Murder on Gramercy Park

Murder on Gramercy ParkDetective Sergeant Frank Malloy is called to the scene of an apparent suicide and sends for Sarah Brandt to help with the victim s distressed pregnant wife Soon after Sarah arrives, Frank realizes that he s looking at a murder that someone tried to disguise Of course, he s not going to be able to detach Sarah from inserting herself into the case This was a real poser as there were quite a few potential suspects and interesting revelations throughout the story I enjoy the investigative rhythm Frank and Sarah have as they pursue clues independently and come back together, typically over dinner, to compare notes Their relationship is developing at a nice, slow burn that s so appropriate for the two of them, building trust and admiration It s also great to see Frank s transformation from a cynical cop to a man who sees a higher value for himself The outcome had some surprises though I d guessed some of the resolution It didn t really matter much as the journey getting there was oh, so satisfying I m enjoying this series immensely. Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy is called to investigate the apparent suicide of Edmund Blackwell Malloy quickly realizes that it is a murder when evidence points in that direction He sends for midwife Sarah Brandt when the victim s pregnant wife goes into labor Once Sarah has her foot in the door and learns that there has been a murder, she decides to help Frank solve the case.This is another enjoyable Gaslight Mystery by Victoria Thompson This series is quickly becoming a favorite for me I love the friendship between Frank and Sarah, and her helping him with his son In this story we have several suspects, most of whom are not very likeable I thought I had the villains figured out early in the book, but was surprised with the twist in the last dozen pages My rating 5 Stars. There s something I just love about this cozy mystery series The author has researched the Victorian period in New York City thoroughly and it shows Another solid whodunnit A whole lot of talk talk talk but all in all a great read I may or may not have ordered the next four books in the series during a Black Friday sale. Well I reckon no one could have worked out who dunnit in this story Really enjoyed the dynamic between Sarah and Frank and the rampant morphine and opium addictions of the time. Still very entertaining, Ms Thompson pushed the envelope with her visit to an inky and somber era in US history And I absolutely loved the slow paced and peculiar friendship of the gruff Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy and the earthy but proper ex blueblood Mrs Sarah Brandt. Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy arrives at the scene of Dr Edmund Blackwell s death thinking it is a suicide However, as soon as he views it, he realizes it was murder By that point, he s already involved midwife Sarah Brandt as she is attending the dead man s wife, who has gone into labor from the shock Dr Blackwell was a magnetic healer, bring relief to people suffering from pain Who would want to kill a man like that And just like that, we are once again traveling back in time to 1890 s New York City The book really does a great job of bringing the time and place to life Frank and Sarah are fantastic main characters who share the sleuthing and page time as our third person point of view characters The mystery is sharp with plenty of secrets to be uncovered I thought I had it figured out early, but I was missing a big piece of the puzzle.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. If you are looking for a different type of murder mystery series, then check out the Gaslight Mystery series Don t let the genre of cozy mystery define this series, because it is so much than that Also with all the scandalous things occurring in the novels, I don t think it fits into the cozy genre The series is set around the 1900s in New York City, with midwife, Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy as the leading characters In the 3rd novel, Mallory has been called to a suicide scene of a seemingly wealthy healer The healer s wife was the one who found her husband s body and has gone into labour In comes Sarah Brandt After going over the scene, Mallory determines that it wasn t a suicide, but a murder Who would of wanted to kill the healer and does his wife s new baby have anything to do with it I love the historical aspects of this series You can tell that the author did a lot of research It s interesting to see how much life and society has changed in the last 100 years and how class is so largely divided I also love the relationship between Sarah and Mallory They are warming up to each other in this novel and Mallory is letting Sarah get involved with solving the murders Check out this series and I can t wait to read Murder on Gramercy Park4 StarsCalled in to investigate an apparent suicide, Detective Frank Malloy arrives on scene to discover the deceased s wife in labor After summoning midwife Sarah Brandt, Malloy realizes that the death is suspicious and the victim s many secrets are than sufficient motive for murder.Although the mystery is easy to figure out and the culprit is predictable, the details surrounding Edward Blackwell s questionable medical practice and his wife s surprising affliction provide a compelling backdrop to the interesting investigation and satisfying resolution.However, as with the previous books, it is the characterization and the developing relationship between Sarah and Malloy that really grab the reader and keep the pages turning The dynamic between Sarah and Malloy is enchanting as they grow closer and begin accepting that their lives have changed for the better since becoming acquainted.Moreover, the scenes with Malloy s son, Brian, are truly heart warming as he is such a sweet and charming child It is truly wonderful seeing Malloy s growing attachment to the boy as well as the changes in Brian who has begun to flourish now that the true nature of his health issues has emerged.All in all, an entertaining addition to a series that is rapidly becoming a favorite. As A Midwife In The Turn Of The Century Tenements Of New York City, Sarah Brandt Has Seen Her Share Of Suffering And Joy, Birth And Death Now, She Learns That Crime Doesn T Discriminate, When The Highest Echelons Of Society Are Rocked By Murder A Gaslight MysteryAt A Summons From Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy, Sarah Arrives At The Elegant Home Of Famed Magnetic Healer Edmund Blackwell To Find His Wife In Labor And The Good Doctor Dead From An Apparent Suicide Only Malloy Sees What No One Else Wants To That Blackwell Was Murdered In His Own Home After A Successful Delivery, The Blackwell Baby Falls Mysteriously Ill Relying On Her Nurse S Training And Woman S Intuition, Sarah Discovers The Source Of The Baby S Sickness And Discovers A Scandal That Leads Malloy S Investigation Down A Gilded Path Paved With Greed, Deception, And Desire As a midwife in the turn of the century tenements of New York City, Sarah Brandt has seen her share of suffering and joy, birth and death Now, she learns that crime doesn t discriminate, when the highest echelons of society are rocked by murder Murder on Gramercy Park was another mystery that was pretty easy to figure out, but the real draw to this series are Sarah and Malloy themselves I really enjoy reading about them and their interactions with each other and the other people in their lives, particularly Malloy and his son Brian Malloy is slowly growing as a character and I m pleased with the direction he is going I m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.Review also posted at Writings of a Reader

Victoria Thompson is the USA Today bestselling author of the Edgar and Agatha nominated Gaslight Mystery series and the Sue Grafton Memorial Award nominated Counterfeit Lady Series She was nominated for an Edgar Award from Mystery Writers of America in 2001, and in 2012 she received a Career Achievement Award in Mystery Writing from RT Magazine Six of her Gaslight Mysteries were nominated for a

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