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My Boyfriend Merlin When The Sword In The Stone Falls In The Middle Of London And Merlin Goes To High School To Recruit The Next King Arthur, Everything Changes For Ryan DuLacRead The Bestselling Genderbent Trilogy For Fans Of Quests, Swords, Schools Of Magic, And Awkward Crushes Year Old Boston High Schooler, Ryan DuLac Just Found Out The Guy She S Been Crushing On, Hot Biker Matt, Is A Little Older Than He Was Letting On By A Few Eons In Fact, He Is Really Merlin The Merlin, King Arthur S Merlin, The Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived Frozen In A Cave For Over Fifteen Hundred Years, He S Woken For A Purpose But Ryan S Not Impressed Tired Of Being A Relationship Loser, She D Rather Kick His Legendary BehindSure, The World Has Been Crazy Ever Since The Sword And The Stone Fell Out Of The Sky Like A Meteor But Despite Gruesome Gargoyles, A Deadly New World Of Magic, And The Guy Driving Her Crazy, Ryan Knows That Family Is Everything Will Merlin Sacrifice Hers To Save The World Will She Be Able To Stop Him

My Merlin Series

[PDF / Epub] ☆ My Boyfriend Merlin Author Priya Ardis –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 305 pages
  • My Boyfriend Merlin
  • Priya Ardis
  • English
  • 23 October 2019

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    sigh I really wanted to like this book, really I did But I just couldn t Honestly, after the first couple of chapters, it was painful to finishbut I made an oath to myself to finish all my booksso I did it Let s see.where to start OkayRyan Ryan, ryan, ryan I don t like you You re whiny, think your poop don t stink, and finicky Next.Vane.actually, I HATE you I don t like your attitude I don t like your personality, and I don t think you and the main character should hook up Wait.on second thought, maybe you should, since I hate both of you You think you re so bad boy and tough, and yet your personality changes with the wind And don t tell me you have layers, because that s a load of crap Needless to say, the characters seemed bipolar and unable to make up their minds 78% of the time Ryan switching between Matt and Vane gave me a headache The dialogue that goes with it is unimaginative and weak and.pitiful For the plot line, I was quite confused throughout the entire thing The writing reminded me of my middle school writing class days, and it jumped around so much that it was painful to even try to understand what was going on at one time And the descriptions were terrible Especially the fight scenes There was no substance to it at all, and it was boring and unimaginative Also, the dragon in the beginning was so out of place and strange thatthat s actually the part where I wanted to throw the book away Honestly, a good book allows me to see the story play out in my mind The descriptions were so poor in this one that I ve never had a problem imagining a story line before this book I m sorry Really, I don t like to say rude things about books, mostly because I know I can t write worth potatoes BUT this book was so bad that I HAD to say something Butobviously other people like it, so you can read it for yourself and decide.

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    Contains slight spoilers Well this is difficult to rate. I liked the idea and the story But the writing was a bit how do I put this best chaotic maybe It started in the middle of the 2nd chapter when everything was happening and being revealed. it was just so hectic and chaotic and I completely lost the overview of what was going on and I was surprised that the characters didn t feel the same way So there s magic and I m kind of a part of this world Okay, let s go to London That kind of didn t work for me nothing was really explained or questioned And sadly there were a few moments, actually anytime something big went down, where I was kind of lost while reading because it was just too jumpy.Apart from that I am not sure what to think of the love triangle I guess I am supposed to ship Ryan Matt because he s the good brother. but I actually like Vane a lot I just didn t like Matt and strangely I trust Vane a lot than him even though it is supposed to be the other way around right So I m shipping Ryan Vane and something drastic would have to happen before I change my ship. So even though I am not happy with the writing I think I ll read book 2 as well just because I really like the idea and I want to know what happens next And I have hope that the writing will improve so that I don t feel as lost as I did while reading some parts of this book.

