Mustang Wild

Mustang Wild No Smooth Talking Man Is Going To Outwit Her With The Deed To Her Land And A Kid Brother To Protect, Mustanger Skylar Daines Shouldn T Have Tangled With The Likes Of Tucker Morgan But His Stolen Kiss Scatters Her Senses And, Quicker Than A Whirling Dust Devil, They Re Wed To Her Relief, Tucker S Keen To Fix The Marital Slipup And Then He Tells Her The Deed She Holds Belongs To Him, And Him Alone Maybe She Shouldn T Rush To Have Their Marriage Annulled No Man, No Matter How Good Looking, Is Going To Swindle Skylar Out Of The One Thing She Yearns For Most A Home

Stacey Kayne is a new voice in western historical romance Her debut novel MUSTANG WILD, Wild Trilogy , was released in March 2007 from Harlequin BRIDE OF SHADOW CANYON Bride Series was released in April 2007 Stacey has since sold eight western romances to Harlequin watch for new installments in her WILD and BRIDE series Specializing in the adventurous wild west, Stacey brings her love of the

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  • 28 March 2019

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    I started this book on a Saturday and finished it the same day This book was incredible It has the great elements of an authentic western setting, engaging characters, sensual romance, humor, and danger You will love Skylar as she is an incredible woman with a sense of honor but also the grit and determination to do what it takes to make a life for her younger brother She was forced from a young age to suppress her feminine side and to work and to live as a cowboy, and nobody would question her abilities Skylar ends up accidentally married to playful, but dangerous former bounty hunter, Tucker Morgan He s gorgeous and tempting, but having a home for her brother is her first priority The end goal is to get to Wyoming, get paid for her mustangs, and get an annulment She just has to keep her hands off him, and his hands off her Tucker wasn t looking at getting married ever, but he has one heck of a bride on his hands She s willing to pull her weight and then some, and earns his respect And she s beautiful He finds it harder than he thought to keep from taking his wife to bed, and soon finds that he wants her forever I really enjoyed this book It was fun, it was intense, and I felt like I was there on the trail to Wyoming, with dust in my mouth, the cold wind blowing on face, hearing the mustangs neighing, and dodging bullets, along with the characters If have been feeling at a loss as less and less western romances are being published, I highly recommend picking up this book It will keep you entertained for hours indeed Stacey Kayne is a new go to author for me when it comes to western romances.

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    Danielle already wrote a most excellent review for this one, so I ll just try and add my few thoughts.For some reason, this book started a bit slow for me, but that was probably my fault because I hadn t completely forgotten about Lord Dain from Lord of Scoundrels always give yourself enough time to decompress from your last read But once I got into the rhythm of the book, I completely fell in love with the characters and the story, and found it hard to put down I loved 19 year old Skylar, the beautiful tomboy who just wanted a home of her own, and loved how she put everyone s welfare ahead of her own I loved her relationship with her younger age 13 brother Garret, loved her stubborness, her protectiveness towards Garret, and her sparring with Tucker, the husband she never intended to have Loved her bravery, her independence, and her willingness to work hard And I loved her passionate nature with Tucker, the charming rogue she had trouble resisting.Tucker what a fun loving devil he was No wonder Skylar had such trouble resisting him Blonde, green eyed and with a fallen angel s smile, and not used to pleasing anyone but himself until he met Skylar I enjoyed watching him mature and becoming the man he could be He may have been a bit clueless when it came to realizing what a woman who he took as his lover would expect from him, but luckily it all dawned on him before it was too late I loved seeing him realize he had fallen in love with Skylar I adored this rascal almost as much as Skylar did If you re looking for a good western, with a surprising amount of heat and romance I loved all Tucker s romantic gestures to Skylar then give this book a shot It s part of a trilogy, and I can t wait to read Tucker s twin brother Chance s story Maverick Wild and then Garret s story Mountain Wild 4 1 2 stars

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    A cute western historical with a little heat and a lot of heart Tucker and Skylar made such a great couple Accidentally married yes, this was funny , they find they can t keep their hands off of each other The story has them rustling a heard of mustangs from Arizona to Wyoming with bad guys not far behind Skylar is an expert handler of horses, and can keep up with the men But she has a soft side and yearns to live a life like a woman should, with husband, home and children Tucker is taken by her and instantly attracted He is a great hero Likable and funny, he is a rough cowboy with a tender side who finds himself over his head with Skylar This is a quick read at 290 pages Fans of Linda L Miller or the like should really enjoy this series The heat is mild to warm, and had one pretty steamy and funny scene, but it never gets graphic I d give it 3.5 4 stars I m looking forward to the next book with Chance, Tucker s identical twin brother.

