Morning Glory

Morning Glory LOVE IN A STRANGER S EYESELLYIn Town, They Called Her Crazy Widow Dins But Elly Was No Stranger To Their Ridicule She Had Been An Outsider All Her Life, Growing Up In A Boarded Up Old House Under The Strict Eye Of Her Eccentric Grandparents Now She Was All Alone, With Two Little Boys To Raise, And A Third Child On The WayWILLHe Drifted Into Whitney, Georgia, One Lazy Afternoon In The Summer Of , Hoping To Put His Lonely Past Behind Him He Yearned For The Tenderness He Had Never Known, The Home He D Never Had All He Needed Was For Someone To Give Him A ChanceThen He Saw Her Classified Ad WANTED A Husband When He Stepped Across Elly Dins S Cluttered Yard, Will Parker Knew He Had Come Home At Last

LaVyrle Spencer is an American best selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies Twelve of her books have been New York Times bestsellers, and Spencer was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame in 1988 Spencer is known for creating realistic characters and stories that focu

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  • Morning Glory
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  • 14 June 2019
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    Magnificent One of my all time favorite, desert island, top ten books, ever I loved, loved, LOVED IT I cried and cried and cried, it was sooooo endearing A lovely book of love, family, second chances, perseverance and triumph I definitely have a thing for Williams lol

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    5 stars This is my first book by this author and I was completely enthralled From the very first page this book sparked my attention and I don t know when I ve been immersed and involved in the lives of the characters I know I will never forget Will Parker and his utterly lonely existence until he meets Elly Dins.A few of the things I loved 1 I liked this book so much I did not want to put it down This is no light fluffy read but one of intense emotion I liked that I did not have to wade in and read a few chapters before my interest was aroused, and soon as I met Elly I was drawn into the story and quickly became immersed as if I had become part of this small town in Georgia in 1941 2 Even though the hero heroine are different than most that I have read, I liked them from the start LaVyrle Spencer has a wonderful way of expressing her characters emotions so that you feel a part of their lives And as the story progressed and I got to know them better, I found myself loving Will Parker and Elly Dins These are two very lonely people, both prisoners of their past and carrying deep emotional scars First we meet Elly, who the town often refers to as Crazy Widow Dins, As a child she suffered cruelly at the hands of those who were suppose to love and nourish her She is content to live in isolation away from the town where she is taunted and tormented due to the horrendous circumstances of her childhood Now, a young widow with two small children and one on the way she is in need of a husband to help around her farm Becoming desperate, she resorts to placing an add for a husband in the local paper, all the while knowing the odds were against anyone responding I cannot fathom the pain in Elly s heart The cruelty she suffered and endured has clearly left scars and insecurities that are than understandable They also have molded her into the kind, loving person she has become And while I loved this courageous and resourceful woman my heart belongs to Will Parker He is a hero that I ll always remember Upon first meeting him you know he is a manly man Unfortunately, he is a shell of the man he could be A drifter, down trodden with a near broken spirit tired in his soul, poor, hungry, mistreated by many and judged unfairly and harshly he is a man much in need of a break from the hard knocks of life He needs a place to settle down and longs for enough food that there will be no skipped meals And deep down he yearns for that something he s never And it is soon evident the caliber of the man he is smart, handsome, with a hard muscled body that isn t afraid of hard work faithful, patient, and ambitious with a need to prove his worth I admired most everything about him 3 For me this was not only a beautifully written, poignant love story, but also one of Metamorphosis From the moment Will answers Elly s add, I was taken on a remarkable journey into the lives of two broken individuals and witnessed the transformation when trust and understanding is given, hope is restored and the other half of your soul is found I loved their story I enjoyed the secondary characters I laughed, I cried and hated for this book to end Thank you Jill for recommending this one and I hope you have