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    2.5 stars Based on the title adding this book is a little embarrassing actually But I have to because I like to keep track of my reading progress here Why would I even read anything that sounds so silly Well, first of all ever since the BBC show Merlin I kind of have a thing for Merlin I don t think of him as an old man in a pointy hat any, I think of him as an attractive, slightly nerdy young man that I would like to meet Yes I m a geek.Second I just felt like reading a silly fantasy book that I could breeze through in a few days And on a whim I bought it on my Kindle I used to love staying up late to finish books like Uglies , Inkheart , or Ella Enchanted The first two are still favorites of mine and this book is no comparison to them The last I read about nine years ago so I can t quite remember, but I know I liked it then Lately I have been trying to read classic books in an effort to improve my mind It must be working a little, because when I took a break from Crime and Punishment definitely not the hardest book I have read and started this book it was torture getting through the first through chapters The dialogue seemed pathetically amateur, the grammar wasn t very good, and there were typo errors everywhere I didn t have to be patient long before the story got good enough to keep me interested and I did enjoy reading it There was kissing and lusty thinking than I was expecting I don t know why but I was expecting action and less romance I would have to say, though I hate to make much separation between male and female literature, that this is a girl book I think I usually like boy books better.However I did like the main character And the powerful, handsome, charming wizards of course The story was likeable, and seemed somewhat unique to me The plot was kind of weak I may read the next one Not sure I liked reading this However overall it left me thinking that really good teenage fantasy is hard to find these days and I m going to keep searching until I get lucky and find some Until then I am tempted to read Inkheart again.

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    Oh my goodness A book with Merlin Merlin Okay, I definitely need to turn my fangirl mode down a little And hey guess what the season five of the BBC series Merlin comes back today Wooot Okay, okay, the book, the book, right, right So when I first heard of the book, I knew I must read it I mean, MERRLLLINNNN Magic Arthurian Gargoyles Excalibur Hell yes Yes, I wasn t sure of the modern setting but you know BBC has one of the most awesome classics turned modern show ever, Sherlock so I was hoping for the same thing with this book The Merlin in this book is very different from the BBC show It was hard to picture since I had been with the BBC show for 4 seasons and it was hard to get used to, but it didn t mean this book sucked The book puts a really great twist into the Merlin story I like how it was different I like YA urban fantasy and I think this one was pretty good It had adventure, action, magic, humour, romance and .I really want to praise Pryia, I mean can you imagine writing a famous character but with a modern twist Pryia really did a great job making Merlin realistic and believable for this century but also she captured the old Merlin I really like how this book had mystical features and adventure It had an almost Percy Jackson The Mortal Instruments feel to it.And yes, there was a love triangle I don t really know how I felt about it I am not a fan of love triangles, it just gets boring and creates unnecessary conflicts Merlin vs Vaneummm, I don t know Vane kind of reminded me of Ash from the Iron Fey Series but also Patch from the Fallen Series If you like those types of boys, go ahead, he was your man.Really, this book was great Try it out Magic, adventure, romance and humor, you can t go wrong with that

