Ewen crouched on the overgrown drive and attached a gear to what appeared to be a junk heap of scrap metal , there are scenes that mood wise, don t make any sense For example, Ninian the heroine with a gift for supernatural level empathy notes on leaving a haunted room that it reeks of anguish and anger, but never at any point during the preceding scene there does her behaviour give any indication that she s perceiving anything negative at all Instead, she s incongruously cheerful her dimples appeared in a bewilderingly unreadable smile, and she shows her dancing dimples and inspires the hero to want to kiss the mischief off her rosy lips WTH Another example would be when moments after the hero asks her Why do you insist on believing in superstitious nonsense, the heroine internally praises the hero for his open mind that did not exclude her as so many others did Again, WTH As the book is filled with details that seem randomly included, there s no sense of authenticity in any of the scenes or characters.Added to the mire of inconsistency are descriptions that just made me want to laugh out loud It was sometimes because of made up words like cacaphonic, and it was sometimes because of some pretty turgid love scene moments, such as the reassurance that our intellectual giant hero is no mere pocket protector wearing geek Here was no studious scientist but a stallion in the prime of life, willing and able to service any mare he cornered Or, even better Moisture pooled in her womb, and her body readied itself for this act she d never expected to know Oh, baby Mostly, though, what made this book an ordeal to get through while at the same time commanding my attention in the same way a traffic accident would , was the constant harping on how bad women are they re constantly being described as using machinations, wiles, etc for the purposes of gaining wealth and status, or deceiving a man into believing another man s child was his own, or just because they re bored They re hellcats, they re whining women that a man must endeavour to avoid saddling himself with Despite the fact that men are apparently helpless victims of women s scheming, though, women are apparently also pretty thick When the hero isn t mistrusting the heroine, he s dismissing her intelligence she s addlepated, a simpleton, crackbrained, illogical, a lunatic, a moonchild From the perspectives of the female characters, there s not a great deal respect for women The heroine occasionally tries to assert herself, but mostly in a fairly passive way, waiting for the hero to figure out that she actually does know something Even the heroine describes her female family as pampered and light minded and this is despite the fact that she knows what their magical abilities are they helped her in that chanting thing that saved the hero s bacon in a lawsuit, and later help bring him back to life Things eventually improve over the course of the book, with the hero becoming willing to trust the heroine, but this is only in the last 10% or so and things are not entirely improved, though the heroine s condescending description of her family comes in that last stretch, and he s calling her crackbrained right to the end This and the previous 90% of the book just makes me shake my head I don t think I ve read a romance that felt so overwhelmingly misogynistic in a long time.

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    I loved the two leads in this magical romance Drogo was so studious and responsible There were so many people who depended on him to take care of them Two of his stepsister s friends even ended up living in his home because they had no where to go and Drogo couldn t say no The author wove this trait of his into the story in many intricate ways and I loved to watch it affect his decision making For one, Drogo had such trouble realizing that Ninian could love him because she was fiercely independent She didn t need him like so many others did Also, Drogo had to learn to let his family learn to fly on their own, which was very difficult for him.Drogo was so arrogant, but in a way that was so logical, it was almost funny He basically thought no woman would ever refuse him because of his money But because of that attitude, he overlooked many of this other attractive traits and believed that was the only reason a woman would want him.The main conflict of the story, the disaster that could happen if a Malcolm Ninian and an Ives Drogo married, sort of went over my head It didn t come across as that believable to me And it was never really clear to me whether all of the magic in the book affected their feelings for each other or if it was all coincidence.This is a nice tale to read on a rainy afternoon, especially to read about the great lead characters.ARC sent by publisher in exchange for honest reviewreviewed for

