Murder Past Due

Murder Past DueWell, I enjoyed this one, too, being in the mood for a cozy mystery, which this very much is.Written first person from the POV of a gentlemanly 50 something small Southern town college librarian widowed male with adult kids It was very much the same headspace and tone as the much over the top gentlemanly Southern gay vampire in small town England series by the same author under a different name , except without the vampire, gay, and England parts, and adding a cat I ve no idea which series sells better, but if you liked the one you d probably like the other.I was interested enough to obtain volume 2 we ll see how long this lasts If I weren t head down in proofreading some of my own old work this week, I d probably be reading it now.Ta, L. I tried I was only 11 pages in when I realized I really didn t like the protagonist, Charlie He comes across as a fussy old coot When his college freshman border leaves the kitchen a mess, he takes that and a few days of moodiness to assume that something is wrong and that the kid may have turned to drugs Because God knows, when I was messy and in a bad mood for a few days my freshman year it was because I turned to drugs Or something When Justin, his border, returns, Charlie deals with the messiness in a very passive aggressive way After the kid apologizes instead of saying something like hey, it happens, but please don t let it happen again he instead says something along the lines of well, if the housekeeper had found it she would have been really unhappy Every interaction he has with Justin in the first five chapters as far as I read has Charlie acting with a condescending paternalism He treats Justin like an errant child than young adult In fairness, no one seems to realize that part of college is learning how to be an independent adult Everyone treats Justin like a teenager at a boarding school rather than a college student He s still expected to go home every weekend In the first five chapters there s no mention that Justin has any friends or that he does anything but go to class and hang out with Charlie and Diesel when he s not at home with his parents But it s really Charlie s smug paternalism that bothers me You can be a mentor, a friend, even a substitute father figure without a constant air of father knows best Justin aside, we next seem him whining about the violence in a murder novel Imagine Now, I understand there s violence and then there s violence,and I ve stopped watching than one police procedural because it seemed to revel in violence against women, but we need context here Otherwise he s really saying, I had to stop reading murder novels because there was violence The author of the book he doesn t like is a high school classmate who he refers to multiple times as a jerkwad, a term I don t think anyone over the age of 10 would actually use It s possible that some of my problems with the book are regional, it s set in Mississippi and I live in Washington state Certainly the use of sir would be an example of that as would Mr first name Here it s first name or Mr last name The writing in general was not very good I think this may be a first novel in which case perhaps there will be some improvement I ll never know. A fun cozy mystery with a good ending I read this book in only two sittings Not a real brain teaser, but a perfect curl up and read mystery A few things bored or frustrated me enough to consider putting the book down though obviously I didn t, so they weren t too bad still a good read In the third quarter of the book between the halfway point and the climax , the novel hits a dead spot The plot moved very slowly There are pages about the main character gardening which has nothing to do with the mystery and sitting home alone Every detail of his day is explained That s typical of mysteries it allows authors to slip clues by unnoticed , but in my opinion, this book had a few too many extraneous details in the scenes where the main character was by himself without any contact to clues or suspects.Aside the dead spot in the novel, I was put off by the way some of the characters spoke as though they were textbooks, not people The main character is an older man, which might explain away some of the formal speech, but to me the following conversation was ridiculous One has so little desire to embroil oneself in such a sordid happening I quite understand, I said, But still, one must do one s duty Thank you for your forbearance My husband s 93 year old grandma doesn t come close to speaking like that I can t think of anyone I know who does The conversation went on like that for pages Thankfully, most of the rest of the novel wasn t so bad Also, the main character treats an 18 year old boy the same way I treat my four year old girl Would an 18 year old boy really stand for that It would probably depend on the boy, but for my part, I could have done without the over protection.Because of the dated writing and the coddling of the 18 year old, I m not in any hurry to read the sequel, but I enjoyed this book, and I would recommend it to others. Is it a coincidence James has twice been a pseudonym for males posing as female Rebecca James was another If it is to stop readers from overlooking them it worked and I m glad I don t often read male authors, especially 50 year old male protagonists but DEAN James as per copyright credits is talented and his characterCharlie , a delight I adore cats, libraries, and mysteries and am rewarded threefold.Widowed, with a grown son daughter out of state, Charlie works part time in an archives department His leash walking cat,Dieseljoins him everywhere With involved, intelligent cats in my life I like obliterating stereotypes of feline aloofness and limitation perceived by us Mine rode in cars than any dogs I know and all of our cats sit when asked.Letting rooms in a house bequeathed by his aunt, supplies interesting storylines A student tenant in this first novel