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    S lo tengo buenas palabras para este libro, me ha ENCANTADO.Es lo primero que leo de esta autora y gracias al RetoRita Desde luego leer mas de ella.Me ha parecido precioso, una historia bien contada, sencilla pero que te engancha.He adorado a Will y Elly desde el primer momento, y su maravillosa familiaNo quer a terminarlo por que lo estaba disfrutando mucho

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    Morning Glory is a glorious classic romance aflame with passion and bittersweet longing One needs perhaps to have a little of these qualities in one s soul to respond fully to the novel, which to a cynical mind might seem like overworked melodrama, but that to me sang with innocence and trust.Set in a small town in Georgia, the book spans about two and a half years during World War II and follows two of the most memorable characters I ve ever met Will is an ex con, an orphan, displaced and haunted by his past Elly is a pregnant widow with two young children, a reputation for madness, and a deep mistrust for the people who have made her an outsider all of her life Will and Elly are good and decent people who would rather do the right thing than convenience themselves Anyone who will sacrifice their own happiness for higher considerations deserves to be happy I felt a sense of triumph, when they realize that about themselves.It s just incredibly charming how these two gradually see each other in a new light and begin to fall in love, and I loved the slow character building that comes with their day to day interactions The plot lovingly constructs one barrier after another to their happiness, and I rejoiced as each one falls, only to be even alarmed at the next What I loved most about this story is that both protagonists are on equal footing, each rescuing the other Along with the wonderful relationship between the main characters, Morning Glory also addresses their relationship with the larger community Will and Elly begin their healing when they find each other, and that healing is completed when they make their peace with the town of Whitney and are accepted by it There are a number of vivid secondary characters, and I especially want to mention the town librarian, Gladys Beasley Miss Beasley is, at first glance, a real iron lady but underneath her gruffness lies a tender heart She becomes Will s champion and mentor, and helps him coax Ellie from her self imposed isolation LaVyrle Spencer writes in an almost lyrical fashion All of my senses came alive with her descriptive and beautiful prose and I desperately wanted to get back out in nature and live off the land The historic detail is never intrusive, but pervasive nonetheless, from the smallest aspects of everyday routine to the larger social and political issues of the time The writing is also gut wrenching, and I was teary eyed a few times the kind of tears that come from good things happening to people who really need it because of their circumstances So often, romance heroes and heroines are anything but ordinary There s nothing wrong with that, we all like a little wish fulfillment and fantasy in our reading It takes great talent though, to make the lives of plain, ordinary people not only interesting but memorable and Miss Spencer accomplished that in this book Morning Glory is full of unabashed sentiment, glorious excess, and of love so idealistic it seems so outdated in the 21st century It is the kind of book you have to give yourself to, to open yourself to Logic and cynicism will get you nowhere with this one Trust me, when it finally all comes together, it s a very good feeling cathartic even The happy ending felt truly earned because Will and Elly have worked for it and, in a way, so have I.

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    Oh OH Holy shit This book I can t I attacked this book and read it like it was the last thing I was ever going to do in my life I couldn t put it down I had to keep going I had to know that there would be good things for Will and Elly And the trip to their HEA was so unbelievablyGAH Will and Elly are so tragically lonely and starved for affection that I just wanted to pick them both up, put them in a warm, padded room for a month, and let them commence with the healing I loved them both They re so believably flawed, but still good people even after everything they ve been through The romance aspect of this book is so understated and sweet that I kept getting that punch to the gut feeling just below my diaphragm I spent at least half of this book in physical pain because I just wanted to weep for these two constantly And I m not much of a crier I was actually sobbing at one point When I read Spencer s The Endearment, I had no idea she was this talented a writer I love this book Love it So much so that once I was finished with it, I immediately started over The tension building between Will and Elly is so fraught with frustration because they both want physical affection, but neither of them has the confidence to feel it s deserved or will be granted by the other, so they just keep studiously not touching So when they finally give in, the rest of the book is filled with Sigh Anyway, this book really has everything a romance reader could possibly want a brooding, reluctant hero, an insecure but strong heroine, sex, affection, tenderness, war, happiness, sadness, yearning, intrigue, farewells and homecomings, and poignant emotions This is not a light, fluffy read, but one of the most emotionally jarring stories I ve ever read It s than earned its place on my favorites shelf.