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    Logic and emotion collide in Patricia Rice s rich Georgian paranormal MERELY MAGIC, a story of the importance of being true to oneself and of letting people live their own lives.Malcolm women and Ives men do not mix Sequestered in her isolated little village, healer and empath Ninian, one of the long line of Malcolm witches, has never met an Ives And then Drogo, the long absent Earl of Ives, arrives at his castle The uber responsible slave to logic Drogo is taking a break from picking up the pieces after his maddeningly flighty family s antics Never did either Ninian or Drogo expect the immediate and overpowering attraction that blasts them when they meet But passion has its own logic, and these two supposedly mismatched people wed Ninian is terrified she might lose herself under the onslaught of Drogo s potent masculinity Drogo is terrified of becoming like all the other male Ives, who destroyed their marriages while siring numerous bastards And he doesn t believe in witches.MERELY MAGIC takes you on a wild emotional ride in this complex, riveting tale of the mind numbing fear and towering passion involved when opposites attract Written in Ms Rice s signature style that seamlessly combines emotion and action, the story sweeps you along with a varied cast of characters who are true to their time, and yet timeless I especially like Ninian s and Drogo s wedding ceremony, where Drogo must vow equality with his wife Equality with a woman in Georgian England What a cork brained idea.First in Ms Rice s Magic series, MERELY MAGIC sets the scene for the continuing saga of the Malcolm witches I can t wait for the next story.ARC provided by Sourcebooks

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    MERELY MAGIC by Patricia Rice is an amazing,witty historical romance with a touch of magic set in 1750 Northumberland, England.It is a re issued titled.The plot is enchanting,easy to follow,well developed and intriguing.The characters are engaging,enchanting,believable and will capture your heart This is the story of Ninian,a beautiful healer,a little essentic,a famous Malcolm,Innocent,lonely,has little bit of magic and is drawn to aristocratic Drogo.Who is handsome,an aristocrat,an Ives,a man of science,lonely,but won t admit it himself or anyone else,and can t seem to resist the local witch Ninian.After they are thrown together by a terrific storm,Drogo s meddling stepsister,they can t seem to get enough of each other.But they not only face a legend,superstition,danger,lust for each other but they also face Drogo s trust issues,and Ninian s Malcolm family.As the danger and chaos mounts they will have to decide if they trust each other enough to survive the Malcolm and Ives legend,be happy together, and maybe begin a new chapter in with Tales of Malcolm and Ives.This is a fast paced story full of passion,some sensuality,promise of brighter days to come,the end of a legend and the beginning of a new life with love,maybe a little peace,family, full of hope,love,and a little happiness.This was an amazing story with a little magic,danger and a lot of love.This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Sourcebooks Casablanca, an imprint of Sourcebooks,Inc and My Book Addiction and More.

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    The Book Merely Magic by Patricia RiceThe Particulars Historical Fantasy Romance, Sourcebooks, available both in print and e bookWhy was it in my TBR Because I wanted to something to cheer me upThe Review The blurb With exhilarating wit, sensuality, and emotion, bestselling author Patricia Rice offers an enchanting historical romance When a magical young woman meets a dark aristocrat in a moonlit forest, neither dreams that a strange and powerful love is about to change their lives forever.My impressions I picked this up a year ago, and fell in love When I read that she had sold the series to Sourcebooks, I got really happy Drogo, Earl of Ives and Wystan is a scientist, that don t believe in magic Ninian Malcolm Siddons have grown up in Wystan She accept that she is a witch Both characters are strongwilled And they are so different, but watching them carve out a life together was fascinating There were moments in this book that made me smile And other scenes made me cry My heart went out to Ninian when she tried to get Drogo to believe In her powers, and in his brothers Despite the obstacles, they get their HEA I finished this book with a happy sigh This is a heartwarming book, not as funny as some of the other books in the series But oh so good.