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    Three stars An entertaining revamp of King Arthur.Ryan remembers the exact moment when her life forever changed What starts out as an ordinary day at school quickly turns into an uproar when the world is rocked by a tremor and a stone dropping from the sky Inside the stone is a sword the legendary sword of King Arthur On the way home, Ryan and her friend Matt are attacked by a shadow dragon and her life is forever altered Ryan finds out that Matt is Merlin the Wizard of Camelot He is hunting for candidates to train to pull the sword and Ryan just so happens to be a candidate What follows is a whirlwind adventure filled with new friends, secrets, betrayals, magic, romance and destiny Who will pull the sword from the stone What I Liked I have always had an interest in King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table I enjoyed the revamp of this legendary story with an updated setting, new characters blended with old, and an exciting adventure I liked that the main character of this book is a female, Ryan, and she exhibits tremendous courage and growth as the story progresses She is also determined and willing to take a stand either for herself or on the behalf of someone else She does this numerous times throughout the book, especially at the end with her tremendous sacrifice I loved this altruistic side of her personality I was pleasantly surprised by the eventual formation of a friendship between Ryan and Gia When Gia first appears I was afraid she was going to fill the role of the antagonistic mean girl, however, the girls end up forming a bond and eventually become friends I really enjoyed this development The romance in this one took me by surprise I won t say much, but I was shocked and excited by Ryan s choice Vane, Merlin s brother, caught me off guard Af the first introduction, he appears to be cocky, difficult, and ready to cause trouble I was sure I was going to hate him, but as time goes on he evolves and changes, and by the end I loved him He is a bad boy full of mischief, and he speaks his mind, and he and Merlin do not get along I loved that he changed my mind about him This book draws to a satisfying ending and avoids the cliffhanger I love when books in a series reach a solid end.And The Not So Much It seems that lately I have been complaining about books that move at a slow pace, this one is the opposite It moves fast and furious, so much so that at times I felt it moved too quickly The speedy progression meant that some things were not fully fleshed out and explained in detail I felt like the glossing over caused the book to lack depth For instance in the first couple of chapters, there is an attack and a death of someone close to Ryan The storyline moves over this death so quickly that I felt like it didn t properly convey the appropriate amount of emotion Later that night, Ryan is thinking lusty thoughts about Merlin, which didn t seem right considering she should be devastated by the loss Further in the story, the details are revealed about how Merlin and Vane arrived in modern day times The revelation is quick and lacked a thorough and satisfying explanation While I appreciated the quick movement, I felt like at certain points the story would benefit by slowing things down and providing detail I wanted to know the back story behind why Merlin and Vane were always fighting and at odds I kept expecting to learn why there was so much animosity in their relationship, but it was never revealed I was happy to see by the end the two put their differences aside and worked together I was disappointed that Merlin s character lacked some depth I just never felt like I got the full picture when it came to him I was expecting from him, especially considering the title On the other hand, I did like that I got the depth from Vane, which I wasn t expecting This book does have a bit of a love triangle, but it really wasn t obnoxious and I honestly didn t mind it The story at times lacked originality You have a teenage girl orphaned who finds out she has some abilities and unique heritage and she is whisked off to England to attend a wizarding school If this is ringing some bells, you are right Obviously, the author was well aware of this as well because she throws in numerous Harry Potter references that made it funny I wish that I had a better grasp on the gargoyles You hear the term gargoyle and you immediately think of the ugly stone statues perched on buildings In this book, they are shapeshifting creatures who can appear human and then turn into a dragon like creature bent on destroying the wizards I never felt like I had a complete understanding of the species I am hopeful that the next book will provide information If you are a fan of King Arthur and Merlin, you should definitely pick up this book Ms Ardis takes an old legend, brushes it off and refashions it for modern times Merlin returns along with his brother Vane to lead an aspiring candidate to hopefully bring about a new Camelot in today s time This is an action packed read with a surprisingly fun romance Get your copy today.Favorite Quotations The deep pool in his eyes stretched into infinity.or a thousand years or so It is important to be knowledgeable than powerful Do I look like I want to be involved in your teen love saga Ask someone who cares I m struggling every day, every minute, not to reach for what I want I purchased a copy of this book, and received no compensation for my review This review was posted Rainy Day Ramblings.

