Mindset (Paperback, eBook)

Mindset (Paperback, eBook)Mindset Follows A Group Of Outcasts Who Are Abandoned In Space And Forced To Survive Anyway They Can With The Limited Resources Available It Examines Both The Technical And Social Problems That The Survivors Face And Suggests Real Solutions Based On Actual Science It S Slightly Unorthodox As The Focus Is, Quite Deliberately, On The Collective Rather Than Any Particular Individual Succinctly Serious lack of show me , tells you everything instead.Extremely cardboard characters, lack of development, almost no emotion.Handy that everything works out just so every time for them as they toddle their merry way across the universe Plot seems overly contrived The science may all be realistically imaginable, but the story just jumps past any real working through of issues to come up with solutions, or just fails to follow through on things it built up Add some negatives for the grotesque and misleading cover illustration thought this was a horror book when I first saw it Yuck Mindset is a science fiction that will appeal to the hard science fiction reader for its concept It focuses focus on technology and comes up with some interesting solutions to space travel The characters find themselves having no option but to work together and be inventive The powers of the mind are important, but the downside of what too much mental power could do to a population is cleverly mentioned All in all a pleasant read. Pat Whitaker s book Mindset is a page turner that I couldn t put down until the end Although science fiction, Whitaker s realistic characters confront many issues, which could easily apply to today s trials and tribulations in many societies Telepathic humanity sees those not telepathic as a problem they wish to resolve without causing mass guilt During their deportation to Mars, the curiosity of the main character, Blake leads other non telepaths to join him in learning and creating alternatives to survive during uncertain times The sheer determination of this group, without any promise or leadership, makes this compelling reading The attitude of having nothing to lose drives the characters to explore options, learning from scratch, technology and a means to work together without judgment, taking all opinions and theories seriously.Obviously, the author has done his research into space travel, which comes across in Mindset A book I would highly recommend that goes beyond the journey of just a group of travelers.

Three of my books, Returning, Mindset and Antithesis, have each been finalists in the Sir Julius Vogel Awards in the category of Best Adult Novel These are the New Zealand Science Fiction awards.The books I write are intended in the first instance to tell a good story and secondly once the tale is told to leave the reader with something to ponder To this end, all my stories attempt to provide

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  • Paperback
  • 286 pages
  • Mindset (Paperback, eBook)
  • Pat Whitaker
  • English
  • 19 October 2019
  • 9781877513367

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