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    Qu historia m s bonita Elly y Will, son los protagonistas de una historia de amor preciosa, conmovedora y extraordinaria, que se va desarrollando pausadamente y que permite que te enas de ellos, mientras ellos lo hacen entre s Es maravillosa la huella que cada uno deja en el otro, c mo se fortalece y madura la personalidad de cada uno, la complicidad que surge entre ellos y c mo se afianza su relaci n, no solo en los momentos m s dif ciles, sino tambi n en la sencillez de lo cotidiano Pero ellos no est n solos Tienen tres ni os adorables que completan su c rculo m s ntimo Y entre los secundarios, se destaca la bibliotecaria del pueblo, un personaje encantador e imprescindible en la din mica de la historia Mi debut con esta autora no pudo haber sido mejor Un pacer absoluto leerla.

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    Creo que la historia de Will y Elly es una de las m s dulces que he le do en much simo tiempo Dos personajes marcados por la soledad y los prejuicios, que tienen la suerte de encontrarse y reconocerse como todo lo que necesitan para sentirse completos El miedo al rechazo es lo que prima, al menos en la primera mitad, el que poco a poco van superando gracias a la grandeza de sus corazones y a los fuertes sentimientos que nacen entre ellos La segunda mitad se centra en situaciones que pondr n a prueba su relaci n, de las que saldr n airosos y m s fortalecidos a n.Sin que a n supieran todo lo que significar n el uno para el otro, una de las partes que m s me conmovi fue lo que cada uno pens la primera noche que Will se qued a dormir en el establo de la granja de Elly, y que demuestra lo desesperada de sus respectivas situaciones Qu dese, Will Parker Por favor, qu dese D me una oportunidad, Eleanor Dins, y se lo demostrar LaVyrle Spencer es una gran autora, que logra traspasar los sentimientos de una manera muy ntima Crea un entorno perfecto para sus historias y personajes secundarios de lujo Siempre es una carta segura al momento de escoger una lectura Reto Rita 3.0 junio

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    Orphan Bastard Convict Woman killer Boy. Will Parker has been called every name in the book, none of them inaccurate and all of them unflattering Drifting into Whitney, Georgia in the summer of 1941, he s just been fired from the local sawmill on account of his stint in prison for killing a woman in a Texas brothel Bone thin from hunger and wearing clothes stolen from a local s drying line, he decides to answer a woman s newspaper ad looking for a husband The yard may be full of junk, the house a jumble of additions and the prospective wife a very pregnant mother of two who s known to the townspeople as Crazy Elly, but he sees only an opportunity for redemption.The man walking up her drive looks as beat down as a man can get, but with two young boys and a third child due in a few months, Eleanor Dins s willing to take any man willing to do a man s work around her house Widowed when her dreamer husband falls from a tree he was cutting onto the beehives he kept she s left with a ramshackle house set amid the piles of junk, scrap and salvage her husband collected aimlessly Much as she loved him anyways, the realities of running her home with three small children demands she find a helper, and fast.What an amazing, well written story this was Spencer created such lush imagery, it felt like I was seeing the story, rather than reading it I could all but smell the northwestern Georgia woods Eleanor s house lounged in and hear their bees buzzing about the junk heaps that dotted the yard A passage early on in the book stood out for me in how it took something as mundane as carrying firewood and managed to make it visual and sensual He knelt and loaded his arm with wood good, sharp, biting edges that creased his skin where his sleeve was rolled back grainy flat pieces that clacked together and echoed across the clearing.Much of the book is written like this, drawing a full picture that s a feast for the senses When I can hear each bootstep and see the motes dancing in the sunbeams, it heightens my sense of immersion and turns the volume up on the emotions.And emotion this book has Both Elly and Will are drenched in feelings, both for each other and about themselves They ve come from dreadful, unloving childhoods Will growing up in indifferent orphanages and foster homes and Elly living in a windowless house with her pious grandparents castigating her for being born out of wedlock and are both learning to value themselves They surprise each other a bit, I think, with how they seem to balance each other out Will gets in Elly a rare friend and lover, but also a bit of the mother he never had Elly gets from Will a friend and lover as well, sure, but she also gets needed confidence and a challenge to overcome her fears.They work through their insecurities, weathering childbirth, WWII and a murder trial along the way, to come out stronger, healthier people in the end It s a slow moving, slow burning sort of romance They re continually growing together as the story progresses, rather than feeling an immediate passion which they then actively resist It s an organic story of two people weathering the challenges life can throw at people and coming out stronger because of it.It was a delight to read from start to finish I d highly recommend it to anyone who loves a story of two broken souls healing each other and a story that doesn t end with the I love you or the I do.

