Moose: A Memoir of Fat Camp

Moose: A Memoir of Fat CampThis girl needs a shrink, not a diet doctor So totally messed up about her size, both when she s chubby and when she s thin She agonizes when she has to lose weight and she agonizes when she s pregnant and the Doctor told her to gain weight She s already anxious about weight issues that her INFANTS might have as they grow up even though they are premature and in the NICU Enough already She blames everyone under the sun for her weight issues Mom and Dad, Diet Doctors,popular kids at school, her friends, her genes, the friend who taught her to be bulimicget over it.Hey, get over the nickname too being a size 16 and getting called Moose by a bunch of immature adolescents isn t so horrible there are worse things in life Stephanie should have turned this around and made a joke out of it and those bad boy bullies wouldn t have gotten such a charge out of it And goodness, what an acitve sex life at the age of 13 This had to be embelished for shock value These 13 year olds acted and spoke like they were 30.Self help books, a good therapist and a self esteen class are in order here. Being an adolescent girl is hard, being a fat adolescent girl is even harderThere are few things in life as embarassing as being the fat kid Everyone sees the class pictures, the lonely lunches and the sweat stained t shirts in gym class However, though as zoftig as she may be at home, she s one of the hot girls at fat camp, dozens of pounds lighter than most of the other campers.But all is not well at fat camp There are social and sexual fumblings, as well as firsthand, backstabbing and breakups, as well as a triumphant weight loss and rumor laden return home.Fat camp and Klein s big childhood are put into perspective as Klein, a now pregnant with twins woman, is told by her doctor that she has to gain weight.Klein takes readers into the trenches of the weight battle with Moose A Memoir of Fat Camp Readers that have sometimes been fat and those who are always fat will find a champion in Klein, or at least those who want to get thinner.I gave this a 5 stars based on the writing and process, and the fact that I liked the ARC. With Her Signature Acerbic Wit And Captivating Insight, The Author Of The Wildly Popular Straight Up And Dirty Offers A Powerful And Beautifully Stark Portrait Of AdolescenceWhile She Is Pregnant With Twins, One Sentence Uttered By Her Doctor Sends Stephanie Klein Reeling You Need To Gain Fifty Pounds Instantly, An Adolescence Filled With Insecurity And Embarrassment Comes Flooding Back Though She Is Determined To Gain The Weight For The Health Of Her Babies Even If It Means She Ll Weigh Than A Honda She Can Only Express Her Deep Fear By Telling Her Doctor Simply, I Used To Be Fat Klein Was An Eighth Grader With A Weight Problem It Was A Problem At School, Where The Boys Called Her Moose, And It Was A Problem At Home, Where Her Father Reminded Her, No One Likes Fat Girls After Many Frustrating Sessions With A Nutritionist Known As The Fat Doctor Of Roslyn Heights, Long Island, Klein S Parents Enrolled Her For A Summer At Fat Camp Determined To Return To School Thin And Popular, Without Her Lard Arms And Puckered Ham, Stephanie Embarked On A Memorable Journey That Would Shape Than Just Her Body It Would Shape Her LifeIn The Ever Shifting Terrain Between Fat And Thin, Adulthood And Childhood, Cellulite And Starvation, Klein Shares The Cutting Details Of What It Truly Feels Like To Be An Overweight Child, From The Stinging Taunts Of Classmates, To The Off Color Remarks Of Her Own Father, To Her Thin Mother S Compulsive Dissatisfaction With Her Own Body Calling Upon Her Childhood Diary Entries, Klein Reveals Her Deepest Thoughts And Feelings From That Turbulent, Hopeful Time, Baring Her Soul And Making Her Heartache PalpableWhether Klein Is Describing Her Life As A Chubby Adolescent Camper Getting Weighed On A Meat Scale, Petting Past Curfew, And Chunky Dunking In The Lake Or What It S Like Now As A Fit Mother, Having One Sided Conversations With Her Newborn Twins About The Therapy They Ll One Day Need, This Hilarious Yet Grippingly Vulnerable Book Will Remind You What It Was Like To Feel Like An Outsider, To Desperately Seek The Right Outfit, The Right Slang, The Best Comeback, Or Whatever That Unattainable Something Was That Would Finally Make You Fit In It wasn t quite as spot on as Straight Up and Dirty, but I m wondering, in retrospect, if that is because her honesty was oftentimes infuriating But that s the point, I assume to admit that when a friend addresses the question of weight that of your twins in the NICU , to assume she is questioning yours to admit to never being completely healthy once you ve had disordered eating ever to be honest about being your most miserable at your skinniest, and your happiest when fat While reading these pages, what I wanted to do most was scowl nastily at Stephanie behind her back, to avoid at all costs admitting the dreaded fact that I see myself in her But in the end all I could do was admire her love me or leave me alone honesty in her writing and in her life Also, there s this You shouldn t wear a black bra under a white shirt, sweetie, Jared lectured softly as I wiped his saliva from just above my upper lip It s trashy Jared had a mullet, wore a thick gold necklace, and pronounced doing as if it had no g Apparently he was an authority.Who the hell are you I thought It s not even a bra it s a bathing suit and I m the girl Don t you think I know I shouldn t wear black beneath white You ass munch I was crazy about him These are the stellar bits that I loved in Straight Up and Dirty My only real complaint about this book is that there weren t of these. When I started this book, I thought it would be a quick, easy read to get me out of the reading slump I ve been in I like memoirs, especially when the author has overcome some hard times and learned valuable lessons to pass on to me, the reader That s what I thought I d be reading I thought there would be interesting camp stories funny