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    My First Reaction When I Finished Hmmmmm..well, that was interesting.My Review I really had hoped for so much than what I got with this one For some reason none of the characters made a connection for me I found the romance to be forced and I just didn t care for the storyline At times I actually found the story hard to followyes, I know it s a romance so why would I have a hard time following it Well, too many characters and a plot that just didn t interest me.Do I recommend Knowing my fellow bookish friends who visit my blog I would have to say no.but there are a few out there that read historical romance and they may like this one So, I guess it depends on whether or not you enjoy this genre I find that they re hit or miss most of the time for me, but I would try another book by Patricia Rice again.Rating 5 10Reviewers who had a different opinion than mine Lilly Reading Extravaganza Regardless of which genre Merely Magic fits in, it s a fun read, with some steamy love scenes that will satisfy those readers who pick up books for romantic excitement There s definitely a lot of that.

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    This is the first official book in the Magic series, and even after all the other books that came it is still a favorite I have read the book countless times and it never gets old This is a truly wonderful story of two people who have the weight of the world on there shoulders and feel so alone When they first meet it is like magic, but of course nothing is ever so simple Drogo and Ninian take us on a wonderful journey as they search to see if they will be the each others saviors or the destruction of all.You get a wonderful cast of characters that you cannot wait to find out about Thankfully, there are many Magic books after this and get your fix on, plus from the sound of it to come Whether you are new to the series or not, this is a must read These books can be read independent of each other, so don t worry if you have jumped ahead and missed this story.

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    this book has so many underlying meanings and lessons it would take too long to list them all it s mostly about balance men and women see the world and react to it usually differently it s about accepting that not everyone in the world is just like you us , and that that is a good thing, not a bad thing it s about reaching your mind out to things you don t necessarily understand it s also a very compelling love story i loved the hero and the heroine i have fairly recently discovered this author imo, most authors have some books that are way better than others this is one of them imo, this is an outstanding story if you don t mind noticing the elements that speak to than just any historical romance, this is the book for you

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    Beware of Mixing Magic and ScienceThe Legend of the Malcolms and the Ives is a powerful warning not to mix science with magic An Ives once tried to force his Malcolm lady to deny her heritage, and it nearly destroyed the village Grandmama, Prologue, pg 2, para 1The Cast The first thing that comes to mind in describing Ninian Malcolm Siddons is compassionate Though she is aware of the villagers distrust of herself and her own distrust of the family Ives, she freely lends her gift of healing and knowledge of herbology to any one who needs it.She has a lively, curious mind which is firmly rooted in Druidism Her intelligence and stubbornness lead to some very lively verbiage throughout the book.The Ives men only bear sons and whether legitimate or born on the wrong side of the blanket each male possesses a creative and inventive mind These geniuses come up with many ideas and inventions throughout the story that both help and hinder the situation These devices create some very amusing surprises for the reader Joseph fought the beginning of a grin as he glanced around at the chaos of toy models covering the sofas and chairs Narrative Ch 16, pg 142 para 8 The Malcolm women only bear females and each one born into the bloodline is blessed with a unique magical gift They certainly do not hide being different The scientific and logical minds of the Ives men and the magical, spiritual natures of the Malcolm woman make for a very captivating cast of characters My Favorite Secondary Character I would love to sit and share a cuppa with the Duchess of Mainwaring The eldest of the Aunts and head of the Malcolm family, Stella has an optimistic view of the world that I quite agree with The positive energy we generate, the stronger we will be Aunt Stella, Duchess of Mainwaring , Ch 25, page 220 para 8 Story Flow Merely Magic is an easy page turner and I barely noticed the time passing by.The introductions to both the Malcolm and Ives families and to the legend that was the basis of the story, were throughly woven into the beginning of the book and made the rest of the story easy to understand while reading The only difficulty I found with the flow had to do with the dialogue Both Ninian and Drogo are such strong characters that their longstanding disagreement science vs magic becomes almost monotonous and frustrating to read through Nail Biting The getting these two together part was no secret Drogo s vow took care of that If you carry my child, as you claim, we ll be married in a church, in London, with friends and family as witness The child will be an Ives, not a Malcolm Lord Drogo, Ch 13, pg 121 para 7 The nail biter here was whether or not they could come to terms with each other to have a quality relationship This was the part of the story flow that dragged a bit, but it sure made for an entertaining read as it developed HEA Ninian remembered why she had fallen into this man s bondage He not only possessed the temptations of the devil, but he also possessed an open mind that did not exclude her as so many others did Narrative, Ch 18, pg 161, para 4 Just her smile had the power to jolt his heart into mindless clatter Narrative, Ch 27, pg 240, para 5 Ninian and Drogo are both very strong characters who eventually discover how to share their weaknesses with one another.Their strengths and weaknesses balance each other out nicely and I am optimistic for them Swoon The kitchen maid returned bearing firewood, which crashed to the floor upon the sight of an earl in the kitchen stirring pudding and dandling a babe on his shoulder Narrative, Ch 29, pg 258, para 2 When we first meet the Earl of Ives and Wystan we get a small glimpse of a romantic whimsical side But it disappears quickly and is easily forgotten as we see through most of the story a cold, logical and stoic man instead Drogo takes care of and protects any person who comes into his circle Though he gets grumpy about it, he will do whatever it takes to see them all cared for We see the man start to thaw out a bit and actually start to make jokes It took almost 36 chapters Drogo is a very stubborn character , but in the end he opens up to be one heck of a swoon worthy specimen Emotion Coaster The emotion I carried with me throughout this read was amusement I was thoroughly entertained by the whole story There wasn t much of an emotion coaster ride here, but that by no way made it a boring tale Sensuality Luke Warm The love scenes are not overly graphic and there is plenty of internal dialogue to give you a play by play into their emotions and fill in some of the blanks The Last Drop I really enjoyed this book The characters were rich in personality and well developed The science vs magic aspect made for lively discussion points and amusing antics It is a love story that brings together two very different ways of thought and belief and does so in a lively, entertaining and plausible manner.It s not a perfect book, but it is going to be sitting in my personal library for a very long time.

