Miss Melville Regrets

Miss Melville Regrets What Can A Woman Do Susan Melville S Trust Fund Is Dwindling, Her Teaching Job Is Terminated, Her Lover Is Abroad For The Season, And Her Apartment Is Going Co Op So Naturally Miss Melville Decides To Shoot Herself At A Posh Society Party Unfortunately, She Misses And Kills The Guest Of Honor Instead When She Slips Out The Door, A Stranger Follows He Thanks Her For Doing The Job For Him, And Miss Melville S New Career Is BornOf Course She Has Scruples Miss Melville Won T Kill Just Anybody, But She S About To Face A Job That Even She Will Find A Challenge Of The Most Dangerous Order, An Assignment She Just Might Regret For Good

Evelyn E Smith was an American author of Science Fiction During the fifties her works appeared regularly in magazines such as Galaxy and Fantastic Universe In the eighties she wrote a number of novels featuring the character Miss Melville about a middle aged assassin She also wrote as

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 280 pages
  • Miss Melville Regrets
  • Evelyn E. Smith
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780449212592

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    Susan Melville grew up the privileged, wealthy daughter of New York blue bloods, assured of her comfortable place in Society But it s the 1980s, and the city has changed since Wharton s era The Melville money is gone and Susan s rent controlled apartment is being sold out from under her to form condos In despair, she sneaks into a party with the object of committing suicide But as she pulls her father s gun from her purse, she questions why she should die and the unscrupulous businessman who bought her building should live Filled with righteous indignation, she shoots him To her surprise, she is hustled out of the room by a young man before anyone even realizes a murder has occurred He badgers her to tell him who hired her she is amazed to discover that he is an assassin, and he assumes she is as well And thus begins Miss Melville s career as a hired killer No one notices a middle aged woman in slightly shabby clothes, and years of recreational shooting have given her fantastic aim Her self assurred poise and wealthy connections give her just the edge she needs And to her pleasure, her experiences as an assassin make the many little indignities and annoyances of her former life laughably managable But then she starts to wonder if perhaps, she has gotten just a little trigger happy And besides, she wants to be an artist, not a killerMiss Melville is sensible, pragmatic, and extremely snobby in a ladylike sort of way Her supporting characters are uniquely dotty if not particularly believable And 1908s New York is presented with flair and not a little bit of artistic license A fast, fun read.

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    Well I was on the fence between 3 and 4 stars here as there are parts of the book I was a little bored with These are mostly the intermediate chapters about the foibles fastidious problems on Miss Melville concerning her family, friends and emotions However without these there would be a significant loss of plot exposition so, okay they got a bit slow at times but there were also some humorous breaks in that so, readable.See Miss Melville was brought up wealth and is a very proper person When finding herself virtually penniless as an almost middle aged lady with no way out of that predicament, well there seems only one way out.She add appealed towell to a certain acquaintance relation for help and he d managed to actually gloat a bit leaving Miss Melville no better off So as there is a dinner with the said acquaintance as main speaker she decides she ll kill herself there to, you know ruin his night However as he give a self serving hypocritical speech it occurs to Miss Melville, why should I kill myself Soshe shoots him, and is subsequently offered a job as an assassin.Of course there s much to the story and it s told with a certain humor Evelyn E Smith s tongue being firmly planted if her cheek.Pretty good, I ll go 4 stars and recommend you try it for yourself.Yeah even you other macho guys, I mean it is about an assassin

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    An upper crust lady d un certain age accidentally finds herself a career as an assassin Read and enjoyed when I was a teenager, and occasionally vaguely thought of since I d forgotten the title but not the plot But while digging up information about Evelyn Smith, a riotously funny author of science fiction short stories in 1950s Galaxy magazines available now on Gutenberg , I serendipitously discovered that the author of these was the same as the author of that, and Miss Melville Regrets is the title.

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    There needs to be books about middle aged lady assassins who gatecrash charity dos.

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    I loved this book I wasn t really prepared for the quick turn it took and found myself itching to find out what happened next Well written and I adored the humor It had me laughing out loud I m a Miss Melville fan

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    What an original theme Very good read.

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    Fun book to read What I would call a cozy mystery only the main character Miss Melville is an assassin The adventure begins with the first chapter Quick easy reading and humorous.

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    My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.

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    I read this sometime in the 70 s I thought it was very funny I don t think I have run across anything quite like it since.

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    Great book

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