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    5 Stars Just an old fashioned wonderful romance Not a lot of steam, but very sensual and passionate, great couple chemistry Skylar is a strong women, determined to claim what is rightfully hers, and wants to build a future for herself, and her younger brother Garrett They meet up with the Morgan twins, Tucker and Chance, real men scrumptious, strong, protective, just what I like in my heroes All four of them are part of the story, but the romance centers around Skylar and Tucker The attraction between them builds, and he woos her with words and kindness He s a real romantic, so sweet and such a charmer Skylar and Tucker were a match made in cowboy heaven I really enjoyed the interaction between all the characters, and how the brothers formed an attachment to Garrett and treated him like he was one of their own You could feel the four of them growing into a family long before they realize that s what they had become Very well written with great dialogue, some anxious moments, lots of romance, and our hero, Tucker, coming to the rescue in a big screen moment The way he takes care of Skylar will bring tears to your eyes SWOON Mustang Wild is a truly enjoyable read that you will have a hard time putting down

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    I was hooked on this book by the end of the first chapter, and it stayed with me literally on my person until I finished it This is a story about a proud, capable, talented woman who s femininity has been hidden and discouraged by her father for as long as she can remember Skylar was a breath of fresh air, and the way that she proved herself to be loyal and steadfast to her younger brother had me cheering for her from the very beginning of this book Tucker was so much fun The way he shows Skylar he loves her made for many ahhhh moments This book has it all I was laughing one minute, choked up the next, and as the bullets were flying was hanging on to my seat for dear life This is the way westerns were meant to be and I can t wait for the second in the series.

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    There was a lot to like in this book.Firstly, there were twins and we get to see them be all twin ee This isn t one of those kinky books were they end up together with the same woman Sad as it may be, I don t read a lot of books where the twins don t share their women so this was a new and exciting experience for me.I also quite liked the heroine She s down and her luck, has a borther to care for, nothing in the bank, all she longs for is a home and she finds herself married to the hero by mistake Ohhhhh what a great start That all there, that s was established in the first chapter The hero wasn t annoying in his reformed bad boy ness He just seems to take to the heroine as time passes even as she tries to keep her distance and maintain a strong image It seemed like a gradual taming of his character.I really liked that the heroine wasn t able to maintain her pretenses She is really having a hard time at things and does try to stay strong, but she has moments of weakness too, and it just so happens that the hero catches her in some of them.I m always annoyed when the major pivotal conflict is cheesy This one was cheesy threat of rape, little bit of abuse, exposure to her greatest fear Conveniently, every possible terrible thing that could be threatened was but in the end the heroine was saved at the last minute with no real repercussions and gets commitment out of her man Maybe the lack of this sort of dire situation is why my own love is astoundingly un epic I had a hard time finding this book I m glad I put in the effort I ve read the rest of the series and really do think this is a great addition It s hard to say whether I liked this or 3 They are both so different that I think in the end they both end up being my favourites.

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    An interesting story and interesting characters Sky was incredible She s almost too tough But at the same time she s feminine too in a very unusual way She didn t need women s clothes to be beautiful, but she appreciated them when Tuck bought them for her She s completely at ease with the life of cowhands, but she misses hot tube baths I liked very much this about her.Tuck was interesting in his own way He s a womanizer and doesn t hide it He s reckless and doesn t hide it either He wants Sky and does everything to get her, even if at first he tries not to because he s promised Chance He seduces her and cannot keep himself from her without realizing that he s fallen in love His toughts and reasoning are fun to read a made me laugh Besides, he s sexy as sin wink Garrett is a joy I would like a brother like him He s tough too, but he s not shy about showing how much he loves his sister with hugs and words Chase if fun too He s very forward and sometimes borders on rude, but he s soft inside and we see it ofter, but never so much as at the end when he rides for hours in the snow to get a puppy to Garrett for Christmas I m happy to read his story next

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    3.5 StarsSkylar Daines wants one thing a home, some where she can raise her little brother and tame her horses She even has the deeds to her lands, the only thing standing in her way is Tucker Morgan, her husband Their marriage may have been whisky fueled accident, but Tucker can t help the feelings he is developing Skylar, who has a nature as wild as her mustangs and eyes like an angel But Skylar is determined to annul the marriage and claim her land after a life time spent in the saddle she wants some where to call her home, no matter how tempting Tucker s kisses are.Is there anything quite as charming as a sweet talking cowboy I don t think there is Stacey Kayne shows us exactly how seductive they can be in Mustang Wild where don t just have one cowboy, but a matches set, twins Chance and Tucker Morgan This book is all about Tucker and shows us his head long fall into love with his wife the fiery Skylar.I really enjoyed this book, it was a nice easy read full of romance and a little adventure, not to mention a couple of sexy cowboys, just screaming for the touch of the right woman The only one who got touched in this book however, was Tucker, and Sky was definitely the right woman for him The relationship between them was both tender, passionate and sexy as they come closer together.A great easy read, perfect for relaxing with, it may not stand out particularly in the range of cowboy centric romances that are out there, but it is a solid addition to the genre I now can t wait to move on and see who Chance, Tucker s twin, ends up with, bring on the next book

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    Weak 3 stars If you don t mind contrived plot events, the characters and romance feel good.This is Harlequin write a lot and do it fast It uses typical romance novel plot contrivances They love each other, but she lies to him and says she doesn t want him This goes on for most of the book and also causes the big separation Good guy fights bad guy and believes the bad guy is unconscious So good guy turns his back and bad guy pulls a gun Good guy should have tied him up before turning his back.Another problem I was really lost in the first chapter You need to suspend disbelief as to how and why they got married at first sight.BUT there are good parts I enjoyed her strong character She had vulnerabilities so it was not cardboard I loved the hero I liked the dialogue and their passion for each other.DATA Narrative mode 3rd person Story length 290 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes two brief scenes plus two referred to Setting 1880 traveling from New Mexico to Wyoming Copyright 2007 Genre western historical romance.

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    Perfectly lovely Beautifully written Drool worthy hero Passionate and strong heroine Fabulous plot Loved it I read the whole Wild series They were all good, but this is my fave.

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