Body in the Library / Moving Finger / Murder is Announced / 4:50 from Paddington

Body in the Library / Moving Finger / Murder is Announced / 4:50 from PaddingtonClassic, always surprising Christie mysteries Somehow, she manages always to unravel the story in such a way that you don t guess who did the crime, yet the solution seems entirely plausible. The first two are excellent social dramas Christie obviously knew a great deal about human nature And the writing is of a higher quality than I expected The third story has all these things, but is let down by an improbable plot Much too contrived and overthought The fourth story I didn t get to read because my dog peed on the book Obviously doesn t like whodunnits. Miss Jane Marple Mysteries Body In The Library The Body Of One Young Woman Is Found In The Bantry Library, Another In A Deserted Quarry Moving Finger When Hate Mail Attacks Lymstock, One Recipient Commits Suicide Or Does She Murder Is Announced Chipping Cleghorn Gazette Announces The Time And Place Of A Murder From Paddington Mrs McGillicuddy Sees A Man Strangle A Woman As Trains Cross, But Only Jane Sends A Housekeeper ohhhhhhhhh miss marple you smartie I really liked the book It was very surprising, unfortunately that s because there barely are any hints Detective stories, most of the time, give hints Evidence or theories, which make someone look suspicious With those you can suspect someone yourself Most of Agatha Christie s books have such things.There were also some words I could barely understand, I d figure it out later on, but it became a little hard to read for a Dutch girl from 2015 And we don t have a fireplace at home, so it took a while before I figured out what a hearth rug was.But back to the point, I did like the book It has an interesting plot, and interesting characters as well It keeps you in the dark till the end, which also has a bright side And the details A discussion between Mrs Bantry and her husband of five pages, if the message of the parlour maid wasn t a dream, if the parlour maid went nuts, if it was true A half page for Miss Marple to fill with who could possibly call her before ten o clock, in a normal situation it would be her nephew I really liked those pieces To make a long story short I recommend this to everyone If you don t like it, you don t But I do The plot is really complicated, nice 150 of the 156 pages are lying, not nice, but it s worth it And the people, how unnecessary or unimportant they were, all had a real character And the whole book has three other stories in it as well, so actually I m not done yet Miss Marple Omnibus Volume I is my favourite collection of Christie novels because, whilst some of the other stories use Miss Marple s view of village life as a prism to interpret the crimes committed by the rest of society we are outside the confines of the peaceful English village in A Caribbean Mystery and in At Bertram s Hotel, for example , here the acute observations of village life are played out in front of us and we have direct access to the quirky but believable characters.A Murder is Announced is my favourite in the collection and, indeed, my favourite Christie novel because of the absurd publically witnessed first murder and the identity of the killer who would have thought that old ladies in an idyllic English village could be so given to greed and malice It s easy to dismiss this sort of crime fiction as being from a cosier age However, Christie acutely observes the relationship between people within a closed community with great aplomb Whilst it is possible to view some of the comments voiced by the characters as old fashioned, and even racist and sexist in some of the Marple novels, I would suggest that the crime genre gives Christie the opportunity to represent these sort of bigoted attitudes And by representing such attitudes, a writer does not automatically condone them s he offers them to a reader to respond as they wish.I know goodreads is about books but if you are interested in tv adaptations, I recommend the BBC version with Joan Hickson from the 1980s and not the recent ITV version with Geraldine McEwen. Re reading these novels after than a decade, I was struck by the astuteness of the social comedy in these early books, and found myself enjoying them for the delight of Christie s observations of village life than for the intricate and somewhat contrived machinations of the murder mysteries themselves. Nice cozy mystery I enjoyed the quaint setting and Marple s deliberations.After reading quite a few Agatha s mysteries, it seems like in many of her plots, almost everyone is a suspect Though I liked that in And Then There Were None, The Oriental Express and A Body In Library, it kind of got a little too repetitive in this book. I have just finished reading each of these, then watching the various movies associated with them What amazes me is the ability Agatha Christie has for crafting such interesting plots while peopling them with real people It is a little like Jane Austen the conversation and the people are totally real And you have to pay attention to what people say the silly old lady may be telling exactly the truth, but you have to have ears to hear her Just wonderful to read. The body in the Libary 3 starsThe moving finger 3 starsA murder is announced 4 stars4.50 from Paddington 4 stars

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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