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    5 STARS PopSugar Reading Challenge en Espa ol Categor a 28 Que libro tan m s bonito Ay Dios ME ENCANT De verdad que soy una rom ntica empedernida y no pude evitar enamorarme y suspirar con esta historia.Vi que a muchas personas les encant y la recomendaron y dije porque no, la voy a leer y me sorprendi bastante y no voy a dudar en volver a leer a la autora Historia Will es un exrecluso que no le dan trabajo por sus antecedentes no tiene casa familia y es un escoria en la sociedad, Elly es una viuda con dos hijos y uno en camino as que necesita a alguien que la ayude por lo que pone un anuncio en el peri dico buscando marido y el nico que asiste es nada m s y menos que Will ya que no tiene nada que perder y para su sorpresa Elly lo acepta con todo y antecedentes.La historia es muy rom ntica y tierna, desde que lees la sinopsis te atrapa, es una historia maravillosa de un amor tan bonito que se va dando poco a poco con el paso del tiempo y el trato, con la acciones y gestos que se tienen cada uno, es una historia de dos personas que necesitan y quieren ser amadas, que no necesitan muchas cosas en la vida para ser felices sino el amor, tenerse el uno al otro y su familia, que no importa los obst culos que nos ponga la vida siempre se pueden superar y salir adelante.Es una historia de amor que se desarrolla entre abejas colmenas , huertos, flores y animales de campo PersonajesLos personajes te enamoran, sientes una conexi n instant nea con ellos.Will desde el primer momento que sale y abre la boca te enamoras de l te dan ganas de abrazarlo y darle todo el amor que le ha sido negado pero lo primero que se te viene a la mente es de darle de comer Es un hombre de lo m s humano, el leal, protector, trabajador, paciente con una gran capacidad de amar y ser amado, es buen padre y esposo y yo me enamor de l.Elli me cautiv con sus locuras, su sencillez y ternura, con las ganas de ser libre, con lo amorosa y buena mam que es, con su valent a, al igual que Will es imposible no amarla.Puede que el libro no sea del todo perfecto hay cosas que son dem s y sobran detalles sobre todo al final del libro que sent que decae un poco la historia y tambi n la falta de un ep logo, pero todo lo dem s lo compensa y sus 5 estrellas son m s que merecidas Una historia de un amor que es dif cil de olvidar

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    Me ha encantado no solo por la historia que cuenta sino por como la cuenta Dos personas tan solas, tan fr giles, tan distantes no se pueden necesitar m s ni se pueden amar menos Ese amor lento, pausado, firme, real Es incre ble como una historia puede traerte esas sensaciones mientras la lees Se la recomendar a a cualquier lector de novela rom ntica.Un Rita m s que merecidohttps millibrosenmibiblioteca.blogs

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