Metalocalypse From The Depths Of Mordhaus Comes Dethklok, The Most Brutal Black Metal Band On The Planet, Cutting A Ferocious Swath Through The World S Economies And Playing Massive Shows That Leave Their Unwaveringly Loyal Fans Literally In Pieces They Are Five Men Prophesied To Bring About The Metalocalypse Dethklok Is Based On The Wildly Popular Adult Swim Series With Stories Conjured By Series Creator Brendon Small And Series Director Designer Jon Schnepp, This Most Brutal Of All Mini Series Is Scripted By Jeremy Barlow Star Wars The Clone Wars, Supersized And Illustrated By Lucas Marangon Star Wars Tag And Bink Are Dead Includes The Never Before Collected Dethklok Versus The Goon, By Eric Powell, Brendon Small, And Dave Stewart

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Metalocalypse book, this is one of the most wanted Lucas Marangon author readers around the world.

❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Metalocalypse  Author Lucas Marangon –
  • Hardcover
  • 112 pages
  • Metalocalypse
  • Lucas Marangon
  • English
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9781595827388

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    A great bonus for fans of the masterpiece that is Metalocalypse and Dethklok Brutal

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    Contrario al com n de los casos, la versi n en vi etas de la caricatura Metalocalypse mantiene su nivel con historias salpicadas de humor negro y las ya cl sicas parodias al rock roll Lectura liviana para fans sin prejuicios.

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    I got a copy of this graphic novel through NetGalley dot com I am not sure why I decided to read it, it just looked interesting I have never watched the Dethklok Adult Swim TV series that this graphic novel is based on, so that may be why I found some parts of the graphic novel confusing The illustration is decent quality and the stories are pretty funnyif a bit confusing at times.This graphic novel is a series of stories that follow around the heavy metal band Dethklok as they strive to bring about the Metalocalypse through various strange forms of promotion, advertising, and performance This is definitely aimed at adults there is a lot of gore, sex, violence, drug usage, and swearing.Each chapter tells a story about Dethklok and one of their adventures For example the first chapter tells about Dethklok and their quest to start their own frozen food line Each chapter ends in mayhem, violence, and the death of many I have to admit a number of these chapters had me laughing out loud granted they require a pretty dark sense of humor but they are funny and very over the top They poke wonderful fun at both death metal and corporate America.That being said there were some parts of the chapters that were just plan confusing Maybe if I had watched the TV series beforehand I would understand what was going on better When the clowns come into the story, I was like what the heck is going on I think they are supposed to be drug induced hallucinations or something, but they are never explained very well and don t add much to the story I found myself skimming these parts of the story because they just didn t make sense to me.The illustrations were pretty high quality, although a bit cartoonish than I usually like The artistic style fits nicely with the craziness of the storyline.Overall while I found a couple of the chapters to be highly amusing, there were a lot of other parts of the story where I was just confused The illustration is a little bit cartoonish than I usually like, but it fit the tone of the stories well I think fans of the TV series will really enjoy this graphic novel adaptation People who are new to Dethklok, like me, will probably be a bit confused This is definitely aimed at an adult audience and not for anyone who is squeamish, so just a heads up.

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    Doctor Rockzo That s why I liked this collection so much Granted he s not in it as much as some of the other characters, but he s still pretty heavily featured here, to the delight of rock roll clown fans everywhere I still LOL every time I hear him do his I do cocaine line I m going to rate this on story art separately since well, the art is sort of one of the things I had a bit of an issue with First off, the story As Small was involved with the making of this comic, these stories easily fit in with the feel of the series All of the stuff we love is in here clueless antics by our anti heroes, metal songs, Doctor Rockzo There s a few different stories in here, one of which is the Dethklok Versus The Goon storyline, which is actually pretty good despite my not knowing who The Goon is I could easily see these being lifted from the pages into the cartoon, so if you re worried that the humor won t translate into the comic then rest easy it works.Unfortunately the part I sort of had an issue with was the artwork quality Excluding the artwork for DVTG since that was obviously drawn by several different people, the artwork here sort of varies in quality It s well done for the most part the characters are instantly recognizable, but occasionally it just seemed like the artist got a little bored as such, some of the panels felt a little sloppily done I probably wouldn t have noticed if not for the higher quality artwork that was done earlier on in the volume, but the fact remains that I did notice it.Overall this was still a fun read for die hard fans of the series it s a definite must have For the people in the middle it s still not a bad investment for the most part Despite the occasional artwork mishap this is still one of the stronger tv show movie into comic book transitions out there Metal.Art 3 out of 5 starsStory 4 1 2 out of 5 stars ARC provided by Netgalley

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    I have only seen a handful of episodes of this cartoon, but I thought that I would give this collection a chance I m glad that I did While I think that true fans of the show will find it even humorous, I found myself laughing out loud at several points Basically, each story follows the band and their attempts at marketing themselves in and ridiculous ways Of course none of them work, but it s very amusing to see how each plan falls apart I actually really liked the first story because it delved into the conspiracy behind modern food production Yes, it s hilarious The artwork varies throughout and while at times it can be a bit distracting, overall, it doesn t seem to matter to the overall impact In fact, reading this collection of comics made me want to go and watch the show I would recommend this collection for not only fans of the show, but for people who enjoy absurd comedy glad I read it, I enjoyed it, I would read it againARC provided by Net Galley

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    I must admit to being a fan of the Metalocalypse cartoon, so I know that this graphic novel may not appeal to all, but as a fan i thought it was fantastic Firstly, the artwork is spectacular Dripping in all that is metal tastic.Each of the stories are great, I loved the frozen food one especially It was actually funny seeing the words written down when I m so used to watching it on the TV, but as I read I could hear the various accents, even the weirdness of Dr Rockzo was not lost although I would have liked to see of him.I really enjoy the gory humour of Metalocalypse, and surprisingly think that there was not a lot lost from seeing in it print, rather than TV.Awesome work

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    Brutal La versi n en c mic de Metalocalypse Dethklok viene a salpicarnos de humor negro y parodias al mundo del Metal de la nica manera posible Con harta m sica y sangre salpicando por todos lados.Las vicisitudes que la banda Dethklok tiene que afrontar poseen los ingredientes t picos de los cap tulos de Metalocalypse Si no has visto la serie y lees este c mic, no entender s mucho de ella, m s que lo que aparece en sus p ginas Pero si eres un adicto a esta animaci n de Adult Swim, te aseguro que te reir s con lo que sucede con Nathan Explosion y c a.Recomiendo ver la serie, al menos en sus dos primeras temporadas, antes de leer este compilatorio de historias en c mic.Dethklok rules

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    Brutal in the best sense of the term My only complaint is that it was too much like the Tv show show, and this is a negative because what was lost was the vital audio components of the show such as the music and the characters funny accents These stories in the book would have done just as good on the show so it calls to mind why I wouldn t just see them as episodes so I could here the lyrics put to song This was a minor complaint in contrast as to how much enjoyed the book I laughed just as much as I watch the Tv show meaning I laughed the entire time.

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    I wasn t sure how well this was going to translate into a comic book I m curious as to whether anybody who isn t familiar with the show would find it at all amusing, or just somewhat confounding Most fans of the show should find it pretty darn entertaining The translation to the comic book worked well, plus the Goon shows upor rather, Dethklok shows up on the Goon s turf for plenty o added fun.

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    The stories suit the show characterization and dialog are very good Most of the storylines themselves are silly and slight, but amusing I love the one with Mashed Potato Johnson The art is subpar, but I didn t find this distracting The covers bound in are beautiful.

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