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    This book basically reads like a tv movie The background plot isn t so bad at all, it s just the character interaction that gets on my nerves So the story takes place in 1750 in a superstitious village called Wystan For generations the Malcolm women have been known as witches and often help the villagers with their plights.There is an old tale of a Malcolm woman marrying an Ives man, Ives being nobility, and then on the night of their child s birth the husband left his wife because the baby was a girl and Ives men only have boys After that night calamity ensued with flooding and storms Yes that s right, Ives men can only have boys and because the wife had a daughter it meant she was unfaithful Is that just not the most idiotic thing you have ever heard Supposedly Malcolm women can only have girls so you see the dilemma to an Ives Malcolm pairing Which I m pretty sure it just stupidity.So naturally on the night of Beltane when our main character Ninian is watching the festivities from a far who should she encounter but the newly arrived Lord Ives How shocking Ninian and Drogo are attracted to each other and and after a night of passion the rest of the story takes place.For some reason the burn or water source is making people sick and Ninian is trying to learn why and Drogo just thinks she is nuts That is the whole kit and caboodle of the novel Which wouldn t be so bad but the going back and forth of the She s loony, I need her but it will never workout because she is crack brained and Ninian s He s to cold and doesn t trust me He doesn t accept me as I am got old fast.Not to mention early on in the book Drogo s stepsister Sarah puts the moves on him because she is bored and wants to feel wanted Eww That part grossed me out a lot They have known each other since they were kids It s just icky Granted she only did it once but it made me shudder I can t say that this book made me excited to keep reading but there was enough of a draw for me to finish it because I wanted to know about the back story and how it gets fixed I will say there is a happy ending but I guess that really isn t a secret since this is a romance novel.I think I just need to stay away from romance novels, especially ones made before 2005 because they do nothing for me Drogo s narrow point of view with his constant wanton for logic and not being able to fathom anything outside of his spectrum of knowledge kinda put a damper on things Ninian s lack of communication and willy nilliness didn t help at all either I think reading only one of the Magic series is enough for me I am moving on to greener pasture and hopefully to writers with less frustrating main characters.

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