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    While not well versed in the tropes of the post millennial YA renaissance, I do love me a plucky heroine, and PA makes it clear right in the pithy perfect title that, oh yes, there will be pluck And, as an added bonus, romance and magic the other two legs of the stool that pretty much all transcendent storytelling has rested on since well, since the days of Arthur.Not to mention that PA herself manages to pluck yes, that is while they call it plucky such a timeworn tale from the depths of an ancient well I had long given up for dry in the recent craze of twice tellings Given that the YA authors have already scattered from the cornucopia to the mediocre security of the fringes like so many Hunger Games tributes, the fact that Ardis comes back to claim the very center of the arena can only mean that she s either crazy, or that she knows Her Aim Is True Fortunately for us, it s the latter.Now where was I Ah yes pluck, romance, and magic These being the essential ingredients and I being an obsessive reductionist engineer , I ll review them each in turn The pluck, of course, belongs to our protagonist Ryan DuLac, who, far from channeling Guinevere, is a feminized fusion of Lancelot and Arthur Clearly an acolyte of Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley, PA effortlessly transports the reader into DuLac s shoes as they dance down the peril laden path of Heroinism 5 stars.As for romance, yes, we ve got the standard issue YA love triangle here, but the true test of skill is whether you can get the readers to fall for the new love after they ve already fallen for the old Not only does PA accomplish this, she does it so slyly you don t even notice until it s too late I only regret that the inevitable showdown had to wait for the second book 4 stars.And lastly, magic Obviously if you re going to put the word Merlin in the title you re making a promise to deliver the goods, ya know And, of course, you have to get out from under the shadow of ol HP Ardis employs a light spellbook, as it were, and those craving Martin , Jordan , or Tolkien esque levels of mythology read 12 year old boys must quench their thirst elsewhere In the cuisine of YA romance, magic is served as a sauce, not a main dish You want the flavorful spells to complement and enrich the meat of the story, rather than smother it in pyrotechnic arcana At least, you do when you have a juicy hunk of antihero like Vane at the center but now I ve said too much 4 stars.So, does this all add up to something that gives you that unmistakable feeling of reader s afterglow Well, as is the fashion these days, PA is going to leave us on the edge of a cliff, and therefore so must I But don t worry about me, Priya I was raised on Wheel of Time, so I know a thing or two about patience.

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    He who draws the sword from the stone, he shall be king Arthur, you re the one Merlin, from the 1981 film Excalibur17 year old Arianna Morganna Brittany DuLac prefers to be called Ryan yet the length of her name is the least of her worries she gets thrust into a world of magic after a stone and sword mysteriously falls from the sky Ryan also finds out that the guy she used to date is the wizard Merlin himself author Priya Pradis resurrects a fragment of the Arthurian mythos, gives it a contemporary flavor and then some there are secrets, a love triangle, gargoyles and treachery afoot in this urban fantasy most of the characters are teenagers i would not really classify them as typical adolescents perhaps, it was the gravity of the task that loomed ahead that made them act maturely and i liked how the author portrayed them as such i also liked the idea of magic and technology working together at the wizard school for example, instead of having wands, each student was given an iPad to use this was really cool and interesting the strange event that figured in the first couple of chapters certainly grabbed my attention and made me want to find out my interest waned a bit though in the middle part this was where i could not help but compare Ryan s wizard school Avalon to Hogwarts references to Harry Potter were even mentioned which i found amusing in some scenes and trite in others to be fair, Avalon and Hogwarts are totally different from each other it was just me suffering from some post HP related melancholia anyway, my interest was piqued once especially in the last few chapters and i did not stop reading until i was done overall, i enjoyed the book it has been some time since i read anything about Merlin i am glad that Ms Pradis has re introduced one of the most famous wizards of all time and has breathed new life into him i hope that younger readers and up will embrace Merlin with gusto like i did Disclosure of Material Connection i received a copy of My Boyfriend Merlin from the author herself i did not receive any payment in exchange for this review nor was i obligated to write a positive one all opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may not necessarily agree with those of the author, the book s publisher and publicist or the readers of this review this disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255, Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    You can find reviews in my blog, Librarian Mouse Seriously speaking people, aren t you tired of the constant books about vampires, werewolves, angels and demons I mean, they are a HUGE constant right now And I m getting a little bit overwhelmed to be honest.That s why, when I saw the chance my chance to be part of this blog tour I knew I had to participate.I mean, who hasn t heard the story about King Arthur and Merlin Or about the roundtable Or even watched that Disney movie that captured my heart Damsels in distress and dragons, fights and quests, love and betrayal Yes, I love these stories.And a young Merlin A sexy, protective and powerful Merlin Trust me, you will soon forget about the old man with the long beard but don t let him go too far away, okay.This time Merlin is back to find and protect the reincarnation of King Arthur and deliver him to the Stone Because yes, the Stone is back too In fact it appeared in the middle of London attracting thousands of people all around the world who want to have a chance at pulling the Sword out of it.What they don t know is that something came following the Stone Gargoyles and dragons are lurking around, waiting for the right moment to strike, kill and destroy everything between them and their chance to get Excalibur.Only Merlin can sense and find the Candidates and this story is about Ryan, a girl that lost her mom not too long ago and now is living with her mother s best friend, Sylvia, and her soon to be brothers, Alexa and Grey.A terrible loss will trigger Ryan and Grey s decision to go with Matt Merlin s incarnation sort of even if he drives Ryan crazy with his double personality a few weeks ago he dumped her with a text message and now he is everywhere she looks and is always pushing Grey s buttons just to make him angry.And let s not forget about the love triangle very interesting and I think necessary , the fights, the magic and the tension between characters.Yes, I loved this book It s different, quick and funny The plot is great, the characters are intriguing and the twists will make you second guess yourself a lot.By the end of the book I m sure you will want to read the second part right away

