Murder Walks the Plank

Murder Walks the PlankI enjoy this series, but the plots are getting a little far fetched In this book, a woman falls off the deck of a Mystery cruise sponsored by Death on Demand bookstore She is a woman with no enemies, and even though it is discovered that she was probably unconcious when she went flying over the rails, the police consider it accidental Another murder then keeps Annie busy trying to discover the murderer on the island The next to last chapter has the brief scary encounter with the murderer trying to execute one murder with a family member in danger. Excellent plotting with a tongue in cheek sense of humor I particularly enjoyed the way the characters came to life, flawed but sincere and good hearted I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good cozy.Excellent, characters are funny,flawed, and sincere Plot is good with just enough twists to keep you guessing I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good cozy. An excellent addition to Carolyn Hart s Death on Demand series of cozy mysteries In this one, Annie Laurance Darling hosts a murder mystery cruise on a local boat just off the island on which she lives One of the guests plunges overboard The mystery surrounding this was one of the most fascinating that has ever been brought up by any mystery author I ve ever read Who would want to kill someone who followed all the rules, had a genuinely good heart, and truly had no enemies in the worldand no secret background of intrigue adultery or any other naughtiness Who would want to kill a truly good person like Pamela Potts As a lifelong mystery buff, I found the answer to be strangely both satisfying and irritating Satisfying because I thought it was a good answer for the victim character, and irritating because I thought it was an easy out for the author.This being said, I found it difficult to put this book down The characters here are strong and ndividual The love story between Annie and husband Max could have been sappy in the hands of a lesser writer, but I totally believe Hart s characters Overall, a great page turner and a mystery than made me want to know exactly who did it I highly recommend it for Death on Demand fans, as well as for mystery lovers who haven t read the series before Laurel Annie s ever ethereal mother in law will cause a new reader to go Huh but otherwise, it is a good stand alone mystery. To raise money for the literacy program, Death on Demand is sponsoring an evening mystery cruise, complete with dinner, a murder play, and a treasure hunt in Murder Walks the Plank, the 15th book in the Death on Demand series by Carolyn G Hart Everything is going splendidly until the cry of Man Overboard Max dives into the water and saves Pamela, the community do gooder, whom Annie and her cohort are convinced was pushed in a murder attempt Read the rest of this review, reviews, and other wonderful, geeky articles on FangirlNation Regular readers will probably know the name of Pamela Potts She s the slightly annoying do gooder who seems to volunteer and recruit volunteers for every single good cause on the island But that s no reason someone should want to chuck her off the boat where Annie s hosting a charity mystery cruise Yet, she s in the water and it s up to Max Darling to jump in and save her And it s up to his wife, Annie, to figure out who done the deed when the police determine it to be suicide Nice to see a B level character brought to the fore I hope that Pamela does not stay there as I find her to be as annoying as Annie does. the book was OK for something to read while on break at work but other than that had too many annoying characters to read for fun the biggest turn off was all the mentioning of turning off cell phones, even in 2004 phones weren t turned off as frequently as they do in the book. Annie Darling, Popular Proprietress Of The Death On Demand Bookstore, Has Done It Again Her Murder Mystery Cruise In The Waters Off Her Not Always Idyllic Isle Of Broward S Rock Is Sure To Be A Roaring Success, With Every Participant Dressing Up As A Favorite Fictional Sleuth And Sure Enough, Everything Goes Swimmingly Until One Of The Revelers Plunges Overboard And Despite Hubby Max Darling S Courageous Rescue Attempt, Faux Murder Turns All Too Quickly Into Real Life DeathOver The Next Few Days, The Body Count Rises And Annie Strongly Suspects That All The Victims Were Murdered Most Foully And That They Are All Connected In Some Unknown Way The Trick Now Will Be To Prove It, With The Able Assistance Of Investigator Spouse Max, Best Friend And Best Customer Henny Brawley, Local Bestselling Superstar Emma Lloyd, And Even Surprise Annie S Normally Ditsy Mother In Law, LaurelBut What The Intrepid Crime Solvers Do Not Realize Is That The Killer They Seek Is Ingeniously Efficient Than Most And The Puzzle They Wish To Solve Is, In Reality, A Time Bomb Packed With An Explosive Mix Of Arson, Assault, Kidnapping, Robbery And Homicide, Of Course One False Step And Annie And Her Canny Cohorts Will Be Blown Off Broward S Rock For Good And They Ll Sink Like Stones Into The Cold, Briny Deep Fun, well written but the murderer is someone you don t know anything about till the very end of the book. Always a fun series Great summer reading. A Death on Demand murder mystery Good story line Enjoyed.

www.CarolynHart.comAnd for cat lovers DEAD BY MIDNIGHT by Carolyn HartI love to have fun when writing a mystery If I laugh, I think a reader will laugh In the Death on Demand series, I especially enjoy writing about Annie Darling s ditzy mother in law, Laurel Roethke Laurel is usually excited about a new interest, something that surprises and often confounds Annie.In Dead by Midnight, Laurel creates Cat Truth Posters, which she wants Annie to hang in the bookstore Annie thinks books should be the store s focus, but the posters enchant her.Each poster features a cat s photograph with a caption Here are three of the Cat Truth posters a silky furred, mitted, and bicolored Ragdoll stretched out on a red silk cushion, looking as comfy as Eva Longoria in a Hanes ad Go with the Flow.A rectangular muzzled, green eyed, cholocolate colored cat appeared as brooding as a Gothic hero Always Say Yes to Adventure. a thick furred, piebald Siberian forest cat, its white front a brilliant contrast to a charcoal back and head Its face appeared almost angelic Always try a Smile First.And yes, one of the posters points to a killer.Fun for me and fun, I hope for readers

[Reading] ➸ Murder Walks the Plank ➮ Carolyn G. Hart –
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Murder Walks the Plank
  • Carolyn G. Hart
  • English
  • 24 April 2019
  • 9780060004750

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