ones, painful ones, but entertaining Well, it wasn t even all about her 4 years at fat camp really She compiled some of her experiences and memories into a year of camp with LOTS of random non camp tangents I guess that would have been ok, except it read like someone rambling on and heading down lots of different trains of thought rather than a well laid out story My MAJOR complaint, however, is that she never really has that epiphany that transforms her into someone I want to spend time reading about She doesn t ever overcome the insecurities she describes in detail as a pre teen teen Yes, she is eventually thin, but even says she s still a fat girl on the inside Throughout the book she talks about her struggles with food obsessions and poor body image, even when she s thin She writes about dieting and failing at it until she figured out that she could only lose weight for spite or anger She went to a specialist as an adult and could only lose weight if he scolded her WTH Had I known the book was written by someone who still really needs therapy, who hasnt had that epiphany or come to a clearer understanding of where they have come from I wouldn t have wasted my time on it. I was intrigued by this title.As one who was always a little chubby, I was always curious as to what went on at those fat camps I had read Jelly Belly as a child, and wondered how it measured up Instead of kids finding ways to sneak food all the time, the majority of kids at the fat camp attended by Stephanie Klein really worked hard to shed their weight so they wouldn t be picked on at school.Klein has a great voice witty and sharp, and totally self deprecating She spared no embarrassing details and always was brutally honest about feelings and situations Fat camp is not for wimps Grueling exercise regimes, paltry meals, and weekly weigh ins almost took the fun out of summer flings, pranks, and friendship Almost.Recommended for anyone who has obsessed about their weight. Stephanie Klein s memoir of fat camp and beyond starts with her pregnancy with twins She is told she needs to gain weight but all she can think about is her struggle with being overweight I liked Klein s honesty She shows every flaw along with every roll of fat I learned what it is like to be weight challenged I ve never had a weight problem beyond my own false perceptions that the mirror is lying I have friends and loved ones who do struggle and this book really made me think about some of the comments I make Such as when I complain that I am so fat and need to cut out the low calorie salad dressing and just use lemon juice Klein isn t perfect but this is the type of memoir I enjoy I really like when someone is willing to expose themselves and say take me as I am She still is trying to find herself but I think her writing has certainly helped her along the way. I m not a reader of Stephanie Klein s blog, Greek Tragedy, so I don t know how much of Moose is contained within it s pages I knew going into it that this might not be the book for me It s about Klein s experiences at fat camp as a young teen ager and as a fat camp counselor as an older teen ager I really dislike when someone s whole life is wrapped up in their weight and food It s just so boring and pointless But I was hoping that perhaps Klein had a larger message to share and had managed to come out the other side a balanced person re her weight and food, unfortunately I didn t find that to be the case.I m sure she isn t actually boring I think I read that she gets many thousands of visitors to her blog everyday so she obviously has something of interest to say to a great many people , but she is still obsessed with her weight What a shame I simply can t believe that it isn t possible to be healthy without being twisted over food I was shocked by her parents, especially her father s, treatment of her as a child laughing at her being called moose by other kids, reminding her that she was overweight, sending her to a weight loss counselor, not to mention fat camp Honestly, didn t she count as anything other than a body to her parents I wonder if they ve read it and how they feel now The book doesn t promise to change your life, and it doesn t Instead it s of a long story about her teen age fat camp years and possibly a cautionary tale to parents I was just hoping for. Based on a compilation of several years at Fat Camp , school and her family relationships, Moose is quite the story by Stephanie Klein I would be very interested to know what thin people think of it Having always been one of the fat kids and now fat adults, I could relate to much of the story.Her tales of dieting starting at a young age nutritionist, Weight Watchers, diuretics, etc , trying to find attractive clothes, wanting to be one of the cool kids, dealing with helpful comments that sometimes hurt as much as the ones intended to hurtI ve lived through those stories.Klein did lose weight However, it wasn t the key to happiness that she thought it would be She found teenage girls can still be incredibly catty, teenage boys insensitive and out for one thing if they can get it and life s issues didn t miraculously disappear with the weight What made me sad was that I don t think Klein can allow herself to be happy despite the fact that she s got a great husband, two kids and a good career She s still obsessed with her weight and now also obsessed with not passing on the craziness of that to her kids Not that I don t have my own obsessions or craziness many people can tell you that I do but, I don t let the knowledge that I m fat affect how I feel about my accomplishments, my friends, my family or my general life Klein still seems to think of herself as fat as her overwhelming trait I can forget about it and I can think of many other descriptors I would use about myself Though, fat does fall into that list of adjectives Maybe if I were ever thin, I d be different I d like to think not. A very depressing book She has a unique and kind of unlikeable writing style.

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