becomes associated with murder He and his Mom, known since high school, give Charlie reason to look into the situation I say four stars because the victim is disliked and has no personal poignancy for Charlie, nor we readers Acclimatization to a setting in a series d but takes time to gear up as it is Miranda James is a pleasure to read His wonderful, vibrant, black culture names likeKaneshaandAzalearesonate strikingly The strong willed dignity is astutely conveyed and so too, a man content in his middle age. WOW What an amazing first read of a series for me WOW I have had this book for quite some time and with all the other series that I read, I had just not gotten around to it I think I have started 6 new series this year alone and 2 were really complete duds, one I enjoyed immensely and three I have loved completely from the beginning sentences this was one of those three What I love about this book series 1 The main character is a man 2 The main character is not a willy nilly school boy he is a man of a certain age 50 and has known serious grief in his life He is a very real character 3 The main character is a LIBRARIAN Nuff said 4 The main character has the best name ever Charlie 5 Charlie is owned by a very large Maine Coon names Diesel 6 Charlie is extremely loyal and loves deeply This man oozes empathy 7 I read a LOT of cozies and mysteries and I never saw this one coming 8 There is a real genuineness to this and hopefully the rest of the series book you believe that you would actually know and hang out with people like this This makes the book even fun to read I highly recommend this book it was so much fun getting to meet Charlie and Diesel and the cast of characters that come with them. This was my bedtime reading for the past week I made it to page 172 before I started skimming I found both the writing style and the human protagonist extremely annoying.Just 3 pages in we get an expos of what a Maine coon cat is Further, every single action is described in minute and often redundant detail Some examples After logging in to the cataloging module of our integrated library system or ILS, in library parlance , I began to examine the book I turned to the computer and called up the record I had previously downloaded into our system from a bibliographic utility All the basics were there title, publisher, date, and so on and I added the notes to identify the copy in hand p.14 15 I m a librarian and even I get bored reading this I ll just open this envelope and have a quick look, if you don t mind Sure thing, Rick said Here He handed me a penknife.I took it and slit open the envelope with the blade and returned the knife to Rick p 136 With the blade Wow Not with the handle I found an oversized mug in the cupboard and filled it from the cooler Diesel lapped at the water When he was finished I would wash out the mug in the sink Diesel was finished drinking I took the mug to the sink and turned on the hot water I squirted a little dish soap in the mug and scrubbed it with a brush I gave it a quick rinse and set it upside down on the draining board.As I dried my hands on a towel, p 149 150 etc etc etc.Since this is all first person narrative it makes the protagonist seem very dull, but apart from that, he also behaves in a stupid way He holds back information and evidence and then is surprised when the Deputy is suspicious and thinks he s either covering for himself or someone else.The only redeeming feature is Diesel the cat, but he doesn t help with the sleuthing, as I had expected He just chirps and warbles a lot and offers comfort to people in distress.If my library stocked this series I would maybe try a later volume to see if the writing had improved, but since they don t, I won t bother with this author any. DNF 35% and as is my personal policy I don t rate books unless I have read at least 50% Everyone in this book is too stupid to live Except the cat. There S A Cat In The Stacks And He Makes The Purr Fect Partner For A Librarian Turned Sleuth Everyone In Athena, Mississippi, Knows Librarian Charlie Harris And His Maine Coon Cat Named Diesel That He Walks On A Leash They Also Know His Former Classmate Turned Famous Bestselling Novelist, Godfrey Priest But Someone In Athena Took Godfrey Off The Bestseller Lists Permanently, And With Extreme Prejudice Now, Charlie And Diesel Must Browse Through The History Section Of The Town S Past To Find A Killer I ve been waiting for awhile to finally read this and I m so glad I did, actually thanks to a book club I m in This book definitely didn t disappoint I just love Charlie and his cat Diesel, such a great team Diesel is probably the most interactive cat of any series I ve read so far He doesn t really help with the mystery but I love how he senses when people need him The mystery had my interest from the get go, the twists had me definitely not sure who the killer was, although I did guess another person who did something else I will definitely be continuing this series I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the first in the series, CAT IN THE STACKS I had started it with a later book and then went to the beginning I liked Charlie Harris, the main character and archivist at a college in a small town in Mississippi and his LARGE Maine coon cat, Diesel who goes everywhere with him and on a leash too The mystery revolves around a best selling author, an alumnus of the college and old pal make that an old enemy of the main character who comes to town But he doesn t stay long at least alive, that is I don t enjoy a mystery that I can solve easily and this one had a wonderful cast of likely suspects Note to self DO NOT live in such a way as to amass a sizeable number who would be glad to see me dead So far I think hope I ve lived far away from the murder victim s penchant for leaving human wreckage in his wake But such people do exist and most of them don t get murdered Still

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