Murder at the Opera (Atlas Catesby #3)

Murder at the Opera (Atlas Catesby #3) At last At last a new Atlas Catesby mystery from D.M Quincy, and, at last, a series I ve read from the beginning If you enjoy atmospheric historical mysteries set in the early 19th century, mysteries that beautifully set the scene while introducing characters from all walks of life, I suggest you start with the first in the series, Murder in Mayfair However, this time, I was ready for the further adventures of Atlas Catesby and Lady Lilliana Warwick in Murder at the Opera.Catesby was just putting Lady Lilliana into the coach after an enjoyable evening at Covent Garden when they hear a cry of murder He ran to help, finding a small crowd surrounding the body of a woman She had been shot in the face, and a nearby fruit vendor witnessed the shooting, saw the killer, and retrieved the pistol When Catesby hurried to the inn where the inquest was to be held, Endicott, a shrewd Bow Street runner, informed him that Mrs.Wendala Pike was the victim, a woman who was notorious as mistress to a wealthy nobleman The wealthy nobleman Catesby s former brother in law, the Marquess of Vessey.From the time he was a boy, Atlas has hated Vessey He blames him for the death of Vessey s wife, Atlas sister, Phoebe She fell down the stairs, but Atlas is sure that Vessey pushed her Now, he learns that Mrs Pike has been Vessey s mistress all these years, even before Vessey and Phoebe were married Atlas vows to find Mrs Pike s killer, even, and especially, if it is Vessey He s only confused when Vessey shows so much sorrow and utters a cryptic sentence when he sees Mrs Pike s body.Together with Lady Lilliana, and the assistance of his valet, Jamie, Catesby questions his way through 1815 London Gunsmiths, young bucks, fruit vendors and those involved in the theater all provide pieces for Catesby s latest puzzle Although his nephew begs him to prove Vessey s innocence, Atlas is determined to find the truth at all costs.Quincy s latest mystery is a fascinating puzzle with intriguing characters She excels at the polite rituals of society, even as Catesby and Lilliana break rules Family relationships, romances, and friendships take center stage in Murder at the Opera The book brings a couple storylines to a head for those of us who have read the series Readers won t be disappointed at the latest developments, although the solution to the mystery itself may come as a surprise In fact, some of us will be delighted at the new puzzles awaiting Atlas Catesby. I received a copy of this title from the publisher for an honest review 4.25 stars rounded down to 4 Murder at the Opera is the third title to feature Atlas Catsby if you haven t read the previous titles, I highly recommend reading them first to get the most out of this book While leaving an opera performance he had attended with Lady Lilliana Warwick, Atlas responds to a cry of murder and discovers a woman who had been shot Atlas is shocked to find out the dead woman, Mrs Pike, is the mistress of his former brother in law, the Marquess of Vessey, who killed Atlas s elder sister Phoebe years ago when he was just a young boy Unable to obtain justice for his sister, Atlas is determined to prove that Vessey was behind Mrs Pike s death after being asked by a Samuel Brown to look into the death Atlas soon discovers that Mrs Pike may have been Vessey s mistress, but there was to her than that A talented singer, Vessey took her as a mistress when she was just 16 and had been her only lover in the many years since The two even shared two daughters together that Vessey was caring for Things get even complicated when Atlas s nephew, Nicholas asks Atlas to help prove his father s innocence Will Atlas be able to put aside his feelings about Vessey in pursuit of justice, or will he allow them to cloud his vision The writing is top notch and the mystery is very well done with a number of plausible suspects and twists to keep the reader guessing as to the killer s identity and motive until close to the end I love the secondary characters in this book and they are given some nice developments his friend Charlton and his sister in particular Lilianna and Atlas are at a crossroads in their blossoming relationship will Atlas put aside his past and be willing to move forward, or will his wonderlust prevent him from being able to give Lilianna and her children the stability they need given her first husband I really love this series and hope that we get many books featuring Atlas and crew. 4.5 StarsAtlas Catesby is about to discover the dark side of the bright lights His long awaited night at the opera with Lady Lilliana ends abruptly when a notorious courtesan is shot to death in Covent Garden The infamous victim was the mistress of the powerful Marquis of Vessey Atlas believes that the marquis his former brother in law is responsible for the long ago death of Atlas s sister, Phoebe Atlas seizes the opportunity to potentially avenge his sister s death But his inquiry is complicated when Phoebe s grown son implores Atlas to help prove Vessey s innocence.This is the third book in the series the first I ve read, I loved it Murder mystery set in the Regency era ticked all the boxes for me I was drawn in from the start engrossed until the end A very well written book with characters that have depth well developed There are red herrings the identity of the villain isn t obvious I now need to go read the first two books look forward to in the series My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read there was something at the endthat let me down this was so much an ask questions, bother people, potentially get friends killed, ultimately put it all together in your head solution had the opera singer just told the truth, the answer would have been obvious none of the other detection would have been necessary it was all so veryi am not sure easy and was this a trilogy or will there be i ll read one and see what happens. I didn t like this one quite as much as the others I don t like it when details obtrude, and in this book what was up with the smoking We had to hear about every inhalation and every exhalation, practically, in some of the conversations, with detail about the smoke and how it s spiraling or rising or whatever the hell else it s doing, Why How does this add to the story The plot is that a woman who is the long time mistress of a prominent aristocrat is shot with a pistol on the street outside of an opera house in the crowd departing from a performance The