Murder in the 11th House

Murder in the 11th House Amateurish I very rarely use the word boring, yet I HAVE TO in relation to this book IT WAS BORING And preachy And did I mention it was boring I listened to the audio version, and the narration was AWFUL It s been quite a while since I ve gotten hold of a bad book so I suppose I was overdue. I liked this book, but there were just too many parts that were amateurish But, I think the author and the series have potential and I will give the next book in the series a try. Astrological Detective David Lowell Must Use His Astrologer S Charts And Knowledge To Solve The Murder Of A State Judge In A New York City Parking Garage Joined By His Daughter, Melinda, A Young Defense Attorney Who Believes The Person Arrested Is Innocent His Hacker Sidekick Mort Patient Assistant Sarah And Bodyguard Andy, Lowell Races Against Time To Aid Johnny Colbert, A Mouthy Bartender Accused Of The Crime Birth Charts And Street Smarts Help Lowell Trace The Murder Back To A Surprising Source Read by courtesy of David Lowell is a respected astrologer who helps his lawyer daughter, Melinda, with a pro bono case Bartender Johnny Colbert has been charged with murdering Judge Winston, who had previously put her in prison Johnny is abrasive and foul mouthed, and Lowell at first doubts that she is innocent, even after checking her charts However, when the same charts tell him to pay attention to details, he begins to think there is to the judge s murder and enlists the aid of his helpful and colorful staff to solve the crime Lotto gambling is very well described in the book, as are the chances on winning and the problems caused by this vice.Overall, a reasonable start to a series, fun and quick to read. This book combined two things I love astrology and classic style mysteries and made both of them so boring that I nearly fell off the elliptical machine while listening to the audiobook.I don t really know how it happened I loved hearing Lowell s methods for figuring things out His group of coworkers and spunky daughter were skilled and very nearly entertaining The conspiracy around the murder was complex The suspect was truly wild.But none of it ever gelled into something that made me care at all about the characters When the true murderer was revealed I just went Oh, okay and that was it The unnecessary preachiness of several chapters was also tedious Lewis variously attacks the state lottery, the US legal system, swearing, and shopping without advancing the plot with any of them. Interesting story, if a little preachy The author likes to pause his story while his characters talk and or ruminate on how society, or New York City neighborhoods, or the justice system are going to heck in a handbasket But it s an interesting mystery with the detective, who actually runs a detective agency, doing most of his detecting by means of astrology This is apparently the first in a series and the hero has a computer whiz partner, a secretary, and a seriously fancy limo with a driver cum bodyguard He made a bunch of money by trading commodities according to astrology charts He s kind of a snob as well So he has a daughter who is a lawyer, and she hires him for her pro bono free client who is accused of murdering a judge The client, Johnnie, is obnoxious, has problems with booze and gambling, and isn t very ladylike So while the hero discovers who blew up the judge, he also fixes her life I rolled my eyes at the Perfection of the hero, and the pauses for speeches, but overall, I enjoyed this book The astrology was fascinating, and I kind of wish I d had print instead of audio, because the Mercury in Virgo in the 11th House stuff went by so fast for this visual learner But it s a good story, and I liked it I ll probably go see if I can find in the series. I picked this up randomly, not knowing it was an astrological mystery This stuff is not really for me I m not necessarily doubting the science, butI find it hard to believe that he could tell that someone s birthday was a different year based on his personality.Other than the astrological stuff, the story was alright Towards the end, I lost interest.Also, they solved the case not just with astrology, but with BE, drugging a guy who ended up getting run over after he jumped after their car hmmm , and justsomewhat sketchy stuff I get he s a private investigator, butfor some reason, this just seemed off to me. Well done getting all that astrological interpretation into a story without seeming too clunky or didactic The reader, Patrick Cullen, may take getting used to I felt he did well with the calm parts so, for the most part, with the main characters, David and Melinda, and some of the other bit players but for the tense moments, and most of the time with the tough female character, the delivery felt a bit unnatural But, like I say, perhaps it s just a matter of getting used to it I ll be listening to the subsequent two in the series. Do not read this book It is ridiculous and mind numbingly dull I was desperate for an audiobook at work, and this was available I didn t read the description because I thought I recognized the name I had it mixed up with another book I want this part of my life back. Murder, politics, hidden political agendas, and astrology are not your typical mystery components However, Mitchell Scott Lewis successfully combines all of these and provides a unique mystery with Murder in the 11th House Joanna Colbert or Johnny is head over in heels in debt due to gambling This quick tempered bartender has been recorded threatening the life of a state judge Later when that same judge dies a gruesome death, Johnny is the prime suspect and is promptly arrested Her court appointed attorney is Melinda Lowell and she actually believes that Johnny is innocent The hard part is going to be proving that innocence in court Melinda promptly asks her father, David Lowell, a licensed private investigator and astrologer extra ordinaire to lend his assistance in uncovering the truth As David delves deeper into Johnny s astrological history, he begins to believe her innocence David, Melinda, and David s business partner, Mort Simpson the go to computer guy, attempt to uncover the truth behind the judge s murder The they dig, the they realize that there s much going on than initially thought and regrettably this puts their lives at risk in addition to their client s life Will they be able to uncover the truth in time to keep Johnny free, as well as keep everyone alive Murder in the 11th House is fast is a fast paced read At times it does get a little bogged down with astrological information but in the end the astrology plays a key role in unlocking the secrets to the murder and motive The characters are likeable and realistic enough but somewhat lacking in development with the exception of David and Johnny All things considered Murder in the 11th House was a quick and fun read Look for Murder in the 11th House to be released on 09 06 2011 by Poisoned Pen Press.

A practicing astrologer and teacher for than twenty years He is also an accomplished jazz pianist and singer songwriter.

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Murder in the 11th House  By Mitchell Scott Lewis –
  • Hardcover
  • 250 pages
  • Murder in the 11th House
  • Mitchell Scott Lewis
  • English
  • 09 May 2019
  • 9781590589502

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