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    That was a really great book I m actually surprised that I liked it that much I always liked the stories about King Arthur, Merlin and the knights of the round table and this one was a nice retelling Now, off to the next book.

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    My Boyfriend Merlin is about a girl named Arriane Dulac but she goes by Ryan Ryan lost her mom and and adopted sister to the gargoyles and her ex boyfriend is claiming to be Merlin Ryan finds out that Matt is Merlin by his brother Vane who is also a wizard Vane was describing Merlin to her then waited for it to sink in before he said a spell to make Matt look like and an old cartoon wizard He had a pointy hat, dress robes, pointy shoes on, and a long white beard It was confirmed for her when she saw him mutter the counter spell and turn to glare at Vane who was right next to her Then he tried to lie to her even though he knew that it was already to late for that So he ended up settling for telling her she didn t need to know which she had answered with telling him that she doesn t know him any and doesn t think she ever did and wonders if everything was a lie Ryan quickly learns that with the mysterious return of the sword Excalibur nothing is ever as it seems Matt is collecting all the candidates he can find to bring back to the council to judge whether they are actually really a candidate or not Except Matt is only looking for Regulars which is a candidate that isn t a wizard so if his brother wasn t collecting the wizard candidates then they would ve had a problem especiously if the chosen person was a wizard Ryan soon learns that she has to be careful with who she decides to trust after she found out that Matt had been lying to her She eventually starts to make choices that Matt considers wrong and trust people he thinks she shouldn t Ryan and Vane start to become closer after he had pointed out to her that Matt was actually Merlin Ryan and Matt had gotten into a huge argument when he found out that she was hanging out with his brother Vane even though she promised she wouldn t But with how Matt is acting and how he broke promises he made to her She decided that it doesn t matter if she does the same thing especiously since she knows she s doing the right thing She broke a promise to Merlin to not go to the party but she does anyways and to make it worse in Merlin s opinion she had gone with Vane But they did that to catch the traitor that was passing information on what they were doing to the gargoyles Everything is never as it seems in this book and Ryan has to learn that the hard way by watching people she learned to care for die or betray her Some people that you typically wouldn t trust can turn out to be trustworthy than who you would typically trust like Vane turned out to be trust worthy then Matt Magic isn t always better then no magic and the regulars prove that during the fight against the gargoyles at the end of the book the fight against the gargoyles at the end of the book had created a strong bond amongst the regulars and wizards.Set in today s time when knights and swords have become simply legends The book brings the past crashing forward While the future is being held hostage with the past taking over.I believe the theme of this book is to figure out who to trust and who you are Because that s exactly what Ryan is doing through out the whole book and trying to protect herself and her brother I would recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal romance and anyone in middle school to high school.

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