premise is that nobody realized the pistol shot was a shot some witnesses thought it was thunder which seems odd to me Anyway, a clergyman who claims he was engaged to marry Mrs Pike, the victim, hires Atlas Catesby, who was kind of sort of not really a witness to the crime, to find the murderer I m not sure it ever made sense to me why this man would engage a private investigator The plot thickens with new revelations about illegitimate children and unsuspected conflicts around the dead woman s career as both a mistress and a singer I just thought the plot didn t make a lot of sense at times and I am no longer enjoying whatever love interest is playing out between Atlas s married sister Thea and Atlas close friend I ll look at the next in this series, probably, but with lesser anticipation. A much anticipated evening at the opera turns deadly for Atlas Catesby Leaving the performance he hears a gun shot and a woman is dead Before he knows it, his past comes back to haunt him The woman who has died is Mrs Pike, a well known singer and her long time lover and father of two of her children turns out to be the Marquess of Vessey, Malcolm Lennox, known to Atlas as his former brother in law When Atlas was just 11 years old, his sister, Phoebe, was married to him and Atlas blames him for her death As he learns about Mrs Pike and her relationship with Lennox, Atlas wants to finally find him guilty of the past crime Atlas is eager to prove Lennox s guilt until his nephew, Nicholas, comes to him, asking him to help prove his innocence It turns out that there is to the life of the late Mrs Pike than meets the eye and the list of possible suspects isn t short Atlas needs to put aside his feelings about Lennox if he expects to track down Mrs Pike s killer along the way the reader is immersed in the sights and sounds of 1815 London From the high life to the low life, the reader sees it all Which makes this one historical mystery series keep its place on my must read list In the genre of historical mysteries it s one of the best The mystery itself is well crafted with than enough twists and turns and some red herrings to keep me guessing to the reveal I hope this series has a long run.My thanks to the publisher Crooked Lane and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review. I have read the two previous Atlas Catesby books and I think the series is growing stronger and entertaining.Atlas Catesby is leaving the theater in Regency London when a murder occurs The victim is the mistress of a member of the aristocracy, a man who happens to be Atlas former brother in law The Catesbys believe he was responsible for the death of their sister, his late wife.Catesby is still pursuing justice, 20 years later, for his sister and vows to find the murderer, especially if it s the peer in question Family loyalties complicate everything, and so do the untruths floating around when Catesby investigates.And of course, Catesby s yearning for his lady love Liliana is a major plot theme Atlas has no fortune or title and she is the daughter of a duke Their relationship is appealing with lots of sparks flying This was a fun and enjoyable read with a nicely plotted mystery and likable main characters.Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review. I absolutely love this series and the third book is just as good as the first two In this one, Set in Regency London, Atlas is investigating the death of Wendy Pike who is the longtime mistress of the Marquess of Vessey whose history with Atlas goes back years There s many twists and turns regarding the whodunit and I really didn t guess who the murderer was until it was revealed I also particularly liked how some threads of previous books regarding Phoebe, Atlas s late sister, were resolved as this story unfolded.I ve loved the relationship between Lilliana and Atlas since the first book, with realistic hesitation from the both, but with a happy outcome in this I absolutely love the secondary characters, Charlton and Thea is parthcular I love Regency mysteries and this series has become a favorite and I absolutely hope there s a fourth book When A Nobleman S Mistress Is Gunned Down On The Steps Of The Covent Garden Opera House, Brilliant Adventurer Atlas Catesby Discovers A Sinister Family Connection That Compels Him To InvestigateLondon, Amateur Sleuth Atlas Catesby Is About To Discover The Dark Side Of The Bright Lights His Long Awaited Night At The Opera With Lady Lilliana Ends Abruptly When A Notorious Courtesan Is Shot To Death In Covent Garden The Infamous Victim Was The Mistress Of The Powerful Marquess Of Vessey Atlas Believes That The Marquess His Former Brother In Law Is Responsible For The Long Ago Death Of Atlas S Sister, Phoebe Atlas Seizes The Opportunity To Potentially Avenge His Sister S Death But His Inquiry Is Complicated When Phoebe S Grown Son Implores Atlas To Help Prove Vessey S InnocencePlunging Into The Cutthroat Backstage Life Of The Theatre Community, The Adventurer And The Noblewoman Soon Discover That Ruthless Professional Rivalries Can Escalate Into Violence, Setting The Stage For Death In Murder At The Opera, D M Quincy S Third Riveting Atlas Catesby Mystery Set In Regency England This is a very enjoyable historical mystery set in 1815 involving the murder of the mistress of a Marquess, right outside of the opera house in Covent Garden An added twist for the sleuth, Atlas Catesby, is that the Marquess is the former brother in law of Catesby and the man Catesby has blamed for his sister s death.This outstanding mystery featured an intriguing plot and a top notch cast of supporting characters, particular the love of Atlas s life, Lady Lilliana.As I started this book, I thought this was the first book in the series but, alas, I ve discovered that it is not to my delight, I might add and so I immediately picked up the first two books in the Atlas Catesby series I hope there are many to come in this highly recommended series I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via Net Galley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

D.M Quincy is an award winning television journalist who has covered dozens of crimes, including violent unsolved murders that stayed with her for years afterwards She s pretty sure that had something to do with her decision to write her own stories in which a brilliant amateur detective always gets the bad guy or girl , thus making sure that justice is always served.